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A Coach's Journey

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So I went to an old save file I had on my NCAA Football 14 game and I had a coach I was trying to have a great career. I forgot how far he went and it jogged my memory on what all he did. So here is his journey in a super simplified way:


OC: Kansas

2013 9-4  Bowl Win

2014 12-1 Conference Champs Bowl Win #3 Final Ranking

2015 11-2 Conference Champs Sugar Bowl Loss #5 Final Ranking

HC: Texas State

2016 7-5  Bowl Loss

2017 9-4  Bowl Win

2018 10-3 CC Bowl Win #19 Final

2019 11-2 CC Bowl Loss #9 Final

HC: Kansas (The HC was still there when I left but had back to back losing seasons)

2020 10-3 Bowl Win Final #12

2021 10-3 Bowl Win Final #9

2022 12-1 Conference Champs Lost NC game #3 Final Heisman Winner QB

2023 6-0 (Left off here currently #5) Ratings OVR 93 OFF 98 DEF 88

Record 75-21

I'd say good career so far.  I think I lost the NC game by 3 points. No high profile school but im trying to turn Kansas into a national power. Hard when I cant ever seem to get a top 15 recruiting class.

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