MTBL An OOTP 16 League is looking for a few gms!!

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Full League Name (Initials):More Talent Baseball League (MTBL)
Boards URL: MTBL
Commissioner(s) OOTP Forum Username(s): Kevin Tucker (Soadeathdealer) and Eric Heyman (outkast2k)
Email Address:
OOTP Version: OOTP16
Commish's Build: 16.9.39
Game Needed: Required
Players: NonFictional 
# of Teams: 30
Export Deadlines Days And Times: Monday, Wesnesday and Friday 8-10:30 PM (All time are EST)
League Time Per Sim: 7 Days, varies in off season.
First Season: 2015
Current Season: Game Date 1/9/2016
Unique Features: Export tracker, Player popup cards on forum(see below), Aol league blast group(chat group), Live playoff sim .
Special Rules & Settings: see Rules on the website HERE
Draft is Done?: Using OOTPOU on the Our website
Please fill out our league application if interested it can be found HERE
The Below teams Are Open

Also we have a waiting list I can put potenical gms on as well the waiting list is you actually being apart of the Japan league in out file-set where we have the opportunity to see you in action as well as u see how the league is . at which point if an opening is available we would then offer a gm on the waiting list the job it wont necessarily be the person on the waiting list the longest but more of who is being active and on boards,export and in game. We want to keep te league moving forward so the japan league is like the minors show me what u got and ull be rewarded

miami_marlins.pngMiami Marlins (Tentatively Taken)

new_york_yankees.pngNew York Yankees

oakland_athletics.pngOakland Athletics

A long with filling out openings we are also looking to add potenical gms to our waiting list so that u guys can play in the japan league until a spot opens up in out main ml league.

we have player popup card as well meaning that when u link ur players name to their reports page (hyperlink) then when a gm hovers over them they see the players card with their ratings on it its cool !!!

Also working to add the ability to enter just the players id and have the players card in the post which is also cool and we have other things in store.

***This image will show the players card and how to get it do show

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Padres taken looking for gms to fill out our waiting list . 

with our waiting list you will be in our file playing as a japan team til u get the call up

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Open Teams Due to Inactivity 
Oakland Athletics
Baltimore Orioles
Detroit Tigers
Tampa Bay Rays
**posted on twitter with shoutout to GmGames **

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