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[Pennant Chase] A note about ads on pennantchase

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donation tiers!) As the economy has struggled, so has ad rates. Pennantchase is different from other sites on the Internet, because it has large data requirements and is chugging and churning 24 hours a day, simulating almost 4,000 games every single day. (That’s like two full MLB seasons being run every single day.) It’s not like a blog that costs pennies to host and run. You’ll notice I’m testing out a video banner - the idea here is to ideally reduce the total number of ads served while potentially lifting revenue a bit. The video banner really isn’t all that more intrusive than other ad banners (and in some ways less so). The videos are muted and don’t refresh like the banners do. In some cases the video might swoop down to the lower corner on desktop, but it should be pretty out of the way for most screen sizes. On mobile the video would remain where it is. If videos can out-perform other ads, it would allow me to render fewer ads overall, which would be ideal. As always, let me know if there are issues, and thanks to all of you who do what you can to help keep the website viable!]]

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