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NHL versus AHL prime differences

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ย  I went to a half a dozen Lake Erie Monsters games and a few Ohio State games last year during the lockout, and saw some pretty damn good hockey on a different level to get my fix. I meant to bring up before what I felt are the biggest differences between the AHL and the NHL from what I have seen.


ย  The two biggest are, by far:


ย Rebound control: goalies are from what I have seen big, quick, near nhl caliber but the biggest difference between the NHL and AHL is the use of the catching glove. An NHL goalie can control the tempo of the game, slow it down by forcing faceoffs, catching the puck to allow his team to get tired players off the ice, ect.. while this happens in the AHL it is no where near as common. Ahl goalies are competent and I saw some amazing saves but they did not seem able to control the tempo of the game.

ย  Less crisp passing is the number two thing. The players can shoot amazingly well but the passing is horrible. Dump and chase and pushing the puck in along the boards seems to be the prevalent way to move the puck into the zone.


ย  Speed is near the same, hard to tell a discernible difference, defense seems to be the same or close to it shooting is not bad. It really is the subtle things, passing and puck control that I noticed as being where the AHL is deficient.

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