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WWCS (College Soccer) looking for managers for a new season

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Weekend Warriors College Soccer, part of SimNation, is one of the only simulation college soccer leagues out there. We use ESMS+, a freeware program, to sim our matches, and a custom recruiting module (also freeware) to do our offseason recruiting. We're nearing the start of our 2nd season and currently have 9 teams being managed, but we're looking for more! You would have the chance to shape your own college soccer program, and you could do it with pretty much any* team that's in the Division 1-FBS in the country. We had a great first season and we hope you'll join us for our second season. If you'd like to know more, please ask here, PM me, OR click the video (~7 min long) introducing the league. We hope you'll consider signing up!

VIDEO LINK: What is the WWCS?

*Except for the 9 teams that are already spoken for, of course

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