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Dynasty Football: A New Project In the Mold of the Great FPS:Football Series

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I am excited to announce a new game in development by World's End Software: Dynasty Football! This game is in the mold of classic general manager sims from the 1990s. I, Eric Kneipfer, am it's creator. I have been working on Dynasty Football for over 7 years as a hobby, and now have decided to stick my head out of my man cave and start creating some buzz around the game. I know there is a market for this type of football sim, and I'm hoping to tap into it and finish my dream using kickstarter as a funding source. Here is our Kickstarter page:

Check out this featured article/interview on DF from Operation Sports:


And here is our website:

Here are the features of Dynasty Football

*Take control over a football franchise and run every aspect of it's operation. Customize your league with 8, 16,24, or 32 teams in a variety of divisional setups and playoff formats. Edit players' names and attribute scores, set up the league's financials as you see fit, create your own team names and import your own team logos.

*No more text summaries of plays; instead watch the action on the screen play out with physics based gameplay. Accurate physics equations are part of the game's engine and produce realistic results.

*Make your own plays for offense, defense, and all special teams. Create run, pass, draw, play action, screens, end arounds, and more on offense. For defense instruct players to 1 gap, 2 gap, play a variety of zones, blitz, stunt, and more. Special attention has been given to blocking schemes and man to man coverages allowing for complete customization of complex play dynamics.

* Run your team how you want to. Draft players (including a league-wide fantasy draft), trade them, train them, cut them, discipline them. Hdere is the traing screen with over 90 different training options. Set up your own schedules or let your coaches do it for you.

* Immerse yourself in a world of football. Interact with your coaches and give them instructions on what to do that week. each coach has his own skill set and personality that may cause tension during the weekly staff meetings. Say goodbye to the dryness of most general manager/coaching sims. These guys will tell you exactly what they think and waste precious time doing it.

*Set up your gameplan for the week by studying replays of your opponent. Create your play sheet and head into battle:

This is just a small part of what is already finished for this game. Please visit my website for much more info, including more screenshots, and information about our kickstarter campaign:

Here is the teaser video on youtube:

Here is a gameplay demo:

Also, check out my youtube tutorials which highlight the play making element of the game:


Here are some screenshots:

1) The Newly Designed Home Screen:

2) Here are two plays generated in the Play Creator:


3) The Player Training Screen:


4) The game screen with a play ready to go:


5) A weekly coach's meeting:


6) The Play Calling Screen:


7) The Player Roster Screen:


8) Coach Creator Screen


There's many more screenshots at my website: Visit our forum as well1.gif

Once again, here is our Kickstarter page:

Finally, email me any questions, comments, desires, support: [email protected]. I plan to run this operation with a personal touch. Please don't hesitate to tell me what you think!

Thank you all very much!
Eric Kneipfer

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Hey all,


Just wanted to jump in here real quick and give Eric some support.


I first learned of DF via an interview he did on Operation Sports, after reading that a few times, all the while telling myself "he's really making this game? dude really, he is?.  SWEET!" and well, sort of being my odd freaky self. :-)  I headed over to his website, joined up, annoyed him here and there and choose to back the kickstarter, as I believe DF will be an outstanding, open, customizable and truly high quality fun and enjoyable game.


i don't want to come off as a fan boy, so I'll just leave it at that.  Check it out though, read the interviews, Q&As and Eric's write ups, he has a boat load of ideas and is implementing all of them as quickly as he can.


Here's the Community Q&A url at Operation Sports...he's neef btw.


Take care,

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Here is a game demo video, a coaches' meeting demo, and the latest screenshots we've been working on.  If you miss Front Page Sports: Football then this is your best chance to relive it!







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This looks pretty nice, although I have a suggestion: make a demo version of your game. There are a trillion other ones like this out there, and I'm not going to buy a game like this without trying it first.

GLF--Nebraska Knights


WWPF--Rams (2017 NFC West Champs)

CBL--Vallejo Admirals (2016 and 2017 BACK 2 BACK CBL Premier Cup CHAMPIONS)

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A trillion games like this?  There really isn't that many American Football management (non browser based) games that I am aware of...maybe just a few.....Football Mogul, Front Office Football, and Professional Football Simulator, with the future football game from OOTP coming out in the next year or so.  Front Office Football is likely the main game competition, the other two really don't measure up as well yet and don't appear to have a large following.  It also seems like none of them receive regular developer support anymore and each has room for improvement in my opinion.  Who knows what OOTP will do with it, I am sure it will follow somewhat in the footsteps of their other games.


Regardless, it is nice to see an indie developer trying to introduce something new, which actually plays like the good old days when we had Front Page Sports Football.  I have also backed the game since it is not often we see games like this so I want to try and help it have a good chance in succeeding since it is always nice to have alternatives.  I also agree that eventually having a demo version of the game will help draw in people that are on the fence about it and all the competition has a demo version available so good to be on par with them.


Time will tell how things turn out, but I do wish the developer good luck in bringing his vision of football management sim to market....

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