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  1. Hey Chris, got anything for me on this?
  2. I just download the FBPro98 files from this site and extracted the zip file. It gave me three files and one was .iso, so I extracted it and got a LOT more files. Which one do I actually click to make it run? Hopefully someone can help me with the setup.
  3. The CFA is a great league which can be found at . It has very active owners and a great commish, however there are two openings in the 32-team league, including the team that just won the championship. You can contact PM the commissioner on the site if you are interested. I encourage you to join if you are looking for a challenge or just get your start in PFS leagues. In case you don't know, PFS (Pro Football Simulator) is a football simulation game optimized for online play. It can be purchased for $25 at
  4. Not that anyone missed me, but I am back with a new version of OOTP! Golden Bowl: Game 1: Michael Reed got off to a tough start, allowing runs in both the first two innings. But he dominated the rest of the game, and we won 5-2. CF Michael Jordan went deep again, keeping up his flaming hot playoffs. Game 2: Daniel Skinner pitched a good game, and we got a 7-3 victory to go up 2-0 in the series. Game 3: Columbus got on the board with eight no-hit innings from ace David Ramirez. SS Tom Goode go our only hit, and while SP Rick Powell pitched well in defeat, the Catfish's pitching was just too much. Game 4: We went up 3-1, despite struggles from Reed once more. The ace pitcher managed just 6.1 innings, allowing three Columbus batters to cross the plate. Game 5: Colubus pounced on Seattle's relief pitching with 5 runs in the final two innings, and took the game 7-1 to pull within striking distance. Game 6: The Catfish tied up the Golden Bowl's 9-game set, knocking our Skinner after just 3.2 innings, and winning by a score of 8-3. Game 7: With the series now tied, the sixth game of the series was an instant classic. The game went scoreless for ten and a half innings, before a single from Goode drove home the speedy Jordan. Mike Edwards pitched 3.2 scoreless innings of relief to get the W, needing just 38 pitches to do so. Game 8: Needing just one win to be champions, Seattle felt confident, with ace Michael Reed on the mound. The Emeralds scored six runs in the third inning, and Reed went the distance, allowing just one run on six hits. Reed, with a 2.01 series ERA, was elected series MVP and is expected to receive pitcher of the year honors soon.
  5. We lost the first game of the playoffs against the Lobos, and then preceded to win four straight with ease, including two shutout victories sparked by stellar pitching performances from Reed and Skinner and home runs by CF Michael Jordan in both of the two games. Columbus knocked out St. Louis, 4-2, ending the Angle's 4-year Golden Bowl streak. Golden Bowl: vs. Columbus this season we are 4-5, but I have full confidence that we are able to win this one.
  6. Final: We gave the Catfish a run for their money. St. Louis did in fact get in. Miami had the worst season of all time, with 111 losses.
  7. One month left: I would've liked to win the RS championship, but it looks like a long shot right now. So be it. This may be the year the Angles miss the playoffs...
  8. Standings on July 1: I traded Baughman, a backup SS, and a few other minor things to get this guy, plus a SP who is decent to replace Baughman:
  9. I did not have my 1st round pick this draft due to the Reed trade. Luckily most of the players weren't super good. My 2nd and 3rd round picks: Things aren't going too great, not a total disaster either I will need a big month.
  10. I was going to do a season recap, but I'm so excited that I skipped ahead to the preseason. We made several minor FA signings, but no huge ones. OSN says we are projected to finish second with 102 wins. Can't wait to see how it goes. ---------------------------------- That's as far as I've got on the OOTP Boards. Please comment.
  11. So, I wanted to try something crazy, making up this storyline: The Emeralds were bought by a new owner, who decided to raise the low budget and go for broke this season. He instructed me to "bet the farm"--trade away our two good prospects for stars. Our new budget is $148,000, #6 in the league. Seattle has turned into a baseball crazy city, and is very excited. I had a lot of money to work with. The first trade I made got me the best pitcher in the langue, Michael Reed from Saint Louis. I had to send a 1st round pick, our top prospect Clifton Ladds, and some other worthless prospects. Then, I was able to trade Moore, a SP, and another couple of bad prospects to San Francisco for RF Greg Christiansen and SP Danny Skinner. Big trade. Of course, I hate to trade prospects away like that, but this team is looking really good. I have $11 million for FA. My only needs are a OF and a DH.
  12. So, I am going to expand the world somehow. I am considering either creating an eight team independent league and merging it with the SBL in a few years, or adding three or four minor leagues to the game. If I went with the second option, I'd look to put teams in some of the major markets without ones (new York, Philly, Los Angeles, etc.), but that might take some of the charm away from the league. Option two would mean I'd add two AAA leagues, two AA leagues and three A leagues. So that's a lot of work, since I want every team to have a logo and whatnot. I don't like the idea of one league at each level, since that's extremely unrealistic. Thoughts? ----------------------------------------- I wish I had time to build huge world like this: Major League Super Baseball League (SBL)--USA--16 teams Class A Coastal League (CL)--West Coast--8 teams Atlantic League (AL)--East Coast/Midwest/Southeast--8 teams Class B Heartland League (HL)--Heartland/Midwest--8 teams, 2 indy Cactus League (CaL)--Southwest-10 teams Class C Cape Cod League (CCL)--Cape Cod, MA--6 teams Four Corners League (FCL)--UT, AZ, NM, CO, plus NV--6 teams, 2 indy Sunshine League (SL)--Southeast, mainly Florida--8 teams, 2 indy Independent Golden State League (GSL)--California--6 teams (REP. 1) Pan-America League (PAL)--2 Canada teams, 4 northern US teams (REP. 2) New England Baseball Association (NEBA)--New England, 6 teams (REP. 3) International Canadian Baseball League (CBL)--Canada--8 teams (REP. 3) Japan Premier League (JPL)--Japan--6 teams (REP. 3) JPL2--Japan--6 teams African Baseball Association--Africa--4 teams (REP. 0) Europe Baseball Circuit (EBC)--Europe--10 teams (REP. 3) Junior Baseball Circut (eJBC)--Europe--10 teams Crown League (CrownL)--Great Britain--6 teams (REP. 0) Caribbean League Baseball (CLB)--Caribbean--6 teams (REP. 1) South America Baseball League (SaBL)--South America--8 teams (REP. 0) Don't have the time though, plus it would take forever to sim.
  13. So both the Angles and Catfish took care off business, knocking off their first round opponents 4-1 and 4-2, respectively, setting up for the most epic battle of the Titans the SBL has ever seen. Saint Louis is a dynasty; as it is now four years that they have reached the Golden Bowl. However, to just go 2-2 in Golden Bowl appearances would be a massive disappointment. Columbus stretched their payroll this year, and has fielded their best team ever. Some other notes: -The Angles are averaging 99.5 wins over the last two seasons. -No team reached 100 wins this year, which is very unusual for the SBL. -This is, I believe, the first ever 1-2 matchup in history. So will, the Angles keep up their reign of dominance, or will Columbus capture their first SBL Crown? Got any predictions?