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    CTGames reacted to Desis in Feedback & Reviews   
    One issue i have come across multiple times is injuries and the depth chart, if you have too many injured players in a given position (say kickers) and you dont have enough players to fill those positions you soft lock the game (you cannot progress because the game will not allow you to and there is no way around it) there is also no way to remove excessive players in the depth chart (no need for 2 kickers or 9 linebackers) i feel that if you could remove depth chart players down to a minimum it could circumvent it but also reducing the likelyhood of injury would also help to prevent this from occuring in the future. This is not a rare occasion either this has happened about 30-50% of the time for me in my games.
    A few more things the players are getting injured even if you dont practice, i dont know if this is intended.  It would be nice to have either some way to compare players to see which one is the better player for depth chart positioning it is kinda tedious to go through every player to get the best players on the field.
    Aside from those things i feel you guys are making great progress with every update and are making a great game keep up the good work!
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    CTGames reacted to Robmeister89 in Game programming C#   
    Very excited to see the growth of this! I'm working on an indoor football simulator myself in visual studio (written in c#) but it's not nearly ready to show off lol
    If you ever want to bounce some ideas off someone let me know. I would love to talk shop about my work as well.
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    CTGames got a reaction from Chris in Release of 0.2.0   
    We have now release version 0.2.0 of the game, so please download it from itch: https://ct-games.itch.io/ct-football-manager/purchase
    As promised the main focus has been on the gameplay simulation, but we have also implemented some other stuff:
    Optimized gameplay Implemented tactics Add more bowl games Optimization for the menu on smaller screen resolution Optimization for depth chart selection We hope you will enjoy the game
    The DevTeam
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    CTGames reacted to Chris in Copyright Rules?   
    I believe there will be several areas of customization. Team Logos, Conference Logos, Team Fields for the 2D play, if you do map in the players, perhaps randomize their names but have similar attributes.. then all it takes is a playername database replacement... Plenty of things to consider.. people like customization to mod schedules, conferences, etc..
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    CTGames reacted to Chris in Copyright Rules?   
    From my experiences with both the owners of Bowl Bound College Football and DDS College Football , they didn't put themselves at risk. They ended up allowing a site like us to offer customization or mod options to get users there. It would be at arm's length because it is the equivalent of the user just changing the labels themselves. They then allow for the option to change team names and conference names as a feature.
    That's the best I know about it and it seems to be the least amount of risk.
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    CTGames got a reaction from Chris in Roadmap   
    This is the expected roadmap for the next couple of months
    0.2.0: Optimized game play when simulating a game (Expected end of May 2019) 0.2.x: Implementation of injuries and penalties (Mid of June 2019) 0.3.0: Optimization of college teams with focus on number of scholarships, redshirted etc. (End of June 2019) 0.3.x: Updates to transfers and scouting (End of July 2019)  0.4.0: Bowl games and optimization of schedule (End of August 2019) We are still planning on a biweekly release, and each release will most likely contain both functionality updates, data updates and GUI updates.
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    CTGames got a reaction from Chris in Game screenshots (everyone welcome)   
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    CTGames got a reaction from Chris in Game screenshots (everyone welcome)   
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    CTGames got a reaction from Chris in Game screenshots (everyone welcome)   
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    CTGames got a reaction from Desis in Feedback & Reviews   
    Thanks for the feedback. The game engine is still in a very early version, and one of the big tasks we have (and will soon look at ) is to optimize the engine. We have it planned for the next release after the one coming out next week
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    CTGames got a reaction from Chris in Welcome to the CTFM forum   
    Hello and welcome to the forum for CT Football Manager.
    It is still a game in progress but please feel free to comment, give suggestions and anything else.
    We will from time to time ask for help with different aspects of college football since we don't know all the mechanisms around college football ourself, so we hope that you will be willing to help us 
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    CTGames got a reaction from Chris in CT Football Manager (American College Football)   
    As promised we have created a small blog update: https://ct-games.itch.io/ct-football-manager/devlog/79543/gui-updates
    Next week we expect to release version 0.1.2
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    CTGames got a reaction from Chris in CT Football Manager (American College Football)   
    We hope to be able to release a new test version every second week and will also create a new blog update each week, so hopefully the game will soon be more playable