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  1. Does this count for all tactics or just team focus? ie. could I adjust my power play/penalty kill tactics to try and gain an edge on certain teams straight away
  2. Also be aware that your first 11 picks may have been choices for the people drafting in front of you, as well. Highly unlikely, but possible. Depending on team needs, the person drafting 37th, may not want the player that is ranked 37. They may choose player 45, for whatever reasons. Therefore, you might be reacting to an unlucky draft, rather than poorly chosen preferences.
  3. This is an interesting point you made. While I wouldn't condone that sort of behaviour, I would definitely try to trade out my players if they're decent and say they are not interested in re-signing. Otherwise, I would lose my investment in the player just going to free agency. It backs up the argument in one of my threads that says the trade deadline should be around day 45 or 50, and that renewing a player's contract should be possible even if the player is 'happy'. That way if you make that mistake, you still have 10 days for the player to consider a new offer. Option B could be a clause that says no trades on players with less than a minimum time on their contract, or that players must decided within 2 days of an offering, to help reduce this occurring.
  4. Trade deadline can be at any time in the season. But if your player says they are happy, then why can't you offer them a contract extension to say right, let's get you signed on another few years if you are happy. That fact that they say happy, then on deadline day turn around and say I am not interested in renewing, obviously they are not happy... Managers in real life would have these conversations and be able to ask these questions, even if they are forced to provide an ultimatum of say re-sign or commit yourself to moving on. That way they can start the process early of negotiating new players for next season.
  5. So some of my players have developed well and do not want to sign with my team again. Rightly so, they should be in a higher league by their stats... My problem: I do not find this out until the last day of regular season and in the playoffs I am not allowed to make any trades. This means that I cannot resign my player and currently, unless I can trade them in one day (which depends on other players being available), I cannot offer to trade my player up and take advantage of the fact that a higher ranked team might want them. Unless there is something I have missed, I would like to request that we are able to start contract renewals with 5-10 days to go in the regular season. Or be allowed to make trades during playoffs, otherwise I will potentially just lose my good players with no reward.
  6. I use assistant reports and line information/tactics to try and find trends against other teams. Like real managing, it would be nice to know whether I can see a trend to using certain line foci against certain styles of teams and their tactics. I only have a few matches worth at the moment, but hopefully next season can start establishing trends based on my style of play vs other teams'. (Obviously I note my players' skill levels as well!) Being able to dump an assistant's report into a spreadsheet without copying each section would be nice. I find it difficult to keep up, sometimes, and I am in a 24hr day game world!
  7. Hi, Hopefully a relatively simple suggestion to enhance the messages feature on the manager page. Recently went through a team haul and signed a few new players. They all accepted at once, which meant I had to individually delete 10-12 messages at once. Is it possible to create an email inbox style page to read messages and select a list for deletion? In fact, replicating an email inbox with mail read, important, unread, etc. functions would be handy. Otherwise, game is built really well. Really enjoying it, thank you!