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  1. I sent an email, thank you. I forgot to put CTFM in the subject line. Appreciate the assistance!
  2. Is a 0.8.6 game save file compatible with the new version?
  3. I even read the "Run as admin" suggestion in other threads and completely blanked on trying it. It definitely fixed the ability to manually save the game. Thank you
  4. Almost like a spreadsheet view of each player and their numerical ratings. I attached what I started with my QBs. It may be in the game, I just haven't been able to find it yet.
  5. Hi Gang! Excited to be checking this game out, very enjoyable. 2 quick questions: - Is there a way to manually save the game, so progress isn't lost from crashes - - UPDATE - There is, I finally found it but the game crashed when I saved it. lol - Is there a way to review your entire roster with the ratings displayed? Thanks!
  6. Had 2 crashes today. Tried to sim to "Next Event", starting date of 8-2-2020 and game crashed with no error message about 5 days into sim. Was manually advancing to next day with no issues. Tried advancing to next day while on calendar page and game crashed with attached error message. Crashed again and I took a screen shot of entire page - I think it's the same day (8-9-20) both crashes. Also, I am trying to manually save the game before getting to this point and the game has crashed twice with no error message. Thanks for your time!
  7. Currently in the pre-season and any time I try to send a brochure to a recruit on my watchlist, the game crashes to desktop. No error message or log that I can find. However, if I do the same action to a recruit on my board / offered - - there are no issues. Just a heads up, thanks!