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  1. Thanks Paul, nice to know the regulations and that seems pretty fair. I guess it hasn't been 36 days yet but it's gotta be close. Numbers seem to make sense but one thing to consider would be how long they've been the manager for, doesn't really matter in this case but people making an account and just afk joining a bunch of team to rank up manager level seems a bit against the spirit of the game.
  2. Hey not really sure whether I shoulda posted this under the game world or suggestions group but it doesn't really matter. The manager for the Spring Valley Crusaders (John Ryan) joined the ghl outta nowhere near the end of last season (which is actually pretty hype, we don't get new managers like that too often). I believe he may have made a couple signings and such during the offseason but since then he has been "on holiday." Seeing as nobody starts managing a new team and then a week later goes on a 40 day holiday I assume he probably just forgot. It's honestly no biggie cause I've probably done that before but we really should get someone to remove him from his spot so that: 1. People can trade and interact with the team again. 2. New managers can have a team in the ghl to go to (that's not destined for relegation). Thanks guys and I'm curious to see what you all think (I assume there's a system for auto removal after certain periods of inactivity but personally I think 40 games is plenty enough).
  3. Man you really think highly of the Eagles Matt, two spots in the top 7 But yeah other than that (the team you left out was Molson btw) seems like a pretty fair list to me
  4. I'll start it off I guess (no offense to anyone, just my opinion) 1. Larson 2. Horn Lake 3. Hawkeye 4. Urbancrest 5. Wildwood 6. Wynyard 7. Cuba City 8. Pinewood 9. Cedar Rapids 10. Wolfe 11. Montmorency 12. Sellwood 13. Molson 14. Batchawana 15. Blenheim 16. Morden Most Points: Most Goals: Most Assists: Top Goalies: 1. Joen Jacobsen 1. Osman Bonnier 1. Alexander Katayev 1. Chris McCready 2. Osman Bonnier 2. Audrick Pipe 2. Erkki Ahtisaari 2. Bernardo Del Grosso 3. Alexandr Katayev 3. Joen Jacobsen 3. Joen Jacobsen 3. Kenny Dixon I guess that's all I'll do for now, thoughts everyone?
  5. Thanks for doing this MattLumberjacks, it's always a fun read. I was quite busy during the last season so I kinda put my team on the back burner, but I'm back with full effort this year and am hoping to regain my spot in the top 5. I'd be curious to hear all of your predictions.
  6. Good stuff! Thanks for going to the work of putting these power rankings together, I always find it interesting to see where everyone falls (compared with how they perform). Good luck to everyone this season, and may the best team win!
  7. Maybe we could do some sort of TSN-like weekly power rankings update (based on that weeks results and such). Either you could just do them every week, or we could set up some sort of poll where people can post their own opinion and then we just take the average. Very interesting list and predictions (even though I don't see myself finishing 14th). Good luck this season guys!
  8. OK, this all makes sense, and I'm not that annoyed. One question though, was this a change in the recent patch or something, because I remember my friend doing the same thing to get the first overall pick a few years ago. Also, on the legit bug note (this one actually is a problem) when I was setting the people to draft for my picks, I had a couple people that I wanted so I added them to my shortlist and set there draft preferences. Now the problem I ran across was that the one player I wanted to draft with the pick that we had just been talking about (SHL 1st), I wasn't sure what round to set them to be drafted. I put 2nd round because I figured that was, since 2nd is ahead of SHL 1st, I would get the guy without a problem. Then when I checked the results, somehow (despite that fact I have it on "always use shortlist" setting) it drafted a guy that wasn't on my shortlist when the guy I had shortlisted was still there. I'm one is definitely a bug because I should have gotten the guy that I shortlisted, not some random guy with that pick. Just for your information: The guy I wanted was Seyi MccIoy (drafted 53rd overall) I the guy I got was Jess DIlorenzo at 46th overall who I definitely didn't have shortlisted
  9. Hey guys I came here because I'm a little confused (and annoyed) that I didn't get the right pick in a trade. In case you didn't know I'm the manager of the Wynyard Wildfire. I won the last two championships but it was mostly off of the back of a lot of old players, and with the old guys getting a huge nerf this season, I had been going through a rebuild phase so I could be competitive again. I had a few players on my team who were quite good, young players, but they didn't really have a good place on my team (I already had someone for that role). I wanted to trade them away, but wanted to make sure I would get proper value for my players. As I was going through a rebuild time, I thought it would be important to try to get a high pick in this years draft. I went to the York Rats and offered them a deal to send my two good young guys plus my second for one younger guy and their first. It was a completely reasonable trade for both sides (you can check it out for yourself, it happened on day 58). For me the main reason to make the trade was that I didn't think I could make a run in playoffs, and I would be getting the first overall pick in this years draft (if they stayed where they did, which is what happened). As you can see if you check, I didn't win a single game after that trade, and I sacrificed some good young players. I was all happy with that as I didn't think I could win this year, and I was hyped to get to pick first overall. Then I log onto today to make some roster changes, plan for next season, and set my picks, and it apparently the pick I got was the one belonging to the Canmore Rockets, which wasn't only not the first overall pick, it wasn't even a GHL first (it was an SHL first, 46th overall). I feel completely ripped off as the only reason I gave away those players (and a second might I add, which is higher than an SHL first), was to get the first overall pick, which I didn't get. As a loyal player of this game, and one of the few people still in mitts GHL, I'm asking the guy in charge (Anders, right?) to fix this scenario and give me back the first overall pick. I'll still keep playing regardless, but it kinda defeats the point of trading for a pick, when you don't even get that pick (sorry for the long paragraph, I just thought I'd explain myself) TL;DR: I didn't get the pick I traded for, I would like the first overall pick back, which I deserve.
  10. I'm actually super sorry. I didn't really realize the forums were super important. I'm the manager of Wynyard and I just thought I was playing the game like everyone else (because you guys got a lot of picks in past years and I didn't), I recognize the importance of this agreement, so I'll stop trading for picks, or just with bot teams in general. Also I'm an irl friend of the manager for Urbancrest, so I'll tell him the same thing. I think we've pretty much reached everyone else in the GHL, so we should be good to have fun again, sorry guys Edit: Also, definitely super jelly of some of your teams.