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  1. Ok that makes sense if the overall development pace has been slowed down. I've had players improve as well, but the draft eligible prospects are not developing at nearly the rate they did in former seasons (I do agree, 10 overall or more in a season does seem kinda ridiculous for a 17 year old).
  2. I realize that it is only just over a third of the way through the season, but has anyone else noticed how the development of prospects for the draft seems to have been severely retarded? In previous seasons, it was not uncommon for players to grow ~10 overall in their draft year, yet none of the top 16 rated prospects have grown more than 1 overall. I wouldn't be too concerned with these, as most of them don't have too far to grow to be GHL ready, but this spurred me into looking at the junior leagues, particularly younger players not eligible for the draft this year (15 and 16 years old). The results are very similar. Of age 15 and 16 players in the USJHL, only 10 have grown more than 1 overall so far, (8 of which have grown 2, one 3, and one 4). I think this is a serious concern, as growing 1 overall at this point in the season translates to growing about 3 overall in the entire season. Not only that, but you have to remember that these are age 15 and 16 seasons, when players should be growing the most. Since there are 3 seasons between player generation and draft, we would expect players to grow between 0 and 9 overall between generation and draft at the current rate. Since players generally start in the 40s and 50s overall, I am afraid that this would mean that virtually no players drafted will ever be GHL ready (especially since their development slows after age 15/16), essentially rendering the draft worthless. Assuming a player is generated at 50 overall and 80 overall is GHL ready (which is a really generous estimate as to the starting point and a conservative estimate on being GHL ready), a player would need to be growing 10 overall per pre-draft season to be GHL ready their draft year (one fifteen year old in the entire USJHL, who started at 44 OVA, is on this development pace). I know players don't need to be GHL ready in their draft year, but I am still afraid that junior leagues will simply not produce any GHL caliber players, especially since development slows as players get older and their skills get harder to improve on. I don't know if this change was purposeful or whether this is a bug, but I thought that attention should be brought to it either way.
  3. Yeah he makes for a pretty good power play specialist. I was surprised I was the only GM to give him an offer in free agency.
  4. As far as predictions go, I bet no one predicted Mikoviny would be leading the league in scoring... ​
  5. It would be nice if we could set the transfer status for our prospects like we can for players currently on our rosters. It's kinda annoying being spammed with extremely bad offers whenever you have a good prospect, especially since you can't set them as "Untouchable".
  6. I think it would be cool if we could have our prospects play in preseason games without signing them to contracts. It would be a good way to evaluate how well a prospect fits into your lineup in order to see if they are ready for your team and, even if they aren't, it would still be neat to see them play.
  7. AIBot

    Trades S6

    Hello everyone, Due to the probability that I will not get promoted next year coupled with salary cap considerations for next year, I am looking to trade one of Brett Thomson ( or Rauno Kimmo ( They are both playmaking centers and are in 1st and 5th in scoring with an 88 and 81 overall rating (respectively) in the SHL this year. I am looking for draft picks, prospects, young and talented players, and/or some help in net. I might also trade Tomi Junttila (, who is third in goal scoring in the league, for the right price.
  8. So this might sound like an odd question, but I was wondering if there is a mechanic which is supposed to increase parity within leagues. The reason I ask is not only because it is known to exist in other hockey gm games (such as EHM), but also because of the situation of my team. Until recently, I was easily in first place in my league and starting to run away with it, with what I believe is a pretty stacked roster for the SHL. However, I have suddenly (without changing anything other than some injury changes in the last two games) lost five straight games and six out of my last seven. Not only that, but four of these last five games have been against teams which, at the time, were 10th place or worse, seeming to lend credence to my theory. So, while I don't think this is the case, I thought I'd check and see in case there is such a mechanic.
  9. So today I got a notification that one of my players, a 22 year old who has "shown great potential", has had his overall rating go down a point. Is this a fluke? I have played him in over half of the games since acquiring him, he has an average rating of 73 in the games played, and is training on hard. I just don't see how a high potential youngster who is receiving pretty regular ice time and hard training could decline like that. Has anyone else had something similar happen?
  10. AIBot

    Trades S5

    Hello all, My team has fallen out of a playoff spot and seems unlikely to reclaim it. Because of this, I am looking to move at least one high profile player, namely Brett Thompson. He is 87 overall and has 1 season remaining on his contract with my team (SHL, The Brass Castle Arsenal Gunners). I am looking for picks/prospects in return. I would also be open to moving Nikita Navolska, Charles Rushing, and Sture Soderblom for the right price.
  11. I see a number of teams playing centers both at centers and on the wings. Is there any sort of penalty to a player's performance if they play outside of their natural position (i.e. centers on the wings or on defence, etc.)? Also, if there is such a penalty, does it also exist when playing someone outside of their position on the PP/Pk?
  12. I have seen several people who say that they have multiple teams (although obviously not in the same game world). Is it possible to manage another team in a different game world, or do I have to create another account for that?
  13. AIBot

    Introduce yourself

    Hello people, I'm pretty new here and I am currently manager of the New Trier Ninjas in game world Fishbowl. Question: it looks like some of you have multiple teams (albeit in different worlds). Is this possible or am I just reading it wrong. If so how can I get another team in a different game world?