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  1. I played some Football game I can't remember on my old Commodore 64, but I go all the way back to the original John Madden Football. Ah those were the days on my 80X86 PC with 1MB RAM and 20MB hard drive trying to get the himem.sys configured so it could use all 1,024 KB of my PC's memory and load the game. I've also played Front Page Sports Pro, NFL Fever (when on PC), Monday Night Football, Playmaker, and Coaches Club. I've soured on Madden as most people have lately but it's been my dream to have a fully customizable PC football title, right down to uniform design, custom teams, league structures, uploading uniforms and other custom graphics. Who the heck needs an NFL license anymore, really? We've shown with these games that the mod community can handle the NFL part well enough. Lately though I've gotten into going back to the classic Madden PS2 era (Madden 2002 - 2012) and I can have hours of fun on that without even playing an actual game. The NHL series I've also been into on a lesser extent. I go all the way back to NHL 2002 with that one. And some basketball games. I was into the NBA 2k series but haven't played basketball on PC or console, or even watched it in decades.
  2. I just joined, and am still exploring the site a bit. I came here from the forums for DDS Pro Football 2022. I admit it was initially as a condition for downloading mods but this looks like a very interesting site. Is this an independent site just for people who love sports sim games or is it associated with Draft Day Sports? I'm still exploring the site as I said to find out what the site is all about but it looks great so far. EDIT: I'd also like to end up contributing to the mods if I may. I know that come 2022 season we're going to need new rosters, new schedules, and the like. A strange skill, but I've gotten pretty good at schedule making. Doing so is like trying to solve a Rubix Cube, but I have a system. Anyway glad to be here.