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  1. 1- make sure you are in compatibilty mode - windows 98 2- launch in administrator mode 3- open your task manager and find HIKE.exe 4- right click HIKE.exe and select GO TO DETAILS 5- when you are in details select ANALYZE WAIT CHAIN 6- under hike exe you will see one or more items under HIKE.exe 7- uncheck everything under HIKE.exe and hit ok... you may have to do this 2 or 3 times 8- after a short wait the game shouild launch
  2. I can mount the ISO but when I try to run it to install the game. I right click and run at administrator but the installer never launches
  3. How do you fix FBPro 98 starting a VERY small window? MY buddy has this issue!
  4. are there any fbpro 98 - 1988 rosters out there? also does anyone know how to use the conversion tool?
  5. So this is 100% updates to 1.08? Also how do we get this to full screen on Win 10 in game mode and play editor mode?