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  1. I too would like some tips on how to recruit well, not just "the game looks great and it's not expensive."
  2. SojuWarrior

    Playbook Tips

    Here is an Urban Meyer playbook from when he was at Utah, you could adopt some of these plays. There are lots of playbooks out there, just do a search for them and copy what you like.
  3. I would say it's pretty awesome so far. #WeAre
  4. I downloaded it today, really enjoying it so far. It could use a lot more explaining on how to do things and how to start out with your team. I went hogwild hoping I could start signing recruits and after I had made phone calls and sent out lit to my targets, there were no points left for visits. Kids were signing with other teams left and right and all I could do was have my team practice. I spent some time with the play editor too which is nice, but the stock plays leave a lot to be desired. None of the pass plays had any of the offensive linemen set to pass block. You have to click save after each update to a play or else the whole layout of the play is gone. Defensively, the plays have all your personnel listed but no orders for the defensive players, so you've got to go through each player and tell them to blitz, or play zone, or whatever. I did like being able to schedule future opponents.
  5. I've been playing computer games since the 80s, but what started me on sports sims was Bill Walsh College Football. I really enjoyed the game but needed something better and more in-depth, with recruiting. I moved to England in the 90s and I picked up Championship Manager 93/94. That's where I fell in love with a sports sim, where I could really build a dynasty of a team.
  6. Sounds like a decent enough idea. I can see you starting out like Kevin Smith did with his original Clerks movie and working toward becoming CEO of Disney.
  7. Hello, just downloaded CTFM today. Really liking it so far. I really enjoy college football games that have recruiting in it so this is perfect for me.