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Dysfunctional Dave McGee, a DDS:CB3 Dynasty

Started By Wayne23, Mar 28, 2015 07:28 PM

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March 1: 65-44 vs. Robert Morris. 17, 12, 2, 2, 3 for Ike, 14, 2, 3 for Ren. +16 RBs.

#5 seed Sam Franklin, 14-14, 10-8, in the semis.

March 2: 72-68 in OT with Sam Franklin. We blew a 24 point lead when they tied it with a 3 at the end of regulation. We played a terrible 2nd half. Then we woke up in Ot. 26, 5, 4 for Jed, 14 for Bic, 9, 2, 8 for Ren. 12 TOs, 38 RBs. The front court was outplayed after the half.

#6 seed Stan Francis, 15-14, 9-9, upset CCSU so we play them for the title.

March 3: 73-51 vs. Stan Francis. Never trailed. 10, 12 2 for Ike, 15 for Jed, 12, 5 for Ren, 9, 7, 4 for Ty. 11 TOs, 34 RBs. 3rd. conf. title.

March 12: Finally ranked, for the first time in program history, #19. RPI #17.

Not in the East.

#7 Midwest. We play #10 seed BC, 16-12. I thought we’d be a #5 or #6.

March 16: 76-79. Frustrating and disappointing loss. We went down by 20, came back, but never quite got there. 20, 8, 2, 4 for Ike, 10 TOs. 0-13 on threes, make one it’s a tie, make 2 it’s a win.

April 4: #5 Cincinnati won the title.

Awards: Ike Ash was POY, Def. POY, 1st team along with Jed Ray. Joe Trot was freshman OY, 2nd team. Dave got the coach award.

April 9: We’re going to Brown University.

“Hey, it’s in RI, an’ it’s a step up.”

There were some discussions around temper, decorum, drinking in public… but Brown wanted a winner, and that’s Dave. I’ll be his #1. That was not a problem at all with Brown. Dave says they mentioned it before he could.

April 16: Dave and I are busy as can be, meeting players, putting together a staff, calling recruits, getting to know the people here- a zillion things, it seems like. A. D. “Ticky” Rumsfield seems like a good guy.

This is a team that very much needs to be rebuilt but it’s the Ivy League. We should be competitive by our second year.

April 23: We ask for a facilities upgrade but we don’t get it.

Team Prestige is 12. Dave’s stats: 116-67, .634. Off- 21, Def-33, Recruit-70, Scout-4, Player Development-27, Reputation 21. Brown went 14-16, 6-8 this season.

“We’re one step away from the goal, Red. Hope we get ta URI in just a couple years.”

That will definitely be a better fit. Hope this one works out.


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May 1: Here we go! We buy the Atlantic East Gold and the national and international basic.

June 5: Looking at transfers. We need guards.

June 12: We get Mike May, a PG from Robert Morris.

“Yeah, I know.”

“It’s not like you, Dave. That’s all I’m saying.”

“I really haven’t been interested. I guess the thing with Lacy burned me so bad I ain’t too in a hurry ta date again.”

“Yeah but you like women. It’s unnatural.”

“Yeah but maybe I’m sick of all the drama an’ hurt an’ sh*t.”

June 26: Looking at 9 guards and 6 bigs.

Dave has been living with his sister and her husband but he just bought a condo down the street from us. It’s small.

“What the h*ll I need anything big for. I’m never home.”

August 21: We offer to 4 PGs. One is local but he’s a long shot. We feel we’re in the running for the other three. We want to offer to a big guy but haven’t found the right one yet.

Sept. 18: No takers yet but we think we’re close with 3.

First year here we’re okay with some cupcakes on the schedule. Ticky gets them for us.

Sept. 25: We get one and we lose one. We get Mike Vick, PG, #198.

Oct. 2: We get PF Brad Fisk, #244, PG Dan Morr, #267, and Vick drops to #250
. #s will change once more. Still chasing a guard and a big.

1st day of practice. Here’s what Dave said:

“Well, they seem ta know the ball’s round.”

We’re picked to finish 7th in the 8 team Ivy.

“Sounds about right, d*mn it.”

Nov. 6: We’ll go with a 7 man rotation. The guards will be senior Kori King and frosh Ryan Tray and Vin Will. Sf will be junior Greg Robb and frosh Dan Barr. Inside will be senior Pat Evan and frosh Joe Cass with Barr backing up.

“It ain’t the strongest lineup I ever went with.”

“But they were better in the 2nd exhibition than the 1st.”

“Yeah, they’re smart kids so they learn stuff. They got a h*ll of a lot ta learn!”

We start at Northeastern and then host Tulane.


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Nov. 20: 60-69 at Northeastern. Joe Cass had 21, 6, Pat Evan 18, 3, backup big Greg Robb had 13, 4. Our guards were awful, 2 points among the 3 of them. Team had 20 TOs.

74-66 over Tulane. 21, 5, 2 for Joe, 21, 4, 2 for Greg, 12, 8 for Pat. 20 TOs and not much from the guards again.

This week we’re at 1-1 Buffalo and then 1-2 Detroit.

Nov. 27: 54-65 at Buffalo. 23 TOs pretty much prevented us from getting any offense going. Vin Will is doing a little more than the other two guards but not a whole lot.

79-81 at Detroit. Tough loss. We missed 20 free throws, which means we should have won. Dave is fuming. Vin Will had another good game. Meeting tomorrow to discuss the lineup.

“Friggin’ miserable. They find ways to lose.”

We’re playing 7 guys and four are freshman. It’s going to take awhile.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

We decided that Vin Will is going to start and Ryan Tray is going to sit. Greg Robb will start and Dan Barr will sit. Only one frosh will now get starter’s minutes, Joe Cass and vin Will. Let’s see if it helps.

My feeling is that we’ll need to keep tweaking.

1-2 Ball ST here, then at 2-2 Norfolk ST.

“Big week. This’ll tell us if this is a step forward which we NEED!”

Dec. 4: 60-47 vs. Ball ST. 11 TOs was the best news. 24 for Greg Robb in his 1st start. 8, 5, 4 and only 2 TOS for Vin Will in his 1st start.

63-59 at Norfolk ST. Our 1st road win. 15, 7 for Pat at PF, 13, 6, 3 for Greg at SF. 17 TOs but Kori King got in foul trouble and Tray had 7 TOs filling in. 12, 3 for Dom Peck from the bench.

Dom Peck is getting Barr’s minutes.

4 game home stand starts with 3-3 Eastern Michigan. Then it’s 1-4 William & Mary.

“Yeah! We’re friggin’ geniuses!”

“Okay, I can live with that.”


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Dec. 11: 74-61 over E. Mich. Greg Robb went wild, 38. 22, 3, 2 for Vin.

64-74 vs. Wm & Mary. 16, 8 for Pat but everyone else was in foul trouble. They went to the line 41 times, we went 22. Dave got a T, his first here, but he really pretty much had to, and he wasn’t out of control.

We’re 4-4.

2-5 FL A & M is in, followed by 4-4 Arizona ST.

Dec. 18: 60-59 over FL A & M. We won despite 21 TOs, and taking 21 fewer free throws. Don’t know what’s going on with the calls.

59-72 vs. AZ ST. 19 TOs. 15, 5 for Joe, 12, 5 for Pat. Dom Peck continues to play well.

At Delaware ST, 6-3, then home with 4-7 Texas Pan Am.

Dec. 25: 56-67 at Del ST. 20, 3, 2 for Vin but he fouled out. 11, 7 for Pat. 24 TOs.

69-60 over TX Pan Am. 14, 7, 1, 3 for Pat, 16, 2, 2 for Robb, 11, 7 for joe. 14 TOs isn’t great but it’s better.

We end pre-conf. play at 2-8 Vanderbilt.

It was a great XMas. Dave clearly enjoyed his time with the kids. He’s been spending quite a bit of his free time here, much of it while the kids are awake. They are definitely therapeutic and it gives Jean time to get things done when he’s with them. No shortage of presents either!


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January 1, 2022: 52-59 at Vanderbilt. 19 TOs and not much offense.

We end pre-conf. play at 6-7. RPI is a woeful 258. -1.1 PPG, +1.2 RBs, -4 TOs, a pathetic 17.8 per game.

“Hey, except for Columbia an’ Penn it’s gonna be an easy conf.”

We start at 3-10 Cornell and then host 3-10 Yale.

Jan. 8: 62-55 at Cornell. Good team effort, great D, but 21 TOs again. Dom, with 10 and 10, and Pat, with 14 and 5, led the way.

70-65 over Yale. 17, 4, 3 for Pat, 15, 3, 2 for greg, 13, 4, 5 for Vin, and 12 for Dom, who is earning more PT.

This week we’re at 7-8, 1-1 Dartmouth then home with 12-3, 1-1 Columbia, predicted to finish 1st.

Dave continues to be calm for the most part. He’s tough with the guys in practice but he manages to do it in a way that keeps them looking up to him, but as I’ve said before, he really knows his stuff.
He says he spends his free evenings looking at game tapes or games on TV. He comes over at least once a week to see the kids, usually more often, and if there’s a game on, which there always is, we watch it together, taking notes. I kick him out after the early game though so I can spend a little time with Jean. He watches the second at home and he says often the late game from the coast, taking notes on all of them.

January 15: 57-67 at Dartmouth. 15, 5, 2, 2 for Pat. They took a big early lead and hung on.

65-58 over Columbia. 21, 4 for Greg, 12 TOs. We beat a good team.

We got Brad Span a Juco PG we really like.

On the road this week. First we’re at 10-7, 2-2 Princeton. Then it’s #24 Penn, 14-4, 4-0. Two tough games. Don’t tell but a split would be great.

January 22: Tough week, as we feared it would be. 56-70 at Princeton. 20 TOs again. Vin was the only guard who did anything.

49-70 at Penn. We got beat up. 18, 3, 2 for Joe and no one else did much of anything. 18 TOs, -7 RBs.

“This ain’t the time ta yell. I gotta rebuild their confidence, make ‘em believe they can win the next couple.”

At home first with Harvard, 9-10, 1-5, then 6-13, 3-3 Cornell, who we beat by 7 there.

Jan. 29: 76-61 vs. Harvard. 22 for Joe, 12, 2, 5 for Vin, 14 for Greg, 11, 3 for Dom. 11 TOs.

82-66 over Cornell. Huge game for Pat, 36, 8, 2. 12, 8, 2 for Joe, 12 for Dom. 8 TOs.

"Them idiot writers who say I don't do nuthin' but yell are full a sh*t. I knew ta build the guys' confidence an' I done it all week. Hardly yelled at all."

Not sure I'd go that far but there was a lot of praise and encouragement.

2 recruits don’t hit our score. Back to work.

We’re in a 3 way tie for 2nd, 3 back of Penn.

This week we’re at 4-17, 1-7 Yale, then home with 10-11, 4-4 Dartmouth.


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Feb. 5: 51-56 at Yale. Lack of offense again, and 17 TOs, AND they took 19 free throws, we took 7.

“We shoulda won that friggin’ game! D*mn!”

66-65 over Dartmouth. 16, 5, 2 for Greg, 13, 5, 4, 3 for Vin.

“We got lucky!”

“So the week evened out.”

“Who the frig wants the week ta even out!”

That’s Dave!

4 to play. This week we’re at 16-7, 5-5 Columbia. We host 14-9, 6-4 Princeton, the only team tied with us for 2nd place.

“We gotta have that game an’ it would be good to win the road game too.”

This is the guy who thought we’d finish 7th.

12-11, 6-4, RPI 188.

Feb. 12: 55-67 at Columbia
. 19 TOs and we took half the free throw attempts they did (13 to 26). 19, 8 for Pat.

65-50 vs. Princeton. 18, 7 for Greg, 12, 12 for Pat, 13, 4, 5 for Vin. 11 TOs, 39 RBs.

“We’re totally different at home and on the road, 11-2, 2-10. Maddening.”

The truth is that until you get up to the really good teams that’s pretty much how it is.

We are alone in 2nd place with 2 to play.

We host 22-4, 12-0 Penn, #15, then travel to 13-12, 5-7 Harvard.

Feb. 19: 64-71 to Penn. 18, 8, 3 for Pat, 12, 5 for Greg. Too many TOs, not enough RBs. We hung with them most of the way.

45-66 at Harvard. We had nothing. 21 TOs, only 22 RBs, shot poorly, didn’t find the open man.

“Friggin’ horrible way ta end the conf. season!”

Yes it was. We wind up at 13-14, 7-7, the #4 seed. That means if we win our 1st game we play Penn.

And now we fly across the country to play San Diego in the Bracket Breaker. Crazy. They’re 15-10.

82-79 in OT over San Diego. Dom Peck had 25, Joe had 20 and 9, Greg 15 and 10. 14 TOs, 33 RBs. We got a little lucky late. We stole the ball with 1.5 seconds left in regulation, which prevented them from getting a shot up.

So now we’re 14-14, 7-7.


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March 2: We’ll play #5 seed Princeton, 16-12, 7-7, in the round of 8. Lost by 14 there, won by 15 here.

March 3: 73-54 over Princeton! 22, 7 for Pat, 18, 3, 2, 2 for Joe, 11, 3, 2, 2 for Greg. 11 TOs, +4 RBs.

The reward is a game with #14 Penn in the semis. They’re 25-5, 14-0.

March 4: 58-62.
This was a really good team effort. A free throw here, a good pass inside there and we would have won.

We lose Pat Evan and Kori King to graduation.

March 19: We’re still chasing recruits and we definitely need at least 2 guards and one big to come through- not just to select us but to produce for us.

March 26: We get PG Hal Hall, #148.

April 4: #10 Wisconsin won it all.

Awards: Pat Evan made 1st team Ivy. Greg Robb and Joe Cass made 2nd.

April 9: 2 schools way better than Brown, at least basketball wise showed interest.

“I’m not leavin’ RI.”

April 16: We filled all the roster spots. Now let’s see who develops enough to help us.

April 23: We ask for money. Nope.

We wind up dead even, 15-15, 7-7, tie for 3rd, made it to the semifinals of the Ivy tourney. I’ll take it. I honestly didn’t think we would do that well.

Team Prestige is at 11.

Dave’s numbers: 131-82, .615. Off-23, Def-37, Recruit-70, Scout-5, Player Dev-30, Reputation-21.


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June 5: Transfer pool has no one of interest.

“You’re what?”

“I’m goin’ with a librarian.”

“Dave, how in h*ll did you even MEET a librarian. The only thing you read is basketball magazines.”

“That ain’t true, I read every book about coachin’ an’ about famous coaches that I can get my hands on. They was this book on the origins of the zone defense I been tryin’ ta get for decades, seems like. Never could find it. So I went inta the Brown library an’ this cute little brunette was the one at the desk so I asked her.”

“She’s not a student, I hope.”

“Course she ain’t a student. What the frig do you think I am! Well, she’s a doc student in library stuff but she’s 30 if she’s a day. Anyways, they didn’t have the book but she did some kinda search an’ found it. She was real nice so I asked her if she wanted coffee. One thing led to another an’ I been seein’ her for a couple weeks.”

“Will wonders never cease!”

“Shut up!”

June 26: 4 scholarships. We’d like 3 bigs. Looking at 18 guys, 7 PGs, 5 PFs, 6 Cs.

We met the librarian last night. She doesn’t drink, and Dave doesn’t drink when he’s with her. Did you ever see the movie, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”? I’m trying to get a look at the back of Dave’s neck. Seriously, Brenda the librarian is a lovely woman and a lovely person. I hope this lasts.

August 21: We offer to a PG and a C. We don’t have anyone else we’re that interested in. We will add to the list, of course.

Sept. 18: Still chasing.

We’re willing to challenge ourselves a bit more with the schedule this year.

Oct. 1: “We’re takin’ it slow but we’re really hittin’ it off.”

“What do you have in common?”

“Well, aside from the obvious which you blush at whenever I mention it, bein’ the old married man you are, a few things. She finds me books about hoops I never knew existed. She’s interested in hoops- her daddy’s a high school coach. We like a lot a the same movies. We go out ta eat a lot. And we do that thing everybody says they do but they don’t, we go for long walks, and sometimes for hikes in the woods. It’s good.”

“I’m happy for you, Dave, and I’m glad you’re taking it slow.”

Oct. 2: Got one! Joe Myers is a C. He’s only at #418, but we like him and think he’ll develop.

1st day of practice. A long way to go but I liked what I saw.

We’re picked to finish 5th. I think we’ll do better.

Oct. 9: Got one, lost one. Got Drew Book, PF, #75 right now.

Oct. 16: Got a guard we’ve been after from the start, Mike Ange, PG, #82
right now but he’s been way up and way down. One to go. We’re chasing a PF that we found late. We really like him.

Nov. 6: For what it’s worth we got very lucky on the last roll of the ratings dice, 2 under 100, 2 in the low to mid-100s.

Here’s the lineup: Junior Juco Hal Hall, sophs Vin Will and transfer Mike May, and frosh Dan Morr at guard, frosh Shea Wool and Will at SF, sophs Dom Peck and Joe Cass inside with senior Greg Robb backing them up.

We start at Cal ST Fullerton, then to Stephen F. Austin.


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Nov. 20: 2 road wins to start the season. 87-74 at Cal ST Fullerton. 23, 4, 2 for Shea Wool at SF, 24, 2, 2 for Hal Hall at guard. 13, 6, 2 for Dom Peck at C, 11, 2, 7, 2 for Vin Will at guard. 8, 3 for Joe Cass at PF but he fouled out. 9 TOs.

66-59 at Stephen F. Austin. 21, 4, 4, 2 for Hal, 15, 7, for Dom, 9, 4, 4, 3 for Shea. 14 TOs.

It gets a little tougher, 1-1 Clemson there. Then we come home to face 0-2 Bradley.

“We got some weapons ain’t we, Red!”

“We do, Dave.”

Peck and Hall prob’ly gonna lead the way but other guys plus Robb, Morr, an’ May can get it done from the bench. I like it!”

Let’s hope he keeps liking it.

Nov. 27: 62-77 at Clemson. 23 TOs, which is very discouraging. 19, 3, 4 for Hal, 15, 8, 2 for Shea. Clemson is a big time program, which is important to keep in mind.

72-54 vs. Bradley. 6 TOs. 22 and 3 for Dom, 14, 3, 4 for Hal. Much better fight in our own weight class.

This week we travel to 1-2 Colorado and then host 2-2 West VA, another team from a big conference.

Dec. 4: A tough week. 74-80 at Colorado. 19 TOs. 23, 6, 3 for Hal, 17, 5, 3, 3 for Dom but he fouled out with 6 minutes left and that’s when the game got away from us. 11, 7 for Shea. We need more from our bench.

57-73 vs. W. VA. Homed at home. They took 31 foul shots we took 15. Dave got his 1st T of the season and almost got his 2nd. 17 TOs.

When we take care of the ball we do well. When we don’t we lose.

2 at home this week, 3-2 San Diego then 1-5 Air Force.

“We need 2 wins. Take care a the d*mn ball!”


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Dec. 11: 68-74 vs. San Diego. 17 TOs so we followed the pattern. 18, 3 for Shea, 14 for Dan Morr from the bench. 9, 4 for Greg Robb from the bench. We were completely homed, 16 foul shots while they had 49. Worst I’ve ever seen. Dave got T’d again but he had to. 4 of our guys fouled out and 2 others had 4.

Dec. 12: “I did a bad thing, Red.”

“Uh oh.”

“Yeah. I got so frustrated about 3 losses in a row that I got hammered last night.”

“Dave, I’m sorry but that’s not exactly a first.”

“No, but it’s the first time since I started seein’ Brenda. She walked out on me at about 12:30 in the morning. We were at Lefty’s. She called a cab ta get home. I’m gonna call and apologize later. Hope I didn’t blow it.”

“Dave, did you ever think about getting help with the drinking?”

“Don’t need any help. This is the first time in like forever.”

“Okay Dave.”

72-60 against Air Force. 20, 4, 2 for Shea, 11, 6 for Dom, 14, 2 for Dan. Oh, and 3 TOs so again, when we take care of the ball we win. It helps when the fouls go both ways, which they did.

We’re 4-4.

2 more here, 4-3 Alabama, then 3-4 Idaho.

Dec. 15: “Brenda forgave me but she made it clear she wouldn’t have a lot of patience if I drank. D*mn!”

Dec. 18: 80-62 vs. Alabama. We broke the pattern, 18 TOs but we won- they had 19. 18, 3, 2 for Hal but he fouled out. 17, 3 for Shea, 14, 5 for Dom, 7, 4, 5 for Mike May filling in at guard.

91-76 with Idaho. 8 TOs, so back to the pattern. 23, 7 for Dom, 20, 2, 4, 3 for Hal, 18, 6 for Greg from the bench, 14, 3 for Shea.

Tough start to the week at 5-5 Georgetown, then we host 3-7 Texas-Arlington.

Dec. 25: Tough week again. 69-79 at Georgetown. 19 TOs. They took 40 free throws, we took 14. Another T for Dave. 28, 4, 2, 2 for Shea.

55-65 with TX-Arlington. They got the lead to 16 early and we never caught up. We were the better team and should have won. 14 TOs.

“I got drunk again but I wasn’t with Brenda.”

Last pre-conf. game is at 4-6 Vanderbilt. We’re 6-6 so it would be nice to win it to be over .500.

Great holiday with the kids, Dave, and Brenda. Bobby is now 9 ½, and Sandy is 7 ½.


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January 1, 2023: 74-57 at Vandy. 23, 3, 2, 2 for Shea, 18, 2, 2 for Vin, 12, 6, 2, 2 for Don. 12 TOs. We’re giving Robb more time and taking a little from Joe Cass who isn’t playing the way we’d like him to. RBs are a problem and this won’t help that but we think we’ll score more points and have fewer TOs. We’ll see.

We end up 7-6 going into conf. play.

We start conf. play with a tough one at 10-3 Dartmouth. Then we host 7-6 Cornell, predicted to win the conf.

“If we can’t split for this week I’m gonna worry.”

And probably drink.

Jan. 8: 88-75 at Dartmouth. 22, 3, 3 for Shea who has really gotten it done for us. 16, 4 for Dom, 18, 3 for Greg Robb from the bench. 10 TOs.

58-49. with Cornell. 24, 7, 3, 2 for Dom, 14, 8, 2 for Shea. 10 TOs, 31 RBs, and great D.

“Yee ha!”

He really is just a big kid who never grew up. It’s his greatest strength and his greatest weakness.

This week we’re at 3-12 Yale and then we host 8-7 Harvard.

Jan. 15: 61-62 at Yale. They took 31 foul shots, we took 13. They really neutralized our front line. Only Greg did anything at all. 19 for Hal. They won it making their last 6 free throws. We had to foul at that point, but several earlier calls just weren’t very good, and they cost us. Dave avoided a T because the game was too close, but he was chirping. 18 TOs didn’t help.

“D*mn! One tiny break is all we needed! Friggin’ refs!”

69-52 vs. Harvard. 15 TOs. We dominated this one, never trailed. A tremendous 39 and 8, 1, 4 for Dom. +5 RBs.

This week we host conf. leader Penn, 11-6, 4-0. Then we travel to 13-4, 2-2 Columbia. So it will be a challenging week.

Me an’ Brenda are doin’ okay again. I ain’t drinkin’.”

“Do you see a sort of pattern, Dave? I mean not just with Brenda, with all of your relationships.”

“Yeah, yeah. I know. Now frig off.”

One can but try.

Jan. 22: 72-73 vs. Penn. They won on a 24 foot buzzer beater. 12 TOs, 14, 2, 2 for Hal, 13, 5, 2 for Dom, 11, 5, 2 for Vin.

Greg Robb took a hard shot to the sternum. Out 10 days to 2 weeks. Dan Barr will get his minutes.

“Just what we friggin’ needed!”

54-55 at Columbia. This time a 26 footer beat us. 19, 6, 2 for Shea, 14, 3, 4, 5 for Dom. 17 TOs.

2 one point losses, 3 in conf. play. Dave was drunk for three nights in a row. Brenda dumped him, which means he’ll probably be drunk for a few more nights. He shows up at work sober and stays that way until he’s finished for the day. I’ve talked him into doing his drinking either at home or at my place most, but not all of the time. He can walk home from my house.

8-11, 1-5 Princeton and 11-8, 1-5 Dartmouth are here this week.

Jan. 29: 83-58 with Princeton. 21, 10, 2 for Dom, 13, 6, 2 for Shea, 16 for hal, 9, 7, 4 for Vin. 12, 5 for Hal. 11 TOs.

73-59. vs. Dartmouth. Led all the way. 23, 6, 3, 2 for Dom, 14, 4, 7, 2 for Vin.

Alone in 2nd, 3 back of Penn, 1 up on 3 teams, 6 to play, 4 of them on the road.

At 11-10, 4-4 Cornell, then we host 7-14, 4-4 Yale.


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Feb. 5: 76-70 at Cornell. 21 for Hal, 15 for Dom, 10, 8, 3 for Shea, 6, 10 for Joe. 13 TOs. Great road win.

58-52 vs. Yale. 16 for Shea, 12 for Hal. We didn’t play very well but we got the W.

At 11-12, 4-6 Harvard, then at #21 Penn, 17-6, 10-0.

Feb. 12: Tough week. 54-66 at Harvard. 18 TOs. 17, 3, 2 for Hal, 13, 7, 2 for Dom.

49-74 at Penn. 22 TOs.

We’re somehow still alone in 2nd place.

We end the season with 15-10, 4-8 Columbia here, then 11-14, 4-8 Princeton there. And then it’s the Bracket Breaker, 9-14, 5-7 Green Bay.

Feb. 19: 84-64 with Columbia. 34, 9, 2 for Shea. He was red hot. 10 TOs. This clinches 2nd place.

72-74 at Princeton.
17, 5, 2 for Dom, 14 for Hal. Another frustrating loss in a close game. Shea had the last shot and it rimmed out.

“We GOTTA learn ta win the close ones. D*mn!”

77-58 vs. Green Bay. 22, 4 for Dom, 16, 7, 2, 2 for Greg, 13, 3 for Shea. 11 TOs.

We finish 2nd but 6 behind Penn.

Mike May hurt his shoulder. Day to day.

We end the regular season at 16-12, 8-6, an improvement over last season. +4.4 PPG, -0.9 RBs, +0.8 TOs, +1.4 assists. RPI is 175 so win the tourney or we don’t go anywhere.


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March 3: Princeton just beat us by 2 there. Hopefully we can win on a neutral court.

62-56. 20, 3, 2, 2 for Dom, 15 for Hal, 10, 7, 2 for Vin. 13 TOs, 34 RBs. We played well.

It’s 17-12, 5-9 Columbia in the semis. We lost by 1 then won by 20. We need to win the inside game.

March 4: 84-72. 26 for Shea, 18, 4 for Dom, 12, 3, 6 for Hal, but 17 TOs, and only 23 RBs.

It’s #15 Penn, 24-6, 14-0 for the title. They beat us by 1, and then by 25 there. This is a tough game for us. We need to be really on, and we probably need to score about 75, which is a challenge for us.

March 5: 75-68! We were on fire in the first half, getting the lead as high as 27. It was 20 at the half and we battened down the hatches in the 2nd. 18, 6, 4 for Shea, 14, 14 for Dom but it was a team effort, 7 guys had 8 or more points. Oh, we got those 75 points I thought we needed! 17 TOs, but 39 RBs, our most all season.

“YEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAA! Best win since we got here, Red!”

And we’re going to the Big Dance, either a play in or a #16 most likely, but 1 win would give us a 20 win season.

March 12: Here we go.

#15 East. We play #2 Stanford, 28-3. Yikes!

“This ain’t gonna be pretty. I was actually hopin’ for one a them play ins where ya meet a #5 seed next. Oh well. We’ll give it our best.

March 16: 84-99. Great O, no D. 30, 5, 2 for Hal, 17, 3, 2 for Shea, 11 each for Vin and Greg, but it was a sprint and they were a whole lot faster.

“I’m proud a my guys. We only had 11 TOS and we never quit. We’re only losin’ Greg. Watch out next year!”

April 1: Dave has remained quiet but it sort of fits the pattern. After a relationship, except for the one with Lacy, he kind of withdraws until he meets someone new. He’s still a big, rugged, good looking guy so he will inevitably meet someone new.

April 4: #3 North Carolina won it all.

Awards: Dom Peck was Ivy League POY and 1st team. Shea Woll was Freshman OY and 1st team. Hal Hall also made 1st team.

April 9: Calls about jobs that are at MUCH higher ranking schools, but:

“I ain’t leavin’ Rhode Island!”

April 23: We ask for a facilities upgrade. Got it. Went from C+ to B+.

Team Prestige is now 13. We went 19-13, won the tourney. A good season and we have realistic hopes for a better one next year. Dave’s record is now 150-95, .612. Off-27, Def-43, Recruit-70, Scout-5, Payer Development-35, Reputation-23.


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June 5: Looking at transfers. Going after a good looking SF from Marquette.

Got him. Max May, #201 when he graduated. He’s a soph.

June 25: Dave stayed pretty quiet all spring. He spent a lot of his free afternoons and evenings with our kids, regularly stayed for dinner and played with the kids some more or helped them with homework. After the school year ended he took them to the park and things like that. After they went to bed he and I spent an hour or so working, then I would kick him out in order to have some alone time with Jean.

June 26: We have 2 scholarships and we want guards. Looking at 7 guards.

Aug. 21: We offer to 2 PGs.

Sept. 18: 9 on the road and only 4 at home pre-conf, so the schedule is challenging but not as much as it would be if we had more at home.

Sept. 25: We get Max Marx, PG, #103.

Oct. 2: first day of practice. I like this team, especially our freshman PG Mike Anda.

Oct. 9: We get the 2nd PG, Moe Daws.

Nov. 6: We have a lineup: The guards are frosh Mike Anda and senior Hal Hall, with junior Vin Will backing them up. We’re solid in the backcourt if we stay healthy. Junior Juco Jeff Jones will start at SF and play some PF. Juniors Dom Peck and Joe Cass will start inside, and our back ups for the bigs are soph Shea Wool who has a great chance of cracking the starting lineup if anyone falters, and frosh Jim Arms, who has a bright future with us.

We start the season at Portland, then it’s home with Indiana ST.


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Nov. 18: “A waitress?”

“Yeah, what’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing wrong with it, Dave. I’m just surprised.”

“Yeah, well, I been havin’ lunch at ‘The Chowder Bowl’ a couple times a week for- h*ll, for decades, really. May’s been there for a good five years, maybe six an’ we always got along. I never really thought about askin’ her out- she’s plenty good lookin’ but she always talked about her son so I figured she was married. Turns out she’s divorced. About a month ago I asked her what her husband did, and she said, ‘Well right now he’s doin’ time, and it’s ex-husband.’

“No idea why I’d never asked before. So somethin’ clicked in my head an’ I said, ‘Well, if you ain’t seein’ anyone I’d love ta take you ta dinner.’

“She said, ‘Jesus, Dave, I was beginnin’ ta think you’d never ask!”

“I laughed an’ said I had figured she was married. So anyways we went ta dinner a couple a times, an’ here an’ there, you know movies an’ stuff, an’ I met Jeffy- he’s 8. Him an’ me really hit it off so yeah, it’s going great.”

If there’s a way to get Dave, and maybe even to keep him, it’s by having a kid. This could work.

“Do you guys drink much?”

“Frig you, Red. We split a bottle a wine when we have dinner, an’ I have a couple beers- an’ I mean 2, not 12, when we’re at her house after Jeffy goes ta bed. I don’t drink when he’s up just like I don’t drink in front a your kids.”

Nov. 20: 70-53 at Portland. 21, 4, 5 for guard Mike Anda, 10, 8, 2 for Dom Peck, 8, 7 for Joe Cass, 12 for Shea Wool from the bench. 7 TOs, 33 RBs.

63-50 with Indiana ST here. This was a real team effort, 8 guys with 6-12 points. 10 RBs for Dom. 9 TOs, 32 RBs.

On the road this week. First is 1-1 Grand Canyon, then 1-0 Utah.

Nov. 27: 60-54 over Grand Canyon. 17, 4, 3 for Mike, 13, 4, 4 for Hal, 14 TOs.

71-76 at Utah. Missed free throws did us in, 18-29. 0-6 for Jeff Jones, 2-5 for mike, 4-8 for Hal.

“Losin’ cuz a free throws. I guess you know they’ll be shooin’ ‘em this week in practice!”

2 at home this week. SMU is 4-0, UNLV is 0-3.

Dec. 4: 78-55 vs. SMU here. Our guards went wild, 26, 7, 4 for Mike, 27, 5, 4 for Hal. Joe had 8, 9, 2.

74-61 with UNLV here. 20, 7, 3 for Dom, 12, 8, 4 for mike. 13 TOs, 36 RBs.

We’re 5-1 but our next 6 are away.

2-4 Green Bay, then 3-2 NC ST this week.

We met May and Jeffy. I’d met May since I go to “The Chowder Bowl” with Dave often, but I hadn’t really remembered her until I saw her at our house. She’s nice, if a little rough around the edges. She’s a great mom and Jeffy is a great kid. Dave adores him and Jeffy seems to reciprocate.


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Dec. 11: A good week! 58-54 at Green Bay. 18, 4, 4, 2 for Hal, 11, 8, 2 for Dom, 11, 4, 2 for Mike, 11 more for Shea. 9 TOsz, 33 RBs, great D.

68-59 at NC ST. 24, 9, 1, 3 for Dom, 22, 3, 2, 2 for Mike, 34 RBs.

At UMass Lowell, 3-4, then 2-5 Northwestern.

7-1. +10.0 PPG, +3.9 RBs, +2.0 TOs. Looking good!

We’re giving Jim Arms some of Joe Cass’ minutes.

Dec. 18: 64-56 at UMass Lowell
. 20, 11 for Dom, 17 for mike. 12 TOs.

50-55 at Northwestern. Dave hasn’t gotten many Ts over the past couple of years but three bad calls in a row late got him one in this game. I don’t want to say the refs beat us be we were mounting a strong comeback and those calls stopped it. 12, 7 for Dom.

This week we’re at 7-3 Texas Tech, then 4-3 Villanova. Dave would never admit it but I think he’d be happy with a split.

Dec. 25: We got the split, barely. 50-62 at Texas Tech. 17, 4, 2 for Mike but 6 TOs, 12, 1, 6, 3 for Hal. -15 on the boards did us in.

89-84 in OT at Villanova. 24, 4, 7 for Mike. Hal played only 20 before fouling out but Shea had 16, 3, 4 filling in, including a three at the end of regulation that sent it to OT.

The long road trip is over we end pre-conf. play here with UTEP, 3-7.

Dave, May and Jeffy spent a few hours with us on XMas. It was nice.


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January 1, 2024: 76-54 over UTEP here. Full house! 22, 8 for Dom, 16, 4, 2 for Jeff, 12, 5, 5, 2 for Hal. 10 TOs.

7-6 Dartmouth here, then 7-6 Princeton there to begin conf. play.

We end pre-conf. play 10 and 3, RPI #48.

Jan. 8: 82-64 with Dartmouth here
. 28, 5, 4, 2 for dom, 14, 8, 3 for Mike. 12 TOs.

63-82 at Princeton. 20, 6, 2, 2 for Dom, 16 for Hal, but we didn’t play good D.

At 8-7 Yale, then home with 4-11 Cornell.

Jan. 15: 53-62 at Yale. We were flat and didn’t move without the ball.

“D*mn, we gotta win on the road. Yale ain’t that good!”

74-59 with Cornell here. 28, 8, 2 for Dom, 20, 2, 5, 5 for Mike, 12, 4, 5 for Hal. Much better.

At 9-9 Columbia, then we host #15 Penn, 15-3, 4-0, and always tough.

Coach has really been focusing on the Columbia game. He wants a road win badly.

Jan. 22: 65-81 at Columbia. 18, 4, 3 for Dom, 17, 8, 3 for Mike but we were sleep walking for most of the game.

71-51. vs. Penn here. 14, 9 for Jeff, 12, 6, 2 for Dom, and 3 others in doubles. A great team effort.

“We beat the best the best friggin’ team in the league by 20 an’ lose to a also ran!”

2 on the road this week. Considering we have yet to win a road game in conf., that could be bad. First is 9-11, 3-3 Harvard, then 10-9, 3-3 Dartmouth.

We’re tied for 2nd, but with 4 other teams.

Things are still going great with Dave and May. Dave talks about Jeffy constantly. I think this may be more about Jeffy than May, which could only lead to trouble.

Jan. 29: 68-71 at Harvard. 21, 5 for Dom, 13 for Shea. We stayed close but behind most of the way and wasted several opportunities to tie or take the lead in the last few minutes.

59-66 at Dartmouth. 10, 13 for Dom, 16 for Mike, but we never got it closer than the final score.

“I got so friggin’ drunk I fell asleep at the wheel. Lucky I ran off the road and the bumps woke me up before I hit anything.”

Fortunately, he was alone in the car. Unfortunately he got drunk in public so there could well be some negative publicity.

2 at home this week and we need both of them. First is 11-10, 4-4 Princeton, then 10-11, 3-5 Yale.


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Feb. 5: 73-55 with Princeton. 25, 6, 3 for Shea Wool from the bench, 12, 8, 3 for Dom, 9, 9, 2 for Jeff. 40 RBs.

53-40 vs. Yale. 18 for Shea, who’s on fire. 10 TOs.

Dom Peck sprained his index finger on his left (shooting) hand. Out for 2-3 games. That’s going to hurt with only 4 to play and us in a 4 way tie for 3rd.

We need to win 3 of the last 4.
This week we’re at 9-14, 5-5 Cornell, then we host 13-11, 5-5 Columbia. 0-5 on the road in conf. It has to end now.

Feb. 12: 59-55 at Cornell. 20, 5 for Shea Wool, 12 RBs for Jim Arms. Both starting guards had major foul trouble but Wool and Vin Will filled in nicely. 12 TOs.

69-51 vs. Columbia here. 20, 9, 2, 3 for Joe Cass, 12 for Wool. 10 TOs.

Dom Peck is ready to return. We are finding more minutes for Shea Wool.

We close out conf. play this week. First we’re at #18 Penn, 19-7, 8-4. They’re only one ahead of us but the way we play on the road…

Then it’s home vs. 11-15, 5-7 Harvard. We’re tied for 2nd with Dartmouth.

Feb. 19: 58-73. at Penn. 17, 3, 2 for mike, 11, 5 for Dom, 7 TOs, 38 RBs, but they dominated. This loss cost us 2nd place.

80-61 vs. Harvard here. 22 for hal, 20 for Dom, 16, 5, 3 for Shea, 10, 3, 7, 3 for mike. 7 TOs.

We end the regular season tonight in the Bracket Breaker with 19-7, 10-5 Ohio, there.

Feb. 26: 52-67 at Ohio. This was a meaningless game and we played like it.

We end the regular season 18-10, 8-6. RPI #48. A decent run in the Ivy tourney should get us in the Big Dance.

#6 seed Cornell, 11-17, 6-8 in the quarter finals.

March 3: 71-57 vs. Cornell.
All 5 starters in double figures and good D. 19, 5, 4, 3 for Dom.

18-11, 9-5 Dartmouth, #2 seed, in the semis. We won by 18 then lost by 7.

March 4: 79-74
. 13 lead changes, 10 ties. 18, 5, 2 for Shea, 12 each for Hal and Joe, 10, 6 for Jim Arms.

16-14, 7-7, #5 seed Princeton upset #19 Penn. We split with them during the season.

March 5: 71-62 and the title.
23, 6, 4 for Shea, 12, 7, 2 for Dom, good guard play. 13 TOs, 34 RBs.

Jim Arms strained a knee. It isn’t serious. He may or may not be back for our first round game.

We’re in position to get a decent seeding, 21-10 RPI of 35.

Not in the East.

Not in the Midwest.

Not in the South. #12 in the West. We’ll play #5 seed, 17-12 Syracuse, ranked #24.
Dave and I are disappointed. We thought a #10, maybe even a #9. Syracuse is big, tough, and deep inside.

March 17: 72-83. 16, 8, 2 for Dom, 19 for Shea, 16 for Hal. 10 TOs. They were simply the better team, especially inside.

“No shame in losin’ this one.”

It was a good season.

“Sure would be nice ta get ta URI. I ain’t ever gonna feel at home here.

April 4: #25 ranked Tulsa won it all. Big win for all the little guys!

Awards: Dom Peck was Ivy POY and 1st team. Mike Anda was frosh OY and 1st team. Hal Hall made 2nd team.

April 9: No, URI job is not open.

April 23: We ask for a budget increase. No.

We finish 21-11, 8-6, RPI #35. After 10 years Dave is 171-106, .617. Off-30, Def-48, Recruit-70, Scout-5, Player Dev-39, Reputation 26. Team Prestige rises to 18.

Losing only Hal Hall so we’re looking forward to a great year.


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June 5: Ouch! 2 bigs transfer out, Jim Arms and Drew Brow. We expected Arms to play lots of minutes.

June 16: We get 2 SFs, Carl Mia from, Texas Tech, and Sid More from West Virginia.

June 26: 4 scholarships and we need 3 bigs.

Slim pickings, at least for now.

August 21: We offer to a big and a guard. We’re not that impressed with the bigs we’re looking at so we’ll take our time.

Sept. 18: We get a PG, Jam Main, #378.

7 road, 6 home in the pre-conf. schedule. We did what we could and we have 2 ranked teams away.

“May says I’m in love with Jeffy, but not with her.”

“Might be some truth in that.”

“You too! Yeah, I love the little guy but I want ta be with May. She’s great.”

“Pay attention to her as much as you do to Jeffy, Dave. You’ll lose her otherwise.”

“I told her we should have a kid together.”

“Was that your romantic little way of proposing?”

“That’s just what SHE said!”

Major eye roll on my part.

Got one big and lost one. We got Jim Late, PF, #171. Still chasing some bigs.

Oct. 2: We get another big, Ike Will, #66 PF.

I like our team, based on what I saw at today's first practice.

We’re picked first in the Ivy league.

Oct. 9: We got Jeb Lily, PF, #576. Doubtful that he’ll hit our SAT score but we like him enough to roll the dice.

Nov. 6: Here’s the lineup: Soph Mike Anda and junior Shea Wool start at guard, backed by frosh Matt James. Marquette transfer soph Max Marx starts at SF. Seniors Dom Peck and Joe Cass start inside with senior Jeff Jones supporting them. Vin Will and the others will battle for minutes.

We start with 2 on the road, first MS Valley ST, then Iona.

Dave says he hasn’t talked May into having that baby yet but they’re still talking.

“H*ll, I’m 45, if I’m gonna have kids it’s gotta be pretty soon.”


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Nov. 20: 78-51 at MS. Valley ST. 22, 2, 2 for Shea, 14, 2, 4, 2 for Mike, 13, 4, 4, 3, 2 for Max Marx. 12 TOs. We looked really good.

74-77 in OT at Iona. Mike and Shea both fouled out, Mike hardly playing at all (13 min.). Matt James filled in well, but in the end it wasn’t quite enough. 20, 6 for Dom, 16, 5 for Max, 11, 6 for Joe. We only committed one more foul than they did but it was who committed them.

Mike hurt his shoulder. Day to day.

Home with 1-1 American, then away at 1-1 Oklahoma, a really tough team.

Nov. 27: 81-56 vs. American. 25, 5, 7 for max Marx, 26, 2, 4 for Mike Anda, 12, 3, 5 for Shea Wool. 6 TOs.

68-88 at Oklahoma. We’re not ready for a team of this caliber. 15, 5, 2 for Dom, 14, 4 for Shea. +8 RBs, but they were simply better than us.

“I don’t get too worked up about this kinda game. Prob’ly shouldn’t a scheduled them but still, ya want your guys to see the kinda things real good teams can do.”

At another good team, 2-1 New Mexico, then at Milwaukee, 4-0. Challenging week!

Dec. 4: Great week! 67-62 at New Mexico. We were down 13 early, 9 at the half. We made some adjustments, mostly to get the ball inside, or inside then kick it back out. This is stuff we know how to do but reinforcing it worked. 20, 13, 3 for Dom, 13, 7, 6 for Shea. 17 TOs, but only 5 in the 2nd half. 40 RBs, 27 in the 2nd.

64-55 at Milwaukee. 18, 14 for Dom, 14, 8 for Max, 9 each for Mike and Jeff Jones.

5 of the next 7 are at home.

#7 Ohio, 8-0, is here followed by 3-3 Hawaii. Frankly, Ohio is good, but not that good.

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