Dysfunctional Dave McGee, a DDS:CB3 Dynasty

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Nov. 20: 78-62 over N. Mex. ST. 20, 3, 3, 3 for Jeff Andt, 21, 3 for Mel Shep, 15, 7, 3, 3 for Quin Aka, 13, 5 for Jam Bard but he fouled out in only 25 min. 12 TOs, 32 RBs.

#12 seed, #16 ranked Temple, 1-0, is next.

91-73 over #16 Temple. 17, 12, 2 for Jam, 19 each for Jeff and Quin, 14, 3 for Ram May. 12 and 38.

#1 seed, #1 ranked Ohio ST in the semis.

87-74 over #1 Ohio ST. 19 each for Jeff and Quin, 14, 9 for jam. 12 and 34. We have LOTS of weapons, both inside and out.

#2 seed, #4 ranked Louisville for the NIT title.

85-70 over #2 Louisville for the NIT title. 20 eaxch for Jam and Quin, 15, 3, 4 for Jeff, 13, 9, 3, 4, 4 for Mel Ship at PF.

“I’m guessin’ we’re gonna go a long way again this year.”

At 0-1 OK ST, and then at 1-1 KY this week.

Nov. 27: 79-63 at OK ST. 20, 11 for Jam, big #s all around, 14 and 38.

71-59 at KY. 22, 13 for jam, 20, 5, 4 for Jeff but 9 TOs. 16 and 41.

1-2 LSU is here, then we go to 2-0 Memphis.

Dec. 4: 92-50 with LSU. 21, 6, 8 for Jeff, 21 for Quin. 5 and 45.

64-51 at Memphis. 17, 5, 4 for Quin. 38 RBs, but 20 TOs.

Home with 3-3 Cincinnati this week.

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Dec. 11: 79-43 over Cincy. Never a game. All 5 starters in double figures and Ty Padd and B.J. Lenn played great from the bench. We played everybody. 10 and 55.

“Sh*t, this is too easy. I miss the struggle.”

“Be careful what you ask for, Dave.”

Jean’s friend from the hospital, Beth was here the other night when Dave came over. They’re both single. They hit it off. Let’s see what happens.

At #18 Temple, 6-2. We beat them by 18 in the NIT.

Dec. 18: 65-74. Couldn’t make a shot, 26.5%, 27.8% on threes.

“Don’t matter how good you are ya gotta make shots.”

8-3 Oregon ST is here.

Dec. 25: 67-48 over Ore. ST. 5 and 44, good games all around.

A 4 game week to start conf. play. At 7-3 GW, then home for 3, 6-4 Rutgers (not in the A10), 8-1 ST Bonnie’s, and 6-3 ST Joe’s.

It was a quiet XMas with Dave and the boys and our family. Sandy and Barb, who’ve been together for quite a while, told us they plan to get married. Bobby dates, but there’s never been anyone special. He says he’d love to meet the right person. He very much wants a family. Jeffy has been dating the same girl for almost a year. He’s not saying anything about plans.

“I been seein’ Beth. Goin’ over later this evenin’.”

Jean really likes Beth. They’ve been friends for years. It’s sort of surprising Beth and Dave never met since both are here often- well, Dave all but lives here. Beth is about 10 years younger than Dave and I. She has two grown daughters.

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January 1, 2041: 81-52 at GW. 18, 27, 3. 8 and 50.

69-50 with Rutgers. 23, 14, 2 for Jam. 10 and 41.

75-51 with ST Bonnie’s. 18, 11 for Jam, 18 for Jeff. 14 and 32.

86-57 with ST Joe’s. Good team effort except only 21 RBs.

At 6-6, 3-0 LaSalle, then at 4-8, 0-3 Duquesne.

We’re 14-1, 3-0. +19.4 PPG, +10.5 RBs, +5.3 TOs, +5.3 assists. #1 nationally in RBs and blocks, #2 in scoring, #3 in assists. Jam is 2nd nationally in both RBs and blocks.

Jan. 8: 76-59 at LaSalle. 22, 12 for Jam, 11 and 36.

67-43 at Duquesne. 28, 19 for Jam, 9 and 46, never trailed.

9-5, 4-1 Davidson here, then at 8-5, 0-4 ST Bonnie’s.

Jan. 15: 77-54 with Davidson. 5 and 33. We were a little flat tonight. Dave got on the guys pretty good after the game.

“An’ I d*mn well will at practice too!”

71-54 at ST Bonnie’s. 26, 12 for Jam, 8 and 45.

1-15, 0-7 Geo. Mason is here this week.

Jan. 22: 78-56 over Geo. Mason. 8, 28. 7 guys played well. We dished to everyone tonight, 22 assists on 29 baskets.

3 this week, STL, 10-7, 5-3 is here. Then we go to 7-10, 4-4 Richmond, then 10-8, 4-5 VCU is here.

Jan. 29: 93-64 with STL. 19 each for Jeff and Ram, 14, 11, 3, 7, 2 for Mel. 13, 36.

86-45 at Richmond. 7 in doubles, 5, 36.

76-47 with VCU. 26, 14 for Jam. 17, 39.

“They’ll hear about 17 TOs!”

6-12, 2-7 Duquesne is here, then we’re at 13-6, 9-1 East Carolina. We’re only 1 up on E. Car. 2 on URI, 4 or more on the rest.

Jam is #2 on the Norton list, Jeff #9, Mel #14, Quin $17.

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Feb. 5: 73-55 with Duquesne. 18, 11 for Jam, 15, 2, 7 for Jeff. 6 and 36.

75-39 at E. Car. 17, 13 for Jam, big games all around. 12, 45. So much for the #2 team in A10.

Ty Padd hurt his arm and Mel Shep his back. Both day to day.

We have a week off. Then 3 games the following week. Here with #16 Dayton, 19-5, 9-4, at Fordham, 10-10, 7-4, at URI, 14-7, 9-3.

Feb. 12: Jam is #4, Jeff #13, Mel #19 on the Norton list.

Evidently Dave and Beth are together. They aren’t living together but everything else. Good. I wish them both happiness.

People ask me why Dave is so much less grumpy. Well, that’s not too hard. Two straight national titles, we win almost every game. He can still be tough on the guys and on the refs, but he has less occasion to be.

Feb. 19: 82-44 with #16 Dayton. 19, 11 for Jam. 10, 43.

79-68 at Fordham. 16, 12, 2, 3 for Mel, 14, 10, 4, 2, 2 for Jam, 17, 4, 3 for Quin. 10, 39.

86-65 at URI. 25, 7, 2, 5 for Ram, 15, 12 for Jam, 16, 3, 9 for Jeff. 8, 34.

We’re 4 up with 2 to play. Still #1, RPI #1.

15-12, 7-9 GW is here, then we’re at 10-14, 5-10 Davidson to end the reg. season.

Feb. 26: 85-55 with GW. 6 in doubles, 3 others had good games. 6 and 34.

72-46 at Davidson. Lots of good games. 5 and 41.

Heading into the post season we’re 29-1, 18-0. +22.4 PPG, +10.4 RBs, +7.3 TOs, +5.7 assists. 1st in the nation in RBs and blocks, 2nd in scoring and assists. Jam is #1 in RBs, #2 in blocks. Jeff is #1 in assists.

March 5: We lose Jam Bard and Ram May to the NBA. Surprised it was only two!

Jam is #2, Jeff #9 on the Norton list.

March 6: We’ll play #9 seed Fordham, 12-16.

2 season ending injuries at this time last year. If we stay healthy I don’t think we can lose. But then we did once.

March 7: 71-49 over Fordham. 16, 10, 3, 2, 3 for Jam. 11, 35.

#4 seed East Carolina, 18-10, in the semis.

March 8: 64-40 over E. Car. 22, 14 for Jam. 5, 36.

#3 seed LaSalle, 16-14 for the title.

March 9: 73-36 over LaSalle and another A10 title. 25, 8, 4 for Quin, 9 and 47.

March 12: Can’t imagine we won’t be #1 overall.

NOT #1 in the East! #1 in the polls and in RPI all year long. This makes no sense.

“We’ll beat ‘em anyway.

NOT #1 in the Midwest! Even more unbelievable.

#1 South.

“I said it before but the selection committee is brain dead.”

Every TV, radio and newspaper sports personality in the world seems to agree.

We’ll play 16-15 Campbell.

“Hell, in a way it’s easier. The #1s ahead of us gotta play each other in the semifinal.”

March 17: 81-54 over Campbell. 20, 14 for Jam, 12, 11, 2, 4, 2 for mel, 6 in doubles. 12 and 39.

#9 seed Michigan, 20-10 is next.

March 19: 89-52 over Michigan. 28, 13 for Jam, 17, 9 for Mel. 5 and 42.

It’s #8 ranked, #5 seed (How does that HAPPEN!) New Mexico ST, 27-5, in the Sweet 16. We beat them by 16 to open the season.

March 24: 76-49 over #8 NM ST. 11 and 34. No standout performances but lots of guys played well and the D was great.

#10 seed Albany, 22-10, knocked off #7 and #2 so we play them in the Elite 8.

March 26: 83-56 over Albany and back to the Final Four. 22, 17 for Jam. 5 and 45.

We haven’t come close to being challenged yet.

It’s a rematch with #4 ranked Louisville, 31-6, in the round of 4. We won by 15 in the title game of the NIT.

April 1: 82-65 over #4 Louisville. 18, 15, 3, 2, 3 for Jam, 12, 13 for mel, good games by 7 guys. 14 and 53. We’ll play for the title against #1 overall, #2 ranked Ohio ST, 35-2. We beat them by 13 in the NIT. We’ve not been seriously challenged, or at all challenged in the 2nd half for the entire tourney. With Ohio ST we can’t let their PG do what he likes to do. It’s really that simple- to say…

April 3: Threepeat! 90-69 over #2 Ohio ST. 23 each for Jeff and Ram, 22, 13 for jam. They took an early 8 point lead but we turned it around and went into the locker room up 6. We started the 2nd with an 18-5 run and that was that.

April 4: Awards: Jam got the Final Four MOP, Mel Shep got Def. POY. Jam made 1st team All American, Jeff Andt made 2nd team. Dave got the national COY. In conf., Jam was POY, Jeff was frosh POY,

Mel was Def. POY. All 3 plus Quin Aka made 1st team.

April 9: “Give me somethin’ interestin’ an’ we’ll go.”

(Author’s note: Something interesting is the game getting stuck exiting Awards. This happened a few years ago and I barely saved it. Stay tuned... Saved it!)

Bobby is the new head coach at Dartmouth. I’m thrilled!

Then in a MAJOR shock Dave announced that he is taking a new coaching job.

“I’m the new head coach at Cranston Middle School. My family is moving back there in June and I plan to Coach Davey’s team. I signed a contract to do that for his 6th, 7th and 8th grade years an’ then to coach him at Cranston High.

UMass offered me the head coaching job. With Bobby and Dave both gone I’m not sure. I got calls from schools all over the country. I always got some but folks knew I was sticking with Dave. When he made his announcement I said I was open to becoming a head coach. I traveled to visit Arizona ST, Berkeley, Florida, Iowa, Oklahoma ST, Wisconsin, and Wake Forest. I then accepted the head coaching job at… UMass! Sandy loves it here, and so do I. We’re losing all our big men except one, and a couple of guards, so a fourpeat won’t be easy, but let’s see what happens- esp. to my 25-5 lifetime record! I signed a 5 year contract. I expect I’ll retire when the contract is up. I’ll be 67. Never know, of course.

Jeffy also went with Dave so I’m hiring a whole new staff.

April 23: I ask for a facilities upgrade. Nope.

We end up 38-1 again, with our 3rd title in a row.

Dave retires at 650-224, .744. Not bad! I’m at 25-5 unofficially.

(Author's Note: I'll keep this going under the same name.)

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May 1: Preseason #1.

(Author’s Note: Correction- Jeffy went with Bobby, not Dave.)

June 6: We look at a couple of transfers, offer to an SG from Michigan.

June 12: Nope.

Being a head coach is a LOT of work. I knew that but living it is something else. Jean says she never sees me. She certainly sees me less. When I’m not on the road I have dinner at home, or we go out, and I find time to spend with her every day, but I’m on the road a lot more.

June 26: 5 scholarships. Looking at 6 guards, 4 bigs.

July 22: We ran kid camps for two weeks. Dave was one of the coaches and Davey was at camp, as were Bobby and Jeffy as coaches. It was great to have all of them with us.

I’m still working LOTS of hours.

Aug. 7: Norton list: #3 PF Mel Shep, #4 SF Greg Rodd, #5 PG Kris Payd, #6 C Gee Ford, #8 PG Jeff Andt, #9 PF Rob Loos, #27 PG Shay Span, #40 SG Ed Yan.

Aug. 21: We offer to PG, 2SG, PF, C.

Sept.: 18: Got PF, SG, PG, lost an SG.

We’re at the Las Vegas Winter Jam. Tough schedule but we’re #1.

Sept. 25: We lose two. Back to the list.

Oct. 2: Maybe the best team we’ve had yet.

Lost 2 more.

Picked #1 in the A10.

Nov. 6: This may be the best team anyone’s ever had. Frosh Kris Payd and soph Jeff Andt start outside, backed by sr. Shay Span and frosh Ed Yan. Soph Mel Shep, and frosh Gee Ford and Rob Loos are the big guys, backed by frosh Greg Robb. I have 3 other guys who could start anywhere but can’t get time here.

We start here with Cent. Mich. then Iowa.

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(Author’s Note: I am only going to hit the highlights until the post season.)

Nov. 27: 3-0. 22 point win was the closest game.
It’s really a great feeling to walk onto the floor as the head coach. Sure, I did it 30 times for Dave, but this is different. I am now an official head coach.

It’s a whole lot of work but I’m loving it so far. We play #2 Tennessee this week.

Nov. 29: 101-73 over #2 Tenn. After 4 wins, all members of starting 5 averaging 12.3 or more.

My assistants are great. Dave really USED his assistants. Hard headed as he was he valued input and made all of his assistants feel important. I am doing my best to follow that example.

Dec. 16: We beat Penn ST by only 16. Closest game of the season to date.

Dec. 18: Won the Las Vegas Winter Jam (40 pt. win in the title game). We’re 9-0.

Jean comes to all of our home games.

“So I don’t forget what you look like.”

On my way to the bench before each game, I stop and kiss her. That’s not a gesture for the crowd; it’s because after 40 years I still love her as much- heck MORE than ever. If we haven’t seen much of each other we chat for a bit.

Dec. 20: Beat #3 FL by 22.

Dec. 27: We end the pre-conf. season 11-0 with a 14 pt. win over KY- closest game so far.

+25 PPG, +12.4 RBs, +8.4 TOs, +8.5 assists. Still 5 guys averaging 11.2 or more.

We are #1 in the country in points, RBs, assists and blocks as a team. Rob Loos is #1 in RBs, Jeff Andt #1 in assists, Mel Shep #1 in blocks.

We managed to get everyone together for a couple of hours on XMas day. It was great. Bobby and Jeffy both brought girlfriends. Weddings ahead?

Bobby has Dartmouth at 7-5. They haven’t had a winning season in 8 years.

Davey’s team is undefeated.

“I’m a coachin’ genius!”

Dave is the king of middle school hoops!

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January 1, 2042: Jean and I had a glass of wine and barely made it to midnight. I had a game and didn’t get home until after 11:00. She had the night off.

Jan. 14: An 11 point win over LaSalle. We didn’t play well, and it wasn’t really that close. We were never in danger.

Jan. 22: 20-0, 9-0, #1, #1.

Jan. 29: All 3 recruits hit our SAT #. We still have 2 to fill but the pickings are a bit slim.

Feb. 26: Starting PG Kris Payd missed 4 games with a bruised thigh. Shay Span came in for him and we won all 4 easily.

We end the regular season 29-0, 18-0, up by 4 over GW, 5 or more over the rest. +27.9 PPG, +11.9 RBs, +9.0 TOs, +8.5 assists. #1, #1, 1st in the country in points, RBs, assists, blocks. Jeff Andt is #1 in assists, Mel Shep #1 in blocks, Rob Loos is #2 in RBs, #4 in blocks.

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March 5: 4 leave for the NBA. No surprise.

PF Rob Loos #8, PG Jeff Andt #9 on Norton. Neither is going pro.

March 12: We win the A10 easily. 32-0, 18-0. #1, #1.

#1 in the East.

March 19: Won our 1st 2 NCAA games, by 44 and 32.

March 26: Beat URI by 44, Seton Hall by 33 and we’re back in the Final Four. My toughest job is convincing my guys they need to play hard, not just show up. I have to convince myself of that, too.

We sign a PG. He’s a gamble but we need players. Still chasing an SF.

April 1: 89-64 over #4 seed in the Midwest, Louisville.

It’s #2 seed in the South Ohio ST, 31-5 for the title.

April 3: 76-54 over Ohio ST and a fourpeat! We got into foul trouble so the bench took over, scoring 33, with 18 RBs. We won’t be as deep next year but we’ll be tough.

April 4: Awards: Rob Loos is Final Four MOP, Mel Shep is Def. POY, Rob and Jeff Andt make 2nd team All American. Guess who’s national COY? Yep! In conf. Rob is POY, frosh OY, Mel is Def. POY. Jeff, Rob, Mel, and Greg Rodd make 1st team, Kris Payd and sub Gee Ford make 2nd.

April 9: I’m not going anywhere. I am pretty impressed by the schools that called though.

We sign the SF. He's another gamble.

Dave did something as a middle school coach that he never did as an NCAA coach. He signed a shoe contract.

“Hey, NiBalFoot gave me $2 million a year for 5 years. My family’s all set now.

I’ve resisted so far. Jean and I are all set up for a comfortable retirement. Dave spent so much on May that he really wasn’t.

April 23: I ask for a facilities upgrade. Got it. A+ facilities. Shay Span is the first player in NCAA history to win 4 national titles.

My record for the season is a perfect 38-0. Lifetime, 63-5, .927 (although those 25 and 5 don’t count officially).

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April 30, 2046: I just retired after 5 years as UMass head coach. I won 4 national titles, missing only in year 4, when we had a bunch of late season injuries and lost in the national title game by 4. 211-9, .959 including those 30 I coached for Dave, 186-4, .980 officially.

Bobby moved to UConn 2 years ago and his team finished #3 last year. I got out partially to give him his shot at winning some titles. Dave is coaching Davey at Cranston High. Davey made 1st team all state as a soph and was an honorable mention nationally. He’s already 6-7, 248.

That’s it. I’m looking forward to travel, time at our place on the Cape, and an easy life. Dave wants me to be his assistant at Cranston, but I think I’ve had enough. It was great though.

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