Dysfunctional Dave McGee, a DDS:CB3 Dynasty

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March 1: 58-64 to Sam Franklin. Back and forth but we didn’t play with a lot of heart. 9 TOs, but -11 RBs. I think we’ll go to a tourney but it won’t be the big one.

March 4: Sam Franklin won the tourney.

I asked Dave about the marriage.

“The party never stops.”

March 12: #2 seed in the East in the CHI. We’ll play Western Michigan, 17-13, 9-7.

March 14: 77-55 over Western Mich. 19, 11, 4 for Brad, 19, 4, 4, 2 for Luke, 3 others in double figures.

Next is #6 seed Penn, 20-12. They upset #3 IPFW.

March 21: 61-68. 12, 4, 3 for Luke, 16 for Matt. They were just a little better.

Three big losses to graduation, Luke, Jon, and Brad. We’d better catch some big guys.

March 26: We get Ty Bill, PF, #117. That’s one.

April 4: #1 Syracuse wins it all.

Awards: Brad is again POY, Def. POY, and 1st team. Jon Cook also makes 1st team. Luke makes 2nd.

April 9: Northeastern called. I thought Dave might listen but, “I ain’t leavin’ RI.”

Dave says the party with Lacy is going even stronger now that the season is over.

April 16: We got Dal Adam, #175 PF, Dar Sail, #225 PF.

April 23: I ask for budget dollars. We get $4,000.

Team Prestige drops from 10 to 6 but with our draft class we hope better days are ahead.

We went 19-11, 11-7. Dave’s overall record is: 69-51, .575. His numbers are: Off- 14, Def- 22, Recruit- 55, Scout- 2, Player Development- 18, Reputation- 13.

He looks tired, and not all that healthy.

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(Author's Note: Guest post from PointGuard)

Bryant's Defiant Client (April 29)

As those of you who faithfully read this blog well know, I’m a graduate of Bryant and a fervid fan of their sports teams, but also one not to pull my punches. When problems arise at Brant, they need to be addressed. Today’s case in point: Bryant’s mens’ basketball program:

We’ve all seen it before. Most notably in the entertainment world since life there is so public. Star Charlie Sheen destructing before our eyes. Lindsay Lohan burning bright as a child and dimming as a teenager and 20-something due to an inability to handle the pitfalls of life. But if happens in all walks of life where stars in their chosen fields of endeavor fade and burn out.

Are we now seeing that at Bryant? A few short years ago Bryant hired Dave McGhee as head coach of their moribund basketball program. He quickly infused life into the program and his teams have become big winners the past few years. But we also see a frenetic coach on the sidelines...a guy who hollers constantly whether it’s at his players, the opposition, or more commonly, the refs. We’ve also viewed his tirades in post-game interviews which have become legendary and prime fodder for the media reports and youtube videos.

Rumor on the street is that McGhee has difficulty with personal relationships as well. He’s has a long line of ex-wives. McGhee recently married Lacy Day, who was Miss Rhode Island (and runner-up in the Miss America pageant. They’ve become a very public couple at numerous hot spots where liquor flows like water. These are venues McGhee has been known to frequent often on his own as well. McGhee’s previous wife during his tenure at Bryant, Margie, committed suicide after a tempestuous relationship that saw at least two separations.

The only constant in Dave McGhee’s life seems to be his 1st assistant coach, Michael “Red” O’Connor. O’Connor grew up with McGhee and the two have been nearly inseparable since. There are those that say that O’Connor is McGhee’s Sancho Panza or Doctor Watson. O’Connor is the polar opposite to McGhee, with a personality that is quiet and reserved, so much so that he refused to be interviewed for this article. Or possibly it is a best friend who is unwilling to discuss the foibles of his comrade in arms.

But as we watch Bryant’s Dave McGhee lurch from one perilous tight-rope walk to the next, we all wonder when he may become the next Karl Wallenda...and possibly bring his program along with him as well in a terrifying and deadly fall.

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April 30: “The son of a b*tch doesn’t even sign his blog, AND he friggin’ spells my name wrong! If I ever run into the b*st*rd I’ll let him know what ‘taken to the woodshed’ means. He’ll have more bruises than Walmart’s apples! (Author’s note: A former UConn men’s basketball coach who shall remain nameless once made this exact offer, live during a press conference to the illiterate chief sportswriter for the Hartford Courant.) I can’t believe he dragged Margie’s name into this. That was unfair, and I’ll tell ya Red, I actually cried when I read it. I got my faults, fine, but Margie was the best thing that ever happened to me, and I’d give my friggin’ right arm ta have her back.”

“I’m with you on that one, Dave. But Dave, it might be a real good idea if you and Lacy spent a little less time in Rhode Island night spots. You know?”

“Yeah, yeah. I guess I’m leavin’ myself open. But the guy didn’t need ta rip me like that. I’m a good coach. My players like me. If he asked them they tell him- and no, I’d don’t mean only when I’m around.”

“Invite him to a practice. That’s where you’re at your best.”

“Frig him. I wanna invite him to a funeral the b*st*rd! Oh, he likes you okay. How much did you pay him?”

Dave smiled after saying that.

“Hey, you know I’m after your job.”

“That’s the LEAST a my worries!”

“An’ a long line a ex-wives. Two! One that died. If she hadn’t I know we’d a got back together sooner or later.”

“Let it go, Dave. Anything you say will only make it worse. The only way to shut these guys up is to win.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

June 5: 2 open slots. We still need good bigs.

June 12: We get Yi Joo, a good looking PF from China.

June 26: 2 scholarships, 2 bigs? 1 and 1? Looking at 3 PGs, 3 Cs.

None of our guys were drafted. I predict Brad Doss will knock ‘em dead if someone gives him a shot and I predict Luke Myer will get significant playing time in the NBA.

It seems like the party that is Dave’s marriage to Lacy is still going strong but they both are beginning to look older than their years.

August 21: We offer to a PG and a PF, both of whom are showing interest.

September 18: Got one. PG, Ric Green. He was at #286
when we started with him. He’s at #91 now but that will change twice more. Close with the big guy.

No tourney again. We’re still loaded with road games but Dave says get more challenges. No ranked teams but lots of 2 ½ to 3 star teams on the road. None of them will come to us.

Got the big guy, PF Matt Hei, #198 right now.

October 2: First practice, always an exciting day. We’re confident that we can be a better team although we still are short a big guy.

We’re picked 2nd, behind Wagner and ahead of CCSU, Sam Franklin, Rob’t Morris.

“No idea yet. Prob’ly depends how good Jed Ray is. He didn’t look like no 5 star guy today.”

“He’s a freshman. It may take some time.”

“Don’t know if we got time.”

“Dave, you need to get more sleep. You look like my dad.”

“Yeah, I am a little tired. Lacy and me been talkin’ about toning the h*ll raisin’ down a little. She’s tired, too.”

“Good idea.”

November 6: Here’s the lineup, for now: senior Matt Cone, junior Ren Hay, and soph Bic Robb will all get time at the Point. Frosh Jed Ray will play SG. Cone, Robb, and soph Ben Ahab will play SF. Soph Ike Ash, a transfer from OK ST, and frosh Ty Bill will start inside with soph Al Mack backing them up.

We start at Savannah ST, then home with Milwaukee.

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November 20: 58-57 at Savannah ST. We came back from down 17 to take our only lead of the second half with a 15 footer at the buzzer by Ren Hay. 16, 6, 2, 2 for Ty Bill at C. 13, 7 for Ike Ash at PF.

Ren Hay sprained an ankle and is out for 10 days to 2 weeks.

68-48 over Milwaukee in our home debut.
We led most of the way. 14, 5, 4 for Ty, 17 for Bic Robb from the bench, 11 each for Matt Cone and Jed Ray. 8 TOs.

“Chew on that you blogger b*tch. Winnin’ will shut you up!”

This week we have a tough one at 0-1 NC ST. then we’re at 2-0 Western Carolina.

November 27: Tough week. 49-52 at NC ST. We couldn’t hit shots in key situations. No one stepped up on O. Highest point total was 10.

65-78 at Western Carolina. D was awful, they shot 54.8%. 14, 8, 2, 3 for Ty, 15 for Matt.

We haven’t found our chemistry yet. Now that Hay is healthy he and Robb are getting Ahab’s minutes.

This week it’s 1-2 Chattanooga here, then we go to #25 UNLV, 4-1.

December 4: 85-54 over Chattanooga. 19, 4, 4 for Jed in his best game so far, but all 5 in doubles. We had only 3 TOs all night.

The injury bug hits again. Jed Ray strained abdominals and is out for about 2 weeks. Hay and Ahab will get his minutes.

80-73 over UNLV. 19 each for Ike and Matt. 13 for Ren. 8, 7 for Al Mack in reserve. 11 TOs.

Injuries are killing us. Ike Ash, starting PF, broke a toe and is out for a month and a half. Big trouble.

Here’s Dave at the postgame pres
s conf.

“Trainer says it’s broken. What can ya do, injuries happen and we’re getting’ clobbered with them right now. Ya gotta play who ya got. Al Mack an’ Ben Ahab will get the minutes. Two starters out for a week and a half is gonna be tough.”

And to me after the press conf.:

“I cannot friggin’ BELIEVE this. Three friggin’ injuries, an’ we lose a big guy. 2 starters out. Sh*t!”

Next week only one game, thankfully. We’re at #25 New Mexico, 5-3.

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December 11: 46-61 at #25 New Mexico. 19, 13 for Ty, +8 on the boards but except for Ty we just couldn’t generate any offense. At least Jed Ray will be back for our next game.

Next week we host 6-2 Cornell.

Dave is drinking in hotels on our road trips. Lacy sometimes comes on the trips sometimes not. When she has a singing gig she stays home, but her career isn’t exactly taking off outside of the Southern New England area and the geezer communities in FL and AZ.

December 18: 75-52 over Cornell. 19 for Matt, 12, 8 for Ty, 10, 7, 7 for Jed in his return. 8 TOs.

The final pre-conf. game is at 4-5 Mississippi.

December 25: 70-67 at Mississippi. Jed is beginning to show why he’s a 5 star frosh, 31, 5, 3. 10, 7 for Al Mack, 8, 7, 2 for Ty. 12 TOs.

We start conf. play with at old nemesis Sam Franklin, 5-5. Then we host 2-7 Mount Mary.

We celebrated XMas early in the day since we had an 8:00 p.m. flight. It was nice but Dave and Lacy weren’t as into it as usual, and there seemed to be some tension between them.

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January 1, 2020: 57-68 at Sam Franklin. 15, 4, 4 for Matt, 13, 5 for Jed but we didn’t get it done inside.

“D*mn! We need Ash!”

53-37 with Mount Mary. 24, 7, 3, 5 for Ty. 15. 4, 3, 4 for Jed. 9, 5, 6 for Ren Hay. 4 TOs.

“We just gotta stay close ‘til Ash gets back, 3-4 more games.”

Lacy hasn’t come on the last few road trips. Dave doesn’t talk about her- ever. Hey, he might make a year with this marriage.

Jean just got a promotion. She’s now the lead nurse on first shift. Nice raise too. We can use the money. We’re okay but there isn’t much going into the college fund. Now there should be more.

Next we visit 5-7 Silly Hat and then host 7-4 Wagner.

January 8: NOT a good week. 67-72 at Silly Hat. 25, 2, 3 for Ty, 3 others in doubles, 11 TOs, -1 RB. We lost because we let them shoot 51.1%.

51-55 vs. Wagner. 18, 5 for Jed, 14, 6 for Ty. Matt fouled out, both bigs were in foul trouble all night and we mostly played 4 and even 5 guards.

“One more week. We gotta go at least 1-1 or when Ash gets back we’ll be so far behind it won’t matter. Hell, we oughta go 2-0 with the teams we’re facin’ this week.”

We host 5-9 Robert Morris and travel to 3-10, 1-3 FDU.

January 15: 65-51 over Rob’t Morris. The guard really got it done, 16, 7, 4 for Ren, 15, 4, 5, 3, 2 for Matt, 14, 3, 1, 2 for Jed. 11 TOs.

68-62 at FDU. 21, 5, 2, 2 for Jed, 16, 4 for Ty.

CCSU and Stan Franklin this week.

“All right! Ash will be back an’ now we’re in position to make a move.”

January 22: 72-68 over conf. leader CCSU. 25, 4, 6 for Jed, 14. 9 for Ty, 16, 4, 6 for Matt. Down 15 but came back late. Digging holes for ourselves as we did last season.

52-59 at Stan Francis. Ty twisted an ankle and was ineffective. Day to day. Jed was in foul trouble all night. We didn’t get the offense going, 29.1%.

“Damn road!”

2 at home this week, 6-11 LIU, then 11-7, 6-2 rival Sam Franklin.

“We ain’t getting’ along too good.”

“You and Lacy?”

“Yeah. When I stopped wantin’ ta go out every night she kinda lost interest. She’s a party girl all the way. At first she stayed home except when she had a gig but now she’s out every night.”

“Not good.”

“No, I’m thinkin’ about leavin’.”

Not a big surprise but too bad.

January 29: 68-46 vs. LIU. 10, 7, 3 for Ty but lots of guys stepped up.

83-55 over Sam Franklin. 25, 4, 3 for Jed, 13, 8, 2, 2 for Ty, 11, 7 for Ike, who is finally getting back into game shape after the long layoff. 3 TOs all night.

“Love beatin those guys!

We’re tied for 3rd. 2nd is in reach but we’re 3 back of CCSU in 1st.

At 7-12, 5-5 Mount Mary, then we host 8-12, 4-6 Silly Hat.

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February 5: Another good week, which we needed. 68-44 at Mount Mary. Great team effort, 7 between 7 and 14 points, 34 RBs, 10 TOs. 12 RBs for Ty.

Then a battle at home but we won it 73-68 over Silly Hat. 21, 6, 2, 3 for ty, 14, 7, 5, 4 for Jed, 15 for Ike.

At 12-9, 6-6 Wagner, who beat us at our place, then at 9-13, 5-7 Robert Morris, who we beat by 14, but 2 road games.

February 7:

“I had quite the interestin’ evenin’.”

“It was your anniversary yesterday, wasn't it?”

“Yeah, I bought flowers, you know, the whole deal. Lacy came downstairs carryin’ two suitcases. I figured she had a show somewhere. She put one a the suitcases down, handed me a manila envelope, said, “Happy anniversary, a$$h*le,” and walked out.

“I opened it and it was divorce papers.”

“Nice timing.”

“I guess I wasn’t surprised but what a sh*tty way to do it.”

“Yeah. I called my lawyer from the first divorce. She’s real good. Lacy’s got more money than I have so I don’t want her gettin’ what I’ve worked for.”

February 12: 60-70 at Wagner. Refs don’t beat you by 10 but Wagner went to the line 32 times. We went 17. Of course 4 of those free throws were caused by Dave’s 2 technicals; one came early and the other after the game was decided. 15, 11, 3, 2 for ty, 18, 3 for Jed but we had 3 guys in foul trouble and the bench did not get it done.

“I can’t believe these guys beat us twice this season.”

“They improved a lot this year.”

“We friggin’ didn’t!”

64-57 at Rob’t Morris. Refs were at us again but we overcame it. Dave only got one T. 16, 5 for Jed, 13, 3 for ty but he fouled out in 22 min. Bic had 11, 2, 2 from the bench.

Dave actually did a good job with this one. RMU closed it to 3 with 96 seconds left and they called a TO. Dave huddled the guys and told them exactly what he thought RMU would do- go inside to their PF. He said for Ren to be looking for it and to step in for the steal. It worked out exactly that way. Ren got the steal, threw it ahead to Jed who laid it in, got fouled, and made the free throw. That was that. He really does know his stuff.

Alone in 3rd, one back of Sam Franklin, 3 back of CCSU, 2 ahead of 4th place team- Wagner.

This week it’s 8-15, 6-8 FDU at home, then conf. leader CCSU there. We won at our place but this won’t be easy.

When we got home Frankie called both of us into his office.

“Dave, this is about you but Red is your #1, and I know how much you trust him.”

“You firin’ me?”

“No. That’s the furthest thing from my mind. I WANT you coaching this team.”

“What then?”

“One ejection, and 7 technicals in 10 games. The refs are on you because of it.”

“That ain’t fair, they’re supposed to-”

“They’re human, Dave. There are 2 or 3 veteran officials that you do well with but you’re all over the a$$e$ of pretty much every other official. “

“Most of ‘em don’t know their a$$ from the basketball. I ain’t gonna-”

“Yes, Dave, you ARE gonna. The people above me are concerned about the reputation Bryant is getting. They don’t like it. I’m under orders to suspend you for-”


“Calm down, d*mn it. Let me finish. I’m under orders to suspend you, very publicly, if you get more than 2 technicals in any five game stretch for the rest of the season.”

Dave got up with fire in his eyes. I was really worried that he was going to attack Frankie, and I got up to try to hold him back if need be. Thankfully he thought better of it and stormed out, slamming the door behind him.

“What the h*ll are we going to do with him, Red?”

“He’s under a lot of pressure right now. Lacy is divorcing him and she’s going after everything he’s got, which isn’t all that much, incidentally.”

“Only because he spent most of it raising h*ll with her.”

“Yeah, but, and please keep this to yourself, all of this is a reaction to losing Margie. He truly loved her, and he’s a long way from getting over her suicide.“

“But she dumped him.”

“Frankie, stop reading that f***ing blogger. Margie left because she was heartbroken over the miscarriage and hysterectomy. Dave was working to get her back and he really thought he had a chance.”

“I never knew that.”

“I figured. Look, let him cool down for a day or two. If he doesn’t bring it up with me then, I will.”

“That sounds like a good plan. I’ll let the provost know we’re working on this and that I’m confident we can get Dave to calm down a little. Frankly, 2 Ts in five games is pretty generous.”

“Well, for everybody except Bob Knight and Dave McGee, maybe.”

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February 16: “I know, we gotta talk.”

“I’m guessing you’ve been thinking it over.”

“I hate ta say it but Frankie’s right. That’s way too many technicals. I gotta calm down. I always believed it’s good to get one in certain situations but I see that I’m way outta line here. You gotta help me though.”

“How do I do that, yell for you?”

Dave laughed. “No, try ta calm me down before I start getting’ too far out of control.”

“Well… I can try.”

“I’d appreciate it.”

February 19: 61-41 over FDU. 19, 9, 4, 2 for Ty, 17, 3 for Jed. 7 TOs and we never trailed.

Dave brought a towel to the bench. I figured he do a Coach Tark and chew on it but he buried his face in it when he wanted to yell. One of the refs he got along with was doing the game. A few minutes in he came over to the sideline. Never looked at Dave but spoke with him.

“What the h*ll is with the towel.”

“I gotta learn ta shut up, Jim. I’m just gonna bury my face in the towel when I get p*ssed.”

“Good idea, Coach Tarkanian. You gonna shave your head, too?”

Dave laughed and said, No, but I ain’t gonna bite your head off.”

“If you did you’d have more brains in your stomach than you do in your head.”

They both laughed.

57-70 at CCSU. They went to the line way more often than we did but even Dave could see that was because our guys were half a step slower than CCSU. He did some yelling but it was at the players. They just never executed the fixes he put in. Tough night. 14, 10, 3 for Ty, 15, 3 for Jed, but 18 TOs, our most for the year.

Matt fell to the floor and came up dizzy. It was late in the game so we sent him to the locker room. He’s day to day but he was talking clearly after the game; seemed fine.

Last week of the regular season. We host Stan Francis, 6-19, 5-11. They managed to beat us there. Then we’re at 10-15, 7-9 LIU. We won by more than 20 at our place. We need a 2 win week.

We’re 16-9, 10-6, RPI #58, so we should play in one of the tourneys.

We’re in 3rd, one ahead of Wagner, one back of Sam Franklin,
and we actually could still move up or down.

February 26: 59-41 over Stan Francis. We played with determination. 13, 8 for Ty, 14, 3, 3, 2 for Ren, 15, 2 for Ike. 4 TOs.

Big win! 59-43 at LIU. Again, we were really focused. 14, 14, 3, 2 for Ty, 16, 6 for Ike, 17 for Jed.

We end the regular season at 18-9, 12-6, alone in 3rd, RPI #52. +6.8 PPG, -1.4 RBs, +4.5 TOs, + 2.9 assists.

We play 9-18, 7-11 FDU, the #6 seed, in the 1st round.
Beat them twice. Oh, Dave has one T since the meeting with Frankie. That was three games ago so he has to behave for 2 games. Trust me, he is VERY aware of it.

March 1: 74-65 over FDU. They hung around but never really threatened us. 20, 2, 3 for Matt, 16, 3, 4 for Jed, 17, 3 for Ty, but the whole front line was in foul trouble all night. Al Mack played well filling in and our guards had hot shooting hands. 8 TOs.

We can never seem to dodge Sam Franklin, 20-9, 14-4, and the #2 seed. We split with them. We’d love to win this one. Their starting SG and leading scorer tore up a knee yesterday and he’s out for the season. One of their bigs is also out. The door is open.

March 2: 65-45 over Sam Franklin! 19, 4, 3, 2 for Matt, 14, 8, 4 for Ren, 15, 2, 2, 4 for Jed. 9 TOs.

The title game is against CCSU, the #1 seed at 24-5, 15-3. We won at home and lost there.
March 3: 71-58 and the title!
18, 7, 3, 6 for Ty, 17, 8, 2, 2 for tourney MOP Jed, 11, 13, 4, 2 for Ren. 12 TOs, 36 RBs and we’re going back to the Big Dance!

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March 12: #36 RPI. Dare we hope for an 8 or a 9?

#12 East. We play #5 seed, #17 ranked Georgetown, 23-8. I kind of like our chances. At least I think we have a chance.

March 16: 75-60! Ike had 20, 3, 2, 4, Jed had 17, 4, 2, 13, 3, 3 for Ren, 13 for Bic, and 6, 6, 4, 5 for Ty. We jumped out quickly and never trailed.

Matt twisted a knee. Not real bad but he won’t be at 100% for our next game.

It’s #4 seed, #5 ranked Gonzaga, 31-3, 16-2 next. We need to play really good ball to have a chance in this one.

March 18: 67-81 to Gonzaga. 16, 10, 2 for Ty but he fouled out. The starters played fairly well but their bench beat ours.

Great season, and we’re only losing Matt Cone. He’s been a great one for us though.

April 4: #1 Oklahoma won it all.

Awards: Ty Bill, POY, freshman OY, Ike Ash Defensive POY. Jed Ray and Ty made 1st team. Matt made 2nd team.

April 9: “I’m stayin’ in Rhode Island.”

April 23: We ask for money and get $2,000.

22-10, 12-6, tourney title. 91-61, .599. Off-17, Def-27, Recruit-65, Scout-3, Player Development-22, Reputation-17.

Team Prestige is up from 6 to 11.

We're feeling good about next season!

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(Guest post)  Bryant's Defiant Client (May 15)

Those of us who are fans of Bryant's sports teams are pleased with the progress that Dave McGoo has brought to the basketball program. The mens' team is now a consistent winner.

Also on the plus side Coach McGoo DID temper himself during games in the latter part of the year. But those in the know caution that Caoch McGoo may be like a volcano about to erupt. His history would bear this out. If and when it happens, we can only hope his right-hand-man, Michael "Red" O'Connor, is there to bail Coach McGoo out of whatever jam might occur.

As an aside, Coach McGoo's ex-wife, Lacy Day, continues to make news...most often in an unfavorable light. Last week, while in Hollywood trying to resurrect what she likes to call an acting "career", she ran a red light at 1 a.m. in Hollywood and crashed into another vehicle . The results of her sobriety test seem to have be squashed by her attorney, Gloria Allblue.

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May 16: “That friggin’ b*st*rd is at it again. Makes it look like a compliment but he’s rippin’ me by predictin’ I’ll go down the tubes. Wish I knew who he was.”

“Probably good that you don’t!”

“’McGoo’- funny, if you’re in junior high. Oh, I see you paid him off again; he’s all sweet ta you!”

“That’s right. Why is he taking shots at Lacy? She’s out of your life.”

“I gotta say I don’t care a whole lot about that the way she’s goin’ after me. But let me find out who this scumbag is an’ he’ll be nursin’ bruises for weeks!”

June 5: Ben Ahab transfers out. He wasn’t getting a lot of playing time. We need guards.

June 12: We pick up soph PF Kent Ivy from Houston. He looks good.

June 26: 2 scholarships. We’re looking at guards only, 8 PGs.

Dave has been subdued, not drinking much. I think he’s recovering from the endless party with Lacy.

August 21: We offer to 2 PGs.

September 18: We feel we’re really close with one recruit and making progress with the other.

Still no invitation. And yet again, 6 road, 3 home. We really beefed up the road schedule. No decent teams will play us at home.

September 25: Lost the one we thought we almost had.

October 2: Lost one we thought we might get. Got a long shot. Rey Morr, #525, PG committed.

We’re predicted to finish 1st in conf.

October 16: Jim Bry, PG, #170, committed. He’s borderline regarding SAT score.

November 6: The lineup: At guard we have senior Ren Hay, soph Jed Ray, and junior Bic Robb. At SF it’s soph Ty Bill backed by junior transfer from Nome Yi Joo and frosh Pat Reid. Inside we have junior Ike Ash and frosh Joe Trot backed by Bill.

We start with 2 at home, Charleston then Baylor.

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Nov. 20: 88-59 over Charleston. 22, 9 for Ty Bill, 16, 3, 5 for Jed Ray, 16, 2, 3 for Ike Ash. 7 TOs, great bench play.

74-58 vs. Baylor. 23, 6 for Ike, 14 for Jed, 10, 6, 2, 3 for Ty, 12 for Bic Robb from the bench. 8 TOs.

“Kick some a$$e$ this week!”

“That we did, Dave. Lot of road games coming though.”

“Yeah, hope we can at least hold our own. The road ain’t easy.”

At 0-2 Manhattan and then at 0-1 Alabama, a big time school in a major conf.

Nov. 27: 60-61 at Manhattan. Close all the way. 13 for Jed but he played only 17 min. due to fouls. 10, 9 for Joe, 10, 7, 2 for Ty. 21 TOs really hurt. We lost on a desperation three by their backup SF. Frustrating.

"D*mn! We shouldn'ta let that one get away!"

65-58 at Alabama.[/b] 21, 9, 3, 2 for Ike, 11, 7, 2 for Bic. 13 TOs.

Dave has not gotten a T yet. He did some chirping in both games this week but nothing major. I try to calm him and so far he’s listening. But he isn’t drinking, or at least not much right now. Really hasn’t been drinking much since Lacy left. The divorce is taking some time since they’re fighting about everything- through their attorneys.

This week we have two tough games, first at #22 Iowa ST, 3-1, and then at 2-2 LSU.

Dec. 4: 64-51 at #22 Iowa ST. We owned the 2nd half, 36-15. 14, 12, 3, 2 for Ike, 16, 7, 2, 2 for Joe, 16, 4, 4, 2 for Ty. Big win!

67-75 at LSU. 15, 10, 3 for Ike, 13 for Jed. They killed us with threes, didn’t shoot them all that well but took tons of them, and their C had 23.

One game this week, 2-2 Mississippi here.

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Dec.11: 58-55. More an escape than a win. We never trailed but they were within 1-3 points, with the ball, 11 times in the last 5 minutes. Incredibly, they never tied or went ahead. Kudos to the D! 17, 3, 5, 3 for Ren, 12, 8 for Joe, 7, 8 for Ty. 12 TOs and again, some big plays on D when we needed them!

At 5-4 New Mexico ST this week.

I hate to even mention it, but Dave has been really under control just about all season. No Ts in 7 games, no real shouting matches with refs, reporters, players- anyone. Let’s hope it lasts!

December 18: 73-75. Tough one. 18, 6 for Ike but he fouled out late and it hurt us. Three point D hurt us again. We’re thinking of going with more man.

At #22 Missouri, 7-2 to end the pre-conf. season. This won’t be easy.

“I don’t know, Red. I guess my life was more out of control with lacy than it ever was. I still feel tired most of a time so I guess I’m recovering from it or something.”

“Are you drinking?”

“I might have a beer now and then but that’s about it.”

“Well, it’s great to not have to bail you out of trouble.”


Dec. 25: 70-74. 14, 5, 3 for Jed but he fouled out with 2 min. left and that really hurt. Joe Trot fouled out in 19 min. but Pat Reid really played well for him, 16 and 7. 18 TOs didn’t help.

“D*mn! 4 friggin’ points. Son of a b*tch! We gotta WIN games like that. We’ve one one close game and lost three. D*mn!”

4-5 Mount Mary there, and 1-8 Robert Morris here to start conf. play.

We close the non-conf. season 5-4. +5.9 PPG, +1.5 RBs, +1.4 TOs.

We’re giving Yi Joo’s minutes to Pat Reid. Reid has been more effective.

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January 1, 2021: Great week! 77-61 at Mount Mary. 17, 8 for Ike, 18, 6 for Joe, 10, 8, 4, 4 for Ty. Too many TOs- 18. +10 RBs.

76-41. Rob’t Morris. Yeah; they aren’t very good. A real team effort on both ends. Too many TOs again- 17. +16 RBs.

Ty Bill hurt his knee but it’s minor. He’s day to day and shouldn’t miss a game.

At 6-5, 1-1 Wagner, then home with 7-4, 1-1 Silly Hat.

Jan. 8: 79-61 at Wagner. 6 in double figures and we never trailed.

77-56 vs. Silly Hat. 5 in double figures and we never trailed after the first 5 minutes.

This week it’s 5-8, 1-3 Stan Francis there, and then 6-7, 3-1 Sam Franklin here.

“We’re rollin’ right now.”

“We seem to have pretty good chemistry.”

Jan. 15: 67-55 at Stan Francis. 24, 3, 2 for Jed, 15, 1, 4, 2 for Ren, 8, 13, 3, 2 for Ike. 13 TOs.

77-72 vs. Sam Franklin. 17, 5, 5, 2 for Jed, 15, 2, 5 for Ren, 13, 7 for Ike, 12 for Bic. We led most of the way but never by more than 10.

At 3-12, 1-5 LIU, then home vs. 12-3, 4-2 CCSU.

We’re 2 up on 3 teams, 3 up on 2.

“Kickin’ butts ain’t we, Red!”

“That we are, Dave.”

Jan. 22: 56-49 at LIU. Closer than it should have been. 17 for Ren, 12, 6, 2 for Ike. 10 TOs.

78-53 over CCSU. 5 guys with either 14 or 15, 5 TOs, 35 RBs.

Dave hasn’t had a T in a very long time, but we’re 13-4, 8-0, and that makes life a lot more pleasant all around!

At 9-8, 5-3 FDU, then home with 5-12, 1-7 Mount Mary.

Jan. 29: 57-53 at FDU. A nail biter and Dave got his 1st T. 20 for Ike, 11, 4, 3, 5 for Jed. D won it for us on a night when the O wasn’t connecting.

Mount Mary. 73-58. 15, 6 for Ike, 14, 4, 3 for Jed, 11, 6, 2 for Ren, 12 for Bic. 9 TOs, 35 RBs, and great D again.

3 up on Sam Franklin, 4 or more on the rest.

“I know, I know, but I took that T on purpose. They were callin’ all of ‘em on us.”

This week we’re at 4-15, 3-7 Robert Morris, then we host 9-10, 4-6 Wagner.

The divorce hearing is this week.

Jan. 31: Well, Dave was left with his skin. No alimony was granted but the house has to be sold and the proceeds divided evenly between Dave and Lacy. The rest of the stuff was minor.

“I paid 14 years on that house before I ever met Lacy. It’s real b*llsh*t. My lawyer said if I appeal I might lose my half so just bend over, I guess. Funny, she still looked d*mn good to me.” (Laughs) "She caught me in the hall after it was over and asked me if i wanted to go out for a drink. I guess I ain't as stupid as I used to be. I turned her down."

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Feb. 5: 77-52 at Rob’t Morris. 22, 13 for Ike, 17, 7 for Joe. 11 TOs, 34 RBs.

85-63 vs. Wagner. 20, 8, 6, 4 for Ike, 16, 2, 3 for Jed, 11, 8 for joe, good bench play. 11 TOs, +12 RBs.

Ty Bill bruised his left bicep. Out two weeks. Pat Reid will get most of his minutes.

“D*mn! Just when things are goin’ great.”

“Dave, we have a 4 game lead. We can survive this.”

“I guess.”

This week we’re at 13-8, 7-5 Silly Hat, then home with 10-11, 6-6 Stan Francis.

Feb. 12: 82-70 at Silly Hat. 21, 4 for Ike, 14, 3, 3 for Ren. Pat Reid and Al Mack filled in really well for Bill. 19 TOs though; not good. +11 RBs.

63-33 with Stan Francis. D was unbelievable. 18 for Ren, 10, 8, 3, 3 for ike, 10 for Pat, 8, 9 for Yi Joo. 11 TOs, 38 RBs.

14 game winning streak, longest in program history. 19-4, 14-0, RPI #21.

We are dominating the conf., up 5 with 4 to play.

At our old rival Sam Franklin, 11-12, 8-6. Then home with LIU, 6-17, 4-10.

Feb. 19: 68-56 at Sam Franklin. 23, 4 for Joe, 17, 3, 3 for Jed, 13, 2, 3 for Pat. 11 TOs.

68-44 vs. LIU. 14, 7, 2, 3 for Joe, 11, 3, 4 for Ike, 10, 5, 6 for Jed, 6, 6, 2 for Yi. 10 TOs.

Ty Bill was back for this game.

Last week of the season begins at 18-7, 10-6 CCSU. Then home with 13-12, 9-7 FDU.

Feb. 26: 87-99 at CCSU. Worst D in a very long time, but they were red hot, esp. outside. 27, 8, 3, 2 for Ike, 21, 4, 4, 2 for Jed, 14 for Pat. But 16 TOs and only 24 RBs.

68-46 vs. FDU. Much better. 18, 4, 3 for Jed, 13, 9 for ike, 10, 6, 2 for Pat. 11 TOs, 31 RBs.

We end the regular season 22-5, 17-1, RPI #22. The loss at CCSU probably kept us from being ranked for the 1st time in program history.

+12.8 PPG, +4.1 RBs, +3.4 TOs, +2.5 assists.

We start the tourney against #8 seed Robert Morris, 7-20, 6-12.

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March 1: 65-44 vs. Robert Morris. 17, 12, 2, 2, 3 for Ike, 14, 2, 3 for Ren. +16 RBs.

#5 seed Sam Franklin, 14-14, 10-8, in the semis.

March 2: 72-68 in OT with Sam Franklin. We blew a 24 point lead when they tied it with a 3 at the end of regulation. We played a terrible 2nd half. Then we woke up in Ot. 26, 5, 4 for Jed, 14 for Bic, 9, 2, 8 for Ren. 12 TOs, 38 RBs. The front court was outplayed after the half.

#6 seed Stan Francis, 15-14, 9-9, upset CCSU so we play them for the title.

March 3: 73-51 vs. Stan Francis. Never trailed. 10, 12 2 for Ike, 15 for Jed, 12, 5 for Ren, 9, 7, 4 for Ty. 11 TOs, 34 RBs. 3rd. conf. title.

March 12: Finally ranked, for the first time in program history, #19. RPI #17.

Not in the East.

#7 Midwest. We play #10 seed BC, 16-12. I thought we’d be a #5 or #6.

March 16: 76-79. Frustrating and disappointing loss. We went down by 20, came back, but never quite got there. 20, 8, 2, 4 for Ike, 10 TOs. 0-13 on threes, make one it’s a tie, make 2 it’s a win.

April 4: #5 Cincinnati won the title.

Awards: Ike Ash was POY, Def. POY, 1st team along with Jed Ray. Joe Trot was freshman OY, 2nd team. Dave got the coach award.

April 9: We’re going to Brown University.

“Hey, it’s in RI, an’ it’s a step up.”

There were some discussions around temper, decorum, drinking in public… but Brown wanted a winner, and that’s Dave. I’ll be his #1. That was not a problem at all with Brown. Dave says they mentioned it before he could.

April 16: Dave and I are busy as can be, meeting players, putting together a staff, calling recruits, getting to know the people here- a zillion things, it seems like. A. D. “Ticky” Rumsfield seems like a good guy.

This is a team that very much needs to be rebuilt but it’s the Ivy League. We should be competitive by our second year.

April 23: We ask for a facilities upgrade but we don’t get it.

Team Prestige is 12. Dave’s stats: 116-67, .634. Off- 21, Def-33, Recruit-70, Scout-4, Player Development-27, Reputation 21. Brown went 14-16, 6-8 this season.

“We’re one step away from the goal, Red. Hope we get ta URI in just a couple years.”

That will definitely be a better fit. Hope this one works out.

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May 1: Here we go! We buy the Atlantic East Gold and the national and international basic.

June 5: Looking at transfers. We need guards.

June 12: We get Mike May, a PG from Robert Morris.

“Yeah, I know.”

“It’s not like you, Dave. That’s all I’m saying.”

“I really haven’t been interested. I guess the thing with Lacy burned me so bad I ain’t too in a hurry ta date again.”

“Yeah but you like women. It’s unnatural.”

“Yeah but maybe I’m sick of all the drama an’ hurt an’ sh*t.”

June 26: Looking at 9 guards and 6 bigs.

Dave has been living with his sister and her husband but he just bought a condo down the street from us. It’s small.

“What the h*ll I need anything big for. I’m never home.”

August 21: We offer to 4 PGs. One is local but he’s a long shot. We feel we’re in the running for the other three. We want to offer to a big guy but haven’t found the right one yet.

Sept. 18: No takers yet but we think we’re close with 3.

First year here we’re okay with some cupcakes on the schedule. Ticky gets them for us.

Sept. 25: We get one and we lose one. We get Mike Vick, PG, #198.

Oct. 2: We get PF Brad Fisk, #244, PG Dan Morr, #267, and Vick drops to #250
. #s will change once more. Still chasing a guard and a big.

1st day of practice. Here’s what Dave said:

“Well, they seem ta know the ball’s round.”

We’re picked to finish 7th in the 8 team Ivy.

“Sounds about right, d*mn it.”

Nov. 6: We’ll go with a 7 man rotation. The guards will be senior Kori King and frosh Ryan Tray and Vin Will. Sf will be junior Greg Robb and frosh Dan Barr. Inside will be senior Pat Evan and frosh Joe Cass with Barr backing up.

“It ain’t the strongest lineup I ever went with.”

“But they were better in the 2nd exhibition than the 1st.”

“Yeah, they’re smart kids so they learn stuff. They got a h*ll of a lot ta learn!”

We start at Northeastern and then host Tulane.

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Nov. 20: 60-69 at Northeastern. Joe Cass had 21, 6, Pat Evan 18, 3, backup big Greg Robb had 13, 4. Our guards were awful, 2 points among the 3 of them. Team had 20 TOs.

74-66 over Tulane. 21, 5, 2 for Joe, 21, 4, 2 for Greg, 12, 8 for Pat. 20 TOs and not much from the guards again.

This week we’re at 1-1 Buffalo and then 1-2 Detroit.

Nov. 27: 54-65 at Buffalo. 23 TOs pretty much prevented us from getting any offense going. Vin Will is doing a little more than the other two guards but not a whole lot.

79-81 at Detroit. Tough loss. We missed 20 free throws, which means we should have won. Dave is fuming. Vin Will had another good game. Meeting tomorrow to discuss the lineup.

“Friggin’ miserable. They find ways to lose.”

We’re playing 7 guys and four are freshman. It’s going to take awhile.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

We decided that Vin Will is going to start and Ryan Tray is going to sit. Greg Robb will start and Dan Barr will sit. Only one frosh will now get starter’s minutes, Joe Cass and vin Will. Let’s see if it helps.

My feeling is that we’ll need to keep tweaking.

1-2 Ball ST here, then at 2-2 Norfolk ST.

“Big week. This’ll tell us if this is a step forward which we NEED!”

Dec. 4: 60-47 vs. Ball ST. 11 TOs was the best news. 24 for Greg Robb in his 1st start. 8, 5, 4 and only 2 TOS for Vin Will in his 1st start.

63-59 at Norfolk ST. Our 1st road win. 15, 7 for Pat at PF, 13, 6, 3 for Greg at SF. 17 TOs but Kori King got in foul trouble and Tray had 7 TOs filling in. 12, 3 for Dom Peck from the bench.

Dom Peck is getting Barr’s minutes.

4 game home stand starts with 3-3 Eastern Michigan. Then it’s 1-4 William & Mary.

“Yeah! We’re friggin’ geniuses!”

“Okay, I can live with that.”

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Dec. 11: 74-61 over E. Mich. Greg Robb went wild, 38. 22, 3, 2 for Vin.

64-74 vs. Wm & Mary. 16, 8 for Pat but everyone else was in foul trouble. They went to the line 41 times, we went 22. Dave got a T, his first here, but he really pretty much had to, and he wasn’t out of control.

We’re 4-4.

2-5 FL A & M is in, followed by 4-4 Arizona ST.

Dec. 18: 60-59 over FL A & M. We won despite 21 TOs, and taking 21 fewer free throws. Don’t know what’s going on with the calls.

59-72 vs. AZ ST. 19 TOs. 15, 5 for Joe, 12, 5 for Pat. Dom Peck continues to play well.

At Delaware ST, 6-3, then home with 4-7 Texas Pan Am.

Dec. 25: 56-67 at Del ST. 20, 3, 2 for Vin but he fouled out. 11, 7 for Pat. 24 TOs.

69-60 over TX Pan Am. 14, 7, 1, 3 for Pat, 16, 2, 2 for Robb, 11, 7 for joe. 14 TOs isn’t great but it’s better.

We end pre-conf. play at 2-8 Vanderbilt.

It was a great XMas. Dave clearly enjoyed his time with the kids. He’s been spending quite a bit of his free time here, much of it while the kids are awake. They are definitely therapeutic and it gives Jean time to get things done when he’s with them. No shortage of presents either!

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January 1, 2022: 52-59 at Vanderbilt. 19 TOs and not much offense.

We end pre-conf. play at 6-7. RPI is a woeful 258. -1.1 PPG, +1.2 RBs, -4 TOs, a pathetic 17.8 per game.

“Hey, except for Columbia an’ Penn it’s gonna be an easy conf.”

We start at 3-10 Cornell and then host 3-10 Yale.

Jan. 8: 62-55 at Cornell. Good team effort, great D, but 21 TOs again. Dom, with 10 and 10, and Pat, with 14 and 5, led the way.

70-65 over Yale. 17, 4, 3 for Pat, 15, 3, 2 for greg, 13, 4, 5 for Vin, and 12 for Dom, who is earning more PT.

This week we’re at 7-8, 1-1 Dartmouth then home with 12-3, 1-1 Columbia, predicted to finish 1st.

Dave continues to be calm for the most part. He’s tough with the guys in practice but he manages to do it in a way that keeps them looking up to him, but as I’ve said before, he really knows his stuff.
He says he spends his free evenings looking at game tapes or games on TV. He comes over at least once a week to see the kids, usually more often, and if there’s a game on, which there always is, we watch it together, taking notes. I kick him out after the early game though so I can spend a little time with Jean. He watches the second at home and he says often the late game from the coast, taking notes on all of them.

January 15: 57-67 at Dartmouth. 15, 5, 2, 2 for Pat. They took a big early lead and hung on.

65-58 over Columbia. 21, 4 for Greg, 12 TOs. We beat a good team.

We got Brad Span a Juco PG we really like.

On the road this week. First we’re at 10-7, 2-2 Princeton. Then it’s #24 Penn, 14-4, 4-0. Two tough games. Don’t tell but a split would be great.

January 22: Tough week, as we feared it would be. 56-70 at Princeton. 20 TOs again. Vin was the only guard who did anything.

49-70 at Penn. We got beat up. 18, 3, 2 for Joe and no one else did much of anything. 18 TOs, -7 RBs.

“This ain’t the time ta yell. I gotta rebuild their confidence, make ‘em believe they can win the next couple.”

At home first with Harvard, 9-10, 1-5, then 6-13, 3-3 Cornell, who we beat by 7 there.

Jan. 29: 76-61 vs. Harvard. 22 for Joe, 12, 2, 5 for Vin, 14 for Greg, 11, 3 for Dom. 11 TOs.

82-66 over Cornell. Huge game for Pat, 36, 8, 2. 12, 8, 2 for Joe, 12 for Dom. 8 TOs.

"Them idiot writers who say I don't do nuthin' but yell are full a sh*t. I knew ta build the guys' confidence an' I done it all week. Hardly yelled at all."

Not sure I'd go that far but there was a lot of praise and encouragement.

2 recruits don’t hit our score. Back to work.

We’re in a 3 way tie for 2nd, 3 back of Penn.

This week we’re at 4-17, 1-7 Yale, then home with 10-11, 4-4 Dartmouth.

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Feb. 5: 51-56 at Yale. Lack of offense again, and 17 TOs, AND they took 19 free throws, we took 7.

“We shoulda won that friggin’ game! D*mn!”

66-65 over Dartmouth. 16, 5, 2 for Greg, 13, 5, 4, 3 for Vin.

“We got lucky!”

“So the week evened out.”

“Who the frig wants the week ta even out!”

That’s Dave!

4 to play. This week we’re at 16-7, 5-5 Columbia. We host 14-9, 6-4 Princeton, the only team tied with us for 2nd place.

“We gotta have that game an’ it would be good to win the road game too.”

This is the guy who thought we’d finish 7th.

12-11, 6-4, RPI 188.

Feb. 12: 55-67 at Columbia
. 19 TOs and we took half the free throw attempts they did (13 to 26). 19, 8 for Pat.

65-50 vs. Princeton. 18, 7 for Greg, 12, 12 for Pat, 13, 4, 5 for Vin. 11 TOs, 39 RBs.

“We’re totally different at home and on the road, 11-2, 2-10. Maddening.”

The truth is that until you get up to the really good teams that’s pretty much how it is.

We are alone in 2nd place with 2 to play.

We host 22-4, 12-0 Penn, #15, then travel to 13-12, 5-7 Harvard.

Feb. 19: 64-71 to Penn. 18, 8, 3 for Pat, 12, 5 for Greg. Too many TOs, not enough RBs. We hung with them most of the way.

45-66 at Harvard. We had nothing. 21 TOs, only 22 RBs, shot poorly, didn’t find the open man.

“Friggin’ horrible way ta end the conf. season!”

Yes it was. We wind up at 13-14, 7-7, the #4 seed. That means if we win our 1st game we play Penn.

And now we fly across the country to play San Diego in the Bracket Breaker. Crazy. They’re 15-10.

82-79 in OT over San Diego. Dom Peck had 25, Joe had 20 and 9, Greg 15 and 10. 14 TOs, 33 RBs. We got a little lucky late. We stole the ball with 1.5 seconds left in regulation, which prevented them from getting a shot up.

So now we’re 14-14, 7-7.

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March 2: We’ll play #5 seed Princeton, 16-12, 7-7, in the round of 8. Lost by 14 there, won by 15 here.

March 3: 73-54 over Princeton! 22, 7 for Pat, 18, 3, 2, 2 for Joe, 11, 3, 2, 2 for Greg. 11 TOs, +4 RBs.

The reward is a game with #14 Penn in the semis. They’re 25-5, 14-0.

March 4: 58-62.
This was a really good team effort. A free throw here, a good pass inside there and we would have won.

We lose Pat Evan and Kori King to graduation.

March 19: We’re still chasing recruits and we definitely need at least 2 guards and one big to come through- not just to select us but to produce for us.

March 26: We get PG Hal Hall, #148.

April 4: #10 Wisconsin won it all.

Awards: Pat Evan made 1st team Ivy. Greg Robb and Joe Cass made 2nd.

April 9: 2 schools way better than Brown, at least basketball wise showed interest.

“I’m not leavin’ RI.”

April 16: We filled all the roster spots. Now let’s see who develops enough to help us.

April 23: We ask for money. Nope.

We wind up dead even, 15-15, 7-7, tie for 3rd, made it to the semifinals of the Ivy tourney. I’ll take it. I honestly didn’t think we would do that well.

Team Prestige is at 11.

Dave’s numbers: 131-82, .615. Off-23, Def-37, Recruit-70, Scout-5, Player Dev-30, Reputation-21.

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June 5: Transfer pool has no one of interest.

“You’re what?”

“I’m goin’ with a librarian.”

“Dave, how in h*ll did you even MEET a librarian. The only thing you read is basketball magazines.”

“That ain’t true, I read every book about coachin’ an’ about famous coaches that I can get my hands on. They was this book on the origins of the zone defense I been tryin’ ta get for decades, seems like. Never could find it. So I went inta the Brown library an’ this cute little brunette was the one at the desk so I asked her.”

“She’s not a student, I hope.”

“Course she ain’t a student. What the frig do you think I am! Well, she’s a doc student in library stuff but she’s 30 if she’s a day. Anyways, they didn’t have the book but she did some kinda search an’ found it. She was real nice so I asked her if she wanted coffee. One thing led to another an’ I been seein’ her for a couple weeks.”

“Will wonders never cease!”

“Shut up!”

June 26: 4 scholarships. We’d like 3 bigs. Looking at 18 guys, 7 PGs, 5 PFs, 6 Cs.

We met the librarian last night. She doesn’t drink, and Dave doesn’t drink when he’s with her. Did you ever see the movie, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”? I’m trying to get a look at the back of Dave’s neck. Seriously, Brenda the librarian is a lovely woman and a lovely person. I hope this lasts.

August 21: We offer to a PG and a C. We don’t have anyone else we’re that interested in. We will add to the list, of course.

Sept. 18: Still chasing.

We’re willing to challenge ourselves a bit more with the schedule this year.

Oct. 1: “We’re takin’ it slow but we’re really hittin’ it off.”

“What do you have in common?”

“Well, aside from the obvious which you blush at whenever I mention it, bein’ the old married man you are, a few things. She finds me books about hoops I never knew existed. She’s interested in hoops- her daddy’s a high school coach. We like a lot a the same movies. We go out ta eat a lot. And we do that thing everybody says they do but they don’t, we go for long walks, and sometimes for hikes in the woods. It’s good.”

“I’m happy for you, Dave, and I’m glad you’re taking it slow.”

Oct. 2: Got one! Joe Myers is a C. He’s only at #418, but we like him and think he’ll develop.

1st day of practice. A long way to go but I liked what I saw.

We’re picked to finish 5th. I think we’ll do better.

Oct. 9: Got one, lost one. Got Drew Book, PF, #75 right now.

Oct. 16: Got a guard we’ve been after from the start, Mike Ange, PG, #82
right now but he’s been way up and way down. One to go. We’re chasing a PF that we found late. We really like him.

Nov. 6: For what it’s worth we got very lucky on the last roll of the ratings dice, 2 under 100, 2 in the low to mid-100s.

Here’s the lineup: Junior Juco Hal Hall, sophs Vin Will and transfer Mike May, and frosh Dan Morr at guard, frosh Shea Wool and Will at SF, sophs Dom Peck and Joe Cass inside with senior Greg Robb backing them up.

We start at Cal ST Fullerton, then to Stephen F. Austin.

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Nov. 20: 2 road wins to start the season. 87-74 at Cal ST Fullerton. 23, 4, 2 for Shea Wool at SF, 24, 2, 2 for Hal Hall at guard. 13, 6, 2 for Dom Peck at C, 11, 2, 7, 2 for Vin Will at guard. 8, 3 for Joe Cass at PF but he fouled out. 9 TOs.

66-59 at Stephen F. Austin. 21, 4, 4, 2 for Hal, 15, 7, for Dom, 9, 4, 4, 3 for Shea. 14 TOs.

It gets a little tougher, 1-1 Clemson there. Then we come home to face 0-2 Bradley.

“We got some weapons ain’t we, Red!”

“We do, Dave.”

Peck and Hall prob’ly gonna lead the way but other guys plus Robb, Morr, an’ May can get it done from the bench. I like it!”

Let’s hope he keeps liking it.

Nov. 27: 62-77 at Clemson. 23 TOs, which is very discouraging. 19, 3, 4 for Hal, 15, 8, 2 for Shea. Clemson is a big time program, which is important to keep in mind.

72-54 vs. Bradley. 6 TOs. 22 and 3 for Dom, 14, 3, 4 for Hal. Much better fight in our own weight class.

This week we travel to 1-2 Colorado and then host 2-2 West VA, another team from a big conference.

Dec. 4: A tough week. 74-80 at Colorado. 19 TOs. 23, 6, 3 for Hal, 17, 5, 3, 3 for Dom but he fouled out with 6 minutes left and that’s when the game got away from us. 11, 7 for Shea. We need more from our bench.

57-73 vs. W. VA. Homed at home. They took 31 foul shots we took 15. Dave got his 1st T of the season and almost got his 2nd. 17 TOs.

When we take care of the ball we do well. When we don’t we lose.

2 at home this week, 3-2 San Diego then 1-5 Air Force.

“We need 2 wins. Take care a the d*mn ball!”

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Dec. 11: 68-74 vs. San Diego. 17 TOs so we followed the pattern. 18, 3 for Shea, 14 for Dan Morr from the bench. 9, 4 for Greg Robb from the bench. We were completely homed, 16 foul shots while they had 49. Worst I’ve ever seen. Dave got T’d again but he had to. 4 of our guys fouled out and 2 others had 4.

Dec. 12: “I did a bad thing, Red.”

“Uh oh.”

“Yeah. I got so frustrated about 3 losses in a row that I got hammered last night.”

“Dave, I’m sorry but that’s not exactly a first.”

“No, but it’s the first time since I started seein’ Brenda. She walked out on me at about 12:30 in the morning. We were at Lefty’s. She called a cab ta get home. I’m gonna call and apologize later. Hope I didn’t blow it.”

“Dave, did you ever think about getting help with the drinking?”

“Don’t need any help. This is the first time in like forever.”

“Okay Dave.”

72-60 against Air Force. 20, 4, 2 for Shea, 11, 6 for Dom, 14, 2 for Dan. Oh, and 3 TOs so again, when we take care of the ball we win. It helps when the fouls go both ways, which they did.

We’re 4-4.

2 more here, 4-3 Alabama, then 3-4 Idaho.

Dec. 15: “Brenda forgave me but she made it clear she wouldn’t have a lot of patience if I drank. D*mn!”

Dec. 18: 80-62 vs. Alabama. We broke the pattern, 18 TOs but we won- they had 19. 18, 3, 2 for Hal but he fouled out. 17, 3 for Shea, 14, 5 for Dom, 7, 4, 5 for Mike May filling in at guard.

91-76 with Idaho. 8 TOs, so back to the pattern. 23, 7 for Dom, 20, 2, 4, 3 for Hal, 18, 6 for Greg from the bench, 14, 3 for Shea.

Tough start to the week at 5-5 Georgetown, then we host 3-7 Texas-Arlington.

Dec. 25: Tough week again. 69-79 at Georgetown. 19 TOs. They took 40 free throws, we took 14. Another T for Dave. 28, 4, 2, 2 for Shea.

55-65 with TX-Arlington. They got the lead to 16 early and we never caught up. We were the better team and should have won. 14 TOs.

“I got drunk again but I wasn’t with Brenda.”

Last pre-conf. game is at 4-6 Vanderbilt. We’re 6-6 so it would be nice to win it to be over .500.

Great holiday with the kids, Dave, and Brenda. Bobby is now 9 ½, and Sandy is 7 ½.

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