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Oklahoma City Bison (Deep Route)

Started By FreeBundy, Mar 23, 2015 06:45 PM

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Preseason Week 4 "Dress Rehearsal" Preview

   The Bison head to Indiana during Week 4 of the preseason, and, according to team sources, for the most part the 1st half will be a "dress rehearsal" of sorts. QB Bret Marquez will start with expected WR1 and WR2 Norman Bennet and Jeff Munoz, starting left tackle Matthew Miller, presumed starting left guard Donald Solarski, starting center Richard Owca, presumed starting right guard Frank Jones, and starting right tackle Leonard Sarelas. A patchwork crew of FB David Dickson, H-B Stephen Mayen, and TE Roy Nersesian will join the #1s.

   Defensively, Joseph Snyder will join DTs John Wyandt and Anthony Williams on the 1 line, though all defensive end positions are currently up for grabs. Kenny Green will start in the middle, and Corey Sorenson will start at Will. Bille Devor and Brian Mcconnell are written in at the starting corners. Recent signees Craig Paul, Aaron Delpozo, and Matthew Edwards will play the entire game at defensive end, strong safety, and Sam, so that there's more film on them. Michael Mcwhorter will start at free safety, also hoping to add more game film.

   Eddie Moore will have one more chance to show what he can do, though it appears he is still ahead of Bruce Clark at punter. Sean Thurby and George Colon will get one more shot to prove they're worth roster spots.

   The Week One starting depth chart is unofficially listed below, with incumbent players who saw the most time on the field in 2036 listed alongside 2037 projected starters.


Position                   2036 Incumbent                          2037 Projected Starter

QB                            Bret Marquez                               Bret Marquez

RB                            Gerald Mccarthy                            Gerald Mccarthy

HB                            John Wiskowski                              Roy Nersesian

TE                            Alan Isbell*                                      Alan Isbell

WR1                         Norman Bennett                             Norman Bennett

WR2                         Robert Dyer                                   Jeff Munoz

LT                             Matthew Miller                             Matthew Miller

LG                             Donald Solarski                           Donald Solarski

C                               Richard Owca                               Richard Owca

RG                            Frank Jones                                   Frank Jones

RT                            John Scherer                                  Leonard Sarelas


LE                            Joseph Snyder                               Joseph Snyder

LDT                          John Wyandt                                  John Wyandt

NT                            John Wyandt                                  Eric Parmer

RDT                          Anthony Williams                            Anthony Williams

RE                            Robert Buseck*                             Robert Buseck

WLB                         David Ferguson                               Corey Sorenson

MLB                         Dale Martin*                                    Henry Ballesteros

SLB                          Corey Sorenson                             Matthew Edwards

CB                            John Kinabrew                                 Billie Devor

CB                            Neal Lozado                                     Brian Mcconnell

FS                            Christopher Silverman                      Christopher Silverman

SS                            David Rumbley*                                Justin Mcdaniel


K                              Michael Camburn                              Michael Camburn

P                              Bruce Clark                                      Eddie Moore

LS                            Richard Owca                                  Edmond Zych

KR                           Jimmy Baker                                      Gerald Mccarthy

KR                           Earnest Mckenzie                              Sean Thurby

PR                           Jimmy Baker                                      Jimmy Baker


KEY: * indicates 2036 Pro Bowl, slash indicates player no longer with team, italics indicates rookie, bold indicates new acquisition 



Though the preseason, this game means a lot to the Bison. 31 players are competing for the final 14 roster spots, and neither guard spots, defensive end spots, or outside backer spots have guaranteed starters yet. 


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Preseason Week 4 Recap

   The Bison dominated the Aces on all fronts. Bret Marquez went 15-22 for 154 and 2 TDs, the team rushed for a 7.03 average over thirty one carries, and the team had a healthy spread of receivers, with 10 different players making at least one reception. Douglas Stewart finished 12-18 for 104 yards, 2 TDs, and a pick. Gerald Mccarthy had 11 carries for 123 yards, George Colon had 61 yards on 9 carries, and Marquez scampered for 13 yards on 2 carries. Willie Livingston finished with 6 receptions for 73 yards and a TD, solidifying a roster spot and potentially moving himself up to 3rd or even 2nd on the depth chart. Jeff Munoz finished with 4 receptions for 56 yards and a TD, Stephen Mayen dominated at tight end with a 3 reception, 33 yard, 1 TD performance, and Robert Ilalio also scored a touchdown. 

   Defensively, Nathaniel Fitch finished with 5 tackles and a sack, Larry Delacruz hauled down 6 ball carriers, and Aaron Delpozo had a solid outing with 4 tackles. Delpozo, Christopher Ross, and Michael Mcwhorter all finished with interceptions. Billie Devor had 7 GCOV, and Larry Delacruz and Wilson Slinger both had 5. Delpozo knocked away 3 passes, and Brian Mcconnell, Slinger, and Ross all knocked away 2. 

   Special teams struggled again, as Michael Camburn missed both of his field goals, Eddie Moore managed only a 43 average per punt (43.00 NET), and George Colon finished with just 1 punt return for 1 yard. Sean Thurby had a solid kick return for 25 yards, though.

   As a unit, the Bison only allowed 3.47 yards per rush on 19 carries, and only 4.58 yards per play (284 yards allowed/62 defensive snaps). Offensively, they managed 6.38 yards per play on 73 plays (466 total yards). 


Final: Oklahoma City Bison 28, Indiana Aces 13


Position Grades












K: D

P: C




Bison Media Player of the Game: SS Aaron Delpozo


The Bison will now begin two rounds of cuts, needing to downsize 31 players into 14 roster spots.


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2037 Oklahoma City Bison Cut to 53

Pos       Name                     YrsPro  

QB        Arden Price                9

RB        David Dickson            8

RB/KR  George Colon             5

WR       Robert Ilalio                5

WR       John Laliberte            8

C          Glenn Okeefe             2

RG       Charles Mazuo           3

RT       Raymond Johnson      R

DE       Tyler Gonzalea            8

DE        Craig Paul                  R

DE        Lonnie Zahourek        7

DE        John Schweda           R

DT        Daniel Ballard            6

LB        Christopher White      7

CB        Wilson Slinger           4

FS        Charles Atherton       4

SS        Bradley Vineyard       R

P          Bruce Clark                4


   There were a few surprising cuts, and some not-so-surprising cuts. The Bison are only carrying four receivers after releasing John Laliberte and Robert Ilalio. Ilalio was expected to be the WR3, and Laliberte WR4, but Willie Livingston beat both out for the 3 spot, and Earnest Mckenzie offers much more special teams wise. The release of Tyler Gonzalea officially ends the failed trade that was Dennis Hamic. Gonzalea finished with just one tackle and no sacks in his year with the Bison. Lonnie Zahourek was expected to be the DE2, but failed to make anything out of extensive preseason playing time. Wilson Slinger made a strong push for a roster spot in week 4 of the preseason, but Christopher Ross beat him by solid defensive back play and special teams capability. Releasing Arden Price was also surprising, as the Bison have had three QBs per season see the last two seasons.

   Three 2037 Bison draft picks were released. 4th rounder Bradley Vineyard played as was expected, but the Bison saw no need to carry 4 strong safeties after Aaron Delpozo excelled in his preseason game. Raymond Johnson made a solid push against Julian Schiaffino at right tackle, but Johnson played in less snaps, and the Bison felt it would be best to keep the player they knew more about. DE John Schweda struggled as did all the Bison ends.

   The Bison are officially at 53 players, but a few moves could be made, depending on who other teams release. Though there are no "official" practice squads, the Bison have told a few younger players to keep their living accommodations near Oklahoma: center Glenn Okeefe, who had a solid outing in week 4, but would have been the 4th or 5th center (due to Edmond Zych pulling double duty as a center/long snapper); RT Raymond Johnson; SS Bradley Vineyard; DE John Schweda; and DE Craig Paul.


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2037 Oklahoma City Bison "Opening Day" Roster*

#     Pos    Name                         College               Acquired             YrsPro

3     QB     Douglas Stewart         Michigan              2035 UFA                 5

9     K        Michael Camburn       Maryland             2036 Draft                1

10   P        Eddie Moore               Tennessee          2037 UFA                 8

11   WR     Earnest Mckenzie       Indiana               2032 Draft                 5

12   QB      Bret Marquez             Tiffin                   2036 Trade                3

13   TE      Leonard Harvey          Florida               2036 UDFA                1

20   RB      Sean Thurby               Akron                 2037 UFA                  8

24   CB      Christopher Ross        Beth-Cookman   2031 Draft                 6

25   CB      Billie Devor                  Wisconsin          2037 UFA                  5

26   FS      Christopher Silverman Iowa                  2035 UFA                  7

28   CB      Dale Corbett                Arkansas           2037 UFA                  9

29   RB      Gerald Mccarthy          Texas Tech      2034 Draft                  3

31   RB      Jimmy Baker                Arkansas          2030 Draft                  7

33   CB      Larry Delacruz             LSU                  2037 UFA                   7

35   CB      Brian Mcconnell           Temple             2037 Draft             Rookie

41   SS      David Rumbley             USC                 2028 Draft                   9

42   SS      Aaron Delpozo             UCF                 2037 UFA               Rookie

43   SS      Justin Mcdaniel            Pearl River CC 2036 Draft                   1

44   FS      Michael Mcwhorter      Akron                2037 UFA                    5

50   C        Thomas Kline              Purdue              2036 UFA                    11

52   LB       James Perez              Georgia Tech    2037 UFA                     8

53   LB       David Ferguson          Houston            2035 UFA                     5

57   LB       Jesse Vanetta            Syracuse            2036 Draft                   1

58   LB       Kenneth Green           Boise State        2037 UFA                    6

59   C         Richard Owca             Purdue              2036 UFA                    5 

61   OT      Geoffrey Mcalister       Connecticut      2032 Draft                    5

62   DT      John Wyandt                Houston           2036 Draft                    1

63   DE      James Nelson              Arizona State   2035 UFA                     10

64   OT      Leonard Sarelas          Missouri           2037 UFA                     4

65   LS       Edmond Zych              Notre Dame     2037 UFA                     1

66   OT      Matthew Miller             Texas Tech      2036 UFA                     4

67   G        Oscar Yoshiyama         Mississippi St.  2035 Draft                    2

68   DE      Joseph Snyder             Villanova           2026 Draft                   11

69   G        Frank Jones                  Penn State       2035 UFA                    7

71   OT      Julian Schiaffino            Miami              2035 Draft                    2

72   C         Kyle Mandel                  USC                2037 UFA                    2

73   DE       Robert Buseck              Illinois              2036 UFA                   8

75   DE       Daniel Ortiz                   Tulane            2037 UFA                    1

77   OT       Daniel Doxie                  Miami             2037 Draft               Rookie

78   G         Donald Solarski             Arizona State  2036 UFA                    7

79   DT       Luis Spratte                  Georgia Tech  2037 UFA                     3

81   WR      Jeff Munoz                    Georgetown    2037 UFA                     3

84   HB       Roy Nersesian              Clemson          2036 UFA                     8

85   TE        Alan Isbell                   Michigan State  2036 Draft                    1

88   TE        Stephen Mayen          South Carolina  2037 UFA                     5

89   WR       Norman Bennett         Boise State        2029 Draft                    8

91   LB         Henry Ballesteros      California            2037 Draft               Rookie

92   DT         Anthony Williams       Hawaii                2031 Draft                    6

94   LB         Nathaniel Fitch           Texas Tech       2035 UFA                     2

95   DT        Eric Parmer                 UCF                  2037 Draft                Rookie

98   LB        Matthew Edwards        Wisconsin         2037 UFA                     9

99   LB        Corey Sorenson           Mississippi       2036 UFA                     6


*roster will be updated as/if any final changes are made


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Bison Announce Major Re-signing

   The Bison, who have $26M in remaining salary cap for 2037, have announced a 4 year extension to Bret Marquez's deal. Marquez will remain on his $910k salary for this season, will have a $7.06M base in 2038, $8.325M in 2039, $9.97M in 2040, and $11.79M in 2041. His bonus in each year from 2038-41 will be $1.945M. The extension seems to be affordable for the long term, as cutting Marquez would be most expensive in 2038, at just $7.78M in dead money but would be able to save $1.225M in 2038 in the worst year of the deal. Of course, the Bison don't plan on releasing Marquez for the foreseeable future. The Bison are left with $40M in salary funds in 2038, $75M in 2039, and almost $95M in 2040.

   The move diminishes players in contract years to just 15 players. 


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2037 Oklahoma City Bison Regular Season Schedule

Week         Opponent                             Projected Winner (Spread)          Bison Proj. Record

1                 at Tijuana Bales                    Bales (5)                                                  0-1

2                 vs Tampa Bay Sun Devils     Bison (1)                                                  1-1

3                 at Harrisburg Cougars          n/a (Pick)                                                  1-1-1

4                 at Alabama Slammers          Slammers (5)                                            1-2-1

5                 vs The Marvels                     Marvels (0.5)                                             1-3-1

6                 vs New Orleans Gators        Bison (3)                                                     2-3-1

7                 vs New York Giants              Bison (4)                                                     3-3-1

8                 at Goshen Blue Collars        Blue Collars (4)                                           3-4-1

9                 at Toronto Tiger Cats           Tiger Cats (7)                                             3-5-1

10               at Tampa Bay Sun Devils     Sun Devils (3)                                             3-6-1

11               vs Philadelphia Eagles          Bison (1)                                                     4-6-1

12               vs Brampton Steal Yo Girls   n/a (Pick)                                                     4-6-2

13               vs Alabama Slammers          Slammers (1.5)                                           4-7-2

14               vs Ft. Lauderdale Fluties      Fluties (2)                                                    4-8-2

15               at Manawa Allblack              Allblack (2)                                                   4-9-2

16               at New York Giants              n/a (Pick)                                                      4-9-3


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Post-Preseason Transactions

Signed                        Yrs Pro            Contract                                

LB James Perez              8                    1yr, $4.35M, $150kGTD

WR Robert Ilalio              5                     3yr, $9.385M, $705kGTD

WR Steven Green           8                     3yr, $8.92M, $195kGTD

Released                    Yrs Pro

DT Daryl Hutchinson       2

C   Thomas Kline            11

TE Stephen Mayen         5


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2037 Oklahoma City Bison Depth Chart

Pos            1                       2                           3                            4                

QB              Marquez          Stewart

RB              Mccarthy          Baker                    Thurby

HB              Nersesian        Harvey

WR             Bennett            Green                    Ilalio

WR             Munoz             Livingston               Mckenzie

TE              Isbell                 Harvey                  Nersesian

LT              Miller                 Mcalister               Doxie 

LG             Solarski             Yoshiyama

C               Owca                 Mandel                  Zych

RG            Jones                 Yoshiyama

RT             Sarelas              Schiaffino


LE              Snyder              Nelson

LDT           Wyandt              Spratte

NT             Parmer              Spratte

RDT          Williams             Spratte

RE            Buseck               Ortiz

WLB         Sorenson           Perez                    Ferguson              Vanetta

MLB         Ballesteros         Perez                    Green                   Vanetta

SLB          Edwards            Perez                    Ferguson               Vanetta

CB            Devor                Delacruz                Ross

CB            Mcconnell         Corbett

NKL          Delacruz           Corbett                    Ross

FS            Silverman         Mcwhorter               Rumbley

SS            Mcdaniel          Delpozo                   Rumbley


K              Camburn

P              Moore

LS            Zych

KR           Mccarthy            Thurby                    Baker                     Mckenzie

PR           Baker                  Mccarthy                Thurby                   Mckenzie


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2037 Roster Cut News

   The 2037 cut to 53 came and went, and a few surprises happened. One of the most notable was the release of rookie first round pick OT Thomas Sutton (19th overall, Missouri) by the Alabama Slammers. Sutton could be a solid right tackle in the league some day, and could draw interest from the Bison.

   Former Bison receiver Robert Dyer was released by the Atlantis Tsunamis. Dyer is one of the top current free agent receivers, along with recently released Robert Ilalio. Ilalio could be brought back to the Bison on a more team-friendly deal.

   Finally, highly-rated receiver Steven Green was also released by the Tsunamis. The Bison thought very highly of Green and tried to sign him, and now are expected to make a run at him, as they have a thin receiving corps. 


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Week 1 League News

   The Oklahoma City Bison announced two signings shortly before their game. WR Robert Ilalio will return to the team on a three year deal, and WR Steven Green also joins on a 3 year deal. TE Stephen Mayen and C Thomas Kline were both cut to make room for the two receivers.

   Free agent rookie 1st round pick OT Thomas Sutton agreed to a 4 year, $16M deal with the Ft. Lauderdale Fluties. Sutton was the 19th overall pick in the draft, and will make $12M in guarantees.  


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Week 1 Recap

   The Oklahoma City Bison got off to a hot start in Tijuana, but two 4th quarter-comeback touchdown passes by Bales QB Marcus Jenkins put the nail in the coffin, sending the Bison to 0-1.

   Offensively, it was a great day for Bison QB Bret Marquez, who went 28-40 (70%) for 274 yards and two touchdowns. (He also threw an interception, and was sacked 4 times). Starting receivers Jeff Munoz and Norman Bennett went off, with Munoz catching 9 passes for 118 yards, and Bennett catching 6 for 52 and 2 TDs. Willie Livingston caught 5 for 50 with a drop. Alan Isbell was held to 3 grabs for 25 yards, and Leonard Harvey added a 7 yard reception. 

   The ground game was limited for the Bison. Gerald Mccarthy managed 43 yards on 10 carries, Marquez rushed 3 times for 9 yards, and Sean Thurby added a 6 yard carry. Jimmy Baker and Roy Nersesian combined for 6 yards on 4 carries. 

   Defensively, Henry Ballesteros had a hell of a debut. 9 tackles, 1 tackle for loss, a forced fumble, and half a sack for 10 yards. Christopher Silverman added 9 tackles, and Robert Buseck added 5 tackles, a tackle for loss, and 2.5 sacks for 19 yards. John Wyandt, who had once tackle and one tackle for loss, added a 4 yard fumble recovery and a pass deflection.

   Billie Devor and Brian Mcconnell had 7 and 6 GCOV, respectively. The rest of the defensive backfield struggled mightily.

   Michael Camburn had a great game, going 2-2 on FGs and XPs. Eddie Moore did not have such a great day, averaging only 42.5 yards per punt over 4 punts, with a 38.5 NET.

   The Bales were led by QB Marcus Jenkins, who finished 21-28 for 254 yards and 3TDs, adding 3 yards on 3 carries. George Steinberg carried 21 times for 78 yards (3.71AVG). Alan Pizzolato caught 6 passes for 59 yards and 3TDs, and Timothy Laplaca added 7 catches for 75 yards. 4 different Bales players had sacks, inclurding former Bison DE Terry Pimental. Reggie Heiken had 11GCOV and a pick, and Kenny Gattas had 7GCOV. Former Bison punter Everett Helm had a 46AVG and NET on 3 punts. 


Team Stats                              Bison          @        Bales

Pass Yards                              274                          254

Yards Per Completion            9.78                       12.09

Yards Per Pass                       6.85                         9.07

Rush Yards                                64                            93

Yards Per Rush                      3.55                         3.32

Offensive Plays                         62                            59

NET Yards                               310                            333

Yards Per Play                        5.00                         5.64

Points                                         20                            21


Bison Media Player of the Game: LB Henry Ballesteros

Bison Media Rival of the Game: WR Alan Pizzolato


Position Grades

QB: A-

RB: B-

WR: A+


OL: C+

DL: B-




FS: B-

SS: C-

K: A

P: F

KR: Incomplete

PR: Incomplete


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2037 Around the League Week 1

   Today we're introducing a segment called "Around the League with Billy Dunne," hosted by current free agent and fromer Bison receiver Billy Dunne, as well as being co-hosted by current free agent and former Bison players. Around the League highlights any major upsets (based on point spread) or major stats, and crowns the league's top performances of each week. Hosts can change at a moments notice, as most will be current free agents, at least for the time being. This year's current hosts are Co-host 2035 Bison QB Joseph Thomas, Co-host 2035-36 Bison TE Francisco Thomas, and extra/field reporter 2035-36 Bison WR Robert Dyer. Let's head to the studio.



   DUNNE: We've got a great, action packed first episode in store, grab a beverage, sit back and unwind, we'll have it all, coming up right after these messages.




(Audience clapping)

   DUNNE: Thank you, thank you. You know, every player has to decide when to hang up their cleats. Everyone here on Around the League has played in the league, and all of us have had the fortunate chance to play right here in Oklahoma. We've got a lot in store today, but first let's get to the upset report with the Thomases, Joseph and Big Franky!


   J.THOMAS: Thanks Billy! Franky, we've got three games to talk about, which one should we start with?

   F.THOMAS: You know Joe, I like to save the best for last. While it's hard to see who exactly is the best at this point in the season, I have a pretty good idea with who I'm going with, so let's start off at the "bottom" and work our way up.

   J.THOMAS: Can do, first up it's the Kansas city Chiefs at the Rimmington Redskins.

   F.THOMAS: Rimmington came in as 4 point favorites... don't grin at me like that, you know because I mentioned them that they lost. (laughing)

   J.THOMAS: I can't help it, I don't know if I'm smiling because of the way you said it, or the fact that I'm still in disbelief that the Chiefs won. Redskins QB Brandon Robinson went 25-37 for 280, a TD, and a pick, but he was matched pretty evenly by Chiefs QB John Delgado, who went 24-32 for 276 with a TD and a pick. The biggest difference was the ground game. 

   F.THOMAS: Definitely! The Chiefs managed just 75 yards on 24 carries. The Redskins O-Line and TEs, they were opening up holes all day! John Harris finished with 131 yards on 26 carries, and the team finished with 154 on 37! But I think the biggest factor was that, while Harris and the 'Skins were dominating the ground battle, the Chiefs were holding them off of the scoreboard. 

   J.THOMAS: Very much so. Eight different guys made at least 4 tackles, led by Roger Dollison, who had 8. That, and while the Chiefs weren't picking up yards on the ground, they were moving ahead via punt return. Alexander Carillo? 57 yards on three punt returns. They also had two different kickers combine for 3-4 on FGs, which was enough to give them the win, the Chiefs scoring all of their points in the second half.

   F.THOMAS: The final score? K.C. Chiefs 16, Rimmington Redskins 13. Who do we have next?

   J.THOMAS: We have the Atlantis Tsunamis-Harrisburg Cougars game...

   F.THOMAS: Who are you trying to trick? Me? Nah, anyone with half a brain-

   J.THOMAS: Concussion jokes? 

   F.THOMAS: No, no, no! AS I was saying, anyone who pays any attention knows the Tsunamis should have won this game. They were favored by 6! 

   J.THOMAS: If they were favored by 6, I can't wait to see who your #1 upset is.

   F.THOMAS: Would you let me do my job? We'll get to it! Anyway, this was just a game where one team came out flat, and the other team was ready and energetic. 

   J.THOMAS: There were a lot of turnovers, weren't there...

   F.THOMAS: Quite a few. I'm sure you remember days like this that you had in your career.

   J.THOMAS: Oh, I'm not so sure about that. At least not like the Atlantis guy had. Derek Chumley went 25-42 for 266, and 2TDs, but he had four interceptions! FOUR!

   F.THOMAS: How'd the other guy do?

   J.THOMAS: Christopher Henson? Well, I'm not sure if most people know this, but Chris and I are pretty good friends. Chris was the second overall pick way back in 2025, wow, that makes me look old. I don't want to come off sounding jealous, but there's just a reason guys our age aren't it the league right now. His best days are behind him, and he had an average day. 23-33, 247, 2TD, 2INT.

   F.THOMAS: Neither team really got off the ground. 

   J.THOMAS: No, you're right Franky, unless you think 34 carries for 113 yards is great, the timeshare of Chadwick Carney and Rodney Wilkinson doesn't look that great.

   F.THOMAS: I think the biggest factor was receiving. Atlantis was led by Shawn Graves, who had 9 receptions for 87 yards and a couple of scores. Other than him, only a few average receiving days.

   J.THOMAS: And then you had Harrisburg passing it around, getting TD catches by Clark Hewitt and Rick Connors, and an 8 reception, 102 yard day by David Bobo. Crazy. 

   F.THOMAS: Harrisburg won this game 28-20 despite the 6 point spread. Good thing I'm not a betting man.

   J.THOMAS: Good thing I'm not either, I picked you as my tight end in fantasy this year.

   F.THOMAS: Are you kidding me?! I took my boy Alan Isbell in the 3rd round. 

   J.THOMAS: A whole lot of good that's done for you so far.

   F.THOMAS: ANYWAY, guessssss whatttt time it is?!

   J.THOMAS: Time for our segment to be done?

   F.THOMAS: Nope, time for my NUMBER ONE UPSET!!! We've got the L.A. Rams taking on the Chicago Governors, with Chi-town favored by 4. And what's really going to blow your mind is that L.A. was sooooo dominant.

   J.THOMAS: Scott New had a hell of a game. 17-25, for 209 and 2TDs and a pick? Not bad at all for a 2nd year player getting his first real playing time. 

   F.THOMAS: I was leaning towards the ground game. Kenneth Smith 26-99, Henry Myers 8-32, Antonio Sanchez 2-15 and a touchdown!

   J.THOMAS: The Governors only managed 34 rushing yards all game!

   F.THOMAS: I know! Matthew Lederman was a big part of that, getting 7 tackles and 3 tackles for loss!

   J.THOMAS: Final in this one?

   F.THOMAS: Rams 27, Governors 13, Governors originally by 4!!!!

   J: THOMAS: Calm down, Franky! Billy, back to you!


   DUNNE: Thanks Joseph and Franky! Right now, we'll take a break, but when we come back, we'll have field reporter Robert Dyer and a special Oklahoma City Bison guest, live from Tijuana to help break down the week's Top 5 Performances!


   DUNNE: We're back on Around the League, I'm your host Billy Dunne. Now as we all know, the Bison nearly won in Tijuana, and the Bales were favored to win by 4 points, and only won 21-20. I'm sure they just missed out on Franky's list of upsets. Now speaking of Tijuana, we had an audience member here at The Prairie Sports Bar & Grill ask what it's like as a player to be going to a place where some would love to vacation, and to answer the question we have Bison Media Player of the Week Henry Ballesteros, along with our own field reporter Robert Dyer. Robert, Henry.

   DYER: Hey Billy. Henry, Billy and I have our own answers to this, but I'm going to ask you since you're a rookie and people want to hear about life from current players. 


   DYER: Alright, what's a week like when you have to go to a place, a place that might be a popular destination, full of distraction, for a player?

   BALLESTEROS: Well, I just approach it like I would any other week. I was born in San Diego, and went to college at Cal. We have beautiful places throughout California, so while Tijuana was great, it wasn't anything that was going to prevent me from showing up my best. Being from the west coast, I'm still used to Pacific time, so I wasn't shook at all. As a rookie who doesn't quite know the playbook yet, I spend a lot of time with coaches and older vets studying, and while you have to take a break and have some down time, you also have to keep thinking to yourself, "I'm a professional athlete, all eyes are on me if I do something good, or if I do something stupid." This is my job. I have February, March, April to be doing what I want, but no matter where I am, from May through January, I'm on the clock. 

   DYER: Truly a professional answer. Alright Henry, let's get down to business. We have to recap the Top 5 Passing, Rushing, Receiving, Defensive, and Special Teams performances of the week, in no particular order. 

   BALLESTEROS: Sounds awesome, let's do it.

   DYER: Alright, passing... there were some good performances this week, and I'll let you have them, since you might feel strongly about at least one of them.

   BALLESTEROS: I certainly do. Right off the bat, the QB that we faced, Marcus Jenkins. (Audience boos). Now, now, he's a great guy, and I certainly thought he was one of the best players on the field. He's a leader, and he was rallying his team the entire time, always making them keep their heads up. He went 21-28 for 254 and 3TDs on us, which, while it's not acceptable as a member of the Bison, is impressive to me, considering we have such great guys in our defensive backfield.

   DYER: Brandon Galloway, the 2036 #1 overall pick?

   BALLESTEROS: I've definitely heard of him, he led the Toronto Tiger Cats to a league championship last year as a rookie, and while I didn't see much footage of his game today, I'm excited to watch it. He's the reason we got Marqy-

   DYER: QB Bret Marquez, to those at home.

   BALLESTEROS: Yeah, Marqy, he's only on our team because the Tiger Cats picked Galloway.

   DYER: Galloway finished 21-25, for 216 and 3TD, no picks.

   BALLESTEROS: Wow. I'm not surprised at all.

   DYER: #3, Edward Herrington. I don't know how much you know about him, so I'll talk about him. The Chicago Coyotes QB, he went 19-30, for 252 and 2TD, with no picks. 

   BALLESTEROS: I really don't know much about him, but that sounds like a pretty good day.

   DYER: Billy Hoffman of Ft. Lauderdale went 34-49 for 442, 3TD, and 2INT.

   BALLESTEROS: Again I'm not surprised. In college once we shared a hotel with them in Chicago, because we were playing at Northwestern, and they were at a Chicago team. I don't know much about Hoffman, but I know they pass the ball A LOT. They were always passing, passing passing passing, outside the hotel from morning to their curfew.

   DYER: Last but not least, Charles Mahoney, Cincinnati Shrugging Atlases, 22-33, 270, 2TD, no INT.

   BALLESTEROS: Again, another good day it sounds like. I'd ask where Marqy is on this list, but I guess there weren't many interceptions on the list, except Hoffman who threw for 400 yards. 

   DYER: Next is running backs. Not much to talk about, one clear dominant performance.

   BALLESTEROS: Am I reading this right? Some guy ran for 154 yards on 29 carries?

   DYER: Yep, The Marvels runningback Christopher Schneider. He had 2 TDs, too. Other good outings included Redskins' John Harris, who had 26 for 131 and no, Eagles' Douglas Porter, 21-106 and one, Marauders' Ronald Threatt, 25-120 and one, and Allblack Ronald Teitsort, who went for 90 and two scores on 19. 

   BALLESTEROS: Those all sound like solid days. That Schneider number still has me at a loss for words though... I can't wait to face him.

   DYER: That's the spirit! Up next is receiving. Fluties' Clarence Cronin caught 11 passes for 143 yards and 2TDs, Marvels' Jesse Richards went 6-156 and 1, Gary Mcdonald of Brampton had 7-120 and one, and Shawn Graves of Atlantis had 9-87 and 2. 

   BALLESTEROS: That's only four receivers.

   DYER: Yup, there's a certain guy that I assume you know about.

   BALLESTEROS: ...the Pizza guy?

   DYER: Pizzolato, Alan Pizzolato. Care to talk about his 6-60 and 3TD performance against the Bison?

   BALLESTEROS: He seems like a good player, and he must be, because I think our secondary is one of the best in the league. I also think Marcus Jenkins had a lot to do with those TDs, though. They both deserve credit.

   DYER: Defense, next.

   BALLESTEROS: Am I on this list?

   DYER: You did have a great game, but unfortunately no.

   BALLESTEROS: Bobby Buseck better be on here then!

   DYER: Of course he is! 5 tackles, a tackle for loss, 2.5 sacks totaling 20 yards-

   BALLESTEROS: I'm not one to brag, but I had that half sack with him.

   DYER: I think your play spoke for itself, allowing you to brag. Brampton had Tyler Molinski get 17 tackles and one for a loss, Kenneth Smith of The Marvels had 8 tackles, 2 for loss, and 3 sacks for 8 yards, fellow Marvel Richard Harrison had 3 tackles, 3 GCOV, 2 passes defensed, and two picks for 49 yards and a touchdown, and the Governors Charles Rodarte had 12 tackles, 3 for a loss. Special teams, Tampa Bay kicker Alphonse Hilgeman drilled a 57 yarder, Graham Bullies punter Dewey Engen had 6 punts for 298 yards, a 49.7 average, Goshen Blue Collar Luis Joyce had a 49.6 average on 5 punts, Chiefs returner Alexander Carillo had 3 punt returns for 57 yards, and Allblack kicker Alva Cochran nailed a 50 yarder. Hang with me Henry, we'll go back to Billy now.

   DUNNE: Thanks Henry and Robert! Wow, Henry Ballesteros is a great kid, and I hope we have him on for more episodes in the future. Now, Ballesteros means "crossbowmen" in Spanish. At Cal, they started calling him "The Weapon" before they realized that wasn't necessarily a good thing to be calling him on a school campus. Lately he's been referred to as "Bowling Ball"esteros, because of his stature and his ability to knock down runningbacks like pins. We'll be back with "Bowling Ball"esteros and the rest of the crew after this quick message.


   DUNNE: We're back, and we're ready to crown our favorite dominant players as a panel. Joining me at The Prairie Bar and Grill inside Bison Stadium are my co-hosts Joseph and "Franky" Francisco Thomas, and by live feed from Tijuana field reporter Robert Dyer, and guest Henry Ballesteros.


Award        DUNNE                      J.THOMAS                F.THOMAS         DYER                   GUEST

PASS         Brandon Galloway     Edward Herrington    Marcus Jenkins    Galloway        Jenkins

RUSH         Christopher Schneider  Schneider              Schneider             Schneider        Schneider

REC           Jesse Richards           Richards                   Clarence Cronin   Cronin               Alan Pizzolato

DEF            Kenneth Smith             Richard Harrison      Smith                   Tyler Molinski   Robert Buseck

ST               Dewey Engen             Alphonse Hilgeman  Hilgeman              Hilgeman        Hilgeman

MVP            Kenneth Smith            Christopher Schneider  Schneider       Schneider       Marcus Jenkins      

UPSET        Harrisburg Cougars    L.A. Rams                  L.A. Rams           Cougars          Rams   


   DUNNE: Looking ahead at next week, Franky, which teams seem to have a chance to end up on your Upset Report?

   F.THOMAS: There are only two point spreads of 4 or more this week, Cincy Shrugging Atlases at Pennsylvania Posse, with the Posse favored by 4, and the Oakland Raiders at the Graham Bullies, Bullies by 6. Anything to add, Joseph?

   J.THOMAS: There are also three 3 point games right now. Atlantis by three hosting Trenton, Alabama by 3 at the Giants, and Tijuana by 3 hosting The Marvels. 

   DUNNE: Any words on what this next week will be like, Henry? Your first home game, and favored by one against the Tampa Bay Sun Devils...

   BALLESTEROS: We're going to approach every week like we're going to go 1-0. It's a long week, but I'm sure it will go by fast. They're a team getting better, so it's nice to look forward to competition.

   DUNNE: We'll take a quick look at the standings, and then we'll wrap it up. The Bison are 0-1, and are projected to win 7.5 games this season, second in the division only to the 1-0 Alabama Slammers, who should win 8.4. 0-1 Tampa Bay is set to win 3.5, and the Giants seem doomed to being 0-16. We'll take a quick commercial break, and then we'll be back.


   DUNNE: From Joseph Thomas, Big Franky Thomas, Robert Dyer, and special guest Henry Ballesteros, I'm Billy Dunne, and this has been Around the League with Billy Dunne! If you're here live at The Prairie Sports Bar and Grill in Bison Stadium, I'd like to thank you for coming out! If you want to join us at Around the League here at The Prairie, we'll be broadcasting live after the game weekly, home or away, postseason, regular season, or next year, preseason. Thanks for watching, from all of us at Around the League! Your local news is next!


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Weeks 2-4 Recap

Week 2 Tampa Bay Sun Devils at Oklahoma City Bison

   The Bison played a poor game offensively, and while Henry Ballesteros continued to dominate, the rest of the defense just couldn't hold up. Bret Marquez finished with a very sad outing, going 14-28 for 158 yards and two interceptions. Gerald Mccarthy managed just 44 yards on 13 carries  (an average of 3.38). Norman Bennett had a strong 5 reception, 59 yard performance, Steven Green finished 3 for 42, and Alan Isbell finished 2 for 32. Justin Mcdaniel returned a Chris Silverman forced fumble for 45 yards. Ballesteros had 13 tackles with 2 for a loss, while Silverman, Bille Devor, and Brian Mcconnell all finished with 7 tackles each. Devor had 8 GCOV and 4 passes defensed. Michael Camburn finished making a lone field goal. The Bison kick return game was strong. Sean Thurby had one return for 30, Mccarthy returned 3 for 44, and Norman Bennett returned one for 35. Eddie Moore had a 48.8 average, but only had a 39.6 NET.

   Sun Devil QB Eugene Oddo had an average game, going 20/31 for 257 and a TD. The Bison held George Burton to a 3.53 average over 26 carries, and held Michael Burton and Joel Hoskins to 35 yards and a touchdown on 15 carries. Alphonse Hilgeman finished 3/4 on field goals. Punter Bryan Brooks finished with a 47.25 average. 


Team Stats                              Bison          vs        Sun Devils

Pass Yards                              158                          257

Yards Per Completion          11.28                       12.85

Yards Per Pass                       5.64                         8.29

Rush Yards                                50                           140

Yards Per Rush                      3.12                         3.04

Offensive Plays                         47                            77

NET Yards                               201                            397

Yards Per Play                        4.27                         5.15

Points                                           3                            30


Bison Media Player of the Game: LB Henry Ballesteros


Bison Media Rival of the Game: RB George Burton


Week 3 Oklahoma City Bison at Harrisburg Cougars

   The Bison put together one of the best defensive games possible, shutting down Harrisburg. Bret Marquez had an MVP-like game, going 27/40 for 252, 4TDs, and no picks, also carrying 4 times for 22 yards. Gerald Mccarthy gained 42 on 8, Jimmy Baker 39 on 6, and Leonard Harvey 15 on 5. Norman Bennett caught 7 for 55 and 2TDs, Willie Livingston went 7 for 54 and 1TD, and Alan Isbell added 46 and a TD on 4 receptions.

   Henry Ballesteros dominated defensively again, posting 9 tackles, 1 forced fumble, one recovery, and one 29 yard fumble return for a TD. Corey Sorenson and Matthew Edwards both finished with 6 tackles on the outside. Robert Buseck finished with a sack, a fumble recovery (forced by John Wyandt) which was returned 5 yards for a TD, and a tackle. Eric Parmer and Joseph Snyder also each had a sack.  Brian Mcconnell finished with 7 GCOV, and Billie Devor 6. Michael Camburn finished 1/1 on FGs and 6/6 on XPs. Eddie Moore only managed 41 yards per punt (34.66NET) over three punts. 

   The Cougars only had one decent performance, as RB Chadwick Carney carried for 88 yards on 20 carries.

Team Stats                              Bison          at        Cougars

Pass Yards                              252                          160

Yards Per Completion           9.33                       11.42

Yards Per Pass                       6.30                         5.92

Rush Yards                              134                           123

Yards Per Rush                      5.15                         4.24

Offensive Plays                         68                            59

NET Yards                               369                            265

Yards Per Play                        5.42                         4.49

Points                                         45                              6


Bison Media Player of the Game: QB Bret Marquez


Bison Media Rival of the Game: RB Chadwick Carney


Week 4 Oklahoma City Bison at Alabama Slammers

   The Bison played a great team close, losing only because of field positioning allowing the much-favored Slammers to kick in 5 field goals. Offensively, Bret Marquez gave it his best shot, going 23/36 for 261, a TD, and a pick. Gerald Mccarthy added 57 rushing yards on 11 carries. Norman Bennett and Steven Green dominated offensively, combining for 13 receptions, 167 yards, and a TD. Henry Ballesteros finished with 10 tackles, and Robert Buseck had 5 tackles with 4 sacks. Brian Mcconnell had 11 GCOV, and Billie Devor added 8. Eddie Moore had a 48.00 AVG. From these stats, it would appear the Bison had won.

   The Slammers finished with just one offensive touchdown, and they struggled offensively. No players had real standout performances, though David Wild had 13GCOV, and a pick for 34 yards. Robert Moreno was 5/5 on FGs, and made his extra point.


Team Stats                              Bison          at        Slammers

Pass Yards                              261                          250

Yards Per Completion          11.34                       12.50

Yards Per Pass                       7.25                         8.33

Rush Yards                                73                             87

Yards Per Rush                      4.56                         3.10

Offensive Plays                         55                            63

NET Yards                               324                            308

Yards Per Play                        5.89                         4.88

Points                                         14                            22


Bison Media Player of the Game: DE Robert Buseck


Bison Media Rival of the Game: K Robert Moreno


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2037 League Quarterly  Report - First Edition

Democratic Conference Standings

1. Pennsylvania Posse (4-0)

2. Toronto Tiger Cats (3-1)

3. Trenton Revolution (3-1)

4. Kansas city Chiefs (3-1)

5. Munster Hodors (2-1-1)

6. Oakland Raiders (2-2)

Graham Bulles (2-2)

Chicago Governors (2-2)

New Orleans Gators (2-2) 

Long Island Lunatics (1-2-1)

Cincinnati Shrugging Atlases (1-3)

Rimmington Redskins (1-3)

Brampton Steal Yo Girls (1-3)

Los Angeles Rams (1-3)

Harrisburg Cougars (1-3)

Atlantis Tsunamis (0-4)


Republican Conference

1 Alabama Slammers (4-0)

2 Goshen Blue Collars (3-1)

3 Ft. Lauderdale Fluties (3-1)

4 Tijuana Bales (3-1)

5 New Orleans Marauders (3-1)

6 Burthorpe Badiaks (2-2)

The Marvels (2-2)

Philadelphia Eagles (2-2)

Tampa Bay Sun Devils (2-2)

Chicago Coyotes (2-2)

Manawa Allblack (2-2)

New York Giants (2-2)

Compton Calzones (2-2)

Oklahoma City Bison (1-3)

Indiana Aces (1-3)

London Horde (1-3)


League Power Rankings

1 Toronto Tiger Cats

2 Trenton Revolution

3 Goshen Blue Collars

4 Ft. Lauderdale Fluties

5 Alabama Slammers

6 Burthorpe Badiaks

7 New Orleans Marauders

8 Pennsylvania Posse

9 Tijuana Bales

10 The Marvels

11 Kansas city Chiefs

12 Philadelphia Eagles

13 Graham Bullies

14 Cincinnati Shrugging Atlases

15 Oklahoma City Bison

16 Munster Hodors

17 Long Island Lunatics

18 Tampa Bay Sun Devils

19 Chicago Coyotes

20 Oakland Raiders

21 Rimmington Redskins

22 Chicago Governors

23 Manawa Allblack

24 New Orleans Gators

25 Indiana Aces

26 New York Giants

27 Atlantis Tsunamis

28 London Horde

29 Brampton Steal Yo Girls

30 Compton Calzones

31 Los Angeles Rams

32 Harrisburg Cougars


League Awards Races


Brandon Galloway, Toronto Tiger Cats, 10TDs, 0INTs, 1088Yds 139.5 Rating

Billy Hoffman, Ft. Lauderdale Fluties, 10TDs, 6INTs, 1397Yds 98.8 Rating

Marcus Jenkins, Tijuana Bales, 7TDs, 0INTs, 919Yds, 129.5 Rating

Victor Williard, Goshen Blue Collars, 7TDs, 0INTs, 123.9 Rating

Juan Christaldi, Alabama Slammers, 7TDs, 0INTs, 112.5 Rating


James Robinette, Toronto Tiger Cats, 5TD, 108YPG, 5.4AVG, 0Fmbl

Ronald Threatt, New Orleans Marauders, 3TD, 115.8YPG, 5.3AVG, 1Fmbl

Dennis Hamic, Goshen Blue Collars, 2TD, 106.3YPG, 4.7AVG, 0Fmbl

Christopher Schneider, The Marvels, 2TD, 93.8YPG, 4.3AVG, 0Fmbl

Christopher Weinberg, Alabama Slammers, 1TD, 90.3YPG, 5.5AVG, 2Fmbl


James Galioto, Trenton Revolution, 117YPG, 4TD, 0Drops

Michael Koska, Toronto Tiger Cats, 105.5YPG, 5TD, 0Drops

Joel Brandenburg, Graham Bullies, 95.8YPG, 3TD, 1Drop

Henry Scoggins, Ft. Lauderdale Fluties, 94.0YPG, 4TD, 1Drop

Alan Pizzolato, Tijuana Bales, 83.5YPG, 5TD, 0Drops


Charles Rodarte, Chicago Governors, 50 tackles, 1 sack

Robert Gordon, Burthorpe Badiaks, 44 tackles, 1 sack

Joseph Laffin, Graham Bullies, 38 tackles, 3 sacks

Murray Burgos, New Orleans Gators, 37 tackles, 3 sacks

Henry Ballesteros, Oklahoma City Bison, 41 tackles, 0.5 sacks


Antony Martin, Indiana Aces, 12 tackles, 8 sacks, 41 yards

Robert Buseck, Oklahoma City Bison, 11 tackles, 7.5 sacks, 56 yards

Marcus Gualdoni, Tijuana Bales, 22 tackles, 5 sacks, 25 yards

Willie Fitch, Burthorpe Badiaks, 14 tackles, 5 sacks, 37 yards

Robert Schaner, Goshen Blue Collars, 7 tackles, 5 sacks, 36 yards


Jorge Dwyer, Chicago Governors, 12 tackles, 6 sacks, 25 yards

Ernest Jones, Trenton Revolution, 11 tackles, 5 sacks, 18 yards

Gerard Johnson, London Horde, 9 tackles, 5 sacks, 18 yards

Richard Austin, Rimmington Redskins, 17 tackles, 3 sacks, 16 yards

Kenneth Smith, The Marvels, 17 tackles, 3 sacks, 8 yards


George Mcdearmon, Harrisburg Cougars, 45GCOV, 3PDEF, 1INT, 39INTYDs

John Youkhana, Trenton Revolution, 39GCOV, 8PDEF, 1INT, 2INTYDS

Jorge Arvantis, Munster Hodors, 35GCOV, 2INT, 19INTYds


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2037 First Quarter- Bison Remaining Schedule

Week         Game                                    Proj. Winner (Spread)                    Projected Bison Record

5                 vs The Marvels                     Marvels (7.5)                                             1-4

6                 vs New Orleans Gators        Bison (9)                                                     2-4

7                 vs New York Giants              Bison (4)                                                     3-4

8                 at Goshen Blue Collars        Blue Collars (13)                                           3-5

9                 at Toronto Tiger Cats           Tiger Cats (15)                                             3-6

10               at Tampa Bay Sun Devils     Sun Devils (1)                                             3-7

11               vs Philadelphia Eagles          Eagles (4)                                                   3-8

12               vs Brampton Steal Yo Girls   Bison (9)                                                     4-8

13               vs Alabama Slammers          Slammers (9.5)                                           4-9

14               vs Ft. Lauderdale Fluties      Fluties (10.5)                                               4-10

15               at Manawa Allblack              Allblack (4)                                                   4-11

16               at New York Giants              n/a (Pick)                                                      4-11-1


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2037 Quarterly Report - First Quarter of the Year Bison Team Stats


PPG 20.5

YPG 301.00

Plays/Gm 58.00

RushYPG 80.25

PassYPG 236.25

SacksAld/Gm 3.00

SackYds/Gm 15.50



PPG 19.8

YPG 321.50

Plays/Gm 64.50

RushYPG 110.75

PassYPG 230.25

Sacks/Gm 2.75

SackYds/Gm 19.50


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2037 First Quarter Collegiate Report

   Currently, no elite QB is in this draft class, but there could be a few gems. QBs from Ruthers, Middle Tennessee State, Tennessee, LSU, and BYU are competing for top American QB, and Harold Chung of Calgary is the front runner for Canadian Player of the Year. A Boston College running back leads the Heisman race, and is above most players by a long shot. Nebraska-Omaha has a talented running back, and perhaps THE most talented receiver in the upcoming draft. 

   At first glance, this is NOT the year to be in the market for a DE. However, two stud DTs headline a weak D-Line group. Overall, this is a weak draft top to bottom, with only average CBs, S, and LBs at the top of their positions. It will take extreme scouting to find hidden gems, or any talent, in this one.


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Week 5 Recap The Marvel at Oklahoma City Bison 

   Christopher Schneider ran wild at Oklahoma City, but a 4th quarter comeback to tie, and a Matthew Edwards 55 yard walk-off fumble return for a touchdown in overtime spoiled The Marvels day. 

   Bret Marquez did his best to live up to the hype of Marvels QB Michael Crickenberger, a potential MVP. Marquez finished 32/47 for 323 yards, 2TDs, and no interceptions, and was only sacked once. Gerald Mccarthy managed a 4.31 average on 16 carries, and scored twice on the ground. Jimmy Baker also scored on one of his five carries, which he racked up 21 yards with. Alan Isbell had a dominant game as he looked like a Pro Bowler once again, hauling in 8 passes for 69 yards and two scores. Norman Bennett finished with 8 for 98, and Steven Green had 8 for 94. Defensively, Henry Ballesteros dominated again, with 14 tackles. Billie Devor had 8GCOV, and Brian Mcconnell added 7. Michael Camburn finished 5 for 5 on XPs. Eddie Moore only managed 44 yards per punt (32.20 NET). 

   The Marvels had a solid game, as Michael Crickenberger went 20 of 29 for 286, 3TDs, and a pick. Christopher Schneider scored a TD and had 138 yards on 29 carries (4.75 AVG). Receiver Thaddeus Roan had 8 receptions for 121 yards and two scores, and William John added 9 tackles and 11 GCOV. 


Team Stats                              Bison          vs        Marvels

Pass Yards                              323                          286

Yards Per Completion          10.09                       14.30

Yards Per Pass                       6.87                         9.86

Rush Yards                                97                           199

Yards Per Rush                      4.21                         4.73

Offensive Plays                         71                            71

NET Yards                               411                            485

Yards Per Play                        5.78                         6.83

Points                                         41                            35


Bison Media Player of the Game: TE Alan Isbell


Bison Media Rival of the Game: RB Christopher Schneider


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Week 6 Recap New Orleans Gators (3-2) at Oklahoma City Bison (2-3)

   The Gators came in to OKC as 10 point underdogs, but left gleefully thanks to a Bison second-half letdown. The Bison hurried out to a 21-7 lead at the half, but were held to just a field goal in the second half. Gerald Mccarthy only managed 33 yards on 12 carries, and Bret Marquez, facing constant pressure and taking 6 sacks, managed 296 yards and 3TDs, with 2 picks, on 28 of 43 passing. Three Bison receivers passed 90 yards in the game, with Alan Isbell hauling in 8 for 90, Steven Green 8 for 93, and Norman Bennett 9 for 96. Bennett hauled in one TD, and Green had two scored.

   Henry Ballesteros had 14 tackles, John Wyant added 6 tackles and 2 sacks for 3 yards, and Joseph Snyder finished with a sack as well. Billie Devor had 16 GCOV and a pass deflection. Eddie Moore had a 48.25 average, and Jimmy Baker returned two punts for 58 total yards.

   For the Gators, Clifton Allen went 23 of 34 for 308 and 3TDs, Larry Lynn rushed for 92 on 24 carries, and David Haddix had 7 receptions for 129 yards and a TD. 


Team Stats                              Bison          vs        Gators

Pass Yards                              296                          308

Yards Per Completion          10.57                       13.39

Yards Per Pass                       6.88                         9.05

Rush Yards                                38                           122

Yards Per Rush                      2.71                         3.69

Offensive Plays                         65                            70

NET Yards                               298                            418

Yards Per Play                        4.58                         5.97

Points                                         24                            27


Bison Media Player of the Game: WR Steven Green


Bison Media Rival of the Game: QB Clifton Allen


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Week 7 Recap New York Giants (3-3) at Oklahoma City Bison (2-4)

   Once again, the much-favored Bison jumped out to an early lead at home, but fell apart. The Bison are now a long shot to make the playoffs, likely needing to win at least 8 of their remaining 11 games to even have a shot. 

   The Bison jumped out with a 1st quarter touchdown pass from Bret Marquez to Alan Isbell. Marquez finished 25 of 41 for 264, a TD, 2 picks, and took 3 sacks. Gerald Mccarthy finished with 11 carries for 89 yards, but the Bison didn't even attempt 15 total rush attempts. The Giants shut down recently-hot receivers Steven Green and Norman Bennett, limiting them to 3 receptions for 38 yards and 3 receptions for 41 yards, respectively. Isbell caught 9 for 114, including the Bison's lone TD. Henry Ballesteros led the defense with 12 tackles and an 8 yard sack. John Wyandt had a 2 yard sack with 3 tackles. Billie Devor finished with 10 GCOV, and Michael Camburn missed one of his 2 field goals.

   The Giants were led by Matthew Whitacre, who had 2 TDs and 248 yards passing on 32 attempts, and Ronald Montgomery, who caught 7 passes for 120 yards and a TD. Christopher Nore finished with 18 carries for 91 yards. 


Team Stats                              Bison          vs        Giants

Pass Yards                              264                          248

Yards Per Completion          10.56                       10.78

Yards Per Pass                       6.43                         7.75

Rush Yards                                92                           115

Yards Per Rush                      6.57                         4.42

Offensive Plays                         58                            60

NET Yards                               338                            352

Yards Per Play                        5.82                         5.86

Points                                         10                            17


Bison Media Player of the Game: TE Alan Isbell


Bison Media Rival of the Game: WR Ronald Montgomery

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