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Boston Celtics Dynasty 1984 and Beyond

Started By thepeskypole6, Feb 18, 2015 03:40 PM

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Taking over as GM of the Boston Celtics right after winning it all in 1984 is not a bad gig, the pressure is real though. The Larry Bird Celtics would only win one more title after 1984 while Magic and the Lakers would go on to win three more. It is my job to make sure that doesn't happen. The 1984-85 Celtics are loaded and are looking to repeat. So far, the Celtics have looked like champions while the Lakers are battling injuries. Injuries and age are what brought the Celtics down. Could this new history tilt in the Celtics favor? We are only 16 games into the season. Here is how things look:


1984-1985 NBA Season

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Celtics Win Streak Reaches 12


For the second straight game the Bulls jumped out to a nice lead on the Celtics only to see it disappear quickly. Two nights ago in Boston Garden the Bulls led by 13 at the half, tonight the Bulls jumped out to a 10 point lead only to lose 114-98. The Celtics are now 15-2 and will travel to Indiana tomorrow to play the 1-18 Pacers.



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