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  1. Texas sends: RP Jonathan Broxton (ML) SP Félix Hidalgo (A) HOU sends: RP Drew Taylor (ML) We get a decent SP prospect for a $1.1m offseason deal.
  2. We don’t love Fieler & his struggles this year. Tons of raw potential, but his work ethic & maturity are not cut out for professional baseball. In return we get another SS prospect we are big fans of.
  3. PIT sends: 3B Brandon Gill (A) HOU sends: SP Cody Chapman (AAA) SP Jacob Faria (AAA) SP Cody Buckel (AAA) Gill is a guy we’ve sought for several years. Chapman hurts to move, but we see him as on the outside looking in for the future rotation.
  4. Grenier & Leppert may have some talent, maybe enough to even start in A+ someday. But adding in a few hundred thousand helps for the cash-strapped Stros
  5. This offseason we aggressively pursued Armando Cabanas from the Braves & ultimately could not make a deal, even though we offered a deal that made our stomachs turn with how much we would have given up. The front office took a step back & agreed to pursue Gonzalez when he was made available, but to stay within a reasonable offer. Our original offer included Moniak, Carbajal & Solano, and that proved to be a good starting point. Moniak was moveable as we get Gonzalez back, and adding Yeh to the deal was possible with this offseason’s acquisition of La. The hardest piece to move was Duimelaar, as we felt like the Dutchman will become a future frontline starter. Best of luck to these guys, and excited to see where Esteban is traded and how quickly Cole can build this team into a winner.
  6. Houston sends: SP Wayne Ready (MLB) 2B Garland Williams (A+) San Francisco sends: SP Diego Quintana (A-) We needed to clear some 40-man space, and while we love Garland, we have other's at SS or 2B. And Ready has a big arm for a lefty, but he is a few years away and has some question marks. In return, we get a young arm that we're a fan of, so works great for us.
  7. The Stros agree. We were looking for INT guys to acquire & also were looking to move Fleming. This deal gets both done
  8. Available: SP Shao-qi Fung SP Melvin Garner RP Gregory Infante RP El'Hajj Muhammad CL Lopahin Sachko C A.J. Jimenez C Tony Sanchez C Santiago Nessy 1B Rudy Van Heydoorn 2B Garland Williams 2B Darwin Rivera 3B Daniel Fleming SS Mark Johnston SS Orlando Arcia SS Jorge Martinez SS Carlos Martinez RF Patrick Leonard Untouchables: SP Tim James, C Ron Winterhalder, 1B George Cuyco, RF Richard Fowler, CF Darge Kawawe, DH Edgardo Arredondo, SP Juan Davila, SP Luis Espinosa The guys listed as available are the ones that will be easiest to move. The untouchables would take a mountain and a half to move. Anyone not listed can possibly be moved, feel free to reach out and inquire. Looking for: Young ML leftfielder SS close to ML Prospects (especially pitching)
  9. Padres send: SS Ronnie Taylor (AA) Astros send: C Ivan Ramirez (AA) We love Taylor's defense & speed, and he does it all without poor hitting. He'll have a chance to win the utility IF role out of spring training. Ramirez has a real nice bat, for a catcher, but we have a few other C ahead of him on the depth chart.
  10. Houston sends: 1B Rodrigo Espinoza (MLB) - retain 50% of contract 2B Preston Carver (DFA) Tampa Bay sends: 3B Bill La (MLB) LF Chih-hsien Chiang (MLB) We're able to trade Espinoza who would have become a backup to George Cuyco & get back one of the premier 3B in the league, a position where we've been exceptionally weak. In order to get the deal done, Heinz said he needed Espinoza & a good 2B. We didn't have one, so acquiring Carver was a necessity. Alonso Carbajal will take over at 2B. We really wish Rodrigo Espinoza the very best, as we loved what he did for this team last season. We would've loved to keep him, but he deserves to be a starter. Retaining 50% of his contract & taking on Chiang is what made the finances work for Tampa. It ain't Hollywood, but welcome to Houston.
  11. Astros send: 2B Alex Childs (MLB) SP Edward Reith (MLB) Nationals send: 2B Preston Carver (MLB) We need to upgrade our ML team, and Carver is a piece we're acquiring to do that. While we are a fan of his, he will be flipped in a larger deal that will get us the player we really want. Best of luck to Reith in Washington, hoping he keeps his unbeaten streak
  12. Houston sends: CF Carroll Curtis (MLB)* Tampa Bay sends: CF Mickey Moniak (A) RP Marty Vaughn (AA) RP Hilton Lee (A+) Houston got Curtis through the rule 5 draft, when it was a huge surprise that he was unprotected, so essentially he was a free acquisition. He fit in well with the plans for HOU, but has run into massive injury troubles this season and has not shown that he's ready at the Major League level. This made him a player that Houston management was willing to move on, and in return get Moniak, who has shown solid hitting potential with great defense and two relievers who will end up in the back end of the bullpen with Gompertz & Sachko. Any day you can acquire a former 1st round pick & the son of Rick Vaughn, it's hard to say no. * Tampa Bay is aware of Curtis' injury & that he is a rule 5 pick
  13. Houston sends: SP James Kaprielian (MLB) RP Michael Hicks (MLB) RP Matt Garza (MLB) 1B Doug Ingram (R - APP) Texas sends: SP Tim James (A+) SP Cody Chapman (A-) SP César Beltrán (R - ARL) SP Anthony Richardson (R - ARL) CL Julian Gompertz (R - ARL) This is heart-breaking for the Astros. Kaprielian has been a favorite since I took over the team, and he's only gotten better each season. It hurts even more to send him to a division rival. It also hurts to move Hicks, as he's really started to blossom. But when I messaged Kevin, he knew that there was a premium to pay for an in-division trade of my ace, and he ponied up. You get James, who we see almost as good as Kap but left handed. Then Chapman has the potential to become an ace, and is always lefty. Then there's two young pitchers in rookie ball who we have as future aces. Top it off with what we see as the best relief prospect in MLB Pro, and it's a package that was impossible to turn down. Thanks to Kevin for the patience as I constantly took my time to think it over, and please bench Hicks when facing me and set up the rotation so I don't have to face Kap.
  14. Houston sends: 1B Richard Davis (A) CL Teo Ottenhof (A) Kansas City sends: CF Chase Fieler (R - ARL) CF Mike Palmer (AA) SP Harlan Carter (A+) Houston does this because Davis is stuck behind several other 1B, with Aaron White being groomed to have the flexibility to be the backup there too. We get another OF prospect with huge upside, as well as two others we like as fringe ML guys.