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  1. @ rainsilent: I noticed in your roster evaluations that you don't seem to pay attention to the 'Role' of the players. I've always tried to match a Powerforwad with a Sniper and a Playmaker. Some your your recommended lines have 3 Playmakers for instance. Do you feel that the Role is not so important? Or have I been approaching it wrong by matching them to complement each other?
  2. Unbelievable!! I took over the Mount Healthy Young Guns in the Gold Hockey League when they were in dead last place. Nobody would sign with us because of our record. Slowly I built a better team, and fought our way from 16th place to 6th by the time the playoffs started. We beat the 3rd place team in the 1st round of the playoffs, then beat the 2nd place team in the 2nd round, and finally won the championship against the #1 ranked team. Woohoo!! My first Championship.
  3. @ koekefix: Make sure your goalie isn't tired. (Fitness bar is blue, instead of green) I find that unless their Endurance is very high, that they are only good for about 2 games, and then they need to rest a game.
  4. Along the same lines as the suggestions made by Royalty, it would be good to have it matter if I had right or left handed players in the forward and defensive slots. A slight penalty for right handers playing the right side, and left handers playing the left side. That would essentially add two 'positions' and make it more of a challenge to fill lineups. Left & Right Wingers instead of Forwards, and Right & Left Defenders.
  5. It's good see some success stories. This game is all about getting good talent, and getting the team to play together nicely with cohesive lines and good tactics. My team (Mount Healthy Young Guns in the GHL/ Game World Biscuit), were in dead last place when I took them over. The 16th spot with 1 win and 6 or 8 losses. I couldn't get any free agents to sign with us, because they obviously consider the team record when deciding between multiple options. But we finally managed to pick up a couple of players by offering really high salaries, then managed a couple of wins, and now that I've worked our team up to the 7th spot in the league, I'm able to actually choose guys that fit my needs. I have just recently signed an awesome goalie and forward, and I'm looking to improve our position even more. Last to first in one season is my current goal.
  6. @ Bouncer: It's interesting that you get lower asking price from the same FA players in the SHL, than I get for these same guys in the GHL. I didn't mean to single you out, and as you pointed out, I have also seen a lot of the players go to Rome. It seems that the top Free Agents, maybe the ones with 80+ overall ratings, should only be interested in signing into the GHL. Somehow we've got to keep each league competitive, and allow even the worst teams to improve their rosters. At one point I was feeling destined to being relegated into the SHL, since nobody would sign with us. Yes, we were the worst in the GHL, but it seems like it should still be more appealing to the top FA players to sign into that league over a lower league. I also agree that new players showing up every couple of days isn't right. I think since you can cut players with no loss salary cap should also be changed. Typically a base salary and signing bonus are offered in real life, and if you cut them they keep the signing bonus. Perhaps something along those line could be implemented.
  7. It's ironic how many players have signed with teams in the lower leagues for far less money. I could list a dozen, but here's just a couple. F Edward Knorr, I offered $2.25M, signed for $751K G Brenden Bursey: I offered $2.35M, signed for $900K I understand that many players went to Chicago in the SHL, since they will very likely get promoted. But meanwhile, I have managed to win 9 of my last 12, and raised my rankings from dead last (16th) to 9th place in the GHL.
  8. FA signings are tough. I've fallen into the 16th slot, and nobody wants to sign with me. I've been looking at what they sign for, and players go to lower leagues for half the money. (I've offered $1,750,000, signed for $525,00. I've offered $2,500,000, signed for $1,850,000) I have managed a couple of new players by offering huge contracts, and also managed a couple of wins. Maybe that will help attract new players.
  9. Yes, Golden Hockey League has (had) too much salary cap space.
  10. None of my offers were accepted, even though I offered more, (except for one), than what they signed for. Some even went to lower leagues, (I'm in GHL). Can I assume that one thing FA's look for is your current record? If that's true, that makes it difficult to improve a team with a losing record.
  11. Excellent! I'm in GHL and struggling for wins. (need some fresh players to turn this around)
  12. It looks like I have good chance to advance this season, so I trust beta will be populated when the current seasons are completed. Looking forward to whatever the next level of play brings us.
  13. There's obviously a lot of other factors involved that you haven't mentioned. I've noticed that my goaltender starts to show signs of fatigue after about three games, and that's why I play my backup at least 1 out four games. What was the overall fitness rating of your goalie during this study? What were the rankings of your opponents? Clearly the talent you're playing against has a very big impact on the results. Although upsets are possible, by the time you're at round 21, the standings are pretty much in place unless a significant player change is made. Was the rest of your team healthy during this time? What line adjustments were made that may have effected the chemistry of your lines?
  14. Yes, those all seem like very good tips. I've picked up some very good role players, trying to fit them with a similar strategy as you have outlined. The key seems to be finding players for your specific lines, but I've had a hard time finding any two-way forwards, and left handed defenders. I agree with your training observation, I've put my 3rd and 4th lines on Hard training levels, and they still don't seem to get tired. I'm trying to build a physical team, but have too many very small players. I'm slowly replacing them, with more cost effective guys that are bigger and more physical. My powerplay struggles, but I haven't tried the Umbrella tactic yet. I'm GM of the Antonito Revolution in the Echo World, we're currently 8th place in the Bronze league. Safe from relegation, but not good enough to advance.
  15. Congrats, it looks like a very good team. Any tips on your success? What have you done to setup your lines or align your strategy to match your players? What's the key to looking for good role players on the Transfer page? Some teams just seem to be blessed with good players and win no matter what they do, other teams struggle to get wins no matter what they do.