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  1. Along the same lines as the suggestions made by Royalty, it would be good to have it matter if I had right or left handed players in the forward and defensive slots. A slight penalty for right handers playing the right side, and left handers playing the left side. That would essentially add two 'positions' and make it more of a challenge to fill lineups. Left & Right Wingers instead of Forwards, and Right & Left Defenders.
  2. There's obviously a lot of other factors involved that you haven't mentioned. I've noticed that my goaltender starts to show signs of fatigue after about three games, and that's why I play my backup at least 1 out four games. What was the overall fitness rating of your goalie during this study? What were the rankings of your opponents? Clearly the talent you're playing against has a very big impact on the results. Although upsets are possible, by the time you're at round 21, the standings are pretty much in place unless a significant player change is made. Was the rest of your team healthy during this time? What line adjustments were made that may have effected the chemistry of your lines?
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    Best Lines

    Yes, perhaps setting lines based simply on the overall ratings, but not taking into account placing left handers on the left wing, or placing grinders in the 3rd or 4th lines, and those sorts of strategies. We don't want the game to run itself, then it's just a simulation that we don't even participate in. Assistant ratings could improve the accuracy of the number we see as ratings of the players. So the real ratings for Skating, Shooting, Defense, etc could be masked, and a better assistant would make them more accurate. Not sure what 'tolerance' should be applied, but I trust we wouldn't see an actual 75 rating as a 50, even with a poor assistant.
  4. Bob Zee

    Best Lines

    Having the game setting the best lines is a double edge feature. Although it might make it easier for the novice (or lazy) GM, there should also be room to allow a GM that pays attention to the abilities of his player to set an even better lineup. The game after all is matching your ability to develop a team and set a line up against my ability to do the same.