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NCAA 14 Created Team Dynasty: NSU Coyotes

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Recently I decided to create a brand new team and start from scratch. No good players, everything starting with a D- rating and set it to Heisman. I put the Nebraska State Coyotes as independents and gave it a whirl.

WK 1 vs FCS Midwest: W26-20

Surprised i was and was behind 12-20 at the start of the 4th. Lucky 2 INTs got me in great field position and i did nothing but run the ball on short fields and kill the clock.

WK 2 @ Alabama L13-24

How i managed this one i have no idea as i was losing 21-0 at the end of the half. The Turnover bug hit the tide hard as I managed 2 INTs and the QB fumbled the ball on a sack. I switched up my defense and put nothing but my fastest guys out there just to try and keep guys flying to the ball carriers. didn't stop them at all but was able to cause those turnovers and good times.


Currently about to start a game against Texas State and i like my odds. Check back at you after the game.

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At this stage I would have to say my QB and TEs are tied as the strongest. My QB is actually a halfback i switched around, Long distance accuracy is obviously horrible but Im able to hit the short routes and my quick TE dump plays. The extra scrambling ability helps out a ton and im able to hit my TEs on what is my most successful passing route, the TE post routes. They almost are never able to cover.

As far as my worse goes I would have to say my D-Secondary is flat out the worse as i give up over 250 yards through the air minimum but the tide put up over 350.

Wk 3 vs Texas State W37-34 OT

This game irritated me. My horrible secondary might as well been a pewee team. Passing Yards allowed: 432 vs my total yards: 301. Again getting super lucky on turnovers and exploiting Texas State's weak rushing defense, especially the outside. Mostly short fields for me.

Here is a quick box score

1   2   3   4   OT-F

10 7   7  7   6-37

3   14 7   7  3-34

So i let go of a few QB prospects and receivers and greatly amped up my recruiting on Defensive backs. All 3 star or higher. the 2 QBs I do have left are both scramblers and 3 stars. I have 7 OL prospects 1 of which is a 5 star, all balanced and run blocking types. While i do have others in other positions those are the primary groups im focusing on. No one is even close to even visiting so i might be in over my head.

Next weak is Oklahoma State....not looking good.

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Wk 4 @ Oklahoma State


Surprised right?

Nightmare after the first. Was up 10-7 after the 1st! My read option attack was working well and i was getting ok-ish pressure on the QB and was outgaining them 85-56 after the first...then that was all she wrote. After they stopped my rushing attack i had to try my rollout passes and well lets just say those netted about 50 some yards all together. Was outgained a total of 630-184. Was sacked about 8 times. Defense gave up 472 yards through the air. Completed 14 out of 36 passes 76 yards and only averaged 2.2 ypc.

next week is a bye...gunna try and make some recruiting headway and then I take on Navy.

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Ok so after my wk 5 bye I did manage to get a visit 3 star first choice QB B Hayes. B+ speed and B for pass accuracy and strength. Other just seem to be regular progress and somehow I stand at 4th with a 5 star OT. Good news there.
But then Wk 6 @ Navy W35-21
Tight game up to the half 14-14 both rushing attacks were effective. I needed to get rid of the deadlock so I amped up the passing attack and while a slow start I was able to exploit their bad pass coverage in the flats. Yay for rollout passing. Ended up with 204 yards in the air and 265 yards on the ground. I'm glad they didn't have a passing attack and stuck with the ground game and I stuck with a 3-4 defense but kept creaping up the safeties and had 8 or 9 guys in the box and was blitzing 3 to 5 guys on almost every play. So as long as long as I keep playing teams with heavy rushing attacks I'll be fine...but I don't...I have Houston next. I'm screwed.;

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So i put the kids to bed and got to work with Houston...

It went just about how I expected.

Wk 7 @ Houston L3-65

Im surprised i even got 3 was a 41 yard field goal...I never even got into the redzone. Stats you might ask!? Well here you go:


HOUSTON 631    117   748   48-57-8-0       17     8

NEB ST  75     56    131   9-31-0-6        29     0

They took me behind the woodshed and used a M2 .50 Cal at point blank range. Oh and to top it off 2 of my linemen are center and LT, both of which were my best linemen OVR...yay. 2 weeks for the center and 4 for the LT.

Next week is Temple...not sure how I'll do.

Remaining schedule:




10 BYE






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I was starting to blow them out but they made a second half comeback. Im just gunna put the tired and lazy at the moment.

    1  2  3  4  F

NSU 7 14 14  3  38

TEM 0  0 21 14  35


NSU  134  310  444   27     16-26-2-2

TEM  316  108  424   20     27-39-4-3

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Wk 9 vs Army


     1   2   3   4  F   PASS RUSH TOTAL  RUSHES ATT-COM-TD-INT

NSU  7  13   6   7  33   156  274  430    35     21-13-1-1

ARMY 0   3   3   0   6    86  202  288    46     16-9-0-1

Okay so they were able to rush on me a bit with rather good success but I was able to stall them in the redzones and their kicker went 2 for 6 on field goals. CHIP SHOTS! HOWEVER! I was better at running the ball but also seemed to stall in the redzone. I don't know why i couldn't punch it in once I got inside the 20 but all my touchdowns were from 24 yards out or more.

OH! I finally signed a recruit. A 3 star DB with great speed and not too much else. Every thing helps I guess. Brandon Wesley of Omaha Nebraska welcome to the team. Both my QB prospects are almost ready to visit so fingers crossed. My 5 star OL prospect is surprisingly in the hunt still at 5th OVR, I just have to compete with Nebraska, Alabama, LSU and Florida. Yay...BYE WEEK!

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Bye week results:

5 star OL prospect finally locked me out. 3 scheduled visits and 1 recruit close to visiting. The ever needed Secondary prospects are slow to visit, 1 committed, 1 visit and 7 still not all to close. All while that is going on I was trying to figure out Notre Dame. All I could really come up with was control the clock, don't turn it over and at least try to slow them down. ND is currently #9 at 8-1.


Here we go, Week 11 @ Notre Dame


Just kidding...

But did way better than expected.

Loss 21-35

      1  2  3  4  F    Pass Rush Total RAtt Att-Comp-TD-INT

NSU   7  7  7  0  21    101  223  324  48   19-10-1-1

ND    7  7  7 14  35    217  214  431  35   34-21-2-0


So my goal was to just run and hold onto the ball and up to the 4th it was working. But the talent gap showed and they opened up. At the end of the 3rd their rushing yards were only 25 for 123 yards, which is still good but then they had 10 for 91. Passing same story, they were 19-9-1-0 for 103 yards then went 15-12-1-0 for 114 yards. I just couldn't stay on the field to keep them off in the 4th. I converted 1 first down and went 10-3-0-1 for 24 yards and 14 rushes for 24 yards.

Moral Victory?

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Week 12 vs Idaha

Stats first Explanation later..

      1  2  3  4  F     PASS  RUSH  TOT  RA  ATT-COM-TD-INT

NSU   3  3  10 17 33     202   268  470  52  21-16-2-2

ID    7  7  7  0  21     165   136  301  39  31-18-2-4


 Yes i did win. I almost predicted an upset, my redzone blues showed up again and at 11:34 in the 3rd the score read 21-6 in favor of Idaho. I finally figured out how to shut them down completely defensively...stack the line, blitz the crap out of them. All 4 of their INTs were in the 2nd half. Once I changed a few things on Offense in the 2nd half I knew i could win also, switched from my read option to my power option game. Gave myself a blocker on the runs and smashed their interior to bits. Sort was more like power option on the middle edge of their defense and once they closed in on my QB I'd pitch it and run outside or theyd close in on the RB and id just follow my blocker up into their secondary.

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Sort of...

So I made them what would be a rivalry and made them better...Hell they are in Texas, more talent.

Dallas State 6-4 Biggest Win: 33-28 @#19 Utah Worst Loss: 13-38 @#10 USC

1-2 vs top25 4-1 at home 2-3 away.

So not a bad team and I was predicting a loss.


      1  2  3  4  F     PASS  RUSH  TOT  RA  ATT-COM-TD-INT

NSU   7  3  6  7  23     103   320  423  55  17-9-1-3

DS    10 3  7  0  20     268   155  423  33  40-27-2-1

Very tough far as virtual games are. I pretty much abandoned my passing was working at all. Their secondary was just too good and kept the pressure up. I was 14-7-0-3 for passing at the half. SO BACK TO THE READ OPTION! My QB and RB combined for 50 carries for 301 yards, fullback had 4 carries for 16 yards and a receiver had a carry for 2 yards. I stalled a bit in the 4th quarter but my defense only allowed 2 first downs so I felt I was ok. Until the time read 2:17 seconds left to go. I risked 1 pass play that entire drive...paid off! I punched it in with 6 seconds left to go. They burned the 6 seconds on the return. Good game...good game.

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WK  Opponent  R Score    Rec

1   FCS Mid   W 26-20    1-0

2   Alabama   L 13-24    1-1

3   Texas St  W 37-34 OT 2-1

4   OK St     L 13-57    2-2

5   BYE

6   Navy      W 35-21   3-2

7   Houston   L 3-65    3-3

8   Temple    W 38-35   4-3

9   Army      W 33-6    5-3

10  BYE

11  ND        L 21-35   5-4

12  Idaho     W 33-21   6-4

13  DSU       W 23-20   7-4

14  UCONN     -------

15  BYE

So I am bowl eligible, even though the bowl predictions dont have me in anything unlike my "rival". Undefeated at home, haven't beat a top 25 team yet. 10 commits 4*** 3** 2**. I would have to win this game to make it a bowl game. Yay...but not a bad first year for starting with practically nothing.

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Wk 14 vs UCONN

Ready for this?

      1  2  3  4  F     PASS  RUSH  TOT  RA  ATT-COM-TD-INT

NSU   3  3  7  0  13     113   203  316  45  24-9-1-4

UCONN 10 7  7  10 34     288   175  463  37  38-28-3-0


So yes...Didnt go too well. I couldnt pass, barely could run. Its not as if UCONN was the best team either. I was just mistake prone. My QB/WR went down in the 4th. My HB got injured twice. It wasnt too fun. I had hopes in the 4th, but with their FG at 7:31 in the 4th...It was too much. Oh and getting sacked 5 times doesnt help either. So now I stand at a subpar yet beat my wildest expectations, 7-5.

I have a few more recruits I really want to nab up. Some personnel changes i want to do. Also hope a few teams lose so I can make a bowl. Oh and I dont think Alabama will win the title. They lost 2 games and now i cant say "I held the National Champions!"

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Conference Championships start

So i didnt get any more recruits...I still stand at 10.

Theres only 3 Conference games that hold Title contenders as far as i can see.

BIG TEN: #8 Nebraska vs #3 Michigan

SEC: #2LSU vs #5Florida

Pac12:#1USC vs #9Washington

I believe it will end up being USC vs Michigan

But here are my Stat Leaders

Passing: T. Meyers 207-119-11-28 1378

Rushing: B. Reynolds 1,108 T. Meyers 1,003

H Bailey 10 sacks

C Houston 75 Tackles

C Houston 7 INTS

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So it is finally the end of the season...all of it. Michigan beat LSU for the national title. I obviously didnt make a bowl game.

But I won seven games...about 3 more than I thought I would.

I set a few mile stones. I have a talented...ish roster that im returning almost everyone. I hope to grab at least 3 or 4 more recruits.

Next years goals:

Beat 2 top 25 teams

win 9 games

play and win a bowl game

go undefeated at home

have a top 40 defense

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Offseason is done. I got an okayish recruiting class. Here's the breakdown.

Bare with me Im going off memory and Im tired.



OL-3*** 1**

DL-1*** 1**

LB-1** 1*

DB-2*** 2** 1*

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Starters for the new year (And to see how small my roster is...):

QB- T. Meyers JR 72 6' 190

    B. Henney FR 69 6-1 210

RB- B Reynolds JR 77 5-10 185

    R Martinez FR 68 5-11 205

TE- K Moore SO 79 6-1 210

WR- G Ellis JR 76 6 175

    L Adams JR 70 5-10 185

    S Jackson SO 68 6-1 190

OL- D Cower JR 80 6-1 270

        P Green JR 79 6-2 265

    J Nelson SO 76 6-1 275

    A Porter FR 70 6-3 280

    Z Williams FR 68 6-4 285

DL- H Bailey JR 82 5-11 235

    C Conrad SO 78 6-0 250

    P Vincent FR 71 6-3 255

LB  M Slaughter SO 79 5-9 200

    O Graham JR 77 6-0 210

    W Kent JR 77 6-0 215

DB  C Houston JR 86 5-9 175

    M Nutt SO 78 5-10 180

    P Newman FR 71 5-11 180

    N Patterson FR 68 6-0 180







ARMY        WIN








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So quick preview on my recruiting tactics of this year before I get into the first game:

Primary targets: O and D Lineman-8 Targets 1***** 2**** 4*** 1**

Secondary targets: Linebackers-4 Targets 2**** 1*** 1**

Then 1*** TE, 2DB 2***, 1****QB, 1***RB 1**FB 1***WR

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      1  2  3  4  F     PASS  RUSH  TOT  RA  ATT-COM-TD-INT

NSU   7  10 21 7  45     207   323  530  45  25-18-2-0

WEST  3  7  7  0  17     125    74  199  33  30-14-2-4


So my pass defense was much improved! I know it's only FCS but still. Ground game dominated. Option attack is strong, got speed hitting the edges. Passing game looked solid. Next week should be a slightly better challenge but Alabama will be the true gauge.

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      1  2  3  4  F     PASS  RUSH  TOT  RA  ATT-COM-TD-INT

NSU   14 0  14 7  35     145   410  555  53  17-15-2-1

AKR   0  0  0  14 14     137   111  248  38  31-18-1-2

So the running game worked. As you can see the passing game was working too, the 2nd quarter though? Dont worry about that little guy. Secondary still remains pretty decent, but still weak opponents. T Meyers was practically a one man offense, all passing was his and he owns about 250 of that 410 for rushing. OF COURSE MY BACKUPS SUCK! So depth is still an issue, not that I dont have players, just no good ones. Almost 2 3rds of their offense came in the 4th. Alabama...BRING IT! (Kim Jung Un style threat)

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Week 3 Loss to the Tide

Shocker right?


      1  2  3  4  F     PASS  RUSH  TOT  RA  ATT-COM-TD-INT

NSU   0  10 7  0  17     89    198  287  48  24-11-1-10

ALA   13 3  14 14 44     237   221  458  42  37-20-4-2


So as you can see. A$$ whoopin. It looked a lot better at halftime, 16-10. I was thinking I could hang with these guys, maybe even beat them! But as you can see, I couldn't stop their defense from getting the INTs. Last season was definitely a fluke. I got too desperate once they went up 30-17, threw 8 INTs in a row. Decided to just run and scored a TD. They followed up by scoring again, 37-17. They put backups in, I didnt. Threw 2 more INTs and they kept holding me on 3rd downs. NO BEUNO! Oh and sacked 5 times too.

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I dont like Kansas right now!

But Win

      1  2  3  4  F     PASS  RUSH  TOT  RA  ATT-COM-TD-INT

NSU   7  0  7  17 31     186   265  451  40  23-16-2-2

KU    14 7  0  0  21     223   51   274  23  41-20-2-3


Just ugh! 2 early INTS and a fumble brings me down 21-7 at half. Their D was somehow great in the redzone, I was 1 score out of 5 trips. All TDs from 22+ yards out. Blah!

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