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[GM Games] Football Manager Becomes the Official Video Game of the Premier League

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What Does the Official Partnership Mean for Football Manager?

Football Manager (FM) will now feature officially licensed logos, kits, and player photos of all 20 Premier League clubs. This means future editions of the game will provide an even more authentic and immersive experience for fans managing their favorite teams.

How Extensive Is Football Manager’s Database?

FM is powered by an unmatched database of more than 800,000 players and staff. This extensive database ensures that the game world is as realistic and detailed as possible, drawing inspiration from professionals within the football industry.

What Clubs Can You Manage in Football Manager?

Whether you’re a fan of Liverpool, Arsenal, Crystal Palace, or Ipswich Town, you can manage any of the 20 Premier League clubs in Football Manager. The game’s authenticity and depth allow players to create their own iconic Premier League moments.

Is Football Manager Just a Game?

Football Manager is much more than just a game. It has become a cultural catalyst within the football world. Professional clubs globally use FM’s database for recruitment strategies, and the game’s early adoption of data analytics is now integral to modern football discourse and fan culture.

How Has Football Manager Influenced Football Fans?

Over the past two decades, Football Manager has inspired millions of football fans to live out their footballing dreams. This influence extends beyond the game itself, inspiring books, stand-up comedy shows, and even a feature-length documentary.

  • Football Manager Official Video Game of Premier League: FM features all Premier League clubs with official licenses, enhancing the game’s authenticity.
  • Premier League Logos, Kits, and Player Photos in FM: Fans manage their favorite Premier League teams with true-to-life visuals and details.
  • 800,000 Players and Staff Database: FM’s extensive database provides an unmatched immersive experience.
  • Manage Premier League Clubs in Football Manager: From Liverpool to Ipswich Town, the game offers a genuine Premier League management experience.
  • Cultural Impact of Football Manager: FM’s influence extends into professional football, fan culture, and beyond, demonstrating its role as more than just a game.

With this exciting partnership, Football Manager solidifies its position as the ultimate football management simulation, bringing fans closer to the Premier League action than ever before.

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