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[Pennant Chase] A somber update about the website

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donated over the years, and I’m forever grateful, but as many of you know, ads cover over 90% of the expenses. Pennant Chase is not a blog, it’s far more complicated and hence has more expenses than a typical website. On this site, there is a game being simulated every second of every day! That comes with a cost, so does sending emails, so does marketing so we can keep getting new users to fill leagues. And I don’t take any personal salary from the site, so all my time is essentially minimally compensated. I appreciate your understanding, and I promise there is still lots of cool stuff to come once we get the train back on the track. TLDR;

  1. We are losing a major ad partner
  2. I will need to focus on finding a new partner or new revenue and pause any work on new features
  3. The site is not shutting down
  4. I will still fix issues or glitches so please keep sending them
  5. Be prepared to see some new ads or experiments over the next couple months
  6. I remain committed to not making ads too burdensome or distracting
Thanks again, and as always reach out to me with any questions or concerns.]]

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