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🚨 NEW REVIEW 🚨 '(Score 9.3 / 10) "DDSCB 23 Review - Connections I make still do it for me. I think it will for you, too." (Windows PC)' 🏀 from John Comey

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Hi there.

I’m going to dispose of my normal two-page intro, mainly because the First Four kicks off tomorrow night, and I’d rather this be out before the NCAA Tournament kicks off on Thursday.

That said, if you’re like me, you’re in the middle of the best few weeks of the sports calendar year. From Conference Tourney Week last week, to THE BEST FOUR DAYS OF THE SPORTS YEAR (ie, Thursday-Sunday), to DOING THE SAME THING NEXT WEEK…the NCAA Tournament is, far and away, my favorite singular event of the year.

So, it’s fitting that this review is for Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 23, the newest installment of the franchise by Gary Gorski and Wolverine Studios. This year’s version has a bunch new under-the-hood, while giving you a lot of the strong program-building experience you have grown to expect from this product.


To read the full review, head to:

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