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Retro Football League Kick off (Draft Day Pro Sports Football 23)

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Ever wanted to be a part of history? Lead your beloved franchise to a better outcome or simply want to manage and coach Hall of Fame legends, then the Retro Football League is the place for you!

Using the DDSPF23 engine the league has been launched today, so there is no better time to join!

What is so unique about the RFL?
- Historical teams and rosters starting in 1976
- Historical legends of the era
- Historical draft classes based on a proprietary draft development tool
- Historical league structure, salary cap, and team restrictions.

Other important information:
- two sims per week: Tuesday & Saturdays (offseason is different)
- 58-man rosters 
- 18 player practice squads
- custom playbooks, but no custom plays
- you must own a copy of DDSPF23 to join

How do I sign up?
- visit our discord channel

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