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The Top 1 Through 16 Tournament [DDSCB3]

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Top Round 3 Individual Player Performances
SG Willie Baker, Kent State-20 pts, 2 assists, 3 reb
PF Maurice Bruton, Kent State-18 pts, 5 reb
PG Mark Graham, Charlotte-20 pts, 3 assists
C Marlon Kurtz, Charlotte-10 pts, 1 assist, 8 reb
SG Chris Kelly, St. Josephs-18 pts, 3 reb
C Terrence Russell, St. Josephs-18 pts, 3 assists, 6 reb
PF Tony Logan, Massachusetts-17 pts, 1 assist, 4 reb
SF Michael Crenshaw, Massachusetts-10 pts, 4 assists, 2 rebs, 7 steals
PG Mark Rogers, Massachusetts-11 pts, 5 assists, 7 rebs
SG Rick Newman, Nevada-19 pts, 2 assists, 4 rebs
PG Bryan Majerus, St. Bonaventure-13 pts, 3 assists, 2 reb
C Ray Melson, Western Kentucky-13 pts, 1 assist, 7 reb
C Brandon Diggs, Valparaiso-23 pts, 1 assist, 2 reb
SG Jeremy Scott, Valparaiso-17 pts, 4 assists, 6 reb
PG Jevon Thomas, Valparaiso-17 pts, 2 assists, 2 reb
PG Clyde Ruddock, UNLV-16 pts, 4 assists, 2 reb
PF Geoff Ahern, UNLV-16 pts, 1 assist, 6 reb
PG Shammell Smith, Bowling Green-15 pts, 2 assists, 3 reb
PF Jerome Bowie, Bowling Green-17 pts, 2 assists, 5 reb, 4 steals
SG Tremaine Moore, Central Michigan-20 pts, 3 assists, 3 reb

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Round 4 Matchups
Game 25 (L17 vs L21): Ball State vs Saint Louis; [Winner 15th, Loser 16th]

Game 26 (W17 vs W21): Kent St. vs St. Bonaventure; [Winner 11th, Loser 14th]

Game 27 (L18 vs L22): Charlotte vs Western Kentucky; [Winner 10th, Loser 13th]

Game 28 (L19 vs L23): BYU vs Bowling Green; [Winner 9th, Loser 12th]

Game 29 (W18 vs W22): Southern Illinois vs Valparaiso; [Winner 5th, Loser 8th]

Game 30 (W19 vs W23): St. Josephs vs UNLV; [Winner 4th, Loser 7th]

Game 31 (L20 vs L24): Nevada vs Hawaii; [Winner 3rd, Loser 6th]

Game 32 (W20 vs W24: Massachusetts vs Central Michigan; [Winner 1st, Loser 2nd]

***Placings based on results of these games are indicated in brackets

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Day 4, Game 25: Ball State Cardinals (L4, L10, L17) at Saint Louis Billikens (L7, L14, L21)
The Cardinals and Billikens are playing to avoid the embarrassment of finishing last in the tournament. Ball State hasn’t looked good in any of its 3 games thus far. Saint Louis had two close game losses, but in the 3rd round they were completely blitzed.

Starting lineups:

Ball State: PG 6-0 Melvin Clark, SG 6-0 Bernard Jackson, SF 6-7 Dwayne Jackson, PF 6-8 Paul Smith, C 6-8 Srecko Lepinat

St. Louis: PG 6-2 Adam Blizzard, SG 6-3 Arthur James, SF 6-8 Adrian Graham, PF 6-8 John Wiel, C 6-8 Bryce Brown

The first half was crazy-close throughout. There were 15 lead changes and 4 ties. In the waning moments of the half, Ball State pulled ahead to take a 37-33 lead to the locker room. 

Ball State outshot the Billikens 55% to 44%, but Saint Louis did what was necessary to stay close. SF Paul Smith dumped in 17 points and hauled down 6 rebounds for the Cardinals. Top scorer for Saint Louis was C Bryce Brown with 8 points.

The Cardinals scored the first 5 points of the 2nd half to open a 9 point lead, but the Billikens got right back into the game to pull within a single point a few minutes later. But with 8 minutes to go in the half Ball State resurrected their 9 point lead. Saint Louis cut the lead to 65-61 with 1:20 to go, but their shooting continued to let them down (together with Ball State getting to the line 11 more times and scoring 8 more points at the free throw line than the Billikens), and Ball State pulled away to dump the Billikens into last place in the tournament.

Final Score: Ball State-71, Saint Louis-63. Ball State finished in 15th place and Saint Louis finishes in 16th place.

Ball State: PG Melvin Clark-6/3/2, SG Bernard Jackson-8/3/4, SF Dwayne Jackson-11/1/9*, PF Paul Smith-28*/3/8, C Srecko Lepinat-5/1/4; Bench player: Rustico Cipriani-6/1/1.

Cardinals Team Stats: FG%-54%, 26 of 43 FT’s, 5 of 13 Threes, 32 Rebs, 17 TO’s, 19 PF’s.

St. Louis: PG Adam Blizzard-2/5*/1, SG Arthur James-12/0/3, SF Adrian Graham-9/3/3, PF John Wiel-4/2/3, C Bryce Brown-10/1/5; Bench players: Shawn Engstrom-10/1/1, Gregory Waddell-7/0/1.

Billikens Team Stats: FG%-44%, 18 of 31 FT’s, 3 of 20 Threes, 26 Rebs, 10 TO’s, 35 PF’s.

Player of the Game: Ball State’s PF Paul Smith-28 points, 3 assists, 8 rebounds, 2 steals.

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Day 4, Game 26: St. Bonaventure Bonnies (L5, L13, W21) at Kent St. Golden Flashes (L1, L9, W17)
St. Bonaventure had two close losses in the first two rounds but then shot the lights out for a big win in the 3rd’ round. Kent State lost by a single point in the 1st round, got drubbed in the 2nd round, and then came back for a strong double-digit win in the 3rd round.

Starting Lineups:

St. Bonaventure: PG 6-3 Bryan Majerus, SG 6-1 Tavaras Linney, SF 6-7 LeDarion Peterson, PF 6-11 Nick Dunn, C 6-9 Sam Chouest

Kent State: PG 5-8 Michael Deren, SG 6-3 Willie Baker, SF 6-7 Marco Coursey, PF 6-7 Maurice Bruton, C 6-9 Tony Dupree

Kent State gradually pulled away and opened an 11 point lead with 11 minutes to go in the first half as the Golden Flashes shot well and rebounded strongly and the Bonnies didn’t. 4 minutes later, Kent State doubled their lead. By the end of the half the game was virtually no contest as Kent State led 41-17. 

Kent State hit 67% of their shots whereas St. Bonaventure only knocked down 28% of their FG attempts. The Golden Flashes dominated the boards 19-7. C Tony Dupree scored 10 points and pulled down 5 rebounds for Kent State. His counterpart, C Sam Clouest led the Bonnies with 6 points.

Kent State hit 4 straight 3’s to open the 2nd half and scored the first 14 points to lead 55-17. The lead ballooned to 77-29 with 7 minutes to play. The Golden Flashes totally annihilated the Bonnies.

Final Score: Kent State-81, St. Bonaventures-43. Kent State finished in 11th place and St. Bonaventure finished in 14th place.

St. Bonaventure: PG Bryan Majerus-3/2/1, SG Tavaras Linney-3/3/2, SF LeDarion Peterson-3/1/1, PF Nick Dunn-6/0/1, C Sam Chouest-10/0/4; Bench player: Saul Smith-6/0/0.

Bonnies Team Stats: FG%-36%, 0 of 2 FT’s, 7 of 27 Threes, 16 Rebs, 9 TO’s, 8 PF’s.

Kent State: PG Michael Deren-9/1/1, SG Willie Baker-8/0/2, SF Marco Coursey-11/4*/7*, PF Maurice Bruton-10/1/4, C Tony Dupree-12*/4*/5; Bench player: Duez Wyatt-6/0/1, Corey Campbell-6/1/4.

Golden Flashes Team Stats: FG%-65%, 5 of 5 FT’s, 14 of 23 Threes, 29 Rebs, 8 TO’s, 7 PF’s.

Player of the Game: Kent State C Tony Dupree-12 points, 4 assists, 5 rebounds, 2 blocks.

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Gm #27: Western Kentucky Hilltoppers (L8, W14, L22) at Charlotte 49ers (L2, W9, L18)
Western Kentucky has had two close losses and pulled away in the 2nd half in their lone win in the tournament. Charlotte lost big and won big in the first two round and then played a good game in round 3 only to lose. 

Starting lineups:

Western Kentucky: PG 5-7 Mario Jones, SG 6-1 Aaron Taflinger, SF 6-8 Scott Reed, PF 6-10 Julius Dickel, C 6-10 Ray Melson

Charlotte: PG 5-7 Mark Graham, SG 6-4 Craig Poole, SF 6-8 Dwayne Cox, PF 6-8 Greg Brumm, C 6-9 Marlon Kurtz

The game was close in the first half, but Charlotte opened a 9 point lead 8 minutes before the intermission. But the Hilltoppers fought back and retook the lead with 4 minutes remaining in the half. When the claxon sounded, the score was 40-37 in favor of Western Kentucky. 

Both teams hit over 50% of their FG attempts, but the Hilltoppers made 13 of 15 FT’s while the 49ers sank just 8 of 15 from the charity stripe. Julius Dickel, Starzee Brown, Ronald Ballinger, and Josh Hankins each scored 6 points for Western Kentucky. Marlon Kurtz dropped in 9 points to lead Charlotte offensively.

The score remained close with numerous lead changes in the 2nd half. Western Kentucky opened a 7 point lead with 4 minutes to go in the game. But as had been the case throughout this game, no lead was safe and Charlotte tied the game at 72-72 with 2 minutes left. Dwayne Cox hit a 3 for Charlotte with 53 seconds remaining to make it 75-72. Western Kentucky’s Julius Dickel knocked down a 10 foot baseline jumper with 26 seconds to go to make it 75-74. A Hilltopper foul and two successful free throws by Mark Graham gave the 49er’s a 77-74 lead with 22 seconds on the clock. Western Kentucky missed a 3 pointer and fouled with 7 seconds left. Craig Poole iced the game by sinking both free throw shots. 

Final Score: Charlotte—79, Western Kentucky—74. (Charlotte finishes in 10th place and Western Kentucky finishes in 13th place.

Western Kentucky: PG Mario Jones-7/4*/2, SG Aaron Taflinger-4/1/5, SF Scott Reed-6/4/2, PF Julius Dickel-13/2/2, C Ray Melson-9/1/1; Bench players: Starzee Brown-9/1/2, Ronald Ballinger-9/1/1, Josh Hankins-8/0/1.

Hilltoppers Team Stats: FG%-48%; 22 of 25 FT’s; 6 of 16 Threes; 26 Rebs; 13 TO’s; 23 PF’s.

Charlotte: PG Mark Graham-12/3/1, SG Craig Poole-12/3/6*, SF Dwayne Cox-19*/1/2, PF Greg Brumm-2/0/5, C Marlon Kurtz-17/0/4; Bench player: Marc Gunn-9/2/0.

49ers Player Stats: FG%-57%; 23 of 36 FT’s, 6 of 17 Threes, 25 Rebs, 12 TO’s, 19 PF’s.

Player of the Game: Charlotte’s Marlon Kurtz-17 pts, 4 reb, 2 steal, 2 blocks.

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Game #28: Bowling Green Falcons (L7.W15,L23) at BYU Cougars (L4,W12,L19)
Starting Lineups:

Bowling Green: PG 6-4 Shammell Smith, SG 6-3 Michael Maybin, SF 6-7 Greg Miller, PF 6-6 Jerome Bowie, C 6-7 Chris Gentry

BYU: PG 5-7 Ben Smith, SG 6-2 John Hopkins, SF 6-8 John Angeli, PF 6-10 Coupe Fuhs, C 6-9 Matt Babul

The Cougars gradually pulled away and took a 10 point lead with 9 minutes remaining in the first half. But the Falcons then scored 7 straight quick points. BYU held onto a 2-12 point lead during the remaining minutes of the first half and finished with a 48-38 advantage.

The Falcons dropped in 50% of their FG attempts which in most games would result in them coming away with a lead. But their shooing was trumped by the Cougars hitting a phenomenal 73% of their shots. John Hopkins scorched the net for 13 points for BYU. Chris Gentry was Bowling Green’s top scorer with 7 points. The refs called fouls evenly but they whistled the two teams for a total of 27 fouls.

BYU held an 8-12 point lead in the 2nd half, but Bowling Green came back to go ahead 66-65 with 4 minutes to play. As BYU crashed and burned, the Falcons took a 72-65 lead with 2:43 to go. The Falcons continued their thrashing of the Cougars taking a 13 point with 40 seconds remaining in the game.

Final Score: Bowling Green-78, BYU-70. Bowling Green finishes in 9th place; BYU finishes in 12th place.

Bowling Green: PG Shammell Smith10/2/1, SG Michael Maybin-6/0/2, SF Greg Miller-8/2/3, PF Jerome Bowie-17/3*/10*, C Chris Gentry-10/2/3; Bench players: Tomas O’Conner-10/2/5, Jason Smallwood-8/0/0.

Falcons Team Stats: FG%-54%; 30 of 40 FT’s; 2 of 10 Threes; 27 Rebs; 10 TO’s; 20 PF’s.

BYU: PG Ben Smith-2/3*/1, SG John Hopkins-23*/1/3, SF John Angeli-6/3/5, PF Coupe Fuhs-8/0/2, C Matt Babul-5/0/0; Bench player: Heath Cliff-12/2/3.

Cougars Team Stats: FG%-535; 14 of 17 FT’s; 6 of 18 Threes; 20 Rebs; 15 TO’s; 29 PF’s

Player of the Game: Bowling Green PF Jerome Bowlie-17 pts, 3 assists, 10 rebounds, 2 steals.

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Game #29: Valparaiso Crusaders (L8, W 14, W22) at Southern Illinois Salukis (L3, W10, W18)



These two teams seem pretty equal so if the game were on a neutral court it would be a coin-toss as to who would win. But playing on the Saluki’s home court gives the edge to Southern Illinois.



Starting lineups:

Valparaiso: PG 6-0 Javon Thomas, SF 6-2 Jeremy Scott, SF 6-6 Jim Walker, PF 6-8 David Richardson, C 6-10 Brandon Diggs

Southern Illinois: PG 6-0 Shannon Ress, SG 6-2 Brandon Penders, SF 6-8 Tim Montross, PF 6-6 Adam Lilly, C 6-8 Mike Young

Five minutes into the game, Southern Illinois had forged a 12-3 lead aided by 8 turnovers by Valparaiso. The Crusaders turnovers continued as they piled up 11 in the first 9 minutes of play which lead to a 19-6 lead by the Salukis. After 12 minutes of plays, the Crusaders had made 15 turnovers, and Southern Illinois expanded their lead to 26-6. The lead by Southern Illinois increased to 39-10 at the half. 

Valparaiso played an abominable first half, making 23 turnovers and hitting just 30% of their shots. Southern Illinois had just 6 turnovers and hit 50% of their FG attempts (including 5 of 9 of their 3’s). SG Brandon Penders led the Salukis in scoring with 8 points. Just 3 players scored any points for Valparaiso and SG Jeremy Scott scored 4 points to top their scoring.

Southern Illinois went ice cold in the 2nd half, but the lead was too great for the Crusaders to overtake the Salukis.

Final Score: Southern Illinois—56, Valparaiso—41 (Southern Illinois finished in 5th place; Valparaiso finishes in 8th place).

Valparaiso: PG Javon Thomas-16*/2/1, SF Jeremy Scott-10/2/6, SF Jim Walker-6/2/8*, PF David Richardson-0/2/5, C Brandon Diggs-5/0/4.

Crusaders team stats: FG%-40%, 5 of 6 FT’s, 8 of 18 Threes, 24 Rebs, 28 TO’s, 16 PF’s.

Southern Illinois: PG Shannon Ress-10/4*/2, SG Brandon Penders-13/2/1, SF Tim Montross-5/2/4, PF Adam Lilly-8/1/3, C Mike Young-2/1/4; Bench player: Jamie Mueller-8/0/0.

Salukis team stats: FG%-40%, 15 of 19 FT’s, 7 of 14 Threes, 19 Rebs, 11 TO’s, 12 PF’s.

Player of the Game: SG Brandon Penders-13 pts, 2 assists, 1 reb, 1 steal.

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Game #30: UNLV Runnin’ Rebels (W7, L16, W23) at St. Josephs Hawks (W1, L11, W19)
St. Josephs’ wins in the tournament have come when their bench has been extremely productive. UNLV’s wins in this tournament have come when PG Clyde Ruddock and PF Geoff Ahern have both had big games offensively.
Starting lineups:

UNLV: PG 6-0 Clyde Ruddock, SG 6-3 George Finley, SF 6-5 Rick Watkins, PF 6-8 Geoff Ahern, C 6-9 Simon Ellis

St. Josephs: PG 6-5 Gregg Hoyer, SG 6-5 Chris Kelly, SF 6-6 Mike Hutson, PF 6-6 Dan Deverage, C 6-9 Petrick Watkins

UNLV broke out to a 20-9 lead midway through the half and held on to go to intermission with a 39-33 lead. 

The Runnin’ Rebels knocked down 44% of their shots while the Hawks hit 50% of theirs. But UNLV won the battle of the boards 16-11 and enjoyed an 8-6 turnover advantage, and scored 12 more points at the line. PG Clyde Ruddock scored 10 points for UNLV. SF Mike Hutson led the Hawks with 6 points.

UNLV held their lead until St. Josephs hit a 3 with 4-1/2 minutes to go to tie at 63-63. UNLV regained a small lead but then with 40 seconds left, the Hawks hit another three-pointer to put them ahead by 3. Following a miss on their next possession, UNLV fouled and St. Josephs hit both free throws to put them ahead by 5. UNLV dropped in a 3 with 14 seconds to go. Trailing by 2, UNLV had to foul and the Hawks sunk both shots. UNLV brought it up court quickly but missed and the Hawks rebounded. 

Ruddock and Ahern combined for 30 points for UNLV but the Hawks bench accounted for 35 points compared to UNLV’s bench that scored 20.

Final Score: St. Josephs—72, UNLV—68 (St. Josephs finishes in 4th place and UNLV finishes in 7th place)

UNLV: PG Clyde Ruddock-20/4/1, SG George Finley-3/1/1, SF Rick Watkins-13/2/8, PF Geoff Ahern-10/0/4, C Simon Ellis-2/0/3; Bench player-Matt Jones-15/1/7.

Runnin’ Rebels team stats: FG%-46%, 22 of 27 FT’s, 8 of 18 Threes, 26 Rebs, 18 TO’s, 11 PF’s.

St. Josephs: PG Gregg Hoyer-3/4/0, SG Chris Kelly-4/2/2, SF Mike Hutson-14/2/3, PF Dan Deverage-8/0/3, C Petrick Watkins-8/2/3; Bench players: Selwyn Capel-13/2/1; Tomas Well-11/1/2

Hawks team stats: FG%-47%, 8 of 13 FT’s, 12 of 31 Threes, 22 Rebs, 14 TO’s, 27 PF’s.

Player of the Game: St. Josephs SF Mike Hutson- 14 pts, 2 assists, 3 rebounds.

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Game #31: Hawaii Warriors (W5, W15, L24) at Nevada Wolfpack (W2, W11, L20)
Hawaii won a thriller in the 1st round with PG David Hamilton and reserve C Gerrick Williams combining for 37 points. Then in the 2nd round, the Warriors put together a very strong 2nd half to win with ease as their bench players led by Gerrick Williams scored 32 of the team’s 66 points. In round 3, Hawaii’s defense failed them and they lost by 22 points. 

Nevada score 58 points in the 2nd half to win by 23 points in round one as SG Rick Newman and SF Marlow Vickers combined for 44 points. In round 2, the Wolfpack applied a staunch defense to win by 17. Like Hawaii, Nevada’s defense fell apart in round 3 to create a 21 point deficit in the first half and while they rallied in the 2nd half, they still lost by 9 even though SG Rick Newman scored 19 points.

Starting lineups:

Hawaii: PG 6-5 David Hamilton, SG 6-3 Shannon Sykes, SF 6-8 David Howard, PF 6-7 Darius Allison, C 6-8 Todd Brown

Nevada: PG 5-6 Brett Boston, SG 6-2 Rick Newman, SF 6-8 Marlo Vickers, PF 6-8 Hollis Booth, C 6-9 Donald Thornton

Both teams were tight for about 8 minutes at the start of the game with frequent turnovers and poor shooting. The refs were continually calling fouls against Nevada, allowing Hawaii to at least score some points even though their shooting was horrible. At that point though, Nevada put on a run that carried them to a 19-7 lead with 8:42 remaining in the first half. Late in the half, Hawaii finally got their offense untracked and put some points up on the board. But they weren’t able to trim the margin much and left the court trailing 33-24. 

Both teams shot poorly with Hawaii hitting only 36% of their shots and Nevada only able to get 33% of the FG’s to drop. But Hawaii has small advantages in rebounding and turnovers, shot better at the foul line and hit 5 of 12 threes while Hawaii scored no points on 3’s. C Todd Brown and reserve SG Jason Oliver both scored 8 points for Hawaii. As usual SG Rick Newman was high point man for Nevada with 8 points.

Hawaii again started slowly in the 2nd half and fell behind by 19 just 4 minutes into the final stanza. Midway through the half, Nevada increased their lead to 59-35. From that point on the lead fluctuated between 20-25 points so the outcome was never in doubt.

Final Score: Nevada—71, Hawaii—49. (Nevada finished in 3rd place and Hawaii finishes in 6th place.

Hawaii: PG David Hamilton-6/3/2, SG Shannon Sykes-3/2/6, SF David Howard-5/1/2, PF Darius Allison-3/0/5, C Todd Brown-10/1/4; Bench Player: Jason Oliver-8/2/2.

Warriors team stats: FG%-38%, 18 of 30 FT’s, 1 of 9 Threes, 28 Rebs, 17 TO’s, 20 PF’s.

Nevada: PG Brett Boston-7/6*/2, SG Rick Newman-17*/1/5, SF Marlo Vickers-11/2/3, PF Hollis Booth-12/1/10*, C Donald Thornton-9/1/4; Bench player: Jermaine Cockle-6/0/4.

Wolfpack team stats: FG%-41%, 25 of 31 FT’s, 8 of 23 Threes, 34 Rebs, 13 TO’s, 23 PF’s.

Player of the Game: Nevada SG Rick Newman-17 pts, 1 assist, 5 reb, 1 steal, 1 block.

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Game32: Central Michigan Chippewas--W8/W16/W24 at Massachusetts Minutemen--W3/W12/W20
These two teams playing in the championship game deserve to be here. Both have dominated their opponents in all games they’ve played in the tournament. Both have had quick starts in all their games and 3 straight overwhelming excellent first halves. 

In their first tournament game Central Michigan romped over Western Kentucky by hitting 63% of their shots (including 11 of 19 of their 3’s) and controlled the boards. In round 2, the Chippewas overwhelmed UNLV by hitting 57% of their FG’s (including 10 of 21 of their 3’s), and have a 5 turnover advantage. Then in round 3 Central Michigan stomped on Hawaii when they sunk 55% of their shots (7 of 19 from 3 point distance), and dominated the boards. Their guards have carried the offensive load with Chuck Livas averaging 16.0 ppg and Tremaine Moore averaging 19.0 ppg.

Massachusetts ground up Southern Illinois in their first tournament game by hitting 52% of their FG’s (including 9 of 17 threes). They beat down BYU in round 2 by knocking down 55% of their shots (including 9 of 16 threes). Then in Round 3 the Minutemen let their large halftime lead get whittled down near the end of the game, but still beat Nevada handily, although they only hit 42% of their shots (with 5 for 15 three-point shooting), but they dominated the boards. The Minutemen have had more balanced scoring with Michael Crenshaw averaging 9.7 ppg, Mark Rogers 10.5 ppg, David Krimmel 12.7 ppg, Terumun Williams 13.0 ppg, Tony Logan 12.3 ppg, and Chris Kent 9.7 ppg.

Starting lineups:

Central Michigan: PG 6-4 Chuck Livas, SG 6-1 Tremaine Moore, SF 6-6 Jarvis Martin, PF 6-7 Joe Evans, C 6-10 Ramsey Millar

Massachusetts: PG 6-5 Michael Crenshaw, SG 6-1 David Krimmel, , SF 6-6 Teremun Williams, PF 6-8 Tony Logan, C 6-9 Chris Kent

Massachusetts took a small early lead but also got called for several early fouls. With 12-1/2 minutes to go in the first half, the Minutemen had opened a 16-6 lead. The Chippewas began hitting their shots but their comeback attempts were thwarted by numerous turnovers as well as fouls that sent Minutemen trooping to the free throw line. The half came to a conclusion with Massachusetts on top 44-25.

Massachusetts outshot Central Michigan 58% to 44%, went to the line 18 more times and scored 12 more points on free throws, and had 3 turnovers to the Chippewas 14. SG Tremaine Moore scored 8 points to lead the Central Michigan scoring. SG David Krimmel and PF Tony Logan both dropped in 11 points for the Minutemen.

Throughout most of the second half, both teams scored well but the point difference remained pretty constant. Only during the final several minutes did the Chippewas cut into the Minutemen’s lead a little. But Massachusetts was not to be denied the title as Champions.

Final Score: Massachusetts—77, Central Michigan—61 (Massachusetts finishes in 1st place and Central Michigan finishes in 2nd place).

Central Michigan: PG Chuck Livas-8/4/2, SG Tremaine Moore-15/4/3, SF Jarvis Martin-3/1/2, PF Joe Evans-10/0/6, C Ramsey Millar-4/0/4.

Chippewas team stats: FG%-49%, 8 of 14 FT’s, 7 of 20 Threes, 26 Reb, 20 TO’s, 21 PF’s.

Massachusetts: PG Michael Crenshaw-15/5/3, SG David Krimmel-16/9*/4 (+5 steals), SF Teremun Williams-17/1/7, PF Tony Logan20*/3/9* (+5 steals), C Chris Kent-9/1/4.

Minutemen team stats: FG%-51%, 20 of 27 FT’s, 5 of 16 Threes, 27 Reb, 9 TO’s, 15 PF’s.

Player of the Game: PF Tony Logan-20 pts, 3 assists, 9 reb, 5 steals, 1 block.

[strange But True: The AI coach for the Massachusetts Minutemen played all 5 starters for the entire game. That’s subs at all! They’re now called the “Five Fortyteers” for all and all for one.]

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Round 4 Scores:


Game #25: Ball State-71, Saint Louis-63


Game #26: Kent State-81, St. Bonaventure-43


Game #27: Charlotte-79, Western Kentucky-74


Game #28: Bowling Green-78, BYU-70


Game #29: Southern Illinois-56, Valparaiso-41


Game #30: St. Josephs-72, UNLV-68


Game #31: Nevada-71, Hawaii-49


Game #32: Massachusetts-77, Central Michigan-61

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Top Round 4 Individual Player Performances:


PF Paul Smith, Ball State: 28 pts, 3 assists, 8 Reb

SF Dwayne Jackson, Ball State: 11 pts, 1 assist, 9 Reb

SF Marco Coursey, Kent State: 11 pts, 4 assists, 7 Reb

C Marlon Kurtz, Charlotte: 17 pts, 4 Reb

SF Dwayne Cox, Charlotte: 19 pts, 1 assist, 2 Reb

PF Jerome Bowie, Bowling Green: 17 pts, 3 assists, 10 Reb

SG John Hopkins, BYU: 23 pts, 1 assist, 3 Reb

PG Jevon Thomas, Valparaiso: 16 pts, 2 assists, 1 Reb

PG Clyde Ruddock, UNLV: 20 pts, 4 assists, 1 Reb

C Matt Jones, UNLV: 15 pts, 1 assist, 7 Reb

SF Rick Watkins, UNLV: 13 pts, 2 assist, 8 Reb, 3 steals

SF Mike Hutson, Alcorn State: 14 pts, 2 assists, 3 reb, 1 steal

SG Rick Newman, Nevada: 17 pts, 1 assist, 5 Reb

PF Hollis Booth, Nevada: 12 pts, 1 assist, 10 Reb

SG Tremaine Moore, Central Michigan: 15 pts, 4 assists, 2 Reb

PG Michael Crenshaw, Massachusetts: 15 pts, 5 assists, 3 Reb

SG David Krimmel, Massachusetts: 16 pts, 9 assists, 4 Reb, 5 steals

SF Teremun Williams, Massachusetts: 17 pts, 1 assist, 7 Reb

PF Tony Logan, Massachusetts: 20 pts, 3 assists, 9 Reb, 5 steals

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Top 1 Through 16 Tournament (Mid Majors) Placings:


1st: Massachusetts Minutemen


2nd: Central Michigan Chippewas


3rd: Nevada Wolfpack


4th: St. Josephs Hawks


5th: Southern Illinois Salukis


6th: Hawaii Warriors


7th: UNLV Runnin’ Rebels


8th: Valparaiso Crusaders


9th: Bowling Green Falcons


10th: Charlotte 49ers


11th: Kent State Golden Flashes


12th: BYU Cougars


13th: Western Kentucky Hilltoppers


14th: St. Bonaventure Bonnies


15th: Ball State Cardinals


16th: Saint Louis Billikens

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All-Tournament Team
PG: Mark Graham, Charlotte, 18.0 ppg

SG: Tremaine Moore, Central Michigan, 18.0 ppg

SF: Marlo Vickers, Nevada, 12.5 ppg, 5.0 rpg

PF: Jerome Bowie, Bowling Green, 16.3 ppg, 6.7 rpg

C: Marion Kurtz, Charlotte, 14.0 ppg, 5.5 rpg

MVP: Jerome Bowie, Bowling Green

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Question in the Wolverine Studios forum from Wayne23:  I'm confused. Is the tourney over?



Answer:  Yes, 4 games for each team (winners playing winners, losers playing losers) in 4 rounds produces the 1 thru 16 placings.

16th place--L rnd 1, L rnd 2, L rnd 3, L rnd 4
15th place--L rnd 1, L rnd 2, L rnd 3, W rnd 4
14th place--L rnd 1, L rnd 2, W rnd 3, L rnd 4
13th place--L rnd 1, W rnd 2, L rnd 3, L rnd 4
12th place--W rnd 1, L rnd 2, L rnd 3, L rnd 4
11th place--L rnd 1, L rnd 2, W rnd 3, W rnd 4
10th place--L rnd 1, W rnd 2, L rnd 3, W rnd 4
9th place--W rnd 1, L rnd 2, L rnd 3, W rnd 4
8th place--L rnd 1, W rnd 2, W rnd 3, L rnd 4
7th place--W rnd 1, L rnd 2, W rnd 3, L rnd 4
6th place--W rnd 1, W rnd 2, L rnd 3, L rnd 4
5th place--L rnd 1, W rnd 2, W rnd 3, W rnd 4
4th place--W rnd 1, L rnd 2, W rnd 3, W rnd 4
3rd place--W rnd 1, W rnd 2, L rnd 3, W rnd 4
2nd place--W rnd 1, W rnd 2, W rnd 3, L rnd 4
1st place--W rnd 1, W rnd 2, W rnd 3, W rnd 4

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