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The Top 1 Through 16 Tournament [DDSCB3]

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Round 4 Matchups
Game 25: UCLA (L1/L9/L17) vs Georgetown (L5/L13/L21): Winner places 15th and Loser places 16th

Game 26: Indiana (L3/L10/W17) vs Stanford (L7/L14/W21): Winner places 11th and Loser places 14th 

Game 27: Syracuse (L2/W9/L18) vs LSU (L8/W14/L22): Winner places 10th and Loser places 13th 

Game 28: Louisville (W1/L11/L19) vs Duke (W5/L15/L23): Winner places 9th and Loser places 12th

Game 29: North Carolina (L4/W10/W18) vs Oklahoma State (L8/W14/W22): Winner places 5th and Loser places 8th

Game 30: UConn W3/L12/W19) vs Michigan State (W7/L16/W23): Winner places 4th and Loser places 7th 

Game 31: Kentucky (W2/W11/L20) vs Arizona (W6/W15/L24): Winner places 3rd and Loser places 6th 

Game 32: Florida (W4/W12/W20) vs Kansas (W8/W16/W24): Winner places 1st and Loser places 2nd

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Game 25: UCLA (L1/L9/L17) vs Georgetown (L5/L13/L21): Winner places 15th and Loser places 16th
Who will finish last in the tournament?  The answer is: whoever loses this game.

UCLA rode hot shooting to maintain a small 1-3 point lead throughout most of the first half. But Georgetown doggedly hung in and occasionally took a single point lead only to have UCLA strike back and retake the lead immediately. UCLA increased their lead to 6 points at one point late in the first half. But at the end of the half the score was close again, 36-33 in favor of the Bruins.

UCLA hit 63% of their shots. Their scoring was led by C Dan Davis with 10 points. While Georgetown didn’t shoot as well, they slammed in enough 2nd chance points to keep pace. PF Bryant Nooner was their top scorer with 8 points.

UCLA’s shooting failed them early in the 2nd half as they were unable to score for nearly the first 4 minutes of the half. Midway through the 2nd half, UCLA regained their momentum to build a 5 point lead only to see it evaporate when then turned the ball over repeatedly. Then with about 2 minutes to play, UCLA pulled ahead by 8 points forcing Georgetown to foul repeatedly to try to get the ball back. The Bruins converted their foul shots to expand their lead. UCLA escaped the cellar by beating Georgetown 70-57.

UCLA outshot Georgetown 50% to 41% and took control of the boards in the 2nd half to achieve a 35-29 rebounding advantage. 

For UCLA C Dan Davis scored 16, pulled down 9 boards, and had 1 assist, 4 steals and 1 block. PG Russ Eidson added 12 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists. SF Ronnie Bailey and reserve PF Reginald Cox both scored 10 points.

Georgetown was led offensively by reserve PG Gene Ward with 11 points and C Byron Charity with 10 points.

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Game 26: Indiana (L3/L10/W17) vs Stanford (L7/L14/W21): Winner 11th & Loser 14th


Stanford jumped out to a 9-2 lead, but then just kept firing away unsuccessfully from beyond the arc which allowed Indiana to reel them back in. Midway through the first half, though, Stanford went on a run to go ahead 31-18 with 7-1/2 minutes left in the half. Stanford simply out-played Indiana in all aspects of the game to take a 45-31 halftime lead. 

Stanford hit 52% of their shots while holding Indiana’s shooting to 34%. C Grant Everett led Stanford with 12 points and 5 rebounds, while Indiana’s leading scorer was SG Tim Popp with 8 points.

Indiana roared back into contention in the 2nd half and trailed just 56-54 with 12 minutes to play. The Cardinal reignited their offense and re-opened a 12 point lead 3-1/2 minutes later. Stanford then maintained a double-digit lead and went on to win 88-75

Stanford outshot Indiana 49% to 43%, out-rebounded the Hoosiers 35-32, and had a 17-15 turnover advantage.

Stanford got standout performances from C Grant Everett (20 points, 10 rebounds, 2 steals, 3 blocks) and SG Anthony Brown (18 points, 5 rebounds, 8 assists, 3 steals, and 1 block). Also scoring well for the Cardinal were SF Clifford Kresse with 12 points, reserve PF Matt Edwards with 11 points, and PG Antonio Smith who added 10 points.

Indiana’s scoring was led by PF Ian LaVasseur and SF Neil Whitehead, who both scored 14 points. SG Tim Popp dropped in 11 points, PG Kwadjo Branch hit for 10 points, and C Chris Mitchell who added 9 points plus pulled down 10 rebounds.

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Game 27: Syracuse (L2/W9/L18) vs LSU (L8/W14/L22): Winner,10th & Loser, 13th
The game was extremely close the first 5 minutes with LSU leading 10-9 at that point. But then the Tigers scored 13 unanswered points and it began to look like a blow-out. Even though Syracuse began getting the ball in the hole, they slipped further behind the high-flying Tigers and by the end of the half trailed 43-26.

LSU dominated the first half statistics, hitting 56% of their shots compared to Syracuse’s 37% shooting, outrebounding the Orange 19-9, getting to the line 12 more times where they scored 11 more points, getting to the line and turning the ball over less (7-4). LSU’s offense was ignited by C Marcus Sessom’s 17 points but PG Mark Nolan also had 10 points. Marcus Salvi of Syracuse scored 8 points to lead the Orange.

Syracuse scored the first 6 points of the half and fans on their side of the court took heart. But LSU held Syracuse at arms-length from thereon, maintaining a double-digit lead until the final minute of play. LSU came away with a 73-64 victory.

Although the Tigers outshot Syracuse 53% to 46%, their biggest advantage was a 33-21 drubbing on the boards. Ultimately LSU scoring 9 more points from the line was the difference in the score at the end of the game.

LSU’s C Marcus Sessums dominated inside, scoring 33 points, pulling down 8 rebounds, and blocking 3 of Syracuse’s shots. PG Mark Nolan chipped in 16 points. SF Marvin Felder only scored 6 points but grabbed 9 rebounds plus had 9 assists and 1 steal.

For Syracuse, both PG Chris Roberts and PF Marcus Salvi tossed in 17 points, but Salvi also had 7 rebounds, 4 steals and 3 blocks. SG Keyon Frederick added 10 points for the Orange and reserve big man Stephen Sarchet had 9 points in 15 minutes of court time.

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Game 28: Louisville (W1/L11/L19) vs Duke (W5/L15/L23): Winner 9th & Loser 12th

Duke looked strong early, taking a 20-6 lead with a tight defense and good shooting. The large contingent of Duke backers was hooting and hollering. But the first 10 fouls in the game went against the Blue Devils. Could that portend problems for Duke? With 7 minutes still to play in the first half, Louisville had cut the lead to 26-21. No Louisville player picked up a foul until the 5:32 mark. But Louisville’s 13 turnovers in the half allowed Duke to pull away again and finish the half with a 45-33 lead.

Duke hit 61% of their shots while Louisville hit 48%. Duke PF Darryl Thomas scored 7 points. Louisville’s offense centered around SF Eric Radl and PF Baily Travis who both scored 10 points.

In the 2nd half, 8 of the first 9 fouls were called against Duke players. But Duke continued to scorch the nets and held onto a double digit lead. Duke cruised to a 84-72 win.

Duke outshot the Cardinals 57% to 46% and had a 19-12 turnover advantage. Louisville out-rebounded the Blue Devils 30-25 and scored 15 more points at the line.

Duke was led by C Tim Emery who scored 18 points, pulled down 6 rebounds and had 2 assists, 3 steals and 2 blocks. SG Dekker Evans dropped in 13 points while grabbing 5 rebounds and dishing out 5 assists. PF Jacobs Floyd came off the bench to score 12 points, PG LeDarion Campbell added 9 points and had 6 assists.

Louisville’s top scorer was PF Travis Baily who put in 16 points. PG Carlos Tompson, SG Eric Radl, and SF Curtis Poindexter each scored 12 points. Radl also had 6 rebounds and 4 assists.

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Game 29: No. Carolina (L4/W10/W18) vs Oklahoma St. (L8/W14/W22): Winner 5th;Loser 8th
Oklahoma State’s two big men (PF James Scott and C Chris Benjamin) scored all of the Cowboys’ first 14 points, giving the Cowboys a 5 point lead. At the half Oklahoma State led 38-34. 

Oklahoma had an 11-7 turnover advantage and a 15-11 rebounding advantage, but North Carolina hit 54% of their shots to stay in contention. PF Jason Scott held scoring honors for Oklahoma State with 13 points. North Carolina’s SF Erron Livas dropped in 9 points to lead the Tarheels scoring.

After trailing by a small amount throughout the first half, North Carolina tied the game in the first 1-1/2 minutes of the 2nd half. But then Oklahoma State went on a 10-0 run. The Tarheels slowly came back though and with 9-1/2 minutes to play, their PG Ray Cameron hit a long 3 to give them a 60-58 lead. North Carolina maintained a 1-4 point lead until the Cowboys recaptured the lead at 70-69 with just over 3 minutes remaining. Another 3 point shot put North Carolina back on top by 2 with 1:52 on the clock. The Tarheels then clamped down defensively and led 75-70 with 30 seconds to go. Oklahoma State cut the lead to 75-72 with 21 seconds remaining. The Cowboys decided not to foul, and North Carolina put up a shot with 9 seconds to go but missed. Oklahoma State rebounded, called a time out, and brought the ball up court quickly sending it to SG Michael Tice who drilled a 3 with 4 seconds to go to tie it at 75-75 and take the game to overtime.

In OT, North Carolina’s defense completely stymied the Cowboys for the first 4-1/2 minutes while North Carolina was scoring 11 points to go ahead 86-75. At that point Oklahoma scored 2 points on free throws for their only scoring in the overtime. North Carolina’s outstanding overtime play resulted in a 86-77 victory.

North Carolina’s slight edge in shooting (53% to 50%) and turnovers (24-21) were the only statistical differences between the two teams. 

North Carolina got a stellar performance from C Byran Erwin who had 22 points and 8 rebounds. SF Erron Livas scored 17 points and had 5 rebounds. Reserve SG Justin Croom lit a fuse for the Tarheels by dropping in 16 points. And PG Ray Cameron played great on both ends of the court with 14 points, 5 rebounds, 9 assists, 4 steals and a block.

Oklahoma State’s PF Jason Scott put in 25 points while pulling down 7 rebounds. SF Matt Stinson scored 14 and had 7 rebound and 4 assists. SG Michael Tice dropped in 13 points and had 7 rebounds, 3 assists and 4 steals. C Chris Benjamin added 10 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals and a block.

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Game 30: UConn W3/L12/W19) vs Michigan State (W7/L16/W23): Winner 4th and Loser 7th
The lead shifted back and forth in the first 6 minutes of play. Michigan State then moved out to a small lead which they never relinquished for the rest of the half. In the last few minutes of the half the Spartans extended their lead and went to the locker room with a 42-32 advantage.

Michigan State controlled the half by hitting 57% of their shots compared to Connecticut’s 38% shooting and by controlling the boards 18-13. Michigan State was led offensively by PG Adam Betts and SF ichael Manning, both of whom scored 12 points. Manning also pulled down 7 rebounds. UConn’s SG Edmund White dropped in 15 points.

Michigan steadily extended its lead in the 2nd half, going up by 20 with 15:37 to play and then to 25 with 12-1/2 minutes left. The Huskies were never able to gain any momentum.Michigan State won easily 85-64.

Michigan State ended up with a 56% to 38% shooting advantage as well as a dominating the boards 39-24.

Michigan State’s C Matt Grigsby scored 20 points, but SF Michael Manning scored 17 plus had 11 rebounds and 5 assists. PG Adam Betts also scored 17 as well as grabbing 9 rebounds. SG Craig Durham added 11 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 assists.

UConn’s SG Edunt White had high point honors with 30 points.

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Game 31: Kentucky (W2/W11/L20) vs Arizona (W6/W15/L24): Winner 3rd and Loser 6th
The Wildcats are going to win this game! This game matched the Wildcats (of Kentucky) against the Wildcats (of Arizona).

Delawn Bond scored Kentucky’s first 8 points but during the same period of time Arizona’s Stromile Moore also scored 8 and the Arizona ‘s other starters added 8 more for a 16-8 lead. Kentucky finally tied the game at 28-28 with 4:15 left in the first half then went ahead 31-28 with 3:35 left. But Arizona then came back to lead at the end of the half, 40-35.

The first half was the Delawn Bond versus Stromile Moore show. Kentucky’s PF Delawn Bond poured in 19 points and added 5 rebounds but was edged out by Arizona’s C Stromile Moore who scored 21 points and hauled down 6 rebounds. 

But Bond had 3 personal fouls in the first half so was on the bench at the beginning of the 2nd half. Arizona took advantage of this and quickly opened a 15 point lead. Bond returned to the court, but Kentucky couldn’t recover. Arizona went on to notch a dominating 82-62 victory.

Arizona outshot Kentucky 48% to 37% plus had a 36-33 rebounding edge and a 19-10 turnover advantage.

For Arizona, C Stromile Moore finished with 32 points and 8 rebounds. SF Brendon McIntosh scored 14 while pulling down 8 board, dishing out 3 assists, getting 3 steals, and blocking an amazing 7 shots. Reserve PF Ayinde Cullen added 10 points, 6 reb, 2 assists, 2 steals, and 2 blocks.

Kentucky’s PF Delawn Bond scored 26 points and pulled down 9 rebounds. SG Chris Treadwell added 10 points.

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Game 32: Florida (W4/W12/W20) vs Kansas (W8/W16/W24): Winner 1st and Loser 2nd
In the 75 seconds of the game, SG Jim Wilkerson scored 8 points to give the Jayhawks an 8-0 lead. But then Kansas offense stalled and they didn’t score for the next 4-1/2 minutes. But Florida was only able to cut their lead to 8-4. Wilkerson got into foul trouble and spent almost all of the remainder of the first half on the bench. Florida finally evened the score at 14-14 with 8 minutes left in the half. The Gators went ahead for the first time with 6:50 remaining. By the end of the half, Florida led 29-23.

Kansas outshot the Gators 39% to 32% but Florida held an 18-13 rebounding advantage and also got to the line 14 times to the Jayhawk’s 2 trips to the free throw line and scored 11 more points on foul shots. Florida’s SF Shaun Mason hit for 8 points while Kansas was led offensively by SG Jim Wilkerson with 8 points, even though he only played 8 minutes.

The referees continued to favor Florida on fouls in the 2nd half, but Kansas knotted the score at 31-31 with 17:55 to go. Kansas then went on top 34-31 just 28 seconds later. Jim Wilkerson, who started the 2nd half on the bench, came back in and with Kansas hitting 3’s, they pulled away to a 48-37 lead with 11:22 remaining. Their lead extended to 15 with 9:15 on the clock and 20 with 6:51 left to play. Kansas went on to win the championship 79-63!

Kansas won by hitting 52% of their FG attempts while Florida could only sink 39% of theirs. The Jayhawks also had a 22-18 turnover advantage. These two factors offset Florida’s 32-28 rebounding advantage and the Gators scoring 12 more points on free throws.

Kansas was led by SG Jim Wilkerson who had 21 points and 5 rebounds in 22 minutes on the court. C Sam Webb scored 13 and pulled down 6 rebounds while SF Marques Dement scored 12 points by hitting 4 shots from beyond the arc.

Florida’s SF Shaun Webb scored 17 points plus had 4 rebounds, an assist, 2 steals and 2 blocks. C David Jackson had 12 points and 11 rebounds. SG Johnny Rivers put in 11 points while pulling down 5 rebounds, dishing out 4 assists and getting 2 steals and a block.

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Round 4 Recap
Game 25: UCLA-70, Georgetown-57

Game 26: Stanford-88, Indiana-75

Game 27: LSU-73, Syracuse-64

Game 28: Duke-84, Louisville-72

Game 29: North Carolina-86, Oklahoma State-77 (OT)

Game 30: Michigan State-85, UConn-64

Game 31: Arizona-82, Kentucky-62

Game 32: Kansas-79, Florida-63

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Top Individual Performances in Round 4
UCLA C Dan Davis: 16 pts, 9 reb, 1 assist, 4 steals and 1 block
Stanford C Grant Everett: 20 pts, 10 reb, 2 steals, 3 blocks
Stanford SG Anthony Brown: 18 pts, 5 reb, 8 assists, 3 steals, 1 block
Indiana C Chris Mitchell: 9 points and 10 rebounds
LSU C Marcus Sessums: 33 pts, 8 reb, 3 blocks
LSU SF Marvin Felder: 6 pts, 9 reb, 9 assists, 1 steal
Syracuse PF Marcus Salvi: 17 pts, 7 reb, 4 steals, 3 blocks
Duke C Tim Emery: 18 pts, 6 reb, 2 assists, 3 steals, 2 blocks
Duke SG Dekker Evans: 13 pts, 5 reb, 1 steal, 5 assists
Louisville SG Eric Radl: 12 pts, 6 reb, 4 assist, 1 block
North Carolina C Bryan Erwin: 22 pts, 8 reb, 1 assist
North Carolina PG Ray Cameron: 14 pts, 5 reb, 9 assists, 4 steals, 1 block
Oklahoma State PF Jason Scott: 25 pts, 7 reb, 2 blocks
Oklahoma State SG Michael Tice: 13 pts, 7 reb, 3 assists, 4 steals
Michigan State SF Michael Manning: 17 points, 11 reb, 5 assists
Michigan State PG Adam Betts: 17 pts, 9 reb
UConn SG Edmund White-30 pts
Arizona C Stomile Moore: 32 pts, 8 reb
Arizona SF Brendon McIntosh: 14 pts, 8 reb, 3 assists, 3 steals, 7 blocks
Kentucky PF Delawn West: 26 pts, 9 reb
Kansas SG Jim Wilkerson: 21 pts, 5 reb
Florida SF ShaunWebb: 17 pts, 4 reb, 1 assist, 2 steals, 2 blocks
Florida C David Jackson: 12 pts, 11 reb

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All-Tournament Team

PG: Ray Cameron, North Carolina
SG: Jim Wilkerson, Kansas
SF: Michael Manning, Michigan State
PF: Delawn Bond, Kentucky
C: Grant Everett, Stanford

Honorable Mention

C Stromile Moore (Arizona); PF Jason Scott (Oklahoma State); C David Jackson (Florida); SG Eric Radl (Louisville); PG Adam Betts (Michigan State); SF Marcus Felder (LSU); SF Brendan McIntosh (Arizona).

Tournament MVP

Jim Wilkerson, Kansas (averaged 31.0 ppg)

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Final Tournament Placings
1st: Kansas

2nd: Florida

3rd: Arizona

4th: Michigan State

5th: North Carolina

6th: Kentucky

7th: UConn

8th: Oklahoma State

9th: Duke

10th: LSU

11th: Stanford

12th: Louisville

13th: Syracuse

14th: Indiana

15th: UCLA

16th: Georgetown

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The Top 1 Through 16 Tournament—Part 2


It’s back! That 32 game beast-of-a-tournament with each of the 16 teams playing 4 games resulting in final placings from 1st through 16th returns. But a twist this time because rather than the 16 premier programs in the nation, this time its....................

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The Top 1 Through 16 Tournament (“The Mid-Majors”)
Yes, it's the Mid-Majors and nothing but the Mid-Majors.

From the 2016-2017 season in my present DDSCB3 association, the Top 16 teams in mid-major conferences (Atlantic 10, Conference USA, Horizon, Mid-American, Missouri Valley, Mountain West, West Coast, Big West) were selected for this tournament. Each of these 16 teams have prestige ratings of over 50 (or in a couple instances very near 50).

(Note #1: Gonzaga from the West Coast Conference and New Mexico from the Mountain West Conference were excluded because their prestige ratings were too high compared to the other teams in the tournament.)

(Note #2: No teams from power conferences were eligible even if their prestige ratings were low enough to otherwise qualify them, for example Butler.)

(Note #3: The Big West or Horizon are likely not true Mid-Major conferences, but one team from both of those conferences had a prestige rating high enough to qualify.)

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The Cast
Invitations were extended to the following teams:

Atlantic 10: 
• Massachusetts Minutemen
• Saint Louis Billikens
• St. Josephs Hawks
• St. Bonaventure Bonnies

Big West:
• Hawaii Warriors

Conference USA: 
• Charlotte 49ers
• Western Kentucky Hilltoppers

• Valparaiso Crusaders

Mid American: 
• Bowling Green Falcons
• Kent State Golden Flashes
• Ball State Cardinals
• Central Michigan Chippewas

Missouri Valley: 
• Southern Illinois Salukis

Mountain West: 
• UNLV Runnin’ Rebels
• Nevada Wolfpack

West Coast: 
• BYU Cougars

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Tournament Draw
The Draw for Round 1:

• Game 1—St. Josephs vs Kent State
• Game 2—Nevada vs Charlotte
• Game 3—Southern Illinois vs Massachusetts
• Game 4—BYU vs Ball State
• Game 5—Hawaii vs St. Bonaventure
• Game 6—Bowling Green vs Valparaiso
• Game 7—Saint Louis vs UNLV
• Game 8—Central Michigan vs Western Kentucky

(Note #1: Home team for each game will be determined by the luck of a coin toss.)

(Note #2: Game results will show final player stats with numbers following each player's name in the following format: X/Y/Z (where X is points, Y is assists, and Z is rebounds. Asterisks (*) will be used to indicate the game's high point man, top assist player, and best rebounder.)

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Day 1, Game #1: St. Josephs Hawks at Kent State Golden Flashes
Starting lineups:

St. Josephs—PG 6-5 Gregg “Lawyer” Hoyer, SG 6-5 Chris “Irish” Kelly, SF 6-6 Mike “The Hut” Hutson, PF 6-6 Dan “Beverage” Deverage, C 6-9 Petrick “Pet Tricks” "Watkins

Kent State—PG 5-8 Michael “Mickey” Deren, SG 6-3 Willie “Shaker and” Baker, SF 6-7 Marco “Polo” Coursey, PF 6-7 Maurice “Mo” Bruton, C 6-9 Tony “Doops” Dupree

St. Josephs got into early foul trouble with two players picking up 2 fouls each in the first 2 minutes of play during which time Kent State took a 7-0 lead. St. Joes got back in the game and took the Kent State crowd of it by scoring the next 8 points though. The lead then swung back and forth and the half ended with the two teams tied 27-27. The two starting point guards, Gregg Hoyer for St. Joes and Michael Deren for Kent State both led their team’s scoring and each scored 6 points.

By clamping down defensively, St. Josephs opened a 41-30 lead with 9-1/2 minutes to play. Kent State then cut the Hawks’ lead to 50-46 with 3-1/2 minutes to go. A three by the Golden Flashes’ Coursey narrowed the difference to 52-51 with 1:34 left. After the Hawks missed two free throws, Kent State tied the game with a minute on the clock. With 10 seconds to go, Kent State’s Dupree sunk 2 free throws to give the Golden Flashes a 54-52 lead. St. Joseph’s called a time out to set up a 3 pointer by Hoyer that swished cleanly through the hoop with just 2 seconds remaining. Kent State called a time out but St. Joes pressed, and the Golden Flashes didn’t have enough time to get off a final shot.

Final Score: St. Josephs-55, Kent State-54.

St. Josephs—PG Gregg Hoyer-9/3*/2, SG Chris Kelly-5/1/4, SF Mike Hutson-7/0/2, PF Dan Deverage-4/0/0, C Petrick Watkins-2/1/2; Subs: Terrence Russell-10/1/8*; bench players scored 28 of St. Josephs’ 55 points.

HawksTeam stats: FG%--40%; 11 of 15 FT’s; 6 of 24 Threes; 25 Rebs; 12 TO’s; 23 Fouls.

Kent State—PG Michael Deren- 6/0/2, SG Willie Baker-0/2/5, SF Marco Coursey-7/2/1, PF Maurice Bruton-7/0/8*, C Tony Dupree-7/0/3; Subs: Clark Day-12*/1/2, Corey Campbell-8/1/3; bench players scored 27 of Kent State’s 54 points.

Golden Flashes Team stats: FG%--36%; 21 of 29 FT’s; 7 of 18 Threes; 25 Rebs; 16 TO’s; 12 Fouls.

Player of the Game: St. Josephs C Terrence Russell-10 pts, 1 assist, 8 reb, 2 blocks.

(With reserves scoring over 50% of the total points in this game (55 of 109 points), it is now referred to as “The Game of the Bench”. And the Player of the Game was appropriately a reserve.)

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Day 1, Game #2: Charlotte 49ers at Nevada Wolfpack
Starting lineups:

Charlotte: PG 5-7 Mark “Honey” Graham, SG 6-4 Craig “Swimming” Poole, SF 6-8 Dwayne Cox, PF 6-8 Greg Brumm, C 6-9 Marion Kurtz

Nevada: PG 5-6 Brett “BB” Boston, SG 6-2 Rick Newman, SF 6-8 Marlo Vickers, PF 6-8 Hollis “Photo” Booth, 6-8 Donald “Briars” Thornton

It was a defensive battle early. Neither team could gain advantage in the first 10-1/2 minutes. But Nevada moved ahead 16-8 at the 9:02 mark of the first half and then 27-10 with 4 minutes left as Charlotte’s shooting woes continued. They scored just 9 points from the field in the first half on 4 of 17 shooting. But the 49ers got to the line 16 times, converting 11 free throws and finished the half trailing the Wolfpack by a 31-20 score. Nevada hit just 38% of their FG attempts. Marlo Vickers led Nevada with 8 points and reserve Marc Gunn was the 49ers’ top scorer with 7 points.

Both teams picked up the scoring pace in the 2nd half. The momentum shifted to Charlotte and the cut the Wolfpack lead to 43-39 with 13 minutes to play. Nevada responded by re-opening a double digit lead (51-40) at the 11:24 mark. With 10 minutes remaining, the Wolfpack was up by 17 points. With 4-1/2 minutes to go, Nevada led 77-52. With Nevada out-scoring the 49ers 58-46 in the 2nd half, the Wolfpack won easily.

Final Score: Nevada-89, Charlotte-66.

Charlotte:--PG Mark Graham-18/0/2, SG Craig Poole-8/3*/5, SF Dwayne Cox-3/0/1, PF-Greg Brumm-1/0/4, C Marion Kurtz-14/3*/6; bench player: Marc Gunn-16/1/2.

49ers Team stats: FG%--54%, 19 of 22 FT’s, 12 of 22 Threes, 31 Rebs, 9 TO’s, 20 PF’s.’

Nevada: PG Brett Boston-4/3*/4, SG Rick Newman-21/2/3, SF Marlo Vickers-23*/1/12*, PF Hollis Booth-:5/1/4, C Donald Thornton-8/1/2; bench players: Jermaine Cockle-9/0/2, Charlie Booker-7/3*/0, Ali Fry-5/3*/4.

Wolfpack Team Stats: FG%--45%, 17 of 26 FT’s, 7 of 15 Threes, 25 Rebs, 12 TO’s, 19 PF’s.

Player of the Game: Nevada SF Marlo Vickers—23 pts, 1 assist, 12 rebounds (nice double-double).

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Day 1, Game #3: Southern Illinois Salukis at Massachusetts Minutemen
Starting lineups:

Southern Illinois—PG 6-0 Shannon Ress, SG 6-2 Brandon Penders, SF 6-8 Tim Montross, PF 6-6 Adam Lilly, C 6-8 Mike Young

Massachusetts—PG 6-5 Michael Crenshaw, SG 6-1 David Krimmel, SF 6-6 Teremun “Terror” Williams, PF 6-8 Tony Logan, 6-9 Chris Kent

UMass scored on their first 5 possession and pulled out to a 10-4 lead but in doing so picked up 3 quick fouls. Hitting 9 of 12 from the field and making best use of 5 turnovers by the Salukis, the Minutemen moved out to a 20-8 advantage with 14 minutes to go in the first half. The UMass home fans also made the going tough for the Salukis. Falling behind by as much as 17 points, the Salukis made a couple runs but UMass stopped the runs with some big time shots and left the floor at the half leading 46-30. 

The Minutemen outshot the Salukis 65% to 53%, controlled the boards 12-7, and had a 13-8 turnover advantage. PG Michael Crenshaw dropped in 10 points for Massachusetts. His counterpart on the Salukis, PG Shannon Ress scored 9.

With 14:50 to play, Southern Illinois finally slimmed the deficit to single digits at 50-42. They then got within 6 points with 12-1/2 minutes to go, but that was as close as they could come. Their 24 turnovers were their ultimate demise. 

Final Score: Massachusetts-79, Southern Illinois-65

Southern Illinois: PG Shannon Ress-18*/0/2, SG Brandon Penders-2/0/0, SF Tim Montross-9/1/4, PF Adam Lilly-1/1/2, C Mike Young-5/7*/3; Bench players: PG Jamie Mueller-18*/0/2, SG Cory Mihm-8/0/1.

Salukis Team Stats: FG%-55%, 14 of 17 FT’s, 9 of 17 Threes, 20 Reb, 24 TO’s, 17 PF’s.

Massachusetts: PG Michael Crenshaw-18*/5/2, SG David Krimmel-10/2/1, SF Teremun Williams-11/1/1, PF Tony Logan-10/2/3, C Chris Kent-10/0/8*; Bench player: Mark Rogers-10/0/1.

Minutemen Team Stats: FG%-52%, 17 of 19 FT’s, 10 of 24 Threes, 20 Reb, 14 TO’s, 17 PF’s.

Player of the Game: Massachusetts PG Michael Crenshaw-18 pts, 5 assists, 2 reb, 1 steal.

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Day 1, Game #4: Ball State Cardinals at BYU Cougars
Starting lineups:

Ball State: PG 6-0 Melvin Clark, SG 6-0 Bernard Jackson, SF 6-7 Dwayne Jackson, PF 6-8 Paul Smith, C 6-8 Srecko Lepinat

BYU: PG 5-7 Ben Smith, SG 6-2 John Hopkins, SF 6-8 John Angeli, PF 6-10 Coupe Fuhs, C 6-9 Matt Babul

BYU’s defense allowed the Cougars to jump out to a 10-2 advantage after 4-1/2 minutes of play. Their offense then sputtered for a few minutes but then caught fire again. With 10-1/2 minutes left in the first half, the Cougars led 17-7. Each time the Cardinals tried to creep closer, BYU found a way to re-establish a healthy lead. BYU outshot Ball State 52% to 36% and finished the half ahead by a score of 36-27. 

Two reserves, Brandon Marquardt and Julian Evans scored 6 points each to lead the Cougars’ scoring. On the Cardinal scoresheet, two of their reserves, Jared DeVone and Eddie Wheeler, had high point honors with 5 points apiece.

BYU sprinted to a 54-33 advantage just 5 minutes into the 2nd half. Ball State gradually began reeling the Cougard in though and with 6-1/2 minutes left in the game, the lead was cut to 61-51. The Cardinals were unable to get any closer though.

Final Score: BYU-72, Ball State-62.

Ball State: PG Melvin Clark-7/4/5, SG Bernard Jackson-3/0/0, SF Dwayne Jackson-6/3/5, PF Paul Smith-10/1/7*, C Srecko Lepinat-6/3/4; Bench player: Jared DeVore-17*/2/5 (+ 3 steals).

BYU: PG Ben Smith-13/3/0, SG John Hopkins-3/1/1, SF John Angeli-9/1/2, PF Coupe Fuhs-4/5*/6 (+ 4 steals and 3 blocks, C Matt Babul-9/3/2; Bench players: Julian Evans-16/3/5, Brandon Marquardt-11/0/4.

Player of the Game: BYU SG Julian Evans-16 pts, 3 assists, 5 rebounds, 1 block.

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Day 1, Game #5: St. Bonaventure Bonnies at Hawaii Warriors
Starting lineups:

St. Bonaventure: PG 6-3 Bryan Majerus, SG 6-1 Tavaras Linney, SF 6-7 LeDarion Peterson, PF 6-11 Nick Dunn, C 6-9 Sam Chouest

Hawaii: PG 6-5 David Hamilton, SG 6-3 Shannon Sykes, SF 6-8 David Howard, PF 6-7 Darius Allison, C 6-8 Todd Brown

St. Bonaventure quickly quieted the Warriors home crowd by taking 5-0 and 14-6 leads. But the Warriors gamely battled back to take a 22-21 lead with 10:55 remaining in the first half. The rest of the half, the two teams struggled to see who would come out on top. Two late 3’s by Hawaii did it and they left the court with a 44-39 advantage. 

Hawaii’s PG David Hamilton dropped in 14 points, but the top scorer in the half was St. Bonaventure’s SF LeDarion Peterson who sizzled with 17 points.

Hawaii looked like they were going to run away early in the 2nd half and took a 10 point lead just 3 minutes after the break. But the Bonnies didn’t fold and pulled within 2 points before their own turnovers combined with a fierce offensive display by the Warriors made it look like Hawaii would overwhelm them. 

The referees repeated calls against Hawaii sent the Bonnies to the line repeatedly and with 1:57 remaining they had pulled to within 2 points. Fans and the Hawaii coach were going crazy. At the 1:02 mark, yet another foul call sent Bryan Majerus to the line. He sunk both shots to tie the game at 82-82. With 41 seconds on the clock, the refs finally called the 6th foul of the half against the Bonnies on David Howard’s baseline jumper. Howard canned both shots putting the Warriors up by 2. St. Bonaventure called a time out but their designed play failed when their 12 foot shot rimmed out. Hawaii rebounded with 30 seconds to go and was fouled with 21 ticks on the clock, but missed the front end of a one-and-one. St. Bonaventure rebounded and called a time out. C Sam Chouest drove to the basket but his slam with 2 seconds to go glanced off the back rim.

Final Score: Hawaii-84, St. Bonaventure-82.

St. Bonaventure: PG Bryan Majerus-7/6*/2, SG Tavaras Linney-9/4/2, SF LeDarion Peterson-27*/1/5, PF Nick Dunn-12/0/4, C Sam Chouest-7/1/8*.

Bonnies Team Stats: FG%-58%, 23 of 32 FT’s, 7 of 12 Threes, 27 Reb, 14 TO’s, 15 PF’s

Hawaii: PG David Hamilton-20/4/1, SG Shannon Sykes-10/1/4, SF David Howard-9/3/4, PF Darius Allison-1/2/3, C Todd Brown-7/2/3; Bench player: C Gerrick Williams-17/1/4.

Warriors Team Stats: FG%-57%, 12 of 21 FT’s, 14 of 27 Threes, 20 Reb, 10 TO’s, 27 PF’s

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Day 1, Game #6: Valparaiso Crusaders at Bowling Green Falcons
Starting Lineups:

Valparaiso: PG 6-0 Javon Thomas, SF 6-2 Jeremy Scott, SF 6-6 Jim Walker, PF 6-8 David Richardson, C 6-10 Brandon Diggs

Bowling Green: PG 6-4 Shammell Smith, SG 6-3 Michael Maybin, SF 6-7 Greg Miller, PF 6-6 Jerome Bowie, C 6-7 Chris Gentry 

Six fouls were called against Valparaiso in the first 4 minutes of play allowing Bowling Green to take an 11-3 lead. Bowling Green’s first 19 points were scored by PF Jerome Bowie and C Chris Gentry. Late in the half, Bowling Green blew Valparaiso out and ended the half up 47-18.

Bowling Green hit 54% of their shots compared to Valparaiso hitting just 29% of theirs. Turnovers were 12-0 in favor of Bowling Green (yes, the Falcons made absolutely no turnovers in the first half). Chris Gentry scored 14 and Jerome Bowie added 13 for Bowling Green. Javon Thomas and Frankie Smylie both had 6 for Valparaiso.

Things didn’t improve for Valparaiso in the 2nd half. The Crusaders were completely outclassed and fell behind by as much as 38 points.

Final Score: Bowling Green-80, Valparaiso-45.

Valparaiso: PG Javon Thomas-9/0/1, SG Jeremy Scott-5/1/5, SF Jim Walker-4/3/3, PF David Richardson-0/0/1, C Brandon Diggs-1/0/0; Bench player: Frank Smylie-12/1/3, Dan Harper-6/0/2.

Crusaders Team Stats: FG%-38%, 17 of 22 FT’s, 4 of 19 Threes, 23 Reb, 23 TO’s, 21 PF’s.

Bowling Green: PG Shammell Smith-7/4*/4, SG Michael Maybin-5/0/2, SF Greg Miller-0/4/2, PF Jerome Bowie-15/0/3, C Jerome Bowie-18*/0/6*; Bench players: Thomas O’Conner-11/0/2, Dustin Morton-8/1/2, Jason Smallwood-6/0/1.

Falcons Team Stats: FG%-51%, 20 of 26 FT’s, 6 of 23 Threes, 27 Reb, 6 TO’s, 20 PF’s.

Player of the Game: Bowling Green C Jerome Bowie: 18 pts, 6 reb.

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Day 1, Game 7: UNLV Runnin’ Rebels at Saint Louis Billikens
Starting Lineups:

UNLV: PG 6-0 Clyde Ruddock, SG 6-3 George Finley, SF 6-5 Rick Watkins, PF 6-8 Geoff Ahern, C 6-9 Simon Ellis

St. Louis: PG 6-2 Adam Blizzard, SG 6-3 Arthur James, SF 6-8 Adrian Graham, PF 6-8 John Wiel, C 6-8 Bryce Brown

St. Louis picked up 4 fouls on UNLV’s first possession with PF John Wiel charged with 2 of those and heading to the bench after just 56 seconds. A minute later the refs called the 5th team foul and 2nd personal foul against PG Adam Blizzard. But it wasn’t until the 15:09 mark that there was the first score of the game. UNLV’s SF Rick Watkins worked the ball inside, hit a short jumper and was fouled by SF Adrian Graham who went to the St. Louis bench with his 2nd personal. 20 second later, St. Louis dropped in a 3 for their first points. UNLV took an 18-9 lead with 7-1/2 minutes left in the first half. St. Louis recovered and took a 21-20 lead 3-1/2 minutes before intermission. The half ended with UNLV on top 31-29.

Both teams shot poorly with UNLV hitting 38% and St. Louis connecting on 39%. St. Louis had 5 players with 2 fouls apiece and UNLV had one player with 3 fouls. High point honors went to UNLV’s Clyde Rudduck with 8 points and St. Louis’ Arthur James with 10 points.

UNLV opened a 6 point lead early in the 2nd half, but St. Louis came back to lead by 7 with 15 minutes remaining. UNLV went back on top with 11 minutes to go. After a series of turnovers by the Billikens, UNLV went up 52-45 with 6 minutes left. St. Louis cut the lead to a single point with 2 minutes still to play. With UNLV ahead 54-51 and 59 ticks left on the clock, St. Louis brought the ball up court, worked the ball around, got a clear 3 point attempt that missed its mark. UNLV tried to kill the clock but was fouled with 28 seconds to go. C Simon Ellis made the front end of a one-and-one, but missed the 2nd shot. Geoff Ahern muscled into the lane and put back a rebound to give UNLV a 6 point lead. St. Louis hit a shot at the buzzer, but too little, too late.

Final Score: UNLV-57, Saint Louis-53.

UNLV: PG Clyde Ruddock-14/1/3, SG George Finley-0/0/1, SF Rick Watkins-6/1/3, PF Geoff Ahern-12/2/7*, C Simon Ellis-5/0/3; Bench player: Derek Ohl-6/2/3.

Runnin’ Rebels team stats: FG%-39%, 19 of 26 FT’s, 6 of 21 Threes, 25 Reb, 8 TO’s, 14 PF’s.

Saint Louis: PG Adam Blizzard-3/5*/3, SG Arthur James-20*/2/4, SF Adrian Graham-3/3/6, PF John Wiel-1/0/2, C Bryce Brown-10/0/7*; Bench player: Shawn Engstrom-8/0/5.

Billikens team stats: FG%-39%, 10 of 13 FT’s, 7 of 21 Threes, 31 Reb, 14 TO’s, 22 PF’s.

Player of the Game: UNLV Geoff Ahern-12 pts, 2 assists, 7 reb, 1 steal, 1 block.

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Day 1, Game 8: Western Kentucky Hilltoppers at Central Michigan Chippewas
Starting lineups:

Western Kentucky: PG 5-7 Mario Jones, SG 6-1 Aaron Taflinger, SF 6-8 Scott Reed, PF 6-10 Julius Dickel, C 6-10 Ray Melson

Central Michigan: PG 6-4 Chuck Livas, SG 6-1 Tremaine Moore, SF 6-6 Jarvis Martin, PF 6-7 Joe Evans, C 6-10 Ramsey Millar

Central Michigan hit the first 9 shots and streaked out to a 25-5 lead in the first 7-1/2 minutes of the game. Meanwhile Western Kentucky turned the ball over 7 times and got called for 6 team fouls in the same period of time. The Hilltoppers turned the game around in the next 6 minutes to cut the lead to 29-21 as they began to hit shots and the Chippewas had several turnovers and fouls. At the break, Central Michigan held a 43-33 lead.

The Chippewas knocked down 72% of their FG attempts including 6 of 9 from beyond the arc. Western Kentucky hit 45% of their shots. PG Chuck Livas hit all of his shots including 4 three’s to score 16 points for Central Michigan. The Hilltoppers subs scored 21 of the team’s 33 points with Starzee Brown coming in to score 9 points in 7 minutes of play.

Western Kentucky cut the Chippewas lead to 60-56 midway through the 2nd half. Central Michigan held the Hilltoppers off from that point.

Final Score: Central Michigan-81, Western Kentucky-74.

Western Kentucky: PG Mario Jones-5/2/1, SG Aaron Taflinger-12/3/1, SF Scott Reed-11/0/4, PF Julius Dickel-3/1/1, C Ray Melson-11/1/5; Bench players; Starzee Brown-12/1/2, Chad Fisher-10/7*/1, Cain Cage-7/0/1.

Hilltoppers team statistics: FG%-51%, 25 of 33 FT’s, 9 of 20 Threes, 21 Reb, 15 TO’s, 22 PF’s.

Central Michigan: PG Chuck Livas-26*/2/2, SG Tremaine Moore-22/2/3, SF Jarvis Martin-4/0/3, PF Joe Evans-5/2/1, C Ramsey Millar-11/2/5.

Chippewas team statistics: FG%-63%, 22 of 30 FT’s, 11 of 19 Threes, 32 Reb, 14 TO’s, 25 PF’s.

Player of the Game: Central Michigan PG Chuck Livas-26 pts, 2 assists, 2 reb, 1 steal.

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