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[DDS:PB21] The Wizards of D.C. | A Washington Wizards Franchise

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The Wizards of D.C. | A Washington Wizards Franchise
This post will be updated with news posts throughout the story.

Just a Dynasty save I wanted to do for a while since Deni Avdija signed for the Wizards.
Will be updated soon with a first post.



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The Washington Wizards has decided on terminating Thomas Sheppard's contract after their playoff exit, and went with signing 52 year-old Robert Halloran, former college and high school head coach with 14 years of experience. Halloran also worked as a front office executive in several other NBA teams, such as the Boston Celtics. On Tuesday, Ted Leonsis released a statement to The Washington Post in which he shared the plan to take his time in forming the franchise’s new leadership team. Halloran, according to a source from inside the club, was highly sought after due to his preference of player development and long term planning.

Halloran served as the Celtics’ Senior Director of Team Services and Player Relations before his arrival in Washington. With Boston, he oversaw all internal and external communications functions and scouted international, high school, collegiate and minor league talent. He has also organized the Wizards’ training camp and preseason schedules, overseen the athletic training, strength training, video, technology and equipment areas for the team and directed in-arena renovations to areas including the Wizards’ locker room, players’ lounge, family lounge and front offices.



According to sources within the club, Halloran is tending to give head coach Scott Brooks a chance to impress him before going and making changes to the front office of the wizards.

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