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  1. How much has the 22 version improved in compared to 2022? Look forward to your responses. I enjoyed 2021 a great deal and look forward to starting my Franchise in the new version.
  2. Silly me never opened the game as I was just focused on the file extraction not being complete and the game appears to be fully functional with updated images. Appreciate your response. Looks like the silliest post in Site history. Anxious to get started. Thanks
  3. Having a problem extracting the photo pack for some reason. My virus scan is not blocking it and I have met the required number of posts being a new User on this board. Not sure what the issue is. The file will extract up to 70% and then stop. Tried over and over with the same results. Help [email protected] if anyone has a solution please email me. Dying to start my Dynasty with the Chicago Bulls. I like to play with average teams and rebuild and reload so my Bulls are in the perfect position.
  4. Looking for a GM league to join... Please let me know if you have any spots. I'm interested. [email protected] Tracy
  5. Wanted to say hello as I am a long time GM game player but usually do not post on the message boards. More of a behind the scenes guy. I may be interested in joining an online league for the Pro Basketball 21 at some point this winter.