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  1. To Cincinnati: CF Brandon Soleimani (AA ) SP Taylor Fawkes (A) 1B Matthew Kirkland (AAA) To NYY: SP Archie Bradley (MLB) Cincinnati retains remanding 2020 salary of Bradley Yankees confirm trade. We are in need of another rotation arm and hope Archie can fill that gap. Thanks to the Reds for the fun,easy negotiations and good luck with the youngsters!
  2. To Reds: 1B Luis Arellano (A) 3B Brett Baty (DL) To Yankees: RF Esteban Hernandez (MLB) Yankees confirm trade. Hernandez is a much needed upgrade on the top of the lineup. He is in his last year of his contract but thought he is worth the gamble for the rest of the year. Thanks for the fun negotiations Scott and best of luck with the youngsters
  3. To SF: RF Miguel Velazquez (DFA) NYY retain Velazquez salary for this year To NYY: CF Ivan Chavez (DFA) 2B/P Taylor Fawkes (DFA,A) SP Henry Harris ( DFA, AAA) 3B Brett Baty ( DL, DFA) SF retains Chavez, Harris salaries for this season NYY confirms trade. This is a tough one as Miguel is a favourite of mine but business comes first. Chavez is a player we tried to acquire a week ago along with Fawkes. Harris and Baty are good looking young players with a bright future! Thanks again Ryan for the easy negotiations and best of luck with your new big bat!
  4. Both teams also retain players salary so NYY retains Baez and SF retains Gonzalez Yankees confirm deal. Smaller part of the deal that was made earlier . Thanks again Ryan!
  5. To SF: RF Franmil Reyes (DFA) 2B Javier Baez ( DFA) NYY Retain Reyes/Baez salary for this year To NYY: CF Ivan Chavez (DFA) RF Gabriel Gonzalez (DFA) P/2B Taylor Fawkes (AA) SF retains Chavez, Gonzalez salaries for this season Yankees confirm trade. This deal has been in the works for about a week. We were in need of a true CF and are familiar with Ivan and his capabilities so we think he will help defensively and his bat might thrive in our ballpark. Gonzalez is a former first round pick that hopefully can find a groove with us and Fawkes is an intriguing 2 way prospect that possibly could play both at the major league level. Thanks to Ryan and SF organization for the fun and easy trade talks and good luck the rest of the way this year!
  6. Yankees confirm deal. This deal was also in the works for a great deal of time. Although Zaragoza is out for the remainder of the year, we still love his left handed bat and is reasonably priced for his production. Arias is a veteran that is a fan favourite that can start or add to bullpen and Munroe is a hard thrower that has potential to improve. Abreu is a huge bat to replace but with the acquisition of Foster and Morales, gave us the freedom to do this deal. thanks Rockies for the patience to get this done and best of luck!
  7. Yankees confirm trade. This is a big move that took a lot of time to orchestrate . We evaluated our club and eventually ,to get to that next level you need a horse at the top of the rotation that can eat up innings. We are hoping Trevor can be the man! John Bauer is a former 4th overall pick in the draft and has been well developed in the Braves organization that we think is ready to compete at the major league level. Ron Foster, Morales and Michael Sharp are nice pieces that can fit in and contribute in different areas on our club that are controllable and fairly affordable over the next few years. Thanks Brenton and the Braves for the long drawn out negotiations and best of luck getting back atop that division!
  8. Yankees confirm trade. Ottenhof has a nice arm that hopefully can chip in sometime this year. Thanks to KC for the very easy trade talks and keep up the nice start to the season!
  9. Yankees confirm trade. With the acquisition of Paek, Jones was the odd man out and like Reyna’s arm and makeup. Thanks Rockies for fun, easy trade talks!
  10. Yankees confirm deal. Add a quality bullpen veteran with championship pedigree that is always useful. Thanks Soze as always for fun, productive talks!
  11. Yankees confirm trade. We think this deal helps this year and in the future for our organization. Paek, former minor league phenom is a nice bench piece and is controllable over the next few years. Our scouting department also like Garcia and Mata and think they can contribute this year and have nice contracts as well! It’s always a blast dealing with my long term trade partner Brenton and wish the braves all the best this year!