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  1. Yankees confirm trade. Always been a vulture fan! Thanks to the Rockies for the deal! Best of luck!
  2. To Yankees: RP Miguel Pineda ( MLB) SP Todd Howard (MLB) CL Danny William (AAA) 2B/SS Roger McAfee (AAA) To Indians: C Tommy Joesph (AAA) SP Jeffery Macintosh (MLB) Yankees confirm deal. Thanks Ayden for the deal!
  3. Yankees confirm deal. Brian is a bullpen piece we’ve been missing and are happy to acquire. Thanks Brenton for the easy dealing! Good luck man!
  4. Yankees confirm trade. Graham is a piece that can fit in to a bullpen and can perform in a couple different roles. Thanks Jabs for the quick deal .Good luck to your Cubs going forward!
  5. Yankees confirm trade. Hopefully Fullmer can make a full recovery and contribute some. Thanks Jonathan for the quick trade and best of luck!
  6. Yankees confirm trade. A deal too good to pass up. Full retention on two players that can give Ozzie flexibility down the stretch or barring injury can fill in. Thanks T.B! Best of luck with the rebuild
  7. Yankees confirm trade. We are looking for help against LHP so hopefully Garcia can help with situation. Good clubhouse guy as well from knowing him from his KC days. Thanks again to the KC organization for the trade talks! All the best the rest of the way!
  8. Yankees confirm trade. Miguel we feel has an elite bat and in his prime years that can do some damage in our park. Young hopefully is a closer in waiting and Figueroa has a nice bat for his position. Thanks To Rocky as always for the easy trade talks!
  9. To Detroit: 1B Jose Abreu (MLB) CF Israel Cruz (MLB) To NYY : Jordan Lyles (MLB) Tommy Hanson (MLB) Detroit Retains Hanson’s 2020 salary Yankees agree to trade. A big Price to pay but think Jordan has a franchise type arm . He’s had a tough time this year with the tigers but his track record speaks for itself. Thanks To Jim for the great and productive trade talks and wish them luck rebuilding there team!
  10. To Yankees: DH Joe Mauer A’s retain remaining balance of Mauer’s contract To A’s : Ismael Mena OF ( Rookie Complex) Peyton Young P (Tampa A) Yankees confirm deal. This deal isn’t necessarily about Joe logging a lot of playing time. It’s about changing our leadership and culture on and off the field. Thanks Scott for the deal and good luck with your A’s!
  11. Yankees confirm trade. John we feel is the definition of a professional player. Is not flashy but does everything the right way and is popular in the clubhouse. Thanks to the Royals organization for the negotiations and best of luck the rest of the year!
  12. Yankees confirm trade. Mata has a nice arm But didn’t find his groove here so we turned him into a young asset. Thanks Eddie for the easy,quick talks! Good luck the rest of the season
  13. Yankees confirm trade. Like Jonathan said these discussions started a couple weeks with Sedegin being the Center of the talks and as soon as the Sox mentioned Sanchez might be available, it perked our attention and a deal came together pretty quickly. We feel Gary’s bat will suit our ballpark and is coming home! It will be a challenge finding at bats but manager Gullien is confident he can make it work and is probably our solution at 1B in the future . Nick will probably slot into 3rd base and we feel has good upside both offensively and defensively And our minor league scouts really like Martinez as a future contributor to our bullpen. Giving up Sedegin, Powers was difficult as they were big pieces of our ball club and great teammates but felt the move needed to be made. Thanks Jonathan for your patience and are truly one of the great assets this league has and best of luck steering your Sox towards the playoffs!
  14. Yankees confirm trade. Our scouts have been watching Macintosh for a while now and decided to finally ask the dodgers of his availability which Sam, who is one of the best Gm’s in the business countered with a couple guys they liked in Mejia and Theile. Both assets we are giving up are young lefties with a bright future that should thrive in dodger blue. Thanks again Sam for the dealings and best of luck the rest of the season!
  15. Yankees confirm trade. Hopefully Peralta can fill a gap in our rotation and being a pending FA isn’t to big a risk . Thanks Cole and the Brewers for easy negotiations and best of luck with your young guys!