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  1. To St.L : RF Esteban Hernandez (MLB) RP Kent Cook (MLB) To NYY: LF Christian Yelich (MLB) RP Cody Poteet (MLB) 1B Richard Edwards (AAA) SS Allen Walker (AAA) Yankees confirm trade. Esteban is by far the best player in this deal but we were intrigued with Edwards and Walker. We think they have the capability of filling some much needed holes in the next year or two. Poteet has a power arm that should help in the bullpen this season. Thanks to the Cardinals organization for negotiations, this one took awhile to hammer out and best of luck in 2021!
  2. Yankees confirm trade. Luna is a player that seems to play better than his ratings show and his 6 foot 5 frame may suggest a improved power stroke in the future that the Yankees covet. Thanks Mitch and the jays for the negotiations and keep your Jay juggernaut going!
  3. Yankees trade: RP Teo Ottenhof (MLB) RP Juan Garcia (MLB) SS Ramon Martinez (international complex) Tigers trade: RF Rafael Castillo (MLB) Yankees confirm trade. We love Castillo’s speed/power combo and a switch hitter definitely helps as well! Thanks Jim and The Tigers organization for the deal and good luck rebuilding that franchise!
  4. Yankees confirm trade. Moving Bauer was never in the plans but the Rockies approached us with a very open mind and after some discussions and offers going back and forth came up with a very fair, balanced deal for both sides . Along with Bauer, who was the ace of our staff lost 3 good young prospects that should flourish in a first class organization like the Rockies. Joc and Ramon were players that were on our radar the last little bit and think they can chip in and Cook and Graham are young controllable arms that hopefully can help filling a big hole left by losing Bauer. Thanks Colorado for being creative in these trade talks and believe they will be perennial World Series contenders!
  5. Yankees confirm trade. Garcia was seen as the long term anchor in the bullpen but we believe this deal helps the ball club more as a whole. We really like the defensive side of Gonzalez’s game and hopefully Quantrill and Sims have arms that can help contribute in the rotation and the bullpen. Edmonds was a prospect we really like and has a high upside that should flourish in Seattle. Thanks Justin again for the deal, always fun talking baseball with ya!
  6. Yankees confirm trade. Lowe over the last 3 years have proven he can be a consistent offensive contributor that should add to the depth of the club. Thanks Justin for the easy trade talks! Go Cubs!
  7. Yankees confirm trade. Always a pleasure doing business with Brenton. Good luck with Jake in the organization!
  8. Yankees confirm trade. This came down To our offence being pretty much toothless after moving Miguel to SF last season so we are hoping bringing that bat back can add a little more punch! Thanks Again Ryan and the giants organization For the trade talks!
  9. Yankees confirm trade. Always been a vulture fan! Thanks to the Rockies for the deal! Best of luck!
  10. To Yankees: RP Miguel Pineda ( MLB) SP Todd Howard (MLB) CL Danny William (AAA) 2B/SS Roger McAfee (AAA) To Indians: C Tommy Joesph (AAA) SP Jeffery Macintosh (MLB) Yankees confirm deal. Thanks Ayden for the deal!
  11. Yankees confirm deal. Brian is a bullpen piece we’ve been missing and are happy to acquire. Thanks Brenton for the easy dealing! Good luck man!
  12. Yankees confirm trade. Graham is a piece that can fit in to a bullpen and can perform in a couple different roles. Thanks Jabs for the quick deal .Good luck to your Cubs going forward!
  13. Yankees confirm trade. Hopefully Fullmer can make a full recovery and contribute some. Thanks Jonathan for the quick trade and best of luck!
  14. Yankees confirm trade. A deal too good to pass up. Full retention on two players that can give Ozzie flexibility down the stretch or barring injury can fill in. Thanks T.B! Best of luck with the rebuild
  15. Yankees confirm trade. We are looking for help against LHP so hopefully Garcia can help with situation. Good clubhouse guy as well from knowing him from his KC days. Thanks again to the KC organization for the trade talks! All the best the rest of the way!