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  1. Yankees confirm trade. We are pretty excited to add Starlin as he upgrades our offensive production in our infield at a relatively good price for multiple years and Roths is hitter we think has real good promise and still has minor league options. Luna’s defense for sure will be missed but wasn’t promising good forward we could find even ground on a new deal. Thanks as always Justin for the fun, easy trade talks and good luck with your cubbies this year!!
  2. Yankees confirm trade. We make this deal to get a little younger and to try get our finances somewhat in order. Reyes is a player we’ve had in the past that we believe can still improve. Parrish is a young OF we had our eye on in the rule 5 draft that should add to our depleted farm system and John Butler is a arm that is cost controlled that can be placed in the starting rotation. Thanks Jonathan again for the fun negotiations and good luck contending this year!!
  3. Yankees confirm trade. McAfee is an player we’ve had in our system that can check a lot of boxes on the field and possibly be a replacement for Luna at shortstop next year and a simple swap of catchers. Thanks Jonathan for the deal as always and best of luck with your Sox!
  4. Yankees confirm trade. This deal materialize fairly quickly as the pieces kinda just fell in place. Vulture was good for us last year and is still is an asset for 2 more years, where Scheppers was not likely to be back next year. Thanks Justin for the easy dealing! Always great talking baseball with you!!
  5. Yankees confirm trade. Trading a for a injured player is always a risk but believe Lawrie will be worth it over the next 2.5 years. He’s not the best 2nd baseman defensively but his bat should fit nicely somewhere in our lineup. We were hoping better out of Bundy this year and hope he can turn it around in Chicago. Also is great clubhouse guy! Moore should be a rotation arm in the near future and Hayes, McAfee are young power bats with that should contribute in the coming years. Always a pleasure Jonathan! Good luck guiding your Sox through the rest of the year!!
  6. Yankees confirm trade. This deal helps our ailing bullpen now with Tanner and with an expiring contract doesn’t hurt us next year. Chester also has a track record of having one of the biggest bats in the game , also have an option next year for him if things don’t work out. Reilly is a coveted big left handed bat that should flourish in our home park! Graham hopefully finds his game in Chicago as he just couldn’t find it here. Barnum has a great future and being only 28 has a lot of good years left and Reyes has the potential to be great and didn’t want to move him at all but he was a target of GM Jonathan to be part of the deal! thanks again as always Jonathan and hope this deal works out for both of us!!
  7. Yankees confirm trade. Thanks Jonathan for the creative talks. We just acquired a back up catcher in Burt but when Dracula became available we had to jump at it! He is one of my all time favourite players and is a left handed bat that will fit well in yankee stadium. Gray should fit somewhere between rotation and bullpen! Thanks again Sox!!
  8. Yankees confirm trade. Looking to help improve our back up catcher position. Burt is a player that has been forgotten about a little but has a great track record and we think he can still play given the right situation. Thanks Eddie and the Rockies for the quick deal! All the best!!
  9. Yankees confirm trade. Always a pleasure talking baseball with Scott and the A’s organization. We need better players on our roster plan and simple. We are hoping this improves the roster and gets some guys competing for playing time. Forfeit some of the future but this team is geared for the next few seasons! Good Oakland in the wild Wild West!
  10. Yankees confirm trade. Shoulders is a big left handed bat that is still in his prime that we feel given the right role can be an asset. Thanks KC for the easy dealings ! Best of luck the rest of the way!!
  11. To Minnesota: CF Mariano Gonzalez (MLB) LF Christian Yelich (DL) To NYY: SP Nathan Eavoldi (MLB) SP Ashton Moore (AAA) Yankees confirm trade. Round 2 for Nathan in New York! Hopefully this round goes better than the first! Our season is at a already critical time so this move was done to help our ailing pitching. Moore we also like is a big, hard throwing lefty that can start or be a bullpen piece. Thanks Rocky for the easy dealing and good luck the rest of the way!!
  12. Yankees confirm trade. It’s been a disappointing start of the season and Zaragoza has been one of our lone bright spots but this deal saves us some money and adds depth in other positions. White is a player we really like and hope he continues to develop! Thanks Jonathan, always a pleasure dealing with you and all the best the rest of the way!!
  13. To NYY : RF Will Myers (MLB) RP Anthony Zych (MLB) To Cincinnati: SP Jordan Lyles (MLB) LF Rafael Castillo (MLB) RP/OF Mike Daum (MLB) SP Antoine Kelly ( A, Charleston) Yankees confirm trade. It’s a swap of a couple of bigger contracts that after some negotiation came together. On our side, we really had high hopes Jordan would find his groove in pinstripes but didn’t come to fruition and hope he has success in a reds uniform. Rafael also is a player we love a lot that has a ceiling he hasn’t hit yet so he will be missed. Has all the tools to become a star! Daum and Kelly are nice looking prospects that are always tough to part with. Thanks to the Reds organization for the fun negotiations and all the best the rest of the way!!
  14. To Oakland: SP Gilberto Mota (AAA) RP Kameron Matthews (A, Charleston ) To NYY: RP Mark Montgomery (MLB) Oakland retains Montgomery’s 2021 salary of 4 million Yankees confirm trade. Add a veteran in the bullpen with a pretty good track record that hopefully can chip in. Thanks Scott and the A’s for the quick deal and best of luck in the wild, Wild West!
  15. To Cleveland: 2B Allen Walker (mlb) To NYY: 1B Will Middlebrooks (AAA) Yankees confirm trade. Walker was simply a victim of the numbers. We save a little money and get a good role player in AAA that can help the young guys out. Thanks Ayden for the quick deal and good luck to your Indians this year!!
  16. To Oakland: SP Todd Howard (MLB) To NYY: RP Tyler Anderson (MLB) SP Mike Daum (A, Beloit) Yankees confirm trade. For us, this deal was about receiving a prospect we really like in Daum and another starter/ bullpen arm in Anderson. Thanks Scott for the deal and all the best in 2021!
  17. Yankees confirm trade. Paul is a favourite of ours so he’s a welcomed addition back in the fold. Thanks Jonathan for the easy deal and keep those white Sox awesome!
  18. Yankees confirm trade. This trade opens up a lot of doors for us beginning with Bundy , who is signed for the next few years at a reasonable rate. Herr and Thurman are veteran lefties that our bullpen were looking for and Dillion is slated to be a AAA CF which we are in need of. Thanks Justin and the Mariners for the quick deal and good luck in the wild Wild West this year!
  19. To St.L : RF Esteban Hernandez (MLB) RP Kent Cook (MLB) To NYY: LF Christian Yelich (MLB) RP Cody Poteet (MLB) 1B Richard Edwards (AAA) SS Allen Walker (AAA) Yankees confirm trade. Esteban is by far the best player in this deal but we were intrigued with Edwards and Walker. We think they have the capability of filling some much needed holes in the next year or two. Poteet has a power arm that should help in the bullpen this season. Thanks to the Cardinals organization for negotiations, this one took awhile to hammer out and best of luck in 2021!
  20. Yankees confirm trade. Luna is a player that seems to play better than his ratings show and his 6 foot 5 frame may suggest a improved power stroke in the future that the Yankees covet. Thanks Mitch and the jays for the negotiations and keep your Jay juggernaut going!
  21. Yankees trade: RP Teo Ottenhof (MLB) RP Juan Garcia (MLB) SS Ramon Martinez (international complex) Tigers trade: RF Rafael Castillo (MLB) Yankees confirm trade. We love Castillo’s speed/power combo and a switch hitter definitely helps as well! Thanks Jim and The Tigers organization for the deal and good luck rebuilding that franchise!
  22. Yankees confirm trade. Moving Bauer was never in the plans but the Rockies approached us with a very open mind and after some discussions and offers going back and forth came up with a very fair, balanced deal for both sides . Along with Bauer, who was the ace of our staff lost 3 good young prospects that should flourish in a first class organization like the Rockies. Joc and Ramon were players that were on our radar the last little bit and think they can chip in and Cook and Graham are young controllable arms that hopefully can help filling a big hole left by losing Bauer. Thanks Colorado for being creative in these trade talks and believe they will be perennial World Series contenders!
  23. Yankees confirm trade. Garcia was seen as the long term anchor in the bullpen but we believe this deal helps the ball club more as a whole. We really like the defensive side of Gonzalez’s game and hopefully Quantrill and Sims have arms that can help contribute in the rotation and the bullpen. Edmonds was a prospect we really like and has a high upside that should flourish in Seattle. Thanks Justin again for the deal, always fun talking baseball with ya!
  24. Yankees confirm trade. Lowe over the last 3 years have proven he can be a consistent offensive contributor that should add to the depth of the club. Thanks Justin for the easy trade talks! Go Cubs!
  25. Yankees confirm trade. Always a pleasure doing business with Brenton. Good luck with Jake in the organization!