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    CouchGMPotatoe got a reaction from twitchteegue in Roster updates??   
    So you unzip the modpack file to the data folder, and then copy the FBS and FCS files to the divisions foler? Because my game will not run if I do that. 
    Never mind, found that I had to redownload the mod pack and it works now. The old one had stopped working.
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    CouchGMPotatoe reacted to CTGames in Question regarding recruiting   
    Hi, recruiting has been implemented (of course there will be optimizations needed) and it is not just random how the best ranked players are selecting their future college.
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    CouchGMPotatoe got a reaction from CTGames in Release of 0.8.0   
    Could you possibly create a mode one day where you don't coach and instead are a spectator and you can watch the rise and fall of dynasties without affecting them yourself? I would very much love if you could do something like that one day in the future.