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  1. Hello, We have openings!!! If you want to play in a fun challenging EHM 2005 online league, this is the one for you! Live sims everyday filled with tough competition. Fun group of guys too!! This is the NBHL and my name is Dano (Commish) and we are looking for GM's. We are currently down 3 spots that we need to fill right now. We are currently in the 2019 playoff year and are quickly approaching the draft. It would be great to get some new blood in the league to take over these teams. Check us out here on our site at Welcome to the No BS Hockey League. Contact me if you have any interest at [email protected] or join the site! Thanks, Dano
  2. Hello!! My name is Dano and I am the commissioner of the NB EHM 2005 live sim League. We are always looking for new faces to join our little group. We are going to have at least one opening soon and possibly up to 3. So please come take a look or contact me. If you have any interest, please contact me at [email protected] (that is also my msn) or visit our website and sign up!! http://www.nbhl.info/ Hope to see you soon!!