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  1. Graphics mod but no players
  2. As Chris mentioned, not much we can do when security and browser software flag files as being unsafe. Typically the files are just fine, but security and browser software error on the side of caution and block things not well known. So its up to each user to decide if they trust the files. From a Chrome perspective, you can turn off the extra protection, although not recommended.
  3. If you like board game recreations on the PC, see a past post.
  4. I suspect the steam does regional pricing where the game company site does not....
  5. They are typically the same versions and receive the same updates. The only advantage of Steam is updates being delivered and installed automatically. If you participate in their early access programs (too late for this years version), they typically give you both versions as a thank you for helping to finalize testing. Personally, I suggest just buying whichever version you prefer. I typically buy directly from Wolverine as I think it also gives them a few extra dollars in their pocket.
  6. Realworld (names, logos, etc.) Player Photos and Other Graphics
  7. No problem. Glad it worked. The file extraction progress bar is just a very rough estimate so unless you get some kind of error message, it typically works. Sometimes hard to estimate the progress on smaller files and various computer configurations (i.e. processor, SSD, memory, etc.).
  8. If you were able to successfully download the file and your are talking about running the EXE, it likely is working just fine. Don't worry about the extraction percent, that is just an estimate. If it completes without error, then photos installed. Besides the extraction percent, why do you believe it isn't installing correctly? Did you open the game afterwards and no player images were showing? Are you installing these for the steam or non-steam version of the game ?
  9. Hopefully your posting your issues and suggestions for improvement over at the official forums. Developer is open to receiving feedback.
  10. No, at least there has been no mention of it so far and I doubt if it were included that it would be in a separate product. It used to be part of the Pro version but was removed.
  11. The game was in "First Access" for several weeks before release which helped identify and correct issues. At the moment I don't believe there are any major known bugs but as issues are discovered the developer is really good about correcting. If you want to get an idea about the game before purchasing, they offer a FREE demo you can try.
  12. Couple of different ways. If your screen is not full screen, it likely will look like this at the top...see the far upper right side square. Click on that. You can also change the screen size by double-clicking anywhere in the top black section of the screen. See image.
  13. A trillion games like this? There really isn't that many American Football management (non browser based) games that I am aware of...maybe just a few.....Football Mogul, Front Office Football, and Professional Football Simulator, with the future football game from OOTP coming out in the next year or so. Front Office Football is likely the main game competition, the other two really don't measure up as well yet and don't appear to have a large following. It also seems like none of them receive regular developer support anymore and each has room for improvement in my opinion. Who knows what OOTP will do with it, I am sure it will follow somewhat in the footsteps of their other games. Regardless, it is nice to see an indie developer trying to introduce something new, which actually plays like the good old days when we had Front Page Sports Football. I have also backed the game since it is not often we see games like this so I want to try and help it have a good chance in succeeding since it is always nice to have alternatives. I also agree that eventually having a demo version of the game will help draw in people that are on the fence about it and all the competition has a demo version available so good to be on par with them. Time will tell how things turn out, but I do wish the developer good luck in bringing his vision of football management sim to market....