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    Fredd Dredd reacted to ColoKrabatt in Prospect refused to sign   
    Happened several times to me... No big deal. Re-offer could help, but sometimes he won't accept. Last season, my prospect winger refused entry contract and went to Finland instead, I think he realized that he'd be stucked in AAHL... (btw, that's exactly where he's stucked now... )
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    Fredd Dredd got a reaction from ET2018 in Multiple Team Ownership   
    I'm not sure people like this should be "told" anything since that might just make them become more slick about it. Just ban them for life since they obviously had the poor moral gall to get two teams in the same world using different accounts, in the same division at that, to begin with.
    That said, having them in different divisions is not much better becouse that could mean a whole different set of problems.