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  1. Rockies Agree! This was tough for the Rockies Org because we liked all the players that were made available by the Rays. Winter made the most sense based on our team needs especially with Myers bolting in free agency. We lost some good prospects in this one including Samuel who was drafted last year and looks to have a bright future in the OF. McConnell and Young leaving as well hurts our depth in the minors on the offensive side of things. Ashby was another arm we liked as well. Really excited to bring Winters into the clubhouse. Love his ability to get on base. Thanks to the Rays on fun negotiations!
  2. Rockies Trade: SS-Norberto Garcia (R. ) Brewers Trade: SS-Christian Colon (AAA) Brewers to retain 100% of remaining contract. More IF depth for the stretch run. Thanks Cole!
  3. Whitesox Trade: 3B-Estaban Ortiz (AA) Rockies Trade: SP-Antonio Castillo ( R ) Rockies make this small deal to add a little infield depth/insurance to the minors. Ortiz can fill in nicely in a platoon capacity if needed later in the year. Thanks to the Whitesox for the quick negotiations.
  4. Rockies Trade: - SP - Jud Graham (MLB) - SP - Kyle Cartwright (AA) - SP - Michael Johnson (AAA) - 1B - Loren Rogers (AAA) - OF - Myron Richardson (AAA) - 3B - Trey Williams (AA) Nationals Trade: - SP - Miguel Pineda (MLB) - Nationals to cover the remaining salary difference in the trade for this year (looks like 1.4 million ish) Blockbuster! I love the Rockies roster construction and have not really been looking at any major trades except in 1 area. We don't feel like we have a true shut down ace. The current staff is deep and has lots of #2 starters and some #3s but really lacked that true ace. Pineda does just that. He is a guy I have been after for a while and he will do really well in Colorado's hitter friendly park. We took an interesting angle here. We replaced a stud 24 year old pitcher with another 24 year old rising star in Jud Graham. This way the Nationals don't do a reset on their rotation. The upgrade from Pineda from Graham cost me my #1 prospect in Cartwright who I have avoided trading for quite some time despite numerous requests. The remaining players will all be missed, especially Loren rogers. I am a big fan of his bat. Thanks Tony for the patience over the months of discussion around this! Good luck bud!
  5. Rockies trade: - CF - Antonio Cardoza ( R ) Phillies trade: - SS - Tyler Bortnick (MLB) currently on waivers **Retained at 100%** Not a big trade but saw the opportunity to add some quality MLB depth that we can keep in AAA until needed. Thanks to Philly for the quick and easy talks!
  6. Indians send: 800k Rockies send: SP - Parker Kelly ® SP - Josh Irvin ® Rockies liked having these guys in our system but at the moment we needed some cash. Thanks Indians!!
  7. Royals Trade: SS - Trevor Story (MLB) RP - Nick McCully (MLB) Rockies Trade: 3B - Juan Ruiz (MLB) RP - Eric Ohflaherty (MLB) OF - Bernard Blanchard (AAA) SP - Jason Neal (AAA) SS - Gustavo Lopez (AA) OF - Julio Estever (AA) OF - Jon Wassink (A-) 2B - Tony Martinez (Promoted to R from INT) Two upgrades we have been exploring throughout the earlier part of the season have been at 3B and in the bullpen. We have been a little hesitant to make any big changes and mess with the momentum of the team. Recent injuries and poor play have changed our priorities a bit. Bringing in Story and McCully will replace some currently injured players and give a nice shot in the arm in the offense and the bullpen. We are also excited about the club house fit for these guys! This did come at a price! Ruiz has been a really good contributor in Colorado over the last two years. His multiple position defense and bat vs. Lefties will be missed. Ohflarety has played a critical role as a dominant lefty specialist this year. Blanchard will be missed the most. He is our #2 prospect and has a lot of nice tools. Jason Neal is ready for a shot. I have tried to avoid trading for a long as I could but with the depth in the MLB rotation it was hard to get Neal a role. Lefty, 4 plus pitches, Captain...tough to lose. Estever, Wasnik, and Lopez were also guys we were excited about their potential to contribute in the future. Thanks Chappy! I appreciate the talks and good luck in the future!
  8. Headliners: - Phil Hughes - SP - My best pitcher as of late. 2 runs allowed in last 22 innings - Tyler Clipboard - RP - One of the best relievers for me lately. Hasn't allowed a run since June 2nd - Eric O'Flaherty - RP - Been awesome as a L specialist this year Most of the rest of these players would be relatively cheap to acquire. Low level prospects and/or cash. Choi and Oconnor are probably the toughest of this group to move. MLB Hitter Options (AAA & MLB) - 28yr/old - Ji-Man Choi -C- .292/.361/.535/.896 slash line in 169 PAs last year. 134 OPS+ and 1.7 WAR. This year: .270/.393/.820 w/ 114 OPS+ and .8 WAR. - 27yr/old - Justin Oconnor -C- Produced positive WAR in limited stints last year. Dominating AAA this year! Nice cheap backup catcher option. - 29yr/old - Jackie Bradley jr -OF- Solid all the way around player. Hit .287/.356/.379/.735 in MLB last year. Smoking AAA this year! 550k. - 30yr/old - Miguel Rojas -IF- 1.9 WAR in 2018 across AAA and MLB. Solid ratings. .8 WAR in AAA this year. Great defensive flexibility with elite SS/3B defense. (Currently on DL) - 28yr/Old - Clancy Hunter -3B- 3 WAR lat year and 1.8 WAR so far this year in AAA. Ready for the majors. - Over 30 - Ivan Contreras IF and Jemile Weeks IF are both on AAA. Veteran infield options on MILC contracts. Decent ratings. Good defense - 27yr/Olds - Juan Gonzalez IF and Dixon Machado IF - Two intriguing younger MI options MLB Starting/Relief Pitching Options: - 31 yr/Old - Garrett Richards - SP - 4 Pitch groundball guy. Pitched well at AAA last 2 years. MiLC Contract! - 32 yr/old - Jake Arrieta - SP - 5 Pitches! 60 stuff. MiLC contract! - 29 yr/old - Luis Mendez - RP - 65/55/55 w/ 60 Fats ball and 70 slider. Pitched well last 2 years at AAA. MiLC Contract! ​- 33 yr/old - Adam Reifer - RP - 3 pitch righty specialist with 70 stuff v Righties - 28 yr/old - Kevin Vance - RP - Solid bullpen arm who has pitched well at AAA last two years
  9. Rockies Trade: C - Jose Nunez ( R ) SP - Allan Cervantes ( R ) Pitching Coach - Nausel Cabrera (A-) Rangers Trade: Pitching Coach - Danny Bornell (A) **Please Assign coaches to vacant spots created by each team with trade** It was recently publicized that the Rockies organization is constructing it's A- ball club's (Boise Hawks) pitching staff entirely from it's 2019 draft class. Earlier this week we added manager Masutaro Goto who has great relationship/development influence on the pitching staff. This trade for Bornell is a great compliment to our development approach. Bornell has a good reputation around the league and a great track record (3.11 ERA over last 4 years). We lose two young prospects who we like, especially Nunez, but they were far off and reallocating those assets into the developing prospects in other areas made sense right now. Thanks to Texas for the fastest trade discussions in MLB Pro history!
  10. Rockies Trade: SP - Juan Soto (AAA) SP - Peter Tago (AAA) RP - D. Underwood (A+) 3B - Jesse Evans ( R ) RP - M.D. Johnson ( R ) Indians Trade: RP - Jake Mann (MLB) RP - John Cross (AA) First with what's leaving. The headliner here is Jesse Evans. There inst much about Jesse Evans game I don't like other than his age. He is far off from making an impact and I wanted to use this asset to strengthen our current window. Soto and Tago were nice depth pieces to have. Underwood throws gas! We just drafted MD Johnson but again he is far off. John Cross is a nice young arm to add to the system with solid personality traits. This deal, for us was all about Jake Mann. I have been after Mann for probably about a year now. He is a 24 yr old Lefty that my scout has rated as the second best ratings vs. lefties in all of baseball behind Erickson of the Angles. 3 plus pitches, hits 96 MPH, extreme ground ball will play great in Colorado. Mann also has great leadership qualities. Mann will most likely join Mateo and Munroe in AAA for now as our next crop of young relief arms gets ready for the bigs. Talk about patience! Thanks to the Indians for always being open to the talks about acquiring J.Mann! Fun discussions!
  11. Rockies Trade: SP- Gunnar Hogland ( R ) SP - Simeon Woods-Richardson ( R ) SS - Bryson Stott ( R ) 2B - Carlos Cortes ( R ) Padres Trade: CF - John Wassink ( R ) SP - Ken Waldichuk ( R ) The Padres and Rockies had several conversations during the draft around shuffling some talent around. The 4 guys we are sending out are all guys the Padres organization valued. The two guys coming in were guys we really liked during the draft process. Thanks for the quick and easy discussions Sean!
  12. Rockies trade: - 500K Cash - SP - Jose Juarez (Just promoted to Rookie League from INT Complex) Mariners trade: - OF - Andrew Taylor (Assigned to Minor league team or DFA after getting added back to Seattle) **Procedural move** Rockies will first release Andrew Taylor prior to the trade. This will send him back to Seattle since he left the Mariners via our most recent Rule 5 draft. The Rockies had most recently been trying to move Andrew Taylor for the sole reason that we just couldn't keep him on the 25 man roster with it's current construction. Taylor was not someone we were excited about losing as he has been a nice addition to the MLB squad appearing in 41 games this year. He is a guy we are excited to retain and continue to develop. Thanks to the Mariners for the quick and easy discussions!
  13. The Rockies confirm. On the one hand we have been after Tim Hampton for a while. Without much luck. I love the speed and defense combo and is really nice bat vs. righties. Really excited to have Tim on the Rockies. On the other hand we have 2 problems. 1) where does he play this year? We are still working to answer this question. 2) we gave up some good young prospects for him that we really like. Including one of our favorites. Thanks Mitch! This one came together pretty easily. Good luck!
  14. Colorado Trades: 2B – Joshua McGee (MLB) RP – Edgar Escolona (AAA) SS – Ryan Jackson (AA) RP – Ismaiel Guillon (AAA) SP – Morton Forrest (A) C - George Hall (R ) SP - Matt Johnson (A-) OF - John Lane (A) SP - Tim Barnes (AA) Phillies Trade: SS – Felicio Roxa (MLB) **Salary retained @ 40%** As it had been well chronicled the Rockies have been in need of some infield help up the middle and the hot corner. Roxa has been a player we have been after since we entered the league. The combination of defense and ability to get on base will be a welcome addition to the team. The Correa/Roxa combo will be fun to watch up the middle of the defense. This did come at a cost. We lost some young players we really liked. John Lane will be missed the most as we saw him as a future important piece in the outfield. Barnes with his nice 4 pitch mix will be fun to see how he makes his way through the Phillies system. Matt Joshnson has 5 pitches and high intelligence and a Grounball pitcher which we covet so that is also a big blow. Hall is a young catcher with some real nice traits. And of course there is Josh Mcgee who we acquired in the offseason to play 2B. He has exceeded expectations to this point offensively but we needed an upgrade defensively. The Phillies organization was great to work with! You know….once they got their laptop back!!
  15. The Rockies agree! We continue to look to build our minor league system and are excited to add Lopez to our system. Thanks to the Yanks for the easy talks!!!
  16. The Rockies Trade: - SP/RP - Masonobu Mochisuki (MLB) - SP/RP - De Los Santos (MLB) - OF - Castro (AAA) - OF - O’Hannon (DFA List) The Padres Trades: - SP - Manuel Reyes (MLB) Just as Ohannon’s flight was getting ready to land from New York they were diverted out to the west coast. 3 of the 4 players moving in this trade were acquired this offseason. In Moch and De Los Santos I don’t like losing the flexibility they provide, track record, and cheap financial commitment. Ohannon and Castro were going to play big roles in the future of the Rockies outfield. We do have depth at these positions so we can abdsorb the losses here with other talent on the roster. Super pumped to get Reyes! He adds another legit arm to our rotation. He checks some key boxes for us: good repertoire, velocity, past success, GB tendency matches team philosophy, and most of all fills a void in our clubhouse from a leadership perspective. Thanks for the Padres org for the quick and easy diacsusuons!
  17. Rockies Trade: - SP - Wilmer Font (MLB) - SP - Mike Minor (MLB*) @ 100% Retention *Currently in DFA List Yankees Trade: - SP - Tim Barnes (A+) - RP - Jim Munroe (MLB) - OF - Trent Ohannon (AAA) - OF - John Lane (R ) - RP - Riley Gates (R ) This is the type of deal we have been looking for over the past few weeks. The Rockies affinity for pitching has been well chronicled over the offseason. It was inevitable that the numbers didn't line up and someone had to go. Font and Minor are both quality pitchers with good track records. I don't like losing these veterans but we love the opportunity to give our system some more talent. Barnes, Munroe, and Ohannon all have a shot to make the roster at some point, with Munro and Ohannon being closer to the bigs. In terms of, Lane and Gate, they are a bit further off but like the potential to contribute in the future. Thanks to the Yankees for working through this trade! Great working with you!
  18. Rockies Send: 3B - Connor Swinney ® SP - Raul Montoya (INT) Hitting Coach - Danny Solano (AAA) Rays Send: Hitting Coach: Jorge Valendia (AAA) We have been looking for an upgrade at hitting coach for a while and finally found one that will work well with the current makeup/philosophy of the Rockies Org. Hate to lose Montoya and Swinney but coaches were a hot commodity this off season. Thanks Rays for the quick and easy talks!!
  19. Colorado Sends: - SP - Ty Hensley (MLB) - SS - Mathew Ryan (A) Washington sends: - SP - Matt Johnson (A+) - SP - Anthony Chapman (AAA) We have been looking to move on from some of our 40 man pitching and although we really liked Hensley we had to take the opportunity to get a little younger with our Minor League arms. M. Ryan was a late addition to the deal and I am bummed to be losing him and his position flexibility. In return we get two young arms @ 21 and 23 years old with 9 pitches between them. This should give the system a shot in the arm after some recent trades have put a dent in the system. Thanks to the Nats for the quick and easy discussions!
  20. Rockies Trade: - OF - George Springer (MLB) - 3B - Marvin Grun (AA) * - RP - Ramon Lebron (MLB) - 1B - Matt Campbell (AA) - SP - Riley Ferguson (A+) * Braves Trade: - CF - Hideki Abe (MLB) - RP - Dennis Moore (MLB) * = Currently on WDL Roster This trade has been in the works for a few weeks. First, the drawbacks. We continue to deplete some of our young minor league talent which we will have to work to rebuild. Riley Ferguson was one of our top 3 arms in the system. Grun is the guy I am most disappointed to lose. I think he is going to be really good and in a prime position (3B). Springer and Lebron are solid veterans on cheap contracts and would have played big roles for the Rockies. Campbel was acquired via trade and has some nice upside. Definitely don't like losing these guys but to land two young cost controlled guys who have excelled in the majors already was too good to pass up (Dros our Avg. age of projected 25 man roster down to 26 years old). The bullpen has been a big priority for the Rockies this offseason and we continue to bring in some top tier arms (vizcaino, Hasim, Arias, and now Moore the most notable). We have been looking for elite defense in center field all offseason and found it in Abe. Between Abe and Mcgee (brought in earlier in the offseason) we have added 115 Stolen Bases. The intent here is to make Pardo's arm fall off! Thanks to the Braves for patience working through this!!
  21. Rockies Trade: 2B - Asdrubal Cabrera (MLB) w/ 80% retention Whitesox Trade: SP - Alejandro Sanchez ® 3B - Conner Swinney ® Since acquiring Cabrera and his contract we have been looking to move him again. He is a solid veteran but didn't have a fit for what we are trying to build. We brought some youth and aestheticism to our minor leagues with the return package which has been another off-season goal. Thanks for the easy negotiations!
  22. Rockies agree! After a flurry of bullpen moves we were a bit overloaded in depth with relievers. I liked the opportunity to continue to add to our lower minors. Thanks Sam!
  23. Rockies trade: RP - Tyson Seng (MLB) SP - Vincente Vargo (INT Complex) Whitesox Trade: 2B - Mathew Campbell (AA) 3B - Jesse Evans ® After the flurry of bullpen moves this offseaon we were looking to move on from Seng, especially since he didn't impress in his short time with us last year. Seng is talented and young but we were able to turn him into 2 younger prospects we like in Campbell and Evans. They offer good athleticism and position flexibility with each having some nice upside. Thanks to the Sox for the quick and easy negotiations!