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  1. Players who never played in the big leagues but made the 1934 All-star team in MLB Modified: John Beckwith: Slugger with a lifetime batting average of .349 over 16 seasons in the Negro Leagues. Fred Berger: Wally Berger's younger brother, he was good enough in his own right to play six seasons (1930-35) in the Pacific Coast League before finishing his career with three years in the American Association. *On Deck – All-star game results*
  2. *On Deck – All-star break*
  3. *On Deck – 1934 Amateur Draft*
  4. *On Deck – Milestone reached*
  5. *On Deck – Opening day rookie watch*
  6. *On Deck – Minor League news*
  7. *On Deck – 1934 Hall of Fame voting results*
  8. Real life stuff: Tom Winsett played seven years in the major leagues for three teams. He was also a highly-touted minor league star of whom much was expected in the majors. Johnny Allen was working as a bellboy in a hotel when he was discovered by New York Yankees scout Paul Krichell. He reached the majors with the Yankees in 1932 and went 17-4 that year, leading the American League with an .810 winning percentage. *On Deck – 1934 Hall of Fame Ballot*
  9. MLB Modified I am doing a MLB replay with some modifications. I am using OOTP15. There was no organized baseball before 1901. 10 teams in each league (AL and NL). Two divisions in each league; complete Minor League system. West coast baseball is alive and well!! Negro League players, top quality Minor League players (ie. Pacific Coast League) and Japanese players are included. Players start with no history. Inaugural draft in 1901, with yearly amateur drafts after that. Players do not retire according to history, and will not miss seasons according to history.The 20 teams: American League East Washington Senators New York Yankees Cleveland Indians Boston Red Sox Baltimore Orioles West Minneapolis Millers (Twins 1969) Los Angeles Angels Kansas City Blues (Athletics in 1965) Detroit Tigers Chicago White Sox National League East Pittsburgh Pirates Philadelphia Phillies Havana Sugar Kings (New York Mets in 1962) Cincinnati Reds Chicago Cubs West St. Louis Cardinals San Francisco Seals (Giants in 1958) Hollywood Stars (Los Angeles Dodgers in 1958) Atlanta Crackers (Houston Colt .45s in 1962) Milwaukee Brewers (Braves in 1953) I just finished the 1933 season. I have a link to the OOTP website if anyone wants to read the whole dynasty from 1901-1933.