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  1. Any of you guys own PFS (Pro Football Simulator) Barcode Games - Home of Professional Football Simulator If so any of you looking to join a league - Here is something completley different HERE IS WHERE THE DIFFERENCE IS------ I AM SELLING A NEW IDEA FOR A LEAGUE - NOT ANOTHER NFL LEAGUE, NOT A HISTORIC REPEAT, BUT A NEW IDEA FOR A LEAGUE.......... Without getting to much into the finite (as I hate to give the whole idea away) here is what I am looking at.. A marriage of a few different things to create a one of a kind (well at least first of it's kind) league.. The league will consist of 16 teams broken into 2 conferences - The European and the American - These two conferences will have 2 divisions each - A Premiere and a Second Division... The schedule will be setup in a way that will accomplish the following: Each Conference will ONLY PLAY with it's own conference (ie... European will play European - American v American) for regular season - The conference winners will meet for the 'World Bowl" at seasons end....... OKAY so this is conceptually no different than any other league........ But here is the kicker...... Promotion / Relegation - The top finisher in Second Division will be promoted to Premiership while bottom Premiere finisher will be demoted to second division - Still not enough.... How about the added bonus of some "cup games" during the season to add some inter conference flair..... And lastly how about "international" players - Not just Americans playing on European teams - But Europeans of all nationalities playing as well so rather than just Bruce Smith - You may get Tomas Klinsmann or Shoda Arvaledaze on rosters as well to add a true "international flavor"... If this sounds like a league you may have interest in - Let me know.... Online leagues are not for everyone and this one will really be out of the box - But if it is going to work it will need to have everyones participation on a regular basis... or it will also fail - The league will only be as good as those who are in it.... Web Site : WLAF | Forum : - Index Follow sign up here: Barcode Games • View topic - New League Research - Input desired If any interest you can PM, Reply here or reply to link above - Need 2 more to start - 10 more to fill
  2. Down to last team - Currently sitting top of table - Lyon... if interested e-mail me : ecl.league(at)
  3. Down to last 1 or 2 teams - Transfer window has opened and First Matchday is this week... still need a couple more
  4. Need to fill the last 6 spots.... If someone has interest but does not like choice of teams available, emial me with who you would want and I would be happy to switch teams out
  5. This is a PBEM tyoe league that is simmed using Football Manager as the sim engine... The teams are based on the Champions League teams in this seasons draw I have randomly selected 12 teams that have a larger following and the current rosters (as of Aug 31) - The rules can be viewed on the site Please be sure to read them so you understand the complete guidelines The rosters are up the forum is up, To help clarify... This is a fantasy league that uses FM 2011 as the sim engine. I have managers send me line-ups and tactics and sim the matches and post the results... the league is run online except for the simming (which is offline and results posted) The way it works is (and this is very simple) each manager submits by e-mail ( or use the online submittal form or by PM in the forum) their line-up, bench and instructions (which includes formation) - You may than also include a .tac file if you have one or instructions if you do not. I will use the information to sim the matches and post all results and reports in the forum. It may seem difficult but it is really no harder than what you may do for Hattrick or any other online game.. As soon as I can get a majority of these teams filled I will get underway. Teams will be issued on first come basis - I have a few openings left Porto, Man U, Arsenal, Villareal, AC Milan, Lyon Have a look, get a feel and if interest please e-mail me with team choice - t_armer(at)