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  1. So I was asked by Chris to come back and contribute a dynasty type save for one of the Wolverine Studios games. I actually downloaded DDSCB2020 today so thought I'd oblige him. I have been involved in sim leagues (text based mostly) since BBCF debuted back in 2005 and currently run four teams as GM in a couple of leagues. I am also in my third year with a small You Tube channel with a focus on Football Manager with daily content (Mon-Sat). Anyway, if you are unfamiliar, a "journeyman" is where you start off with a small team and effort to work your way up the ladder to the big time programs; much like a real career path would occur. So with that in mind I am firing up the game for the first time and will see what transpires. I won't be playing this daily as it's a "third choice" option for me with my other stuff I'm involved in but we'll give it a whirl for you guys here at GM Games. Here's the league setup if you are curious...I am running the College Mod Version 1.10 found on the developer's website under the mods section on the forums. EP0: Game Discussion, How to Import Real Schools Mod, Pre Dynasty Setup "This first episode is just a general episode discussing and walking through the league setup and a discussion on the Real World mod available at Wolverine Studios. We setup our coach for the series and give a brief discussion on what the goals of the series are. This will be a β€œjourneyman” style save where we start off as a brand new coach and attempt to have a career where we develop as a coach, build our skills up and progress to new jobs at higher prestige schools."
  2. In an underdeveloped category, Bowl Bound College Football has been the flagship game since created in 2005 and is still heavily used in online sim leagues. Staying power and still a viable game a decade after release.
  3. 2016 Season: Oregon State Beavers 4/30/16 I've signed a new five year deal with the Beavers for $49,000 per season. Reputation is still poor. I"m now 29 years old and finally break the six figure mark for career earnings after last season ($112,000). 6/26/16 DeShawn Johnston was taken with the 28th overall pick in the NBA Draft. He was my star player at Texas my first year. 9/4/16 The coach and the 1st Asst have been busy recruiting. That makes this a long period of inactivity for me personally.. I don't get the practice time to even participate but that's ok...I won't miss that I don't think..lol. 11/6/16 We finalize the starting five. Coach is going with Jones and Mitchell in the backcourt with Zundram and Lemeke on the wings and McCray in the post. Lemeke is the lone senior while Jones is a junior. Zundram is a freshman; the other two are sophomores. (GAME SPOILER) OK, so far I've been a 3rd Assistant and a 2nd Assistant. Only the salary appears to be a difference as far as level goes. Now, the big difference is your job duties. My first few seasons I was in charge of practice and so every Practice Sim I got a pop up that allowed me to modify some of the practice times for that week. No big deal. My first season now dealing with Scouting and it's a bit of a bummer for me. So the jist of the job is that the Head Coach will ask me some questions about our upcoming opponent prior to the game starting. The problem (for me) is that I have to be in 2D or Game Mode to "participate". If I sim the games out, then my answers are simulated as well so I won't have anything to do. As I'm a sim style player...this kind of sucks. Back to the "game", we are projected to finish 10th in the Pac-12. Michael Lemeke (PF) led our starters in scoring last season with 11.2ppg while Linton Jones (PG) had 10.7ppg. McCray and Zyndram didn't play last season. 11/15/16 Jackson State 75; OSU 60 1 lead change the entire game and it wasn't by us. We were outshot 58.8%-42.9% for the game and JSU shot 77.8% from three point range while we didn't hit a single trey. We gave up 32 points in the paint, allowing way to many points inside. Even getting out on the break, 16-6 edge there, doesn't help us. Losing to Jackson State...really? Henryk Zyndran and Michael Lemeke both scored 13 to lead the team. Tigers forward Ray Murphy was POG with 23 points and 4 boards for JSU. 11/18/16 Nebraska-Omaha 62; OSU 79 This was was slanted in our favor, just two lead changes in the early going. We were up just one at the half but outscored the Mavericks 52-36 in the second half. Linton Jones was POG with 14 points, 2 assists and 2 rebounds. DeManby started tonight and finished with 11 and Zyndram moved to the bench and had 10 for us there. We shot 51% as a team and 53.8% from three point. 11/22/16 OSU 52; Charleston 70 Ice cold. Good for soda and beer. Not good when it's 30% from the field shooting. Gary DeManby was 5 for 10 and led the team with 16 points by Zyndram was just 2 of 13 and Tony Mitchell wasn't much better at 4 for 12 shooting. And 21.7% for three point shooting just won't get it done. The Cougars Leonard Kent was POG with 15 points and 4 rebounds. 11/25/16 Marist 56; OSU 73 Tony Mitchell was POG with 26 points and 1 rebound. We shot 53% and 31.8% for threes. Besides Mitchell, both DeManby and Zyndram scored double digits. Zyndram was a perfect 6 for 6 for the night. We've got to get more than four foul shots per game though, especially scoring 30 in the paint. 11/29/16 Appalachian State 48; OSU 63 POG: Michael Lemeke: 9pts, 2ast, 8rbd Scoring: Lewis Montgomery Β© 12pts; four players in double digits. Rebounds: Lemeke (F) 8rbd FT%: 47.4; 3P%: 14.3; FT%: 66.7 November Recap: 3-2 for the month 12/2/16 Troy 53; OSU 51 Scoring: Michael Lemeke/Tony Mitchell 10pts Rebounds: Lemeke/Linton Jones 5 FT%: 41.4; 3P%: 16.7; FT%: 100 12/6/16 OSU 57; Colorado State 65 Scoring: Michael Lemeke: 12 Rebounds: Linton Jones: 6 FT%: 48.1; 3P%: 22.2; FT%: 55.6 12/9/16 Central Arkansas 61; OSU 77 POG: Michael Lemeke: 15pts; 1ast; 6rbd; 2stl FT%: 52.6; 3P%: 31.3; FT%: 63.2 12/13/16 OSU 72; Wichita State 76 Scoring: Tony Mitchell 21 Rebounds: Michael Lemeke 5 FT%: 53.8; 3P%: 50.0; FT%: 75.0 12/16/16 Las Vegas Winter Jam Texas Tech 71; OSU 86 POG: Henryk Zyndram: 16pts; 2ast; 2rbd; 1stl Rebounds: Michael Lemeke/Jacque Baxter 7 FG%: 61.0; 3P%: 50.0; FT%: 64.3 12/17/16 Las Vegas Winter Jam OSU 50; Air Force 68 Scoring: Tony Mitchell (10) Rebounds: Gary DeManby/Michael Lemeke (6) FG%: 33.3; 3P% 41.7; FT%: 90.0 12/20/16 South Dakota 85; OSU 65 We led by five at the break and got blown off the court in the second half. Scoring: Gary DeManby (14) Rebounds: Montgomery/Jones/McCray (4) FG%: 44.9; 3P%: 46.7; FT%: 70.0 - SD shot 61.5% from the floor and 100% from behind the arc 12/30/16 Cal 65; OSU 84 POG: Michael Lemeke: 15pts; 5rbd; 2ast; 1blk; 1stl Scoring: Henryk Zyndram (18) Rebounds: Gary DeManby/Lemeke/Luke McCray (5) FG%: 51.6; 3P%: 46.2; FT%: 63.2 December Recap: We are 6-7 on the season but 1-0 in conference play.
  4. 4/4/16 I was happy to see DeShawn Johnston, from Texas, win 2nd Team All American honors in his final season. 4/9/16 My ratings update. Offense: 38; Defense: 38; Recruiting: 32; Scouting: 35; Development: 38 No head coaching jobs available but several interesting jobs are available. As I'm not sure if winning plays a role in how fast I develop, I decide to try and find out. Wake Forest is looking for a 3rd Assistant and Ohio State is evidently seeking an entire new assistant staff and will consider me for a 3rd spot but several Pac12 teams are looking for a 2nd assistant. I take a look at who is currently on staff and feel I could get a different assignment finally in Oregon State. The Beavers went 20-11 last season and finished 10-6 in the conference and it appears that I could get involved in scouting with them. I interview for the position and am offered the job. Westward-Ho as I uproot from Indiana and follow the Oregon trail.
  5. 2015 Season 5/1/15 So, I have two years left on my current deal. I'm anxious to expand my coaching experiences so fingers crossed that I get to do more than practice this season. Doubtful for now, but I can hope... 11/13/15 A long offseason draws to a close. Lot's of practice time, and not much else to write home about. 11/15/15 We win our season opener against Bucknell, 57-52. 11/18/15 Two in a row?!? 62-55 over Iona. Both wins at home. 11/25/15 Our second loss in a row, tonight was to the Hoyas by 15 points. We lost by five to Drexel earlier in the week. 11/29/15 We get another win, 62-48 over SJSU to move to 3-2 on the season. That's a great start for us. Michael Madison leads the team with 13ppg and 5.6rpg. The key is the defense, allowing just 59.6ppg. 12/1/15 The conference previews came out yesterday. We are picked 9th again. Robert Rush (SF) is our lone senior. We have three juniors in Madison, Mateen Sanders and Danny Scruggs with freshman Nick Murphy running the point. 12/15/15 We had big wins over USF and Clemson and with a 2-1 run this month was are 5-3 overall 1/1/16 We started off this last two weeks with our second consecutive loss, this time out in LA against USC, losing by eight points. We then returned home to begin conference play and we won consecutive games over Missouri State and Loyola-Chicago. We are now 2-0 in the Valley while 7-4 overall. A very good season...so far. Michael Madison continues to lead the team in scoring with 12.1ppg and he's upped his rebounds to 6.4 per night. Nick Murphy has just under 3 assists per game and leads the team with 0.5 blocks per game. 1/15/16 We step into some real competition, the top teams in our conference, these last weeks and it didn't end up so well for the Sycamores. We dropped a tough one, in overtime, to Wichita State (81-77) and then lost two more by big scores to Evansville and Northern Iowa. We did get back in the win column with an 8 point win over Illinois State to stay above .500 overall with an 8-7 mark while we are 3-3 in the Valley. 2/1/16 We edged Bradley by three but then dropped three straight yet again. Another loss, this one to Drake, in overtime started the slide. We'd again beat Loyola-Chicago and we finish the month at 10-10 and we're holding on at 5-6 in conference play. Robert Rush has played well in the stretch and takes over the team scoring lead with 12ppg while Madison is at 6.3rpg. 2/15/16 We'd get a huge win, and an upset over the Shockers but then Evansville would blow us out yet again. They aren't playing well this year but they still own us. Northern Iowa beat us by 14, they are owning the conference this year. Illinois State put the nail in us to end this stretch of games and that has us suffering yet another three game skid; falling to 11-13 on the season and 6-9 in the conference. We're currently seventh in the Valley chase, two games out of last but also two games out of fifth. 2/26/16 The three game skid becomes four with a loss to Bradley. We get a much needed W over Drake but lose our season finale to southern Illinois by one point, 77-76. We finish in a tie for 7th in the conference but lose the tie breaker with Illinois State and will bear the 8-seed in the Valley Conference Tournament. The final record is 12-15 (7-11), much better than last seasons 20 loss performance. 3/3/16 Missouri State (9-18) v Indiana State (12-15) We were ice in this game, and not in a good way. We'd find ourselves in a 20 point hole in the first half before fighting back but it was never close. We lost 80-71 and only had the lead once on the first bucket of the game. Strangely, the final numbers didn't look bad on paper. We outshot MSU 46-43% and 61-14% from three point range. They had a huge edge, 40-15, in foul shots taken and that was the difference in the game. 3/6/16 Northern Iowa beat Bradley for the Valley title. 4/4/16 Northern Iowa got a 6-seed in the NCAAs and beat (11) Ole Miss 87-68 in the opening round. They would move on to the round of 32 and get past (3) Wake Forest 75-68 to reach the Sweet 16 where the ride would end 94-86 to (2) Oklahoma State. (2) Kansas would beat (2) New Mexico while (2) UConn beat (2) Oklahoma State in the Final Four and UConn claimed the championship 70-62.
  6. 4/9/14 The season is non-stop as we're just days removed from the postseason tournaments and now the offseason carousel starts up in earnest. My agent gets some cursory calls and I'm interested in a promotion. 3rd assistant is just a glorified Grad Assistant and I'm ready to take the next step in my career...if I'm deemed worthy. Today I interviewed with Indiana State. You remember that Larry Bird went to school there right? Anyway, it's for a 2nd Assistant position. There are some possible openings for a 1st Assistant, but I want to learn all the ropes of this job if I'm to make this a career. 4/10/14 I got a call back late last night and Indiana State offered me the position. I resign from Texas, I still had a year on my contract, and I move quickly up to Indiana. I sign a five year deal worth $46,000 per season...definitely a step up from the $19k I earned last year. I might even be able to afford to live outside the dorms this season. 5/1/14 So, entrenched in a new position I get my bumps this year. Remember I was 30 rated in all categories. Here's my current status: Reputation: Poor Offense: 33 Defense: 33 Recruiting: 31 Scouting: 32 Player Development: 33 Unfortunately for me, it looks like I'll be running practices again this season. Rod Slane, the 1st Asst, will handle recruiting (rated 44) while 3rd Asst Daryl Daniels will handle scouting (rated 59). 6/12/14 Things are starting to ramp up. It's been a quiet offseason giving me time to get moved into a new apartment. Today we get word that SG Ben Williams has applied for a transfer and will be coming to Indiana State. He played for Creighton last season, playing just over 10 minutes a game and averaging 4.0ppg and shooting 52%. 6/26/14 The NBA Draft was tonight, Texas didn't have anyone selected; neither did the Sycamores. 7/11/14 The recruiting rankings for last season were released yesterday. I didn't have anything to do with Texas' class last year, but was glad to see they had a Top 25 class. Indiana State...not so much. 10/3/14 Practice started yesterday. Also the preseason publications came out. We are picked to finish 9th in the conference even after finishing 17-13 last season. We need to improve defense as we were 3rd in scoring at 70ppg but 8th in defense at 71ppg. We have a young starting five with four sophomores and one junior so I should get to work with this group for a couple of seasons. Robert Rush (SG) led the team with 7.6ppg last year and PF Michael Madison had 3.9rpg to go with his 5.3ppg. I definitely thing SF Marcus Tice needs some work as he shot just 26.8% from the floor last year. Everyone else was right around the 50% mark. 10/9/14 I decide to mix up practice some this season, something I didn't do alot of last year. I decrease the Atleticism, Endurance, Passing and Ball Handling Skills to 9% of practice. That allows me to increase Shooting Skills, Offensive Skills Rebounding and most importantly Defensive Skills to 11 or 12%. 11/6/14 I've kept our practice schedule to really focus on helping the players shooting and more importantly on working to get their shot. I've also worked them hard on defense. Hopefully scaling back on conditioning slightly won't hurt us this year.. This is still a work in progress however. Still trying to find my place. 11/20/14 0-2 this week. 53-46 loss to SE Louisiana and 60-40 to UMBC; both games on the road. 11/27/14 We go 1-1 this week, losing to Boise State 79-56 but getting a narrow win over Lipscomb 55-52 for our first victory of the season. Robert Rush is leading our team with 8.5ppg while Mateen Sanders is pulling down 5.0rpg. Ball handling is an issue as Rush is giving the ball up 3.8 times per game. We are only averaging 49.3ppg while allowing 61.0ppg. Not a recipe for success. 12/1/14 Robert Rush strains his abdominal tonight and is hampered. The trainer expects him to be out, or limited, up to 11 days. Look for Derrick Gaines to step up from his sixth man role into the starting lineup for a game or two. 12/4/14 Another 1-1 week, losing 78-56 to Wake Forest but getting a nice 66-58 victory over Virginia Tech. We are 2-4 on the season. 1/1/15 Not much to write about in recent weeks. We suffered through a three game skid before beating Bradley 82-60 at home. We are 3-8 on the season, all three wins have come at home. Robert Rush continues to lead the team with 10.1ppg. We are being outscored on average 67-57 on the season. 2/1/15 Longest. Month. Of. My. Life. Seriously. We lost in OT to Missouri State on the 4th and then were not close to sniffing a win the rest of the month. Our losing streak is at nine games now dating back to New Years Eve. We are 3-16 on the season and just 1-9 in conference action. Eight games left to play and I can honestly say I'm ready for the season to be done with. 3/1/15 We beat Evansville at home, 63-49, on 2/1 to break the losing streak. We'd then lose three straight but would roll off three wins in our final four games to finish the season at 7-20 with a 5-13 conference record. That was good enough for 9th place, or next to last, in front of Loyola-Chicago. 3/3/15 The MVC Tournament started today. We drew Bradley (11-16) in our opening round matchup. They were the 8-seed while we drew the 9-seed. It wasn't really close, we lost 86-66. However, we were down just 8 at the half. Mateen Sanders led the team with 19 points. Robert Rush did not play, suffering from a broken finger. 3/6/15 Evansville (20-10) took on Drake (18-11) for the MVC Title. It was a close one with Drake winning 86-83 to punch their ticket to the Dance. 3/13/15 In a strange twist, Evansville and Northern Iowa would face each other in the first round of the NIT. That's weird scheduling. 3/18/15 Drake would lose to Georgetown in the first round of the NCAA's and no MVC team made it beyond the second round of the NITs. 4/4/15 Michael Madison led the team with 10.1ppg; the only player to average double digit scoring. Mateen Sanders led the team with 4.7rpg, not really good for a center. He also had 8.5ppg. Only four Sycamore's averaged over 50% shooting from the floor but our top starter was Madison who shot 46.9%. 4/9/15 I survey the landscape for coaching opportunities. There are no head coaching jobs open to me at all. I believe now I should have stayed at Texas and developed more before moving on. Unfortunately there are not many top tier schools looking. I consider applying with Georgia Tech as they are the top prestige team looking for a staff position. However, it's for a 3rd assistant. I decide to stay at Indiana State, for the money you know, but I may have to take a step back to develop my coaching chops before moving forward. Something to consider in the next couple of seasons. 4/16/15 I still have a poor reputation...better than a complete unknown I suppose. My skills increase again: Offense: 35 Defense: 35 Recruiting: 32 Scouting: 34 Player Development: 35
  7. Well, I decided to buy Gary's latest product today. As a current/former employee of the company I like to support him (plus he's a Michigan guy..lol). Also, in reading the game details I am intrigued by the Recruiting Pipeline option that is new in this version. I've also been a big fan of the Legacy Option Gary offers in his games (they help transition for long dynasties...which I wouldn't know about). So I bought it and that entails a fresh start here. I've installed the game, gotten the updated "Real Life" mod from the Wolverine forums. And it's Game Time! So first up is Game Creation. I use NCAA as the league association name, starting in 2013. There are the NCAA, NIT and CIT tournaments. Single Player with a 1-10 rating scale. Allowing conference movement and also allowing underclassmen to declare. I'm also going to allow illegal recruiting...and I put the recruiting difficultly level at Normal. Next up is Coach Creation. Using myself, there are quite a few options I recall from DDSCB2 that are still here. I will be 26 to start my career, pretty much fresh out of college with two years as a grad assistant. High Ambition, Average on Academics and Discipline. Very High Integrity (so no illegal recruiting for me) and a temper of 4. Dream Job is Michigan. All Philosophies (there are 10 of them) are 5 (average) except offensive pace which I crank up to 8. Others are Player Rotation, Offensive/Defensive Crash Boards, Defensive Intensity, Full Court Defense, Player Preference and Zone Defense. For the Coach Model I select Rookie to start to mirror my age and plan for this coach. Maximum Development Level is veteran (second highest level). This allows a low end of 30 points per category and a high end of 75 to develop into. Job Board is the next screen, to decide where I start my career. Unlike other games that allow you to start as a Head Coach of Duke or NC with no experience and not having the stats to back it up, this game does give me some HC opportunities at small schools (ex Abilene Christian) but then also have 1st, 2nd and 3rd assistant levels to choose from and these are also typically tiered among schools depending on prestige. As a "rookie" coach, I see schools like Albany offering a 2nd Asst spot; Alabama offers a 3rd and Belmont offers a 1st Assistant. Michigan nor LA-Lafayette are offering gigs so Texas offers me a 3rd assistant spot. 3 1/2 star rating, 63 prestige, good facilities and academics (A-/B+) sounds good. I can get a 2 year deal worth $19,000 per season so I take that job. Now that the job is chosen, the game generates the entire league. I go to my Coach's Office screen which is the heart of the game. It shows my current contract, my career earnings ($0...woo hoo) and my job security (5/5). My reputation is Poor, due to no experience. My coaching skills are all Poor (Offense, Defense, Recruiting, Scouting). So, we'll start my career here, diary format, and walk through my basketball career. 9/11/13 Well, I can honestly say that being a grad assistant was much more exciting (so far) than that of an Assistant 3. It's Mid-September and I have yet to do anything. Easy money I guess but boring. The AAU Camps have started up but I'm not being sent to any of them. In fact, I haven't even heard from Coach Zimmerman yet since my interview. 10/2/13 My first official duties. I get to oversee a small portion of practice time. I go with an equal 10% distribution through all ten phases of practices. Raising above 10% can give added increases but that would mean lowering other items which could lead to a decrease in skills. This can be changed weekly during the practice time. 10/16/13 The Season Previews come out this week. We are unranked, picked to finish fifth in the Big XII. 10/30/13 I mix the practice up this week, decreasing foul shots and upping defensive drills and general shooting time. 11/13/13 The season starts officially tonight for the NCAA. Not sure what to expect. I won't play out the games especially since I won't have any controls likely as a 3rd Asst. 12/1/13 The first month of my coaching career is over and we are 3-2 at this point. We lost our first game on the road against Valpo 86-59 but won three straight. The last game was a sell out in Austin as #16 Indiana came to town. It was ugly as we went down 60-47 to the Hoosiers but it was a thrill to see them. 1/1/14 Another month down in the season and it's been an utter roller coaster. Win-Lose-Win-Lose; we are now 6-5 overall and 1-1 in the conference. The worst was a 57-52 road loss to Montana State. We won our conference opener against Iowa State and then we lost 90-85 to #14 Oklahoma State. So close. 1/1/14 Just delving back for some notes here. The game against Coastal Carolina was a fun game. We won 66-54 but guard DeShawn Johnson went off. He would finish with 27 points and 6 rebounds and even had 2 blocked shots in the game. It was the first game all season that we had someone score over 20 points. Typically we have 2-3 guys with 15-18 points per night and the balanced scoring is good; keeps the opponents from focusing in on just one person. It's nice to know, now, that we have a go to guy if we need him. 1/5/14 A big conference game with the standard bearer for our conference. The Kansas Jayhawks ranked #5 in the nation came into Austin tonight. We trailed by one at the half in a barn burner, 51-50, but faded late falling just short in a 89-83 defeat. DeShawn Johnston had 16 points while Eric Henderson came off the bench with 10 points. We shot 61% from the field and 46% from three point range. Johnston showed some flaws in his game as he was 0 for 3 from the stripe and we shot just 55.6% on foul shots. Still, we only had 9 foul shots the entire game. 1/8/14 At practice this week I put a little emphasis on foul shots. I don't want to see that cost us down the stretch. We are 8-7 (3-3) at this point and need a nice run at some point to have a successful season. 2/1/14 It's been a long month. After the loss to Kansas we lost again to Oklahoma but then we did have a nice three game run but then countered that with three straight losses to K-State, Iowa State and #10 Oklahoma State. We played the Cowboys tough again, losing by just three this time. We lost by five back in December to them. So we are close, so close, to being competitive with any team in the conference. 2/1/14 Khalid London is leading the team at 12.8ppg and 5.3rpg. We rank 66th in the nation at 70.1ppg while our defense ranks #218 at 67.7ppg. 2/24/14 In the early part of the month we were mired in a six game losing streak that had us fall below .500 on the season. The last loss in that stretch was a disastrous 84-45 drubbing to #4 Kansas. We would turn the ship around and win five in a row to end the season strong. The high point was a 70-41 win over Baylor. We finish the season at 15-12 but a solid 10-8 conference record, good for a 3rd place tie with Iowa State and Texas Tech. We went 9-5 at home but a disappointing 6-7 on the road. Greg Hampton was fourth in the conference with 4.1 assists per game. Khalid London was second in shooting hitting 56% from the field. Note to Gary: The HC can change the coaching assignment for each assistant; choosing between Recruiting, Scouting and Practice. The HC chooses that. An interesting thing in the game is the Historical Record against other teams in your conference. We are unbeaten against Baylor, TCU and West Virginia while we have yet to defeat Kansas and Oklahoma State. 3/4/14 Good news today, I guess, is that none of our players declare for the NBA Draft. 3/9/14 The Big XII Tournament starts today. We have a first round bye. 3/10/14 Our tournament starts tonight against Texas Tech (15-12). We split the season series with them this year. We were close early on, there were ten lead changes all in the first half, but Tech pulled away for a 41-33 halftime lead and won 76-65. DeShawn Johnston finished with 17 points on 7 of 11 shooting but Khalid London only hit 30% from the floor and we shot 46.3% for the game. 3/12/14 #4 Kansas would blow out Oklahoma 83-44 in the title game. So it's off to wait for postseason berths. 3/14/14 We get an NIT invite and will face Canisius (21-8) in the first round. We'd get the win 64-58. DeShawn Johnston would again carry the team with 16 points on 60% shooting. 3/16/14 We progress to the second round and a rematch with Valparaiso (21-10) who beat us in the season opener. We'd lose again 81-73, giving up 40 points in the paint and 11 second chance points. Johnston had 21 and Larry Owens hit 7 of 8 shots off the bench and finished with 15 points. 4/3/14 Oklahoma State would make it all the way to the title game before losing to #9 New Mexico 74-70. New Mexico was a 5-seed and the Cowboys were a 3-seed.