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  1. Houston Astros send: $1 Detroit Tigers send: Assistant GM Adrian Beltre CF Josh Reddick We made this deal to dump Reddick's expiring contract in 2018. In return, we traded away a decent coach/manager in Adrian Beltre.
  2. Kansas City Royals trade: 2B Josh Harrison (Waivers/DFA) Detroit Tigers trade: SP Zulfugar Kavkasidzev (Rookie League - Lakeland Tigers) We made this deal to shore up our infield. Harrison could also play 3B, it's just up to Ozzie Guillen if he'll play him over Zimmerman or Rendon. We traded away a young pitching prospect in return. Thanks, Rhett!
  3. San Diego Padres trade: 3B Anthony Rendon (Waivers/DFA) Detroit Tigers trade: 2B Carl McGee (Rookie League - Lakeland Tigers) We made this deal and will try to give Rendon a shot at the hot corner. Zimmerman has struggled with the bat and we'll see if our manager, would use Rendon with his ability to hit the ball and play defense as well. We gave up a rookie prospect in return. Thanks, Sean!
  4. Los Angeles Dodgers trade: MR Scott Elbert (MLB - DFA) Detroit Tigers trade: SP David Bogaerts (R - Lakeland Tigers) 1B/3B Tyler Burnett (AAA) We made this deal to shore up our bullpen, one of our weak spot this season. Elbert will provide a better setup man or middle reliever, depending on Ozzie Guillen's wisdom when it comes to setting up the pitching staff. We gave up depth at the corners with Tyler Burnett and a pitching prospect in Rookie League. Thanks, Sam, for the easy dealing.
  5. Los Angeles Dodgers trade: MR El'Hajj Muhammad (AAA) Detroit Tigers trade: 1B Dan Black (AAA) We made this deal to free up some budget. Also, we traded away Black since he's blocked in the Majors by Votto and Montero at 1B/DH. We got Muhammad, a bullpen depth in AAA, who will likely get called up soon if my pen continues to struggle. Thanks, Sam, for the hassle-free deal.
  6. Arizona Diamondbacks send: SP Casey Crosby (MLB) MR Rafael Dolis (MLB) Detroit Tigers send: SP Ken Price ® SP Zach Rivera (A) SP Ralph Travis ® SS Hector Rivero ® We made this deal to shore up our pitching staff. Crosby could start and Dolis could provide middle relief help. We traded away four (4) prospects who may still have a long way to go and I can't piss off my owner who wants to win now. Thanks, Jay, for the deal.
  7. Cincinnati Reds send: 2B Kolten Wong 3B Brent Morel OF Matt McBryde Detroit Tigers send: 2B Dustin Pedroia SP Justin Masterson We made this primarily to get Masterson's contract off the books. We downgraded in 2B as we believe Pedroia is still better than Wong although he's getting older and got injured several times last year. We bring back Wong in Detroit and hopefully, he'll provide leadership we need to finally get over the hump of 1st round exit in the playoffs. We also acquired a serviceable 3B in Morel and a defensive minded outfielder in McBryde. With Morel's addition, we might be looking to deal 3B Will Middlebrooks and/or 3B Ryan Zimmerman. Thanks, Scott, for the deal.
  8. Miami Marlins send: 1B Joey Votto Detroit Tigers send: MR Hector Santiago MR Matt Moore CF Trayce Thompson SP Jeffrey Stone (Rookie League) SP Gerald Spalton (Rookie League) Our owner wants us to upgrade at 1B and hopefully, he will be happy with our acquisition of Joey Votto. He's still talented although he's taken some development hits recently according to our scout. Nevertheless, we are hoping that Votto will provide a productive bat as our 1B. We gave up a couple of borderline starters in Hector Santiago and Matt Moore. Santiago has been good during the regular season but always blows up in the post-season (against the Angels in 2 straight years), I guess it's time to move on. Moore has pitched well in limited time in Detroit. The main guy in this deal is SP Jeffrey Stone, our #1 pick this year in the amateur draft. He's talented although he's still a few years before he reach the majors. Spalton is just another prospect who could potentially develop if the timing is right. Thanks, Ryan, for the hassle-free deal.
  9. Minnesota sends: OF Yoenis Cespedes (MLB) Detroit sends: OF Nelson Cruz (MLB) CF Vincente Perez (DFA - part of the trade with the White Sox) We made this deal to acquire a capable CF. Cespedes is a great defender. We're just hoping he finds his offensive form in Detroit. We traded away Cruz who's not in our plans for this season and the CF prospect we just acquired from the White Sox. Thanks for the deal, Rocky.
  10. Chicago sends: Vincente Perez (Kannapolis Intimidators - A) Detroit sends: CF Jose Peña (MLB) We made this deal to acquire a CF prospect and get rid of Peña. He has struggled mightily with his bat although he's been playing good defense. Hopefully, our next CF will play better. Thanks, Jonathan.
  11. Oakland sends: 1B/OF Jerry Sands (MLB) Detroit sends: SP Trevor Rosenthal (AAA) 2B Cory Spangenberg (AAA) We made this deal to acquire a potential starter vs. LHP. He can play 1B and corner OF positions which will give us flexibility. Nelson Cruz may be moved soon before the deadline as his contract is a bit of a burden for us. Sands will try to fill in the gap. We gave up young guys in Rosenthal and Spangenberg who were both blocked in the rotation and middle infield position in the Majors. Thanks, Jason.
  12. San Francisco sends: CL Brian Wilson Detroit sends: MR Mark Melancon Detroit made this deal to acquire a legitimate closer. We can move Hector Santiago to middle relief or setup role. Thanks, Michael, for the straight forward deal.
  13. MIL sends: CF Jose Pena (MLB) SP Erik Hamren (AAA) $2.4 Million DET sends: SS Christian Colon (MLB) SP Felix Doubront (MLB) LF Stephen Vogt (AAA) We made this deal to acquire a veteran CF who plays solid defense and has some pop. Jiwan James is hard to replace but we're hoping Pena could somehow provide more value than my current crop of CFs (Tony Campana & Franklin Gutierrez). I hate to see Colon go but we'll go with defense in his position by promoting SS Andrelton Simmons. Doubront pitched a couple of quality starts in his stint in the majors this season while Vogt will provide veteran leadership for the Brew Crew. Technically, Pena is making $8.2 M and the combined salaries of Colon, Doubront and Vogt (plus the cash) would make the value of the deal somewhat identical as we don't have much budget room to work with as of now. Thanks, Jack.
  14. Toronto Blue Jays send: 2B Dustin Pedroia (MLB) Detroit Tigers send: SP Sonny Gray (MLB) 1B Tyler Moore (MLB) MR Joe Smith (MLB) C Juan Janchez (Short Season A) SP Donald Austin (Short Season A) We made this deal to acquire a veteran 2B. Pedroia can still hit and play defense well. He'll complement our lineup which is built to contend now. We gave up our 5th starter, Sonny Gray. We have Justin Masterson and Matt Moore to replace him. We also gave up Tyler Moore who hits lefties well. Our depth at 1B is okay with Brian Dopirak and Tyler Burnett in the wings. Further, we traded away Joe Smith. He'll be replaced by righty specialist, Jose Arredondo. Lastly, we traded away a couple of prospects who may or may not pan out. All in all, thanks, Dave for the long trade discussions. Worth it in the end.
  15. Houston Astros send: LF Victor Roache (Waivers) 1B Tyler Burnett (Waivers) Detroit Tigers send: 3B Jonathan Greene (AAA) We were in talks about Greene but couldn't find a mutual player to part with. However, after checking the waiver wire, we saw a couple of Astros that caught our eye, hence, we were able to finalize a deal for a couple of young guys. Greene is blocked in our organization as we still have Zimmerman at 3B. Thanks, Matt, for the trade.