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  1. I had to move Francisco. I'm not crazy about retaining, but it's better to get something than to release him next season. The prospects add a bit of depth to the organization, but time will tell if they get a shot in MLBPro. Marlins agree.
  2. John Lamb was a piece that was expendable for a team without a playoff spot. It made sense to clear some room in the rotation for next season with Grier and Canning likely getting the nod in 2021. We like the potential of Swaggerty to be an everyday outfielder just in time for Rolli or Howell to possibly be replaced. Claipari is more of a flyer in this deal, but Aviles fills a need for a future everyday starter. Marlins Agree.
  3. Marlins Confirm I like this deal because Pyke was never going to be a full time starter with the Fish. He is blocked above him (Miggy) and would have to make way for Pavin Smith next season or so. With McCullers out a while, I needed some veteran SP help, and Gio fits the bill. Always a pleasure, Hodges.
  4. Miami sends: SP Walker Buehler Oakland sends: OF Ronald Acuña (AA) 2B Luis Seda (IL) 1B Pavin Smith (AA) This move was made to shore up some weak spots in my everyday lineup. While Buehler is a stud. I had no plans on trading him to start the season, but with our minor league pitching depth, I figured that it was the right time to try to acquire some solid bats. Oakland can in late and did just that. We'll miss Walker, and Fan Interest will take a hit, but we'll recover one day. Good luck to Oakland. Thanks for the smooth negotiations!
  5. Agreed. Goodbye, guys that I've never heard of.
  6. Miami Agrees. I'm looking to shore up a top 3 bullpen from last year, and where I was lacking was in the middle innings. I think Morimando fits that need, and can pitch in long relief if the starters falter. Thanks, Soze.
  7. Marlins Sends: SP Tyler Higgins (AAA) Milwaukee Sends: 2B Raul Aguilera (ML) SP Jorge Lopez (AAA) While I hate to trade Higgins, I love getting Aguilera back after losing him to a Rule V mishap. I thought the time was right to bring him back, as he's had success at the ML level. Lopez is a warm body that will make his way to the AAA rotation. Thanks to Jack for the quick deal.
  8. Miami Agrees. I am in need of some offensive production, so the hope is that Bogaerts meets the need. He's also young enough to get a solid look at next season. I need to score runs. The other dudes in the trade don't really have a future in Miami, so hopefully they can find a good home in Cleveland one day. Ayden is a tallywhacker, but fun to trade with. Cheers.
  9. Miami agrees. After waiving Skipworth last year, the Marlins welcome him back to the Sunshine State. E hopefully provides a little spark in production at the Catcher spot. His leadership should go a long way as well. Good luck to Arizona. Thanks for the quick and easy dealings.
  10. I feel dirty in doing this deal, but I was going to have to release him due to his resistance to go to AAA. At least I get two player that may have a shot if they do their job well enough. Thanks, Preacher Scott
  11. Miami agrees. I hate parting with Sico and Pickett, but the time is now for me to make a move and solidify my rotation. I have a fighters chance at making the playoffs, so I have to strike while the iron is hot. Thanks for the deal, you gormless wazzack.
  12. Marlins agree. If Matt went through the trouble of ranking players in the 8th and 9th Round, he can pretty much have what he wants. I cannot compete with that. Good job, Matt.
  13. Ahoy, Matey! Marlins were in desperate need of a LHP, and Cruz fits the bill. His contract, coupled with his ability, made the deal worthwhile. We shed Leguizamo, but he's not that smart. Once, his teammates tricked him into going to the auto parts store and asking for headlight fluid. Miami Agrees.