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  1. Padres agree. Just helping out Cole to open up a roster spot. Looks like a nice little 5th OF to use for the rest of the year.
  2. Tough trade for us to make but, Otero was looking for a big extension and we are cash strapped for the next year or two. Rasmussen should fit right into the bullpen immediately. Dreifort and Joyner will be good pieces in the minors and should develop nicely and be fun to watch. Thanks Matt and good luck to the Angels
  3. Mariners send: SS Ryan Brandon (MLB) RP Luis Mendez (MLB) Padres send: RP Domingo Tapia (on waivers) $1 million in cash Brandon will be our 26th guy this season. Thank to the M's for the quick deal.
  4. Padres agree. Hopefully with Henson's stamina he will be a good future bullpen guy. We have to start working on our bullpen for 2022. Contracts will be expiring after this season and finances are starting to become thin with the free agents we have brought in the last few seasons. Thanks to Eddie for the deal!
  5. Padres agree. Silva has aways pitched well in the minors but never cracked the big club. Glad to see he'll get a chance. Taylor has developed nicely in his young career. Hopefully he can keep that going in our system. Thank Jonathan...good luck!
  6. Padres agree. It's good to get Perez back! It was a real hard decision to give him up originally but the return was too good to pass up. My #4 starter Daulton Jefferies was part of that deal. We have hopefully found a catcher to hold down the fort until Luke Berryhill and Stephen Mayer are ready. Thanks again to Mitch for adding to the first NL team that's going to win the World Series, LOL!!!
  7. Padres agree. Just a small trade to acquire a position of need in the minors. Schmidt started out strong in the majors but fell out of favor. Hope he can make it to show again. Thanks to Eddie as always!!
  8. Padres agree. Chau fell out of favor during the first half of the season and he was sent back to El Paso. Black just didn't work out like he thought we would when we drafted him. OUperman looks like a nice depth piece and Cross might help in the bullpen as we have been shuffling that around all season. Thanks to the Rockies for the talks!
  9. Padres agree. Can never have too many OFs. Thanks to my bitter rival Rockies!
  10. The Padres trade: SP Tony Leal (AA San Antonio) The Astros trade: 3B Eugene Adams (R, Greenville) Just a small prospect for prospect deal
  11. Padres agree. Mitch did send an offer even before we signed Herring but we refused. We think highly of Luis and were ready to give him a chance to start this season. But, Herring fell into our laps so Perez is going to get a chance to break camp with the Jays as he is now blocked by O'Day and Herring. Jefferies will get a chance to compete for a bullpen/spot starter slot. Hutcheson's work ethic and intelligence could have him moving quickly for us. Thanks to Mitch for not getting into a bidding war over Herring!
  12. Really like Simpson but had to choose who to leave off the 40 man hoping he'd slip through. Ballard could be a nice bench bat/utility man. Indeed a rare inter-division deal. Thanks to you also Sam
  13. Not mad at me per say, the trade in general, lol!
  14. Well, never say never I guess. The last couple of seasons I have been asked and asked about my two pitchers and Nash. I have consistently said no. Mitch and a couple of others were very persistent. I was still adamant and said no. Mitch came to me with this offer and I decided to take it. By some of the comments since the trade announcement I see you are not happy but, whatever. So, I'm not going piece by piece to say what each player will do for me. All I will say is with not much in the way of free agents to make an impact, this trade makes my offense much better than last year and I still have a pretty damn good rotation. Thanks to Mitch for the patience over the past few months of offer after offer.