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  1. Much appreciated! Very excited to get to the draft soon! We desperately could use an infusion of talent on this roster.
  2. Much appreciated! We need more people publishing videos for this franchise. If it picks up steam in a more mainstream form, the development of this game is endless!
  3. The Champion Sim Football League using the ddspf21 engine is one of the premier football SIM leagues! What is so unique about the CSFL? - real NFL teams - real NFL and NCAA players - custom, created draft classes starting with players drafted (and undrafted) from 2011 and beyond - the league started with the NFL 2010 rosters Other important information: - we are entering our 5th off-season. - two sims per week: Thursdays & Sundays (offseason will most likely be different) - 53-man rosters - 5 player practice squads - 2 game preseason schedule - custom playbooks, but no custom plays (to start) How do I sign up? - visit our discord channel https://discord.gg/6n9JyYzm - keep up with the league on Twitter: @CSFLSimLeague We have a great community of GMs from vets to rookies who are testing their skills in the world of American football. Join us in expanding the CSFL brand! Openings - Cleveland Browns - Oakland Raiders
  4. Thanks! This is my first attempt at a Let's Play series using video so it's been a bit of a learning curve but I think I've got the hang of it. The rosters were timed perfectly with me starting this series. I was going to make some of the major moves (Harden to BKN, Oladipo to MIA, Drummond to LAL, Griffin to BKN, Aldridge retired) but HansMellman dropping these rosters the day I was going to start recording was perfect!
  5. Episode 2: First ~Month of the Season LINK TO VIDEO
  6. CSFL College Football league is gearing up for the 2015 season. The following are the teams that are taken. Every other team is available. Now is a great time to jump in, finish off a team's current recruiting class and take over for the next season! Arizona Auburn Baylor Boston College BYU Colorado Florida Florida State Georgia Hawaii Illinois Iowa Marshall Maryland Miami (FL) Michigan New Mexico Oregon Penn State Stanford Texas USC Utah West Virginia Western Michigan https://discord.gg/Fzy7wGm2
  7. Yes! Discord server below! Yes, just starting our first season with PF21! Just starting a new season now. Discord server below if you want to join up! https://discord.gg/HXNZsGnz
  8. Yes! Sorry I don't check the forums very often but we are still up and running for sure. We are always looking to add more ADs.
  9. Have you been able to find one? I am the commissioner of the CSFL. If you’re interested, check out football.championsimleague.com to find the forums. Register and post on wait list if you want to join. We are nearing the end of the 2012 season and may have an opening or two.