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  1. CSFL College Football league is gearing up for the 2015 season. The following are the teams that are taken. Every other team is available. Now is a great time to jump in, finish off a team's current recruiting class and take over for the next season! Arizona Auburn Baylor Boston College BYU Colorado Florida Florida State Georgia Hawaii Illinois Iowa Marshall Maryland Miami (FL) Michigan New Mexico Oregon Penn State Stanford Texas USC Utah West Virginia Western Michigan https://discord.gg/Fzy7wGm2
  2. Yes! Discord server below! Yes, just starting our first season with PF21! Just starting a new season now. Discord server below if you want to join up! https://discord.gg/HXNZsGnz
  3. Yes! Sorry I don't check the forums very often but we are still up and running for sure. We are always looking to add more ADs.
  4. Have you been able to find one? I am the commissioner of the CSFL. If you’re interested, check out football.championsimleague.com to find the forums. Register and post on wait list if you want to join. We are nearing the end of the 2012 season and may have an opening or two.
  5. CH2k8 is my all time favorite sports game. I have 2 copies of it and for good reason. If one were to break, I have the other for backup. It’s crazy how expensive it is but you really can’t get it anywhere. Since I don’t have time to play out games any more, sim engines are more my speed and this one is pretty damn good! Give it a chance and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
  6. The CSFL College League is close to finishing up the 2012 season and looking to find more ADs that are motivated to compete! PM me on the forums here or email me at [email protected] to join the league! Here's a list of the current teams that are taken. Any team not on this list is available for you to take over immediately! Arizona - JayTheGreat Auburn - MattP598 BYU - Regan_Cowboys Clemson - ouwr83 Colorado - UnnamedSource Florida - NOppenheimer FSU - drumr Georgia - VinCal Illinois - J2x Indiana - cascook Iowa - Rouse Kansas - Phatman LSU - Salvo Memphis - darrellet86 Miami (FL) - J2x Minnesota - Axemjax Notre Dame - WarDaddy Ohio State - darrellet86 Oklahoma - Soonerfan09 Penn State - pbot Texas - Rizzo Texas A&M - Justin_Zima UConn - Regan_Cowboys Utah - jedpearson Virginia - mg00091
  7. One round of the CSFL 2012 playoffs done. Now is the time to join! Jump in now before the new engine releases and more GMs look to join our unique league! - Houston Texans - Los Angeles Rams - Minnesota Vikings - Oakland Raiders PM me here on Slack if you are interested in joining!
  8. Note #2: If you plan on joining, please PM me with the forum name you chose when registering. I will pass that along to the admin to make sure it gets approved immediately!
  9. Welcome to the NCAA CSL! This will be this forum's first ever college basketball sim league run through DDS:CB2016. We are now open for applications and all are welcomed to join! Our forums are located at the bottom of the boards. Head down, check out the rules, fill in the coach application and get ready for the season! Note #1: There will be a short waiting period after registering for the forums. Administrative authorization is necessary to complete the registration process. After you complete the registration form, keep an eye on your emails for when your account has been activated so you can sign up for the league! Note #2: If you plan on joining, please PM me with the forum name you chose when registering. I will pass that along to the admin to make sure it gets approved immediately! Note #3: You MUST have the game in order to participate in this league. We would have no problem entering depth charts, but the recruiting aspect makes it imperative that you are able to log in on your own and recruit players. League Forums League RulesCoach Signup ThreadCurrent Coach List Full List of Teams With Prestige