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  1. Yanks send: 2B Robinson Cano $6,666,667 Cubs send: Nothing Pretty simple 2018 books clearing. I'm paying for Robbie this year and Jabs takes next year.
  2. Easy dealing. I've been trying to commit on a full rebuild and this helps achieve that goal. I've had Upton since before the first pitch was thrown in MLB Pro and I will miss him dearly.
  3. Gotta give it up to Jack as he was the one who drove these negotiations. It took me a while but we were able to come to an agreement on the right parts. Thanks for your patience, it was easy (on my end) to work with you.
  4. New York Yankees Send: LF Bernard Blanchard (Tampa A) Chicago White Sox Send: SP Chris Gray (MLB) Many people know that I'm in the business of collecting groundball pitchers. Chris Gray will likely never be an ace but he certainly could compete for a 4 or 5 spot. Thanks Hodges!
  5. New York Yankees Send 1B Vic Hines - AA Trenton CF Jeff Hall - AA Trenton Cleveland Sends LF Brett Gardner A long, long time ago, the Yankees sent Brett Gardner and others for Justin Upton before the inaugural season. Today, the man comes back home. Leftfield is platooned by Josh Hamilton and Justin James and that is less than desirable. An influx of prospects makes these two guys a bit more expendable. Plus I get an excuse to talk to Ayden and who can turn that down?
  6. Los Angeles Sends: RF Raul Dominguez (International Complex) RP Jim Munroe (AA) C Jesus Orozco (International) LF Jacoby Ellsbury (MLB) Remaining salary for Jacoby's 2017 contract New York Sends: SS Chih Niu (Rookie, Tampa Yankees 2) I have roughly $95,000,000 in future payroll after 2017. Sam will absorb Jacoby's 2017 salary while I inherit the rest. In turn, I get some solid prospects back. Good dealing, even if it was back and forth there for a bit.
  7. Agreed. I picked up Gallagher and he has taken a liking to the starting rotation. Mesoraco is worth too much to sit on the bench and I have solid replacement level guys in the wings. Thanks for an easy back and forth.
  8. I'm doing what no person should do: Take advice from Comey. That said, after making the playoffs four years in a row with nothing to show for it, the Yankees are admitting it's time to sell and reload for 2019 and beyond. Soze had the advantage of being on Pacific Time with me. Good dealing. Catch those Angels. -Brad
  9. (I apologize if the SPs are actually MRs, I was working with StatsLab) NYY Sends: SP Brett Marshall - Scranton-Wilkes Barre (AAA) CF Jeffrey Sherman - Staten Island (S A) SEA Sends: SP Jose R. Flores - Tacoma (AAA) SP Manuel Flores - Tacoma (AAA) Despite popular opinion, I'm not missing. Soze wanted Brett Marshall, I wanted more replacement level starters who had decent groundball pitching. Jeffrey Sherman is a solid prospect, but I'm putting all my eggs in Mariano Gonzalez's basket. Thanks for the easy dealing, Soze.
  10. Well, I had anticipated Carlisle being out for part of the season, but I wasn't expecting him to be out the whole season. After spending some time wondering whether I should patch the hole or start a firesale, I figured I might as well give this team the best fighting chance it has. My depleted farm system has enough outfielders to withstand sending two away. Per Soze's edict:
  11. Yankees Send SP Juan Davila - DFA C Greg Bird - AAA Atlanta sends SP Juan Trujillo - MLB C Cameron Gallagher - AAA This is a move of timeliness. Davila and Bird are further off than Cadet and Gallagher. I would like to hang onto Davila but I am trying to pull a ring here in a year or two. I am happy to get Gallagher back into my minors so that he may make his Yankee debut this season. Trujillo is a ready-now groundball pitcher, which I can never have enough of.
  12. NY sends: CF Lucas Edgar (DFA) 3B Jose Rosario (DFA) $25 (his idea) for OAK: 3B Brandon Hicks (Either MLB or DFA) Hicks is older and doesn't have a ton of years left, but I have been waiting to move Maruszak to 1B and move Teix to the bench. I am hoping Hicks enjoys my park a bit better than he enjoys I still have two sensational CF prospects so I didn't feel too bad moving Edgar.
  13. Ever since Pimentel tootook a ratings drop, I've been desperately searching for a competent third outfielder. While Walker was in my plans for the future, I realize this team needs to win now. Blair is an alright pitcher in my park historically and Daz is one of three solid OF prospects. I can afford to lose one.
  14. As the saying goes in OOTP, you can't take it with you. We're projected to end up with a $43M budget surplus so we decided to incur some costs in order to gather some nuts for the winter. I especially like both players I got and I'm not sore over who I sent to Cleveland. Thanks Ayden
  15. Agreed. Mitchell wasn't having it at Yankee stadium, hopefully Gibson will fair better. Thanks soze