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  1. Cards agree. Basic prospect swap and we get a couple guys my scout likes more. Cheers Greg
  2. The Cardinals agree Our main goal was to get out of the Puig albatross contract. I really liked Rix but I’m pretty spoiled for choice when it comes to OF prospects. My scout wasn’t too high on Jarvis despite his top 100 standing either. Thanks Hodges. It’s only fitting that my first trade on a new team is with you
  3. We confirm. I couldn’t afford Panda at his full cost but 50% retention sweetens the deal. Even if he’s not what he was, he’s a massive upgrade (figuratively and literally) over what we currently have. Klumpp lasted one start in his return to Cleveland but will be missed. EDIT: We still confirm now that Jabs has put the players actual name You’re the best Jabs
  4. Indians confirm. We needed a big move to counter the Twins getting Giolito and this is that move. In all seriousness, I forgot bill Arthur existed and Cruz is a nice prospect, plus that Soze fella needs all the help he can get. love you Soze
  5. The following deal has been agreed upon: CLE sends RP Joan Guerrero (AAA), RP Peter Solomon (AA), RF Brayden Mack (A+), C Dillon Weeks (A+) & 1B Will Robertson (A+) PIT sends 3B Adam Hall (AAA), OF Kelsey Henderson (AAA), SP Salvador Montes (AAA), RP Kevin Dri (AAA) & SP Robin Addison (AAA/DL) A simple little prospect swap that Greg did literally all the heavy lifting for. My scout is a big fan of Hall and likes Dri and Addison enough, and Mack was the only prospect I really wanted to keep of this lot, but Greg drives a hard bargain. Plus Guerrero and his near-7 ERA can go suck an egg. Thanks again Greg for the easy deal.
  6. The following deal has been agreed upon CLE sends SP Antonio Castillo and 3B Javier Sosa (both INTL Complex. Will promote to R) PIT sends SP Anthony Klumpp and SP Bill Deely (both AAA) Greg came to me with this offer and I feel like either or both could contribute to my bullpen right now. If nothing else they provide me some depth if I get ravaged with injuries and both the guys I move are a long way away. Thanks Greg for the super easy deal
  7. The indian guardian spiders accept. Our team is struggling but despite that, we’re only a couple games back from that geriatric fuck. So we make a move. Maybe it’s not the right move, our bullpen has been much much worse than our rotation. But we needed to do something and I think the price is right. We will miss Acosta as my scout really likes him but he’s a few years away so he was expendable. Thanks Hodges. Always a pleasure
  8. Indians accept. We’re just trying shit here. I believe we are dead last in stolen bases and base running so using Hamilton as a pinch runner and backup IF might help things a little. It’s very low risk thanks to retention and my scout not being a fan of LaRoche Jr. Thanks Hodges. Always a pleasure
  9. Indians accept although I nearly declined because Eddie thought I was Australian, that bastard. Our minor leagues could use some depth and these are a couple of guys my scout likes the look of. In the grand scheme of things, $700k is nothing if one of these dudes works out. Thanks Ryan Buchholz. You're a champ
  10. Indians confirm Cumberland is blocked with Betts being my go-to and we fell Young could help our struggling bullpen if he gets to his full potential. Easy swap. Thanks Eddie, you're the best Buchholz brother for sure!
  11. We accept. Middle IF depth is weak for us so always nice to add a little depth for cheap. Captain status always nice too. Cheers Eddie
  12. Indians accept. Walker is an upgrade in our IF and the cost was right. Thanks Rhett. Always a pleasure
  13. The Indians accept. Middle IF is the shallowest position in our entire organisation and because some bastard who I won’t name but his name rhymes with Babs bid me up on a certain FA, I had to try the trade market. Eierman is someone my scout likes quite a bit but I’m not sure if he is quite ready so Kozma is a solid insurance piece. Always a pleasure Heinz
  14. The following deal has been agreed upon CLE sends 1B Keon Barnum, RP Ken Gary & 2B Jonathan India (AA) OAK sends RP Hudson Boyd, CF Aaron Phillips & 2B Jazz Chisholm (AAA) This was a hard trade for me to do and might seem to be a bit of a backwards move considering we're trying to win now. That is how highly my scout thinks of Chisholm, and he plays a position harder to fill with potential stars. I like India a lot and have rebuffed offers for him in the past but I think Chisholm is better than him in pretty much every way and he is closer to the bigs. Barnum just had a great season for us but I feel 1B is easy to replace (hopefully anyway). Phillips can be a great 4th OF for us or he is young enough to develop a little more in AAA if need be. Thanks Scott. Best of luck in your hellhole division
  15. We do this deal for a couple reasons. Getting out of Pineda's deal may seem the obvious thing but we potentially take on more money if he chooses to opt out with Joseph. However Joseph will be our DH from next season as we won't be able to resign Roddy Espinoza.