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  1. Wild Card: Blue Jays Astros Braves Dodgers LDS: Angels Twins Braves Diamondbacks LCS: Angels Diamondbacks World Series: Angels I hate my life.
  2. Seattle sends... P Nolan Harrison (A+ - Bakersfield) P Cade Chambers (A - Clinton) Colorado sends... P Jordan Walden (100% retained) The bullpen has been an issue in Seattle this year, and we've made some moves to solidify that bullpen, but bringing in a certified closer was the final piece. In exchange, we move some prospects from an extreme position of depth, starting pitchers. Thanks to Carsen for the talks and good luck with your continued rebuild of the Rockies!
  3. Seattle sends... P Teo Ottenhof (DFA) OF Juan Costello (AAA) $100,000 cash Boston sends... P Carson Kelly (Red Sox retain 40%) It's not secret that we've been trying to reimagine our bullpen, and here's a deal that we bring back a familiar face in Carson Kelly. After UCL surgery in 2018 and a few setbacks, the once promising "ace" has been relegated to bullpen duties as his arm is just not the same as it was pre-surgery. We hope he continues his work back in a bullpen role in Seattle. In exchange, we move hard throwing lefty Teo Ottenhof who (literally) hasn't been able to figure it out at T-Mobile Park (9.64 ERA at home, 2.67 ERA on the road) and OF Juan Costello, which is a position of organizational depth for us. Thanks to Brett for the talks that spanned 2 continents, and good luck with the rest of your deadline needs!
  4. Seattle sends... P Marcus McMaryion (AA - Jackson) P Carmen Mlodzinski (AA - Jackson) P Mike Roby (DFA) P Bill Arthur (DFA) Chicago sends... P Geoffroy Castelucci OF Juan Costello (AAA - Birmingham) 3B Donnie Lewis (A - Kanapolis) This is a deal to clear some of the glut of starting pitching prospects in our org, as we've got more arms than rotation slots. Bill Arthur and Mike Roby are on the move to Chicago in order to clear some 26-man roster spots to make way for new blood. In return, we get 3 guys under the age of 25 to be part of our "rebuild". Thanks to Greg for the talks and wish you success in your reimagining of the White Sox.
  5. Chicago (A) sends... P Javier Garcia Seattle sends.... P Casey Kelly P Jose Juarez (R Peoria) Went back and forth with Greg on a couple of different options the past couple of days, but settled here. As the Mariners continue to look toward the future, we try to get younger and cheaper by bringing in Javier Garcia to replace Casey Kelly who was in the last year of his contract and wasn't going to be re-signing. The soft tossing Garcia will finish 2022 competing for a spot in the revamped 2023 rotation. To make this deal happen, we also include R league reliever Jose Juarez. Thanks to Greg for the talks, and good luck with both Casey Kelly and Jose Juarez!
  6. Mariners agree to this deal. We're hoping a change of scenery helps both Don Adams and Tyler Green, and we get a little more financial flexibility for 2022. Thanks to Jabs for the quick and easy deal and good luck with Adams and Franklin!
  7. We're in full panic mode in Seattle. What better way to solve a crisis involving the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim that Pat Crosby. Looking forward to seeing you at T-Mobile Park, "Shamrock!"
  8. A rare AL West swap. Seattle sends: P Riley "The Great" Cornelio (AAA - Tacoma) P Lawrence Laffe (AA - Jackson) Oakland sends: 1B Evan White (2022 salary retained) When we saw Evan White was being demoted to work on some things, we inquired. We don't have the roster space for him now, but love his defense in the future. His bat is kind of fringey, but at worst, we see him being a back-up 1B and extra DH for future Mariners teams. In exchange, we give up two pitchers: Riley "The Great" Cornelio and Lawrence Laffe. We love what both have to offer as potential upper level RP (and maybe swingmen), but I also feel like this is a place of organizational depth for Seattle, whereas 1B is a black hole. Thanks to Scott for the deal and good luck with your continued build of the Athletics.
  9. Seattle sends: P Brad Brach LF Jack Cochrane (AAA) Cincinnati sends: P Daniel Wolford (salary 100% retained by Cincinnati) Seattle is looking for extra bullpen options for the 2022 season and Daniel Wolford fits that bill. In exchange, we give up Brad Brach and Jack Cochrane, who performed very well in the spring in Peoria, but is just blocked in our org. Looking forward to seeing Cochrane launch some rockets at Great American Ballpark. Thanks to Jason for the quick and easy deal!
  10. The Mariners agree to this trade. We are in the market to acquire some competition with our backup infielder position and Juan Ruiz fits the bill perfectly. He's got big league experience but expects a bench role and can play competent defense at the middle infield positions and the hot corner. While we do love Luis Antonio Rivera's potential (especially defensively and on the bases), we've got a ton of OF prospects in the organization. Thanks for the quick and easy deal Chappy, and good luck in 2022!
  11. Seattle sends: 3B Terry Miller (AAA - Tacoma) P Hunter Brown (A+ - Bakersfield) P Jim Lawrence (A - Clinton) OF/P Michael Wright (S A - Everett) C Billy Madden (R - Peoria) Colorado sends: C Jed McKinley While we resigned incumbent catcher Jason Castro to an extension a few weeks ago, we still had our eyes on McKinley. This gives us flexibility at the C, 1B, and DH positions for the future. McKinley will slot in as the starting C with Castro splitting time between DH and 1B, as well as giving McKinley the occasional day off. In exchange, we move 5 prospects. We were very high on pitchers Hunter Brown and Jim Lawrence, but pitching is an area of organizational depth for us, so we can withstand these losses. Madden was our prized C prospect, but the future need for him is negated by the acquisition of McKinley. Michael Wright was drafted as a power-hitting OF, and we were going to toy with the idea of him being used as a two-way player, so we'll be intrigued by watching his future development. Lastly, we include Terry Miller who our scout sees as a defensive-first infielder who should get his chance to shine in Colorado. Thanks to Carsen for the talks and good luck with your continued rebuild of the Rockies.
  12. Seattle sends: P Archie Bradley Milwaukee sends: SS Shane Buchele (A+) While we love Archie Bradley, we didn't anticipate him accepting our qualifying offer and we need to use those funds elsewhere to upgrade the roster. In exchange the Mariners receive Shane Buchele who has a floor of a backup infielder. With some luck and development, he might stick to the big league roster. Thanks to Cole for the quick and easy deal.
  13. Mariners agree. Kicking off our annual tradition of trying to find lightning in a bottle with relievers, whose stats are worse than our scouted ratings. Summers looks like a guy who might thrive in a specialist role, so we'll give it a shot. If he doesn't, he'll likely be pitching elsewhere 6 months from now. In exchange, we give up a pitcher who has similar potential ratings, but is just younger and further away. Thanks Matt for the quick and easy deal, as always.