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  1. Los Angeles sends... 1B Chris Fletcher Seattle sends... SP Taylor Fawkes (AAA) Seattle completes our 2021 roster with the addition of Chris Fletcher, who will split time with newly acquired Ryan Braun at DH, and also back-up Julian Silva at 1B. In exchange, we send out SP Taylor Fawkes, who we love, but like Adam Hasley in the deal with the Royals, our rotation is pretty locked up for the near future, so this gives Fawkes a chance to start. Good luck to Sam and the Dodgers the rest of July rebuilding the org and the rest of the season!
  2. Kansas City sends... OF Ryan Braun (100% retained salary) Seattle sends... OF Adam Hasley (AAA) Although we love prospect Adam Hasley, AND have been impressed with Jose Iglesias in a Mariners uniform (we brought him in as a backup infielder but he's hit his way into a starting role as the DH), we bring in Ryan Braun as depth for the DH role. We are working to load up our 26-man roster with as much potential talent as possible (and options) as we look to topple the 3x defending champion Los Angeles Angels. Thanks to Chappy for the quick and easy talks, and we wish good luck to Hasley in a Royals uniform!
  3. Cleveland receives: SP Javier Cruz (R Peoria) Seattle receives: The rights of Rule 5 draft pick Bill Arthur Bill Arthur has pitched well for us this year, but he's become the odd man out in the bullpen but we'd like to keep him so with this trade, we trade for the rights to send him to AAA. In exchange, we move a young international complex pitching prospect (who will be moved to R Peoria prior to the sim) in Javier Cruz. Thanks the Ayden for the easy transaction!
  4. Los Angeles sends... RP Casey Mulligan (100% retained) Seattle sends... RP Domingo Tapia RP Robert Crum (AA) This is the 2nd trade completed today as we reshape our bullpen. We liked Domingo Tapia, but just couldn't deal with the walks anymore. We view Mulligan as a slight upgrade, and pay the slight tax of Robert Crum to make this deal happen without adding Mulligan's salary. Thanks to Sam for the negotiations, and I look forward to our next trade!
  5. Seattle sends: OF Mickey Moniak (AAA) OF Carter Stanley (A+) $300,000 cash San Francisco sends: RP Daniel Schlereth (100% retained) We've made it no secret that we're looking for reinforcements in the bullpen, and Daniel Schlereth is just that. He'll slot into the cursed closer role in Seattle and we'll keep our fingers crossed. In exchange, we give up a couple of OF prospects, including the recently acquired Mickey Moniak as well as Carter Stanley. We love both of these guys, but we are extremely deep with OF prospects so we feel like the juice is worth the squeeze on this one. Thanks to Ryan for the quick and easy deal.
  6. Mariners agree to this trade. We're looking for backup infielding options and Iglesias is having a great season in Chicago on a very cost-effective contract. Here's to hoping that he embraces his new backup role in Seattle for 2021. Thanks to Justin Jabs Chicago Cubs for the quick and easy deal.
  7. New York sends... P Tanner Scheppers P Steve Graham (AAA) Seattle sends... P Orlando Garcia P Jesus Duran (R Peoria) P Evan Simon (R Peoria) P Mason Lobbelstahl (R Peoria) P Alex Brink (R Peoria) 2.5 million doll hairs The 'Orlando Garcia as Mariners closer' experiment has failed miserably, so we send him back to where had had tremendous success last year, which is in pin stripes. In exchange for "Vulture", we bring in Tanner Scheppers and Steve Graham. Scheppers will likely get a first crack as the new closer in Seattle, and Graham will head to AAA as depth. We also include 2,500,000 doll hairs to help with Garcia's salary in 2021 and a gaggle of R league pitchers for R league depth for the Yankees. Thanks Rhett for the quick and easy negotiations!
  8. We agree to this trade. Pederson was obviously providing tons of power from the bottom half of the Mariners lineup, but he just wasn't getting on base enough—and striking out far too often—for our tastes. In exchange we bring over another backup OF type in Moniak as well as a SP/RP swing man in Javier Moran. Thanks to Cole for the negotiations!
  9. Detroit sends... MR Teo Ottenhof Seattle sends... RF George Valera (A- Everett) We're continuing to look and reshape our bullpen and Ottenhof looks like an upgrade over another off-season pick-up Mike Roby. Roby will likely be optioned to AAA Tacoma, with Rule 5 pick Bill Arthur moving to left-handed specialist duties. Valera looks like a solid prospect who will be a major leaguer someday, but we're loaded with OF prospects so we're dealing from a position of organizational depth. Thanks to Jim for the quick and easy deal.
  10. Seattle sends... C Miguel Angel Álvarez Houston sends... SP Roger Willis (R - Greeneville) While we have always loved Álvarez's offense as the backup catcher, we feel like Bologna Maloney gives us a better defensive option, which we value with Castro as the starter. This also saves us a little bit of cash in the long-run, which we'll likely need at the deadline. Thanks to Matt for the super quick and easy deal.
  11. Seattle sends... LF Corbin Smith (A-) Tampa Bay sends... C Joe "Bologna" Maloney Saw Bologna on waivers, and we were interested in picking up the defensive-first catcher as a backup to Jason Castro. Heinz is going to confirm this trade with something about how defense doesn't matter with catchers, but we're slow to adjust and still thinking it might make a fraction of a difference. Corbin Smith isn't in the future plans in Seattle, so he's expendable for the 1-year rental in Bologna.
  12. Mariners agree to this move. Swapping Brandon and Mendez for Tapia helps open a much needed roster spot, and the extra cash just helps even out the financials a bit. Good luck to Sean with both players, and thanks for the quick and easy deal.
  13. Seattle sends... P Matthew Smoral OF José Rodríguez (A - Clinton) Cincinnati sends... P Taylor Fawkes (AA - Pensacola) $889,082 in cold hard cash Continuing the reshaping of Seattle's bullpen and to make room for newcomers Mike Roby and Michihiro Hashimoto, Seattle sends long-time reliever Matthew Smoral and OF prospect to José Rodríguez Cincinnati in exchange for P prospect Taylor Fawkes and an awkward amount of cash (just trying to keep Matteise on his toes). We love Fawkes 4 pitches and hope that he can be a contributing option in Seattle's rotation in 2023. Good luck to Jason this year in his quest for the NL Central crown, and thanks for the quick and easy deal!
  14. Seattle sends... P Austin Jones (AA) P Zach Thomas (AA) Philadelphia sends... P Mike Roby Seattle adds another potential bullpen piece for Spring Training tryouts in Mike Roby. We're hoping his .438 BABIP last year in Philly was the cause of the inflated ERA, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . While we liked Austin Jones and Zach Thomas as potential future rotation pieces, we've got to make moves now to win in 2021. Thanks to Jerry for the talks, and good luck in Philadelphia!