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  1. Seattle sends... P Austin Jones (AA) P Zach Thomas (AA) Philadelphia sends... P Mike Roby Seattle adds another potential bullpen piece for Spring Training tryouts in Mike Roby. We're hoping his .438 BABIP last year in Philly was the cause of the inflated ERA, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . While we liked Austin Jones and Zach Thomas as potential future rotation pieces, we've got to make moves now to win in 2021. Thanks to Jerry for the talks, and good luck in Philadelphia!
  2. Seattle sends... P Scott Harper (AA) Milwaukee sends... P Michihiro Hashimoto $847,162 The Mariners are looking for bullpen options for the upcoming competition in Spring Training, and Hashimoto fits that bill. We love his stuff, and hopefully his movement and control can suffice for a 1-season run at the gold this year (just noticed he doesn't even throw a fastball, oops). While we love the potential of Scott Harper, we also see an opportunity to compete for a championship this year and Hashimoto has the potential to help and Harper obviously doesn't. We also negotiated exactly $847,162 for days and days and days in order to make this deal happen. Thanks to Cole for the quick and easy swap and cash.
  3. Seattle sends... SP Dylan Bundy MR Zachary Herr MR Mace Thurman OF David Dillon New York sends... OF Joc Pederson SP Archie Bradley The Mariners have been in the market for a DH, and we see Joc Pederson as the ideal guy who can hit 20-30 HRs from the bottom of our lineup. He projects to hit 8th or 9th, and hopefully he's the top 8-hole or 9-hole hitter in MLB Pro. Archie Bradley is a guy who we've had our eyes on, since his days in Cincinnati, and will slot into the SP4 role for Seattle in 2021. In exchange for these two guys, we give up Dylan Bundy, Zachary Herr, Mace Thurman, and David Dillon. We'll miss Bundy and Herr, who were stalwarts with our organization for the past few years, but we've got other arms coming up through the system to replace these guys. Thanks to Rhett for the quick and easy deal, and looking forward to see all these former Mariners in pinstripes in 2021 as you chase down the Blue Jays.
  4. Dammit, I should have just kept my mouth closed.
  5. Mariners agree to this trade. We loved Cesar Lopez's defense (and his surprising pop), and while we were infatuated with Gallagher as well at catcher, we jump at the chance to add another bat like Lindor's in an attempt to compete with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. We're taking a little bit of a hit defensively in an attempt to out hit our AL counterparts, since we've learned that pitching and defense doesn't win AL pennants. Hogan is a promising pitching prospect, but I'd argue the Mariners MIGHT have the deepest farm in MLB Pro when it comes to starting pitching, so he's an arm we can afford to lose to make this deal happen. This deal also gives us a little more financial flexibility in our pursuit of an MLB Pro banner. Good luck to Ryan in taking down the Mets in 2021!
  6. Seattle sends... P Dani Hernandez (AAA) Colorado sends... P Blaine Knight (AAA) Little swap of minor league SP prospects here. We view Dani Hernandez as basically ready now, while Blaine Knight is still a year away. With Seattle already having too many SP options for the 2021 season, this trade gets us one year younger and saves us $550k. Thanks Eddie for the quick and easy pivot/deal!
  7. New York sends... P Orlando Garcia CF Jake Edmonds (R - Tampa 2) $3,300,000 cash Seattle sends... OF Mariano Gonzalez P Lucas Sims P Cal Quantrill (AAA) It's no secret that the Mariners are looking to remake to their bullpen this offseason, and Orlando Garcia is a guy that we think can anchor the bullpen. Jake Edmonds is a great defensive-first outfield prospect OF prospect with a little pop, and we think he has an outside chance at being a big leaguer with the right development. We also grab some cash to help offset the cost of Orlando Garcia's contract. In exchange, we move maybe the best defensive OF in MLB Pro Mariano Gonzalez, Lucas Sims, and Cal Quantrill. We LOVED Mariano's glove and speed, but the future in our OF is Elliott Jenkins and we needed to make a spot for him. Mariano wanted to start, so we grant him that wish and give him that opportunity in New York. Lucas Sims is a relief pitcher with some stamina that could be stretched out into a starter, but he fell out of favor with the Mariners last year and become one of the expendable arms out of the bullpen, and Cal Quantrill looks to be a great SP, but he was just blocked by 6 other SP arms in Seattle, with more on the way. Thanks to Rhett for the talks, and good luck the rest of this off-season in your pursuit of the NL East crown!
  8. Seattle sends... 1B T.J. Brey (A Clinton) Cincinnati sends... SP Matthew Thompson (A+ Daytona) Seattle "roll the dice" again and re-aqcuire a former pitching prospect that they love in Matthew Thomspon. In order to do so, we give up our top 1B prospect T.J. Brey, which sucks as we LOVE Brey, but we're an organization built around pitching, so that's the priority. Thanks to Jason for the quick and easy talks, and welcome back to MLB Pro!
  9. Mariners accept. Al Al will simply be AAA depth and injury insurance, and Gonzalo Garza wasn't in the future plans. Thanks to Jabs for the hours of negotiations on this blockbuster.
  10. Seattle sends: SP Hunter Virant (AAA Tacoma) RP Jason Eldridge (ARL Peoria) Kansas City sends: RP Don Adams In Seattle's efforts to reshape their bullpen, we bring in a familiar face in Don Adams. He's not going to light the world on fire, but he's an arm, and we're hoping to catch lightning in a bottle with him. In exchange, we give up two guys who weren't really in the long-term plans in Seattle: Hunter Virant and Jason Eldridge. Hunter has made some great strides in our organization, and look forward to seeing what he can do in Kansas City. Eldridge was relatively new as a 2019 draftee, and our R league is FILLED to the brim with 2020 drafted pitchers, so he's completely expendable. Thanks to Chappy for the quick and easy deal.
  11. Seattle sends... OF Roy McKenzie (100% retained) Colorado sends... Rule 5 draft rights of Luis Mendez (he's on Seattle's roster already) OF Domingo Manuel - Rookie League Seattle was looking for some roster flexibility with MR Luis Mendez, and this trade achieves that. He'll likely float between the majors and AAA this year as we need. In addition, we receive 16-year old OF prospect Domingo Manuel, who will likely shift to a 1B position given his handedness (lefty), size (6'6") and defense (it's bad) in the outfield. In exchange, we move steady backup OF Roy Mckenzie (retaining 100% of his 2020 salary), who is a team leader off the bench for the M's, but there are 4 OF in AAA ready for the opportunity in the big show. Thanks for the deal Eddie, and good luck the rest of the way in your pursuits of losing to the AL in the World Series!
  12. Mariners accept this deal. We've been looking for a decent backup infielder with options and Matt Jenkins fits that bill perfectly. He'll report to AAA Tacoma and projects to be a back-up for the next couple of years in Seattle. We also needed some cash to finally get into the black this year. In exchange, we give up Keegan Thompson and Andrew Moritz, with effectively the same evaluation that Cole has; both being serviceable pieces with some potential upside and low floors.
  13. Seattle sends... SP Taijuan Walker (AAA) RP Blake Trienen (AAA) Chicago sends... RP Matt Cox (A-) $916,405 After acquiring Kelvin Herrera earlier this week, the Mariners needed some additional salary relief, and moving Walker and acquiring cash helps with that. In order to make this deal complete, the Cubs wanted Trienen as well. Cox is basically a relief pitching lotto ticket.