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  1. OOTP Baseball 8 (Mac OS) Full Version

    This free version of OOTP 8 is fully-functional, with no restrictions of any kind. This is the Metacritic PC Game of the Year 2007, and their second highest rated PC game of all time!
    So what are you waiting for? Get OOTP 8 for free now!   Key Features Solo or online play with unlimited seasons Choose from three types of rosters: 2007 Opening Day Major League Rosters (with all minors) Any historical season between 1901-2007 included Fictional Rosters Or any combination you can imagine! Define your own baseball world with customizable league structures and rules Control manager functions, including: Lineups and depth charts Pitching rotation / bullpen Player and team strategy Incredibly realistic statistical results from our game engine Control GM functions, including: Promotions / Demotions Trading Amateur drafts Free agents / waiver wire Contracts and extensions Team personnel Scouting Play out games using our pitch-by-pitch play-by-play engine In-game news and a vast variety of detailed reports Customizable player photos, team logos, jerseys, and ballcaps


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